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Trust in Rust
Trust in Rust
Dawn of the Brave
Break the Silence
A Storm to Come
Tribe of Force
Van Canto Aug 22, 2019
What a great time we had at summerbreeze! Fantastic audience, fantastic "guest" singer and vantastic rakkatakka! Thank you!
Van Canto Aug 02, 2019
On our way to Snina, Rakkatakka! 🤘
Van Canto Jul 11, 2019
Happy Birthday, Hagen! Let's celebrate our lead voice with some Hardrock: Hells Bells!
Van Canto Jul 04, 2019
RockHarz - we LOVE you.
Van Canto Jun 27, 2019
Noch eine Woche!
Van Canto Jun 25, 2019
Die Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg - wäre schön, wenn wir 2018 hier nicht zum letzten Mal gespielt hätten!
Van Canto Apr 23, 2019
3 days to go until our show at Hexentanz Festival (Friday). Will we meet you there?
Van Canto Apr 11, 2019
Believe it or not! Finally we have patches in our shop!
Van Canto Mar 26, 2019
One month to go until we play Hexentanz Festival
Van Canto Mar 05, 2019
10 Jahre Kalle!!!
Van Canto Mar 04, 2019
It's Bastian's birthday today! Let's celebrate him with some air drumming while listening to the Seller of Souls!
Van Canto Mar 02, 2019
What a great song this is! And we also like our cover version, of course. 😉
Van Canto Feb 26, 2019
Our new shop is online - check it out:
Van Canto Feb 26, 2019
Van Canto Feb 10, 2019
Van Canto's cover photo
Van Canto Feb 09, 2019
A great impression from one of our 70k shows. (Photo:
Van Canto Jan 25, 2019
7 days, until the Tribe of 7 enters 70k tons of metal to play more than 7 songs!
Van Canto Jan 07, 2019
Our song "Neverland" tells about being true to yourself. When was the last time YOU did not do what you have been told?
Van Canto Jan 03, 2019
Throwback Thursday. Our first appearance at Rockharz Open Air in 2007. How sophisticated our stage outfits look!
Van Canto Dec 31, 2018
2018 ends with great news for a vantastic start in 2019: we are proud to be part of the legendary 70k tons of metal!
Van Canto Dec 23, 2018
YES - it's Christmas! We rakkatakking scream THANK YOU to all Van Cantians listening to our music, and especially to those who came to our shows to sing with us - you are the best present we got in 2018! See you somewhere on the road in 2019! Merry Christmas! (Picture: Evermeet Fotografie)
Van Canto Dec 10, 2018
Summerbreeze - wir kommen wieder! Vielen Dank!
Van Canto Dec 01, 2018
It's Jan Canto's birthday today! Let's celebrate him with an epic Bardcall Cover by MoonSun. (Check the original incl Jan's awesome beard here:
Van Canto Nov 29, 2018
Wir kehren zu dem Festival zurück, das uns schon ganz früh eine Chance gegeben hat! Unseren 2. Gig überhaupt hatten wir 2007 beim Rockharz Open Air. 2019 kommen wir wieder - wir freuen uns sehr!!! Tickets unter
Van Canto Nov 29, 2018
Van Canto "warming up"