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The Reminders (Music Inspired By the Novel)
Whatever's Chasing You
Aide Memoire
Looking For a Feeling You Never Knew You Needed
Little Daggers
Songs, Vol. 1 - Woodstock
Sunlight Searchparty
Slow Down Kid
Slow Down Kid
Val Emmich Dec 12, 2018
True. #LetsGo(SoWeCanGetBack)
Val Emmich Dec 08, 2018
backyard circular saw
Val Emmich Dec 03, 2018
Barnes & Noble
Val Emmich Nov 19, 2018
Surreal to think that halfway across the world in Italy there’s a book with my neighborhood on the cover. . Two years ago, around this time, I made a trailer for my debut novel, The Reminders, that was shot and edited by @davedoobinin and featured my daughter and me as actors. My Italian publisher chose to use a still from the trailer for the cover of their edition of the book. Someday my daughter might be impressed by this. Right now she gives zero shits. . If you missed the trailer, you can watch it now thru the link in my profile. . Book out now in Italy by @edizionipiemme
Val Emmich Nov 18, 2018
Late notice, but I'm performing a short acoustic set this afternoon THE SAINT in Asbury Park, NJ with many others to benefit Bob Colyard, a longtime regular of the venue who recently passed.
Val Emmich Nov 03, 2018
When you ask her what she’s working on & the answer almost breaks you.
Val Emmich Oct 30, 2018
Val Emmich Oct 24, 2018
New EP available wherever you stream or download music. It’s the second installment of this Autobio series I started a few years ago. I’ve always written about my life in songs but this takes it to the extreme, mentioning real people from my past, describing events with limited poetic coloration, leaving the messy messy. The series also has me working in musical genres that I normally don’t fuck with. The cover photo is the way my night table looked fifteen or so years ago. For the kids, that contraption is called a Walkman. I’ll try to perform some of these songs tonight 10/24 on Facebook Live at 9pm EST.
Val Emmich Oct 22, 2018
Facebook Live | Weds Oct 24 | Playing songs | Talking “Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel” and “The Reminders” | Warding off general sadness | Tune in free | 9PM EST For those near NYC, I’ll be talking DEH novel, signing books & singing songs in person on Fri Oct 26 Little City Books in Hoboken, NJ at 7pm. #dehnovel #theremindersbook
Val Emmich Oct 18, 2018
Autobio, Pt 2 comes out tomorrow 10/19, but if you preorder I'll send you the album tonight! The EP will be free to stream everywhere tomorrow. But if you like extra stuff, for a $5 purchase, you get a high-resolution download with 6 bonus tracks (acoustic versions, demos, outtakes) and a digital booklet featuring lyrics, song trivia, and unreleased photos.
Val Emmich Oct 10, 2018
Missing these girls already. . . . Philadelphia is sold out tonight, but tomorrow’s event (Oct 11) in Cincinnati has space and is free. #dehnovel
Val Emmich Oct 09, 2018
Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel is out today! Also, this happened. Yes, eventually I do open my mouth. Maybe I shouldn't have, though. I said "service" the novel but I'm pretty sure I meant to say "serve" the novel. "Service" the novel makes it sound like I wanted to give the novel a hand job.
Val Emmich Oct 04, 2018
We got some pretty great people to help us out on the audiobook for Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel. Here's a sneak listen.
Val Emmich Sep 29, 2018
She’s smiling, but you mess with her—or any of her fellow ladies—she’ll end a dude.
Val Emmich Sep 28, 2018
I’m looking for a strong reaction when I read. Books that make me laugh. Books that make me cry. If a book can do both, it’s all over, confetti falls from the ceiling. I’ve won. I’ve stumbled onto something special. That was my goal for THE REMINDERS—to write a novel that blended comedy and tragedy. Not all of the books pictured here strike that balance, but each helped me find the right emotional timbre for my story. . There are two books that are equally meaningful to me that aren’t pictured here because the first was an eBook and the second a library loan. One is ‘A Single Man’ by Christopher Isherwood, which is lyrical and heartrending. Isherwood masterfully captures the zombie-like existence that is life after loss. The other is ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ by Jonathan Tropper. Tropper’s novel begins with the line: “Dad’s dead.” The first line in my book is: “Dad forgot me.” That was an accident. Or was it? Hanging with the Foxmans is like spending time with my own dysfunctional family—only here, after all the laughs, I get to walk away with no hard feelings. . THE REMINDERS out now in paperback.
Val Emmich Sep 25, 2018
The Reminders paperback is in stores today. Just saying.
Val Emmich Sep 23, 2018
My birds are landing! I've received visual proof that this one just touched down in Salt Lake City. Still time to order yours. Offer ends tomorrow Monday 9/24 at midnight (the end of Monday, not the start.) Giveaway details: Order The Reminders in paperback from your favorite retailer and I'll send you a handmade origami bird with a personal note on it. Makes for a great one-of-a-kind bookmark for your book. Email your receipt to info(at)valemmich(dot)com.
Val Emmich Sep 21, 2018
Hey guys, do any songs on Little Daggers have cuss words? I have to mark which songs are "Explicit" for Spotify and such and I can't remember?
Val Emmich Sep 21, 2018
Check out my Events page for all our tour dates. Hope to see some of you out there!
Val Emmich Sep 19, 2018
Mailing the first origami bird letters out today. Still time to get one for yourself or a friend. See earlier "Giveaway" post for details. #theremindersbook Paperback in stores 9.25.18
Val Emmich Sep 18, 2018
Little Daggers turns 10 next week! Name your top 3 songs from the album tracklisting below. Lucky Ones Get On With It Got A Habit Now Hurt More Later Darling Denise Too Far Wake Up Brand New We Still Bleed Down Catalyst I'm going with Catalyst, Hurt More Later & Too Far.
Val Emmich Sep 17, 2018
Giveaway: Preorder the paperback edition of The Reminders & I’ll mail you a handmade origami bird w/ personalized message. Makes for a nifty one-of-a-kind bookmark. Fun fact: I made that origami bird on the cover of the book. Which means I’m capable of making one for you, too. Maybe the hardcover was too expensive or too heavy or too yellow for you? This one's affordable, light & blue. Email a copy of your receipt along with your name, mailing address & anything special you want me to write to info(at)valemmich(dot)com. Proof of purchase must be sent by 11:59pm on Sept 24, 2018. The Reminders paperback in stores in the U.S. on September 25. #theremindersbook Preorder now from your local bookshop or.... Amazon: BN: Books-a-million: Indiebound:
Val Emmich Sep 14, 2018
Photo by Andrew Holtz
Val Emmich Sep 11, 2018
's cover photo
Val Emmich Aug 14, 2018
Hey Canada. Get 30% off when you preorder Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel now thru Aug 19. #DEHNovel