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Vanden Plas Official Dec 03, 2018
Order yourself a Merry Prog Christmas We want to give our fans something back with „VP Paypal Payback“ Order for 50.- € get back 10.- € Order for 100.- get back 22,50.- Order for 150.- get back 35.- Order for 200.- get back 50.- Check out our Vanden Plas Web Shop Order and get money back over paypal All orders til the 31.12. included
Vanden Plas Official Oct 23, 2018
Surprise surprise - quick visit at the bazement studio from journalist Jürgen Katzke (Empire, Break out Magazin) for checking out the final steps to the „gHost eXperiment“
Vanden Plas Official Oct 22, 2018
Vanden Plas and Saltatio Mortis - a good alliance - not only musical wise !
Vanden Plas Official Oct 17, 2018
Don’t miss Andy and Günter playing on this visionary Event ! Help to fulfill the dream of the people in Kaiserslautern for finally having again water in our wonderful city !
Vanden Plas Official Oct 15, 2018
This birthday child is getting 21 years today !
Vanden Plas Official Oct 06, 2018
Too bad that we haven´t planed any VP shows. After the studio work for "The Ghost Experiment" this beauty has to be played on stage as well. So I will spend some time with writing new songs for the upcoming projects.
Vanden Plas Official Oct 06, 2018
The Last notes and some fine tuning for the Ghost X ...
Vanden Plas Official Oct 06, 2018
Finishing the last „gHost tracks“ at the Bazement
Vanden Plas Official Oct 04, 2018
Ghosts in my head - short break from the Bazementstudio - here at the Cinemaxx Limburg meeting Venom! 8,5 out of 10
Vanden Plas Official Sep 27, 2018
A little break from the studio work - watching pineapple thief @ Colossaal !! Very inspiring concert - great musicians - was nice to meet bruce soord after the show
Vanden Plas Official Sep 27, 2018
Another great day @ the Bazement studio - gHost X
Vanden Plas Official Sep 15, 2018
What a great VP memory
Vanden Plas Official Sep 15, 2018
Andy’s great time in Innbruck - 1st steps of creating a brand new VP Rock Opera for a theatre cooperation
Vanden Plas Official Sep 05, 2018
The work on the „Ghost Experiment“ is very very Intense *pix bazement studio*
Vanden Plas Official Aug 22, 2018
Reminder ! Here’s the 2nd „VP FANPIC“ campaign ! dear friends Please feel free to like and share this article - because FB is jamming invocations like this !! We still want -YOU- inside of the booklet of the new upcoming „VP Epic Works“ compilation! Please send us some more pics together with Vanden Plas here on FB. The best motives would be together with the whole band - Of course also some very special other stuff is possible - see!
Vanden Plas Official Aug 06, 2018
Vanden Plas Official Aug 04, 2018
stephan and andy had a great little gig for some friends „outdoor wedding party“ in a wonderful location called Eulenkopf close to 🦉 Eulenbis
Vanden Plas Official Jul 18, 2018
VP 👻 [email protected] studio = summerbreak
Vanden Plas Official Jul 03, 2018
Checking the new strings and tuning in the garden of bazement studios
Vanden Plas Official Jun 30, 2018
Next guitar session ghost x periment
Vanden Plas Official Jun 23, 2018
...Next Bazement Ghost X session Stephan is trying out some wonderful sololines with Markus Teske
Vanden Plas Official Jun 17, 2018
after months of massive website problems finally the new vanden plas webshop is online again. please feel free to give us feedback if everything is working.
Vanden Plas Official Jun 17, 2018
These babys are waiting for session 2 at the Bazementstudio
Vanden Plas Official Jun 16, 2018
VP’s necromantic Ghost Sessions
Vanden Plas Official Jun 12, 2018
Steph Lill and Markus Teske’s last day of Guitarsession ONE at the BAZEMENT