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The Reminders (Music Inspired By the Novel)
Whatever's Chasing You
Aide Memoire
Looking For a Feeling You Never Knew You Needed
Little Daggers
Songs, Vol. 1 - Woodstock
Sunlight Searchparty
Slow Down Kid
Slow Down Kid
Val Emmich Jun 20, 2019
I’ve never thrown back on a Thursday...until now. Throwing back ten years to me in the studio recording “Looking For A Feeling You Never Knew You Needed.” Now I know what it feels like to throw back. Are you supposed to feel wistful?
Val Emmich Jun 10, 2019
Insight into the “Worry” video & how to let down kids. Watch the official “Worry” video on my FB page or YouTube and see me smile a lot less. #worryvideo #tizzythealbum
Val Emmich Jun 05, 2019
Talking how the music video for “Worry” was made. Footage coming soon. In the meantime, watch the “Worry” video (link below) and while you’re there, please subscribe / like / share. Please. #worryvideo #tizzy #valemmich
Val Emmich May 30, 2019
I just found this on my computer. It's a radio broadcast from 2007. Apparently listeners voted on what song they wanted to hear and my fans (you) made me look good. My song "This Ship's Going Down" got the most votes ever recorded and as a result this radio station in NJ started playing my song regularly. Listening to this made me smile for so many reasons. I listened to this station a ton when I was growing up (106.3FM) and getting to hear my song on it was a thrill. At the time, I had recently parted ways with Epic Records and was in the process of trying to rebuild my career from the ground up with the independent release of a new album called Sunlight Searchparty. To release this new music that I felt was the truest version of me and to have you guys back me up with love and support (and votes). Wow. Thank you. Take a listen:
Val Emmich May 28, 2019
Occupation: Writer
Val Emmich May 23, 2019
I contributed an unreleased song called "Chelsea" to the new Rock Against Hate compilation. I recorded it in 2014 and planned to include it on my album The Good Names Are Taken. A $10 donation gets you my song plus 39 others. All money made from Rock Against Hate Vol. 3 goes directly to Kids In Need Of Defense (KIND). KIND helps protect the basic human rights of refugee and immigrant children in the United States, many of whom come to escape violence and persecution. Hear "Chelsea" at the link below:
Val Emmich May 21, 2019
I am (clearly) not a drummer. But I played drums all over my new album Tizzy. When you know the sound you’re looking for, it’s sometimes easiest to just do it yourself—poorly. This tune is called “Take It All To Heart”. . Jason Kronick played proper drums on three tunes on Tizzy. And this kit above was left behind by my longtime drummer Eric Micali when he moved to Florida (Do you want these drums back, Eric? Too late 😉).
Val Emmich May 20, 2019
How about an all request Facebook Live show? Name one song that you'd like me to play. Any song from my catalog. I'll try to honor all requests. A full song list can be found at One song per person. Date to be announced.
Val Emmich May 19, 2019
Goodbye New Zealand. You’ve been great.
Val Emmich May 15, 2019
Here's a new interpretation of my song "Tenderest" from last week's show. I enjoy how we do it live and hope you do, too.
Val Emmich May 14, 2019
Greetings from New Zealand. I’m here for the Auckland Writers Festival to talk about DEH & The Reminders & to hopefully meet Jeff Tweedy. I may post more than usual while I’m here because I’m alone & I’m doing what alone people do, reaching out into the void. Or, if I lose my mojo & crawl into a hole—because “every time I leave my girl(s) I always get so sad”—this could be my last post. But I’ve got hope that it’ll be unabashed sharing like normal folk do. P. S. That’s the Sky Tower behind me.
Val Emmich May 12, 2019
mom love
Val Emmich May 09, 2019
Here's a solo acoustic rendition of "Every Time I Leave The Girl." If you live nearby, come to the show tomorrow and hear us do it as a band. Unfortunately, my daughter won't be there, but there will be another female guest to sing along with me. Show is Friday, May 10 at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge in Jersey City, NJ with the Milwaukees and Adam Streicher. Don't miss it!
Val Emmich May 08, 2019
Performing this Friday May 10 in Jersey City, NJ at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge for the The Milwaukees' 20th Anniversary Party Doors at 8pm. Meanwhile, here are some pics from last week’s show taken by Gracemarie Loretta
Val Emmich May 08, 2019
Val Emmich May 07, 2019
What if I told you that the thing I listen to most, the thing that keeps me most calm and grounded and connected and human, isn’t even music—it’s the Howard Stern show. Yes, I preordered his new book the instant it was announced. One more week to go.
Val Emmich May 07, 2019
Couldn't be there Saturday night? You're in luck! My loyal documentarian Jenny Tate captured a bunch of songs on video. Here's a song from Tizzy called "Take It All To Heart." There are also old cuts like "Shock" and "High Noon" on this same YouTube playlist. Check 'em out! Thanks to everyone who made it out. You made me feel special.
Val Emmich May 04, 2019
Tonight at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ. Early show. Doors 7:15. We are on at 9. “Tizzy” vinyl for sale.
Val Emmich May 03, 2019
First, thanks for all the kind responses to yesterday's post. ❤️ Here's more personal talk. A revealing radio interview I did yesterday with an old friend. I also perform acoustic renditions of 3 tunes from Tizzy: "Take It All To Heart"; "24 Hour Blues Cycle"; and "Every Time I Leave My Girl." If you're in the tri-state area in the northeastern U.S., come see my band and I at THE SAINT in Asbury Park, NJ this Saturday, May 4. It's an early show. Doors at 7:15. We'll be on at 9. Love you.
Val Emmich May 02, 2019
I'll be on WBJB today at 3pm EST talking and performing acoustic renditions of songs on the new album, Tizzy. Heart beat and all. Listen online:
Val Emmich May 02, 2019
I rarely get personal on social media unless it's related to my art and provides a way for people to relate to it. I don't feel comfortable sharing. But... For the last six months, I feel my heart beating in my stomach. I've been to a bunch of doctors. I've gotten blood work. I was seen by a gastroenterologist. The cardiologist, after a series of extensive tests, said there's nothing wrong with my heart (probably). But the beating won't go away. I referred to Google and it led to a panic attack that put me in the hospital. That's what Google does: it tells you you're dying. (They said I was okay, don't worry about me!) It's not a rapid heart beat. They are not palpitations. It's my normal resting heartbeat, except I feel it in my stomach...very, very strongly. An aggressive thumping. If you watch my stomach, you see it rising and falling. I don't feel it 24 hours a day, but randomly each day. It's impossible to ignore and it increases my already high anxiety. Is this what people do on social media--reach out to other people? I don't like reaching out. I like hiding in a hole and letting my art do the talking. I feel embarrassed because I know people out there have serious illnesses and I don't want to be someone who's overreacting to nothing. Respectfully, I'm just asking a question: Has anyone ever had experience with this sort of thing? Please don't tell me I'm dying. I'd rather it be a surprise.
Val Emmich Apr 30, 2019
Anxiety has been the main nemesis of my life and it's only grown stronger as the world has gotten crazier. I used to feel like I had nothing to lose. Now I have everything. I worry for my children. My wife. My family. My friends. The animals. The planet. The future. I worry for you and me. My friend and frequent musical collaborator Rob Fitzgerald helped me create a visual representation for what goes on in my body and mind when sucked into the tornado of anxiety. He directed the video for my song "Worry" off my latest album Tizzy. It's a slow and quick unraveling. It's flickering madness. It's existential who-the-fuck-is-steering-this. It's crawling into the fetal position.
Val Emmich Apr 29, 2019
Two Upcoming Shows in May All right. Here's the reality. I don't play live much these days. For those in the NY area, don't miss these shows! Saturday, May 4 at THE SAINT | Asbury Park, NJ Friday, May 10 at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge | Jersey City, NJ Hear old classics plus songs from Tizzy. Here's what music journalist Jim Testa had to say about my new album. "Singer/songwriter/actor/author Val Emmich wrote and recorded his latest album after dealing with a year-long battle with anxiety and depression. He says it's his most personal album yet, which is quite a statement for someone who's released nine albums and seven EP's, including two titled "Autobio," Parts I and II. As a friend and fan of this guy for over 20 years, I find Tizzy more than lives to that promise, striking some seriously dark chords. Emmich has always been an emotional singer and songwriter; that's why his fans have bonded to him. His songs and the way he sings them engender feelings of trust and honesty, and Tizzy doubles down on those virtues, often reflecting a poisonous self-loathing that surely lay at the root of his emotional turmoil. But there are some beautiful love songs here too, including one sung with his young daughter about how much it hurts to leave her behind for tours. The ringer here though is "24 Hour Blues Cycle," a rare topical, political song from Val that invokes the spirit of Phil Ochs. Val Emmich qualifies as that rare performer who not only continues to impress me, but surprise me as well."
Val Emmich Apr 18, 2019
A lyric video for "Fool" off the 2019 album, TIZZY. Video by Rob Fitzgerald
Val Emmich Apr 16, 2019
Rehearsal for... May 4 - Asbury Park THE SAINT The Saint - 9PM May 10 - Jersey City FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge - 9PM Grab TIZZY on vinyl at the shows. Limited supplies.