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Emerge & See
VAIN VELOCITY Jan 01, 2018
Happy New Year everyone! Our best wishes for prosperity, piece and love. May 2018 be a year of happiness, fulfillment, and a bit more acceptance and understanding towards fellow human beings. Enjoy the ride!
VAIN VELOCITY Sep 22, 2017
Cheers to all Vainiacs out there. Long time, no see. At this point, it is safe to say that we are working on new material, and boy, are we psyched for what's coming! See you on the other side! Share and/or like responsibly \m/
VAIN VELOCITY Sep 02, 2017
Shine as a bright star wasted at dawn
VAIN VELOCITY Oct 08, 2016
We love thee. Morningzzz!
VAIN VELOCITY Oct 04, 2016
's cover photo
VAIN VELOCITY Sep 27, 2016
We're cooking!
VAIN VELOCITY Sep 25, 2016
Απόψε, στην εκπομπή You ROCK του 1055Rock, ροκάρουμε παρέα με τη Julie Pilpilidou και τα λέμε έξω απ'τα δόντια για το show του επόμενου Σαββάτου στο Eightball Live Stage!! Συντονιστείτε όλοι στις 20:00 και κερδίστε CD's, t-shirts και προσκλήσεις!! \m/
VAIN VELOCITY Sep 09, 2016
What could we be up to? See you in a few days, beautiful people ☺
VAIN VELOCITY Aug 27, 2016
Morningzzz everybody! How ya feelin today?
VAIN VELOCITY Aug 26, 2016
's cover photo
VAIN VELOCITY Aug 23, 2016
October is not very far \m/
VAIN VELOCITY Jul 17, 2016
Fill in the blanks and be creative :P Shine as a bright _____, wasted at dawn Wake the _____ quietly Nights of the _____, days on the run Take the _____ patiently
VAIN VELOCITY Jul 11, 2016
30 seconds of MetsoL. New stuff! Peace out.
VAIN VELOCITY Jul 04, 2016
Need love? Here's some love!
VAIN VELOCITY Jul 01, 2016
You deserve what your eyes can't deny...
VAIN VELOCITY May 28, 2016
"Maybe to trespass in our temper ain’t the matter here I'm out of breath before it feeds itself, I know it now" #alternative #metal #vainvelocity
VAIN VELOCITY May 23, 2016
VAIN VELOCITY May 23, 2016
VAIN VELOCITY May 20, 2016
Thank you!!
VAIN VELOCITY May 20, 2016
's cover photo
VAIN VELOCITY May 19, 2016
Dear Vainiacs, turn off the lights, crank up the volume and enjoy our new video for "End It All"!!! A big thank you to Lefteris Pasalidis, Pavlos Lygouris and the Wrecked Visuals crew for their exceptional work! Spread the word!!! \m/ \m/
VAIN VELOCITY May 18, 2016
's cover photo
VAIN VELOCITY May 12, 2016
's cover photo
VAIN VELOCITY May 12, 2016
VAIN VELOCITY Apr 30, 2016
Bleeding all I am!