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Vandaveer Dec 10, 2018
Well, that's nifty. Gracias, friends!
Vandaveer Oct 09, 2018
This is gonna be so much fun. The Moonshiner's Ball has a new home in Rockcastle County, and I hear it's grand. Come for the whole weekend. Or set your alarms in time for the first set of the day on Saturday. Either way, get on down there, folks!
Vandaveer Sep 24, 2018
Howdy, folks. Just a quick heads up about a lovely double-header happening this Saturday, 9/29 @ Jimmy Can't Dance in downtown Louisville... Come out if you please! 7:30PM show -- 10PM show --
Vandaveer Jun 04, 2018
The time is nigh. So pumped to be a part of this great celebration. Get thee down to Tennessee, folks! xoxo, MCH
Vandaveer May 29, 2018
Peace, love & light, sweet Stewart Lupton. You burned bright.
Vandaveer May 10, 2018
So... this is gonna be So Much Fun!
Vandaveer Mar 21, 2018
Congratulations, Ringo! (You've always been royalty to us, Sir.)
Vandaveer Jan 09, 2018
This is gonna be so many different kinds of fun. So excited to see & hear what comes from it. If you're anywhere near Louisville this weekend, you just gotta come out for this one!
Vandaveer Dec 20, 2017
Last night I dreamt I met the guy who created Double Dribble. In a casino. In Reno. He looked like an unkempt Nick Cave. Also, we will be at The Burl next Friday, 12/29 in Lexington, KY. That is all.
Vandaveer Dec 19, 2017
Ho ho ho, to Zanzabar we’ll go, to make mischief of one kind or another. Thursday, 12/28 w/ Bendigo Fletcher & Brandon Butler. Tickets on sale now!
Vandaveer Dec 13, 2017
The backstage calm before the onstage storm... Can't wait to do this again later this month in Louisville & Lexington. Photo: J. Tom Hnatow
Vandaveer Nov 18, 2017
Ah, hell... Malcolm Young, you'll be sorely missed and fondly remembered. The Young Brothers perfected less-is-more rock & roll songwriting.
Vandaveer Nov 16, 2017
In 2013 we released an album full of traditional folk songs called Oh, Willie, Please... It was an explicitly dark affair, with monolithic subject matter, full of domestic violence and unchecked patriarchal aggression. Discomforting to be sure, but -- as we see in our news feeds every damn day -- not even remotely a thing of the past. We crowdfunded the album, earmarking 10% of the money raised for the Center For Women & Families, Kentuckiana's Rape Crisis & Domestic Violence Center. Because so many of you were so incredibly generous and supportive, we were able to pass along a healthy chunk of change and channel something positive and meaningful from a downright gruesome batch of folk songs. Today we're circling back around, doing our small and incomplete part with some additional giving. If you enjoyed those old tunes -- hell, even if you didn't! -- please consider joining us and donating again (or for the first time) to a just and worthy cause. They're doing great work at The Center. Every little bit helps. And, sadly, the fire isn't even close to contained. These stories need telling. And retelling. And not just those from a couple hundred years ago set to a catchy tune. They all need telling. And they all need to be heard. xo, VNDVR
Vandaveer Nov 15, 2017
Hey folks, Some goings-on going on! Year-end shows around the bend... * Thursday, 12/28 @ Zanzabar (Louisville, KY) /// * Friday, 12/29 @ The Burl (Lexington, KY) /// Tickets on sale now! Let's dance.
Vandaveer Sep 15, 2017
Hey folks! Ringo's new record, Give More Love, is out today. We had the incredible honor of backing him up on two tracks -- re-imagined versions of "Don't Pass Me By" and "Photograph." Check 'em out below! A thousand boisterous THANK YOUS to Ringo & his crew; our dear friend, the intrepid Elizabeth Freund; everyone on Team Vandaveer; and the weird'n'mighty cosmos for making this happen. We're humbled to our collective core and ever grateful for our lot in life. Don't Pass Me By: Photograph:
Vandaveer Sep 14, 2017
Not quite sure how this didn't become our forever official promo photo, but oh well here it is now... Photo by the one & only Sarah Law. #tbt
Vandaveer Sep 05, 2017
"You never know... It might get picked up, something may happen... but it was fun to do that." - Ringo Starr Uhhhh, yeah, it was REALLY fun to do that. Thank you, Ringo!
Vandaveer Aug 24, 2017
"Even better are remakes of the Beatles’ “Don’t Pass Me By” and Ringo’s best solo hit, “Photograph,” both featuring backup by the indie-folk outfit Vandaveer." -- No Depression. So there it is! We have two tracks on Ringo's upcoming new record, Give More Love, out 9/15. Stunned. Thrilled. Excited for everyone to hear this!
Vandaveer Jul 26, 2017
My boys are watching The Sound Of Music, I'm listening to Strand of Oaks, and we're all having Graeter's ice cream. Not sure who's doing it best but pretty sure we're all doing it right.
Vandaveer Jul 07, 2017
Still can't quite believe this is actually happening, but well beyond honored to share the news -- Ringo Starr has a new album coming out and we're a part of it! More details to follow shortly, but for now, happy birthday, Ringo! And thank you a thousand times over for including us in your new release. Can't wait to hear the whole thing!
Vandaveer Jun 28, 2017
If you believe in rock & roll, then you must believe in The Deadmen. Nobody does it better. Listen. Love. Repeat. Over & over. Amen.
Vandaveer Apr 17, 2017
Very excited about our 4th go-round at The Moonshiner's Ball! Gonna be a lovely May weekend in Irvine, KY! 📷 : Vivian Wang
Vandaveer Apr 09, 2017
This band is the reason I picked up a guitar. And the reason I never put it down. Hail, hail to the lucky ones...
Vandaveer Apr 04, 2017
Spring tour dates posted. Tickets on sale now. Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida & Ohio, we'll see you soon! Also, here's a picture I found online this morning when I googled "Vandaveer." It's a plot of land for sale in Montana on Vandaveer Road. Who's buying?
Vandaveer Mar 18, 2017
Godspeed you, Chuck Berry, on your next cosmic adventure. We owe you much here on Earth.