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Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld II
Chronicles of the Immortals - Netherworld
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Vanden Plas Official Jun 22, 2019
BREAKING NEWS: Vanden Plas Official will release their ninth studio album, "The Ghost Xperiment - Awakening" on October 11th. First single, pre-orders and more info coming soon. In the meantime, don't forget about the band's retrospective box set, “The Epic Works 1991-2015” and color vinyl reissues of select titles are coming on July 12th. Tracklist: 1. Cold December Night 2. The Phantoms Of Prends-Toi-Garde 3. Three Ghosts 4. Devils´ Poetry 5. Fall From The Skies 6. The Ghost Xperiment
Vanden Plas Official Jun 20, 2019
!Awakening! - here comes the first part of the double concept...
Vanden Plas Official Jun 19, 2019
Vanden Plas Official Jun 19, 2019
2 hours til the big bang
Vanden Plas Official Jun 18, 2019
Big events are coming up...two days ... ’til the announcement...
Vanden Plas Official Jun 17, 2019
Vanden Plas Official May 29, 2019
This edition with a very special ovation to our fans ...!
Vanden Plas Official May 18, 2019
Frontiers Music srl
Vanden Plas Official May 16, 2019
... Finally the first „VP Big Bang“ of the year !
Vanden Plas Official Apr 20, 2019
Great Making of „Everyman“ in Rocks
Vanden Plas Official Apr 20, 2019
Happy Easter from Vanden Plas Thanx to Dirk Waldorf for the artwork
Vanden Plas Official Apr 08, 2019
Vanden Plas after the Premiere of their newly staged dark coloured Epos „Everyman“ ...15 minutes standing ovations ... Pix by Candy Candy
Vanden Plas Official Apr 06, 2019
Last dress rehearsal view in the orchestra pit...and a little sneak preview on stage...Today Premiere of Vanden Plas´ newly staged Rock Opera „Everyman“ First two shows sold out! Be quick...
Vanden Plas Official Mar 08, 2019
Andy Kuntz proud to be part of it
Vanden Plas Official Mar 08, 2019
Proud to be part of it
Vanden Plas Official Mar 07, 2019
Thanxs for over 200.000 hits !!
Vanden Plas Official Mar 05, 2019
Thanx !! nearly 200.000 views for our first official video „holes in the sky“
Vanden Plas Official Feb 27, 2019
What a review! Vp and Symphonic Orchestra Everyman in concert !
Vanden Plas Official Feb 22, 2019
Everyman in concert - the symphonic band and orchestra version Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern 24.02.19. 18:00 Today’s last preparations !! 10 Tickets left
Vanden Plas Official Feb 21, 2019
Vp Homepage - after a long journey finally updatetd and working - with many interesting news! Keep us informed about your experiences ... It´s still a work in progress.
Vanden Plas Official Feb 09, 2019
Great Events throw their shadows ahead !„Everyman in Concert“ 24.02. The symphonic version with Vanden Plas and the Pfalztheater Orchestra
Vanden Plas Official Feb 05, 2019
Andreas Lill - StarWood Drummer of the month !! Congrats
Vanden Plas Official Feb 02, 2019
all VP fans beware - looking forward to big events that throw their shadows ahead... After the delivering of the VP epic boxset - which contains the whole VP Story so far on cd and vinyl and the new album „the ghost Xperiment“- „Awakening“- to Frontiers records - we have already started to work on the second part of the double concept „the ghost Xperiment“ ... - „Illumination“- Soon the detailed scedule of all the outputs will follow...
Vanden Plas Official Jan 27, 2019
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