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The Reminders (Music Inspired By the Novel)
Whatever's Chasing You
Aide Memoire
Looking For a Feeling You Never Knew You Needed
Little Daggers
Songs, Vol. 1 - Woodstock
Sunlight Searchparty
Slow Down Kid
Slow Down Kid
Val Emmich Apr 18, 2019
A lyric video for "Fool" off the 2019 album, TIZZY. Video by Rob Fitzgerald
Val Emmich Apr 16, 2019
Rehearsal for... May 4 - Asbury Park THE SAINT The Saint - 9PM May 10 - Jersey City FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge - 9PM Grab TIZZY on vinyl at the shows. Limited supplies.
Val Emmich Apr 12, 2019
Shoot that goddamn music video
Val Emmich Apr 10, 2019
“Apostrophe” from the new album, Tizzy. Played last summer on a city piano on the lower east side. you got an apostrophe possessing me i am just curled up hanging on
Val Emmich Apr 02, 2019
The TIZZY lyric sheet doubles as a poster for your wall and also fits into the vinyl record sleeve / 10 x 10 inches / Double-sided / Printed on thick stiff paper (stop thinking those dirty thoughts) / B&W / Free Shipping / U.S. only Buy now at
Val Emmich Apr 01, 2019
‪Pro tip: If you want Alexa to play my music, you have to pronounce my last name incorrectly: Em-mitch. And good luck getting her to play the new album. She’s never heard the word “tizzy.” At least not when I say it. ‬
Val Emmich Mar 28, 2019
Here’s a lyric video for “Every Time I Leave My Girl” off my new album, Tizzy. My older daughter & I wrote & performed this song together. It was an accident really, something we did in her bedroom one night when she should have been sleeping. The song kills me. I’m dead. . You can also watch the full video on YouTube. The song and album are available digitally now and everywhere. . Love ❤️ and thanks 🙏🏼 to Rob Fitzgerald for creating this.
Val Emmich Mar 27, 2019
TIZZY is finally up on Spotify! #NowPlaying
Val Emmich Mar 25, 2019
How are you liking TIZZY? Or not liking it? Have you even heard it yet? Someone sent me an email with their handwritten thoughts about the new album and it made me feel (momentarily) complete. See below. I'd love to hear your thoughts, too, if you care to share. You can stream the album now everywhere (except Spotify, dammit 😠😠😠; working on that). Or order it on vinyl from my website. Thanks Mary Keever
Val Emmich Mar 19, 2019
ORDER VINYL TODAY. If you want Tizzy on vinyl, order today or else you'll have to wait a few extra weeks for delivery. Just heard from the manufacturer. They make each record by hand as they're ordered and because of demand, there will be a delay on orders after today. If you want it, get on it now!
Val Emmich Mar 16, 2019
Anxiety, depression, a serious mood disorder. My new album attempts to process (and expunge) the last year of my life. TIZZY is out now on vinyl or digital. Vinyl purchase includes download; just email me your receipt. For $4 I’ll send you a lyric sheet that doubles as a poster and also fits in the record sleeve (signed if desired). If you want the full story, sign up for my email list. 1 email every 2 months. I’m not the smothering type.
Val Emmich Mar 15, 2019
's cover photo
Val Emmich Mar 06, 2019
Hey, Texans, and specifically those in/near San Antonio. I'll be appearing on April 6 at the San Antonio Book Festival if you want to come say hi. Since I'll be traveling with my guitar (but not for the event), I'm wondering if someone wants to host a solo acoustic performance for that night at their house and invite all their friends. Just an idea to make the most of my visit.
Val Emmich Mar 04, 2019
Here's an interview I recently did that deals a lot with process and the mechanics of writing. And there's also a hint in here about my next novel.
Val Emmich Feb 26, 2019
Or maybe you prefer "Get On With It" from Little Daggers. Guitar was cutting out on the solo. Guess I hit it too hard? Shot by My Words Are Veins
Val Emmich Feb 26, 2019
Here's a video from the Philly show the other night. A cut from Autobio, Pt 1. David Bassiri on lap steel. Filmed by My Words Are Veins
Val Emmich Feb 25, 2019
Saturday in Philadelphia. Thanks for coming. See you next time. @ Bourbon & Branch
Val Emmich Feb 22, 2019
My search for the literary equivalent of “The Room” led me to this marvel. Books that are called “laugh out loud” rarely are. This book makes no such claim. But it is. I’m giddy. I’m goddamn giddy.
Val Emmich Feb 20, 2019
Holy moly. My Czech publisher remade the video I made with my daughter for The Reminders with different actors. Down to the handmade guitar. My daughter is not as awestruck by this news as me.
Val Emmich Feb 10, 2019
Thursday is VALentine’s Day & I’m giving away signed copies of both my novels, DEAR EVAN HANSEN: THE NOVEL and THE REMINDERS, as well as a handwritten, personalized Valentine’s Day card made out to you or someone of your choosing. Do these 3 things to enter: ❤️ Write me 2 lines of poetry below, completing this common refrain “Roses are red, Violets are blue...” (Rhyming not required.) ❤️ Follow me @valemmich on Instagram ❤️ Like this photo (Apologies, the card will likely arrive after V Day.) 5 Winners selected. No purchase necessary. Ends 2/12/19 at 11:59PM EST. 50 U.S./DC, Ages 14+ #dehthenovel #theremindersbook #books #bookstagram #bookworm #bookish #bookhoarder
Val Emmich Feb 09, 2019
Strep throat be damned. I’m performing tonight Sat 2/9 Fox and Crow at 10pm with Scott Garapolo David Bassiri John Hebert Paul Rosevear It’s free.
Val Emmich Jan 30, 2019
Four best-selling authors discuss the challenges and opportunities of translating their works into new formats. Get the inside story on thriller writer Harlan Coben’s new deal with Netflix. Hear from Val Emmich, singer-songwriter, actor, and author of the best-selling book Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel, which is based on the Tony Award-winning musical. Hear the story behind the international phenomenon by A. J. Finn, The Woman in the Window, which will be released as a major movie next fall. Learn about Adriana Trigiani’s work as a television writer, producer, filmmaker, and author of a novel made into a feature film. Each guest will share insights on the literary life and what it takes to create a best seller.
Val Emmich Jan 29, 2019
Here's 2 of 2 unmixed outtakes from my album "Whatever's Chasing You." I feel like both songs belonged on the same album but not this one.
Val Emmich Jan 29, 2019
Here's 1 of 2 unmixed outtakes from my album "Whatever's Chasing You." The name of the album comes from a lyric in this song. I always loved the sound of this recording but ultimately thought it didn't fit on the album. I still believe in albums capturing an overall cohesive feeling.
Val Emmich Jan 29, 2019
Anyone interested in hearing two unmixed outtakes from my 2016 album "Whatever's Chasing You" that I just found on my computer?