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Trust in Rust
Trust in Rust
Dawn of the Brave
Break the Silence
A Storm to Come
Tribe of Force
Van Canto Dec 10, 2018
Summerbreeze - wir kommen wieder! Vielen Dank!
Van Canto Dec 01, 2018
It's Jan Canto's birthday today! Let's celebrate him with an epic Bardcall Cover by MoonSun. (Check the original incl Jan's awesome beard here:
Van Canto Nov 29, 2018
Wir kehren zu dem Festival zurück, das uns schon ganz früh eine Chance gegeben hat! Unseren 2. Gig überhaupt hatten wir 2007 beim Rockharz Open Air. 2019 kommen wir wieder - wir freuen uns sehr!!! Tickets unter
Van Canto Nov 29, 2018
Van Canto "warming up"
Van Canto Nov 23, 2018
Happy Birthday, Metal a cappella beauty! (Pic: Evermeet Fotografie)
Van Canto Nov 12, 2018
спасибо Russia! Thanks to all crazy Van Cantians in St. Petersburg and Moscow for giving us such a great time! Next time we will not wait for 3 years to visit your wonderful country again! Rakkatakka!
Van Canto Oct 25, 2018
Thank you Ludwigsburg - thank you Wolfgang Hasche Hagemann and Rockfabrik - thank you Rakka-Takka Fanclub - thank you best crew of the world - and THANKS TO ALL OUR GREAT FANS! It was a fantastic finale of the 3rd tour leg, and we are happy that the lovely MoonSun and the mighty Evertale entered the stage for the audience pic (after already having entered the stage for several pranks ;-)) 2 more weeks to go and we bring Rakkatakka to Russia!
Van Canto Oct 24, 2018
Pratteln - always a pleasure! Thanks for the great welcome!
Van Canto Oct 23, 2018
Check this prank summary video from Ludwigsburg: (We know that we still owe you the audience pics from Pratteln and Ludwigsburg, but we want to stay in tour mode some more days and will share them tomorrow :-D)
Van Canto Oct 20, 2018
Saarbrücken and Paris: You left us speechless, therefore it took 2 days to upload the audience pics. Thank you!!!
Van Canto Oct 16, 2018
Two more sleeps and Tour No 7 continues - next stop: Saarbrücken
Van Canto Oct 08, 2018
Thank you Frankfurt for a perfect gig to end the 2nd tour leg! Next stop: Saarbrücken
Van Canto Oct 07, 2018
München - es war ein Fest im Oktober! Danke!!! Heute - Frankfurt Batschkapp
Van Canto Oct 07, 2018
Thank you Nicole Silverangel for the great photos (Berlin). Today: Frankfurt!
Van Canto Oct 06, 2018
Hamburg - what a night! Danke danke danke! Heute: München
Van Canto Oct 05, 2018
Berlin - es war uns eine Ehre. Heute: Hamburg Markthalle
Van Canto Oct 02, 2018
2 more sleeps to Leg 2 of Tour Number 7! Berlin - Hamburg - München - Frankfurt
Van Canto Sep 27, 2018
Great pics. Thank you, Nicole!
Van Canto Sep 25, 2018
Danke Hannover für den fabulösen Abschluss des ersten Tourblocks - es war sehr launig und laut! Thanks Hannover for the great last gig of our first tour leg! We'll continue next week - next stop Berlin!
Van Canto Sep 23, 2018
Oberhausen - what a blast! Wir hatten sehr viel Spaß und kommen immer gerne wieder :-) Heute: Hannover!
Van Canto Sep 22, 2018
Thank you Belgian Bards from Vosselaar! Today - Van Canto live in Oberhausen (Turbinenhalle)
Van Canto Sep 21, 2018
Thank you Amsterdam for giving us such a great start into our Tour Number Seven! Today: Vosselaar!
Van Canto Sep 17, 2018
Van Canto Live auf Sendung in 15 Minuten!
Van Canto Sep 17, 2018
Great Interview with Hellfire. As it is in German, we decided to translate it - check it out: HF : Your new album has just been released. The reactions have been somewhat mixed. How are you dealing with that? Do you read the reviews at all? VC : First of all, one must differentiate between a review and an opinion. We read a lot, but probably not everything. We've always been the same. Publications such as Metal Hammer and Co have always looked at us with a critical eye. We've never tried to please everyone and we do what we want, and we just don't really pay too much attention to the negativity. It's better than getting churned up about something you can't change, anyway. People should have their own taste and they can like or dislike whomever they want. As long as it doesn't get personal, as in someone wishing for death because the song is daft, haha. The new thing with this album is that a lot of the dissent comes from our fans, some of whom seem to have a problem with our new sounds. It feels weird, from our point of view, that someone who would support a metal band with no instruments, cannot tolerate a change of line-up and singer (even though we never threw Sly out of the band and just wanted to continue making music). But, the metal fan is, at heart, a loyal and habitual creature, and they certainly are very adverse to change, after becoming used to something To make it clear, we respect all opinions, but we would never be able to cater to everyone's input, without just creating an unoriginal cacophony, which is prevalent enough in German Pop already. Apart from that, Trust In Rust is only one of seven albums of ours still on the market and they won't disappear soon. You can listen to the whole album on many platforms for free nowadays, before deciding to buy. We presented 3 videos and a full track-by-track preview, free of charge, and we have no problem if someone simply decides not to buy the album, because they don't like it. But WE love the album. It's not a "mistake" or a "whoopsie" for us. We had a vision and we pursued it until we were satisfied with the result. We are musical people and not digital machines, where the deviation tolerances can be calculated. Just weird that one has to explain that in the metal world, haha. And to keep it all in perspective, we also received many more positive reactions than we did negative. Many come from people in the 'real' world we actually know. Some of them were internet opinions, too. The recent shows with Hagen were amazing and the reactions of the fans was 99% positive. So, the truth is on the stage and we are so psyched for the upcoming tour. HF : To change a lead singer after 10 years is probably not a simple task. How did you solve the inherent problems, and how quick was Hagen able to intergrate into your band? VC : Ok, if we just wanted to "solve problems", we could have just left it. We wanted a singer who would fit the chemistry and feeling of the band and who could ultimately bring in a few new elements. We would never want to record the same album twice and all of our records have a different quality to them, a different producer and mixing engineer, various photographers and cover designers. The reason is not because we have issues with people we work with. We just want to try out different approaches and methods. "Dawn Of The Brave" holds a more classic Van Canto sound, whereas with "Voices Of Fire" we wished to break this mold with a concept album, narrator and 5 different choirs. And now Hagen is the opportunity to introduce and try out some new sounds and styles. HF : The songwriting on "Trust In Rust" seems to be written partially with Sly in mind. Is this impression incorrect? What changed in the songwriting due to the line-up change? VC : All the songs were written after we had decided to work with Hagen and carry on. So, there are no "Sly" songs present Our songs were never written specifically with any of our lead singers in mind to begin with, but for 6 voices. Now 7. There are songs, where we noticed only after the recording if the male or female lead should be more or less prominent, and then fit the sound to the melody. Tribe Of Force, Higher Flight or even Badaboom are perfect examples. There are, of course, exceptions such as Water, Fire, Heaven, Earth (Inga)or Steelbreaker (Sly), where we had the lead voices set from the start. The new songs were solely written for Van Canto as a whole. "Hell's Bells" needs a singer who has the voice to sing an AC\DC song. And the decision to do this with Hagen was an easy one. Desert Snake was also written for a voice which could not only sing melodically, but also with growls and screams of the magnitude it deserves. And Hagen does a grand job. HF : How has the line-up change affected the band dynamic? Was it difficult for the "noobs" to intergrate and were there any difficulties? VC : Now it's the "noobs", haha. Hagen is a top bloke, and we met a few time to practise together before the first gig. Which was, by the way, the point where we were convinced he's the one for the job and it felt as if we'd been together for ever. Ike only left for the duration of one album, and he sang about 80% of that one, anyway. So, it's like he was never really gone. HF : You are always evolving further. Which song would you say reflects what Van Canto stands for? VC : All songs are Van Canto songs. We play songs at concerts from all albums, because the entire development is contained right there. Van Canto stands for how diverse we can be with 6 singers and a drummer. That's why we write such songs from Heading Home to Hearted, and do covers from Deep Purple, Nightwish and Metallica. If I could choose only one song to explain Van Canto to them, I would choose Melody from the new album. But then I would want to play 5 further songs from the other albums But I'll be damned, if I have to choose one song to define what we are. We are not product managers out to retain an annual 3,7% market growth. We're a band. Strategic decisions can be made in an office, but you can't write a good song there. I have no idea how I will feel next year, so I also have no idea how the songs will sound. When we have ideas, we write a song and record it, if we like it. And those who like the song might buy the album. And those who don't... well, they'll keep listening to the old songs. These will always be there and we love them just as much. HF: Thank you for your time.
Van Canto Sep 16, 2018
4 days to go