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Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Nation of Two
Dream Your Life Away (Special Edition)
Vance Joy Aug 19, 2019
The last few days of tour / I’m gonna look back fondly on this P!nk summer. I think we’d better do it all again x
Vance Joy Aug 13, 2019
End of tour. I wanna celebrate these great people. My band and crew. If we were a pizza we would be a really yummy pizza - everyone contributing their unique flavour to the dream flavour balance! Ha. Thank you Brad Cauchy for capturing these moments so well. Thank you again P!nk for having us xx big love
Vance Joy Aug 12, 2019
Thank you so much P!nk. It was an honour for my band and I to get to support you. Thank you for the beautiful world you create on tour. I loved watching your show this summer and being one of so many moved and inspired by you! How great is this photo too. Heart feels full and proud x
Vance Joy Aug 10, 2019
Blue boy blue drink forever blue/ thanks Gelsenkirchen. This wonderful P!nk euro tour is almost over. Been really lovely 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Aug 09, 2019
Looks as though we’re having good times in this vid. We must be! Also - I have started snorting when I laugh. Here’s to letting go 🎥 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Aug 09, 2019
Fun times in Denmark / Aarhus then Horsens x crowd were lovely x 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Aug 07, 2019
Been dreaming/manifesting adding a pink neckerchief to my life - here it is. Feels good. Oslo was fun last night 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Aug 05, 2019
Stockholm - we went on this ride that shot you up really fast and high and then free fall. That little weightless moment! Lovely people here and the best little park we stumbled upon 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Aug 02, 2019
New tour vid. Thanks mates 🎥 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Aug 01, 2019
Swiss time X 📷 Brad Cauchy and a couple pics from my fone
Vance Joy Jul 29, 2019
Munich: was fun and good. The second photo is me having a beer in the river and I have goggles on which allow me to see underwater. P!nk shows were legendary. 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 26, 2019
Swimming and dancing and working on farmer’s tan 🎥 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 25, 2019
Swimming in the lake in Vienna. Most liveable city going round. Warning: rig pics and sexy Segway vibes included. 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 23, 2019
Frankfurt tonight was a hot one x we went for a trip to this beautiful pool down the road from the gig. Diving boards, icy poles, and hot chips = sense memories 💗 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 22, 2019
Scoot scoot scoot - running through Warsaw. Love my tour fam and the crowd here were bright sparks! Saw ‘Midsommar’ it is bloody good xx 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 19, 2019
Finished the last week of fun shows in Germany with a lil boat ride in Berlin. Rolling like a river. Full of food and a couple beers and enough vitD for a while. 📷 - Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 16, 2019
Berlin what a rad city - we had some of our special peeps in the crowd, sung with extra oomph x 💪 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 13, 2019
Hannover last night with the legend P!nk Germany you guys have been super lovely to us. Danke danke xx 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 12, 2019
Plenty to be happy about this last week in Paris, Köln & Hamburg. Good vibes all around xx
Vance Joy Jul 11, 2019
Stuggi u legends - there was some definite vibes going on tonight at the P!nk show. Yoop x 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 09, 2019
Yer Gorgeous Hamburg - felt the connection wit chu xx 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 07, 2019
Thank u Köln. Du bist sehr schön. U r v beaut xx 📷 bradcauchy
Vance Joy Jul 04, 2019
Such a highlight of my playing career to get to play at Wembley 💗
Vance Joy Jul 04, 2019
Paris you are Golden. Thank you P!nk‘s gorgeous crowd. We went for it yesterday with a wine cheese croissants picnic. What a crew 📷 Brad Cauchy
Vance Joy Jul 01, 2019
Wembley! 💗 thank you P!nk ! Your show is uplifting - you make us feel like anything is possible. Spirits were high last night xoxo 📷 bradcauchy