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On the Jungle Floor
On the Jungle Floor
Van Hunt

Live at "The Troubadour" 2011
Van Hunt Dec 04, 2018
hello, g'bye.
Van Hunt Nov 26, 2018
Van Hunt Nov 19, 2018
Van Hunt Nov 11, 2018
finally got to pay tribute to my roots - Big Mama Thornton Tribute 11/10/18 #BigMamaThornton
Van Hunt Nov 08, 2018
sometimes i feel so dialed n 2 the power of sound that it scares me. it keeps me from doing what i love - and from doing it as well as i can. it is frightening 2 conjure up music, it literally brings me 2 tears; as if i'm too close to nature's core. i imagine that's how astronauts describe G-forces - or what a body might go thru at near light speed. but lately, i've ben facing these demons - trying 2 find a better balance with them. music has brought me so much - even when i was at less than full capacity; but i'm gonna c if i can hold this tiger by the tail thru an entire song, album, and tour. c what happens...bcuz not allowing myself 2 b all that i am might hav broken a gift i thot was unbreakable; and i cannot allow that 2 happn again. so, i'm comn full strength.
Van Hunt Nov 07, 2018
he might not tell u, but commitment, intentionality, and unrelenting magic is the reason this picture looks 40 minutes old - and not 40 years old. @yolikegeorge (George Clinton) deserves the credit of one of art’s greatest field generals.
Van Hunt Nov 06, 2018
“My singing comes from my experience… My own experience. I never had no one teach me nothin’. I never went to school for music or nothin’. I taught myself to sing and to blow harmonica and even to play drums - by watchin’ other people! I can't read music, but I know what I'm singing! I don't sing like nobody but myself...when I was comin' up, listening to Bessie Smith and all, they sung from their heart and soul and expressed themselves. That's why when I do a song by somebody, I have my own way of singing it. Because, I want to be me. I like to put myself into whatever I'm doin' so I can feel it". - Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton
Van Hunt Nov 04, 2018
n a tiny room near Mexico. #Olmecs #Chardonnay #Black&TanFantasy
Van Hunt Oct 23, 2018
Thursday night, Oct 25, Los Angeles, Zebulon i’ll be on stage, playing my songs. afterwards, i’ll be in the audience, mesmerized by Pegasus Warning and Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsys. for tix: thanks to @blackrockcoalition
Van Hunt Oct 08, 2018
pedals, leaves, coffee. ☑️ PREPPIN 4 my 1st show n 6 years. Opening for Vernon Reid’s Band of Gypsys, along with Pegasus Warning Zebulon, Los Angeles, Oct 25
Van Hunt Sep 15, 2018
‪Free stream.‬ ‪ ‪#Character‬ ‪#VanHunt‬
Van Hunt Sep 10, 2018
My First Show In 6 Years IN SUPPORT OF VERNON REID'S BAND OF GYPSYS along with Pegasus Warning (Oct. 25, at Zebulon, Los Angeles)
Van Hunt Sep 06, 2018
Available at: http:/VANHUNT.COM/photos/ -photography by Stefania Rosini
Van Hunt Aug 28, 2018
my latest essay on Medium
Van Hunt Aug 28, 2018
Van Hunt Aug 16, 2018
now i know there r no universal laws - cuz if there were all ya'll would listenn 2 Aretha
Van Hunt Aug 14, 2018
the stars aligned, and i was able to share the stage with my son (his 1st behind a microphone), and for a wonderful cause. it was truly a privilege that both he and @canyonsessions and @austinbrown would allow me to share such a powerful experience with them.
Van Hunt Aug 12, 2018
Valentina Nicholaevna Sanina Schlee, fashion designer
Van Hunt Aug 08, 2018
a beautiful event, with a powerful cause. i'm proud to be a part of it. #canyonsessions #letsfcancer
Van Hunt Jul 29, 2018
sum o' ya'll don't believe me, so here's proof. (sideways) mmmwuah....KISS
Van Hunt Jul 28, 2018
7 years ago i askd this question - and i'm not sure any1 has answerd. VANHUNT.COM or, n a stream near u #VanHunt #WhatWereUHoping4?
Van Hunt Jul 25, 2018
Van Hunt Jul 22, 2018
Van Hunt
Van Hunt Jul 22, 2018
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