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Ze Vemixes

Ze Vemixes
Van She May 15, 2015
Check out this Tear Council mixtape! <3 Free download link here:
Van She Jan 17, 2015
Peach Melba!
Van She Dec 24, 2014
Where are you Gong on NYE ?
Van She Nov 17, 2014
Excited to be Deejin on a rooftop this Saturday! Summer <3
Van She Oct 08, 2014
Just letting you know about a very special documentary filmed by my friend @jasminkozowy called "GENERATION A" about the education system and general state of Afghanistan ... An interesting, heartfelt doco which shows the real pakistan without agenda whatsoever ... Please get interested and check it out ! >>>>
Van She May 23, 2014
Here's a new teaser of Nicky's house jam ! EVERYBODY !
Van She Apr 24, 2014
Just reached 20,000 Trackers! - Track Van She
Van She Mar 12, 2014
People of Perth, come join us on Sunday for a sundae, movie and a boogie! Yeah <3
Van She Mar 06, 2014
This Weekend: Van She @ U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC
Van She Feb 27, 2014
This Weekend: Van She @ Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, NY
Van She Feb 26, 2014
Van She Feb 23, 2014
Why hellooooo Torontooooo !
Van She Feb 21, 2014
This Weekend: Van She @ Neck Of The Woods in San Francisco, CA
Van She Feb 20, 2014
This Weekend: Van She @ WRONGBAR in Toronto, Canada
Van She Feb 19, 2014
Helloooooo San Diego !!
Van She Feb 17, 2014
Here our latest mixtpae! HIT IT! <3
Van She Jan 30, 2014
Hey Froth Dogs, We're DJing on this party cruise in Sydney on the 8th of Feb!! Share, Comment or Like this status for your chance to win a double pass. Pass it on x <3
Van She Jan 15, 2014
What Nicky from Van She Touch Sensitive @plasticplates and Sneaky Sound System do around a table on the beach at a BBQ the night before there best friends wedding
Van She Dec 21, 2013
Dj set tomorrow night at Beach Haus ... Haus music all night .. Come and hear some of Nicky's new project 🎉💃🎉🍍🎶🍕👏
Van She Dec 17, 2013
WORLD, We're playing live in Sydney on NYE. Tickets are selling fast. DO IT. DO IT. <3<3
Van She Nov 27, 2013
Check out MIkey from Van Sheez track made out of instagram video sounds ! Pretty dope
Van She Oct 11, 2013
Van She Sep 15, 2013
Hi Mexcian friends ! We r djing in Tijuana tonight at the Moustache bar !!
Van She Aug 15, 2013
Loving these LA sign spinners. #DAFTSIGNZ Pass it on
Van She Jun 09, 2013
Check out Matt Van Schie's new record label NIGHTFILM. First release will be a new Du Tonc song on June 11th.