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The Empire
Tibi Et Igni (Bonus Track Version)
Welcome to the Morbid Reich (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Reborn In Chaos (Bonus Tracks Version)
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Blood / Reign Forever World
Karmoygeddon Metal Festival Karmoygeddon Metal Festival 2019
Venue: Karmoygeddon Metal Festival (Karmøy, Norway) Find tickets
Chronical Moshers Open Air Chronical Moshers Open Air 2019
Venue: Chronical Moshers (Hauptmannsgrün, Germany) Find tickets
Vader at Race Against Racism (June 22, 2019)
Venue: Race Against Racism (Duisburg, Germany) Find tickets
Rockharz Open Air Rockharz Open Air 2019
Venue: Rockharz Open Air (Ballenstedt, Germany) Find tickets
Uwolnić Muzykę Uwolnić Muzykę 2019
Venue: Festiwal Uwolnić Muzykę (Środa Śląska, Poland) Find tickets
Vader Apr 19, 2019
Już dziś ZAPRASZAMY na jubileuszowy Cieszanów Rock Festiwal \m/ VADER wystąpi ze specjalnym programem, gdzie prócz nowych kawałków z EPki "Thy Messenger" będzie można usłyszeć sporo z nagranej 20 lat temu płyty "Litany". Przedpremierowo zaprezentujemy też zapewne coś z nowej płyty, której wydanie przewidujemy na grudzień 2019 roku. ZAPRASZAMY \m/
Vader Apr 17, 2019
VADERMANIAX !!! New EP "Thy Messenger" will be out by Nuclear Blast world wide in Mai 31st. However, we have prepared a NEW lyrics video (made by ChRiS Huszar and Nuclear Blast) for You all with opening track "Grand Deceiver" , which will be released in APRIL 26th. This one will be available as e-single too. Below You will find few words from James Stewart about His work in Hertz Studio in January: "We started easy by tracking the re-recording of the track "Litany" and our cover of "Steeler" on day one. For a drummer Litany is a challenge as it has a lot of changes between groovy parts and blasting so it's a very intense song to record. Steeler is way more simple but the drumming doesn't change much so it's easy to lose your place in the song so requires a lot of focus. Day two: the new tracks. I don't remember any working titles so I'll call them "the fast one", "the groovy one" and "the faster one". The fast one is pretty short and simple but packs a big punch. It was very quick and straightforward to track. The focus was on hitting hard and channeling the 'inner Igor [Cavalera]' to get the sound we needed. The groovy one is a classic mid-tempo Vader track. Lots of double kick and a heavy downbeat on the snare. The main challenge was to get interesting and musical drumfills into the song which called for some creativity. Also it meant giving up my ego a little and playing simpler ideas rather than trying (and failing miserably) to show off. Then comes the faster one. A lot of fast blasting and fills and very few breaks. Simply put; An absolute A*hole to record and I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder from blasting too hard. But we got it done! Listening back you can hear a lot of hard work went into the EP and it's going to be a fun challenge doing the songs live! Over and out.
Vader Apr 11, 2019
Some pictures from the beginning of recordings in Grindstone Studio and Peter's report on \m/ .................................................................................. Kilka zdjęcia z rozpoczynającej się właśnie sesji nagraniowej w Grindstone Studio oraz raport Petera na \m/
Vader Apr 08, 2019
VADERMANIAX!!! Yesterday evening we have arrived to Brockford Railway Siding , which will be our stop for 4 weeks - between April 8th and May 25th. Around 1,5 km from here there is Grindstone Studio , where Vader will record next full length album. We'll keep You all informed , what is going on and how is progress of recording- of course. More about studio, production and drumming session soon on ....................................................................................... VADERMANIAX!!! Wczoraj wieczorem dojechaliśmy do Brockford Railway Siding, gdzie spędzimy 4 tygodnie - między 8 kwietnia a 25 maja. Około 1,5 km stąd znajduje się Grindstone Studio, gdzie Vader będzie nagrywał swój kolejny album. Będziemy Was wszystkich oczywiście informować na bieżąco , o co chodzi i jak postępują prace z nagraniami . Więcej o samym studio, produkcji i sesji bębnów wkrótce na
Vader Mar 29, 2019
Polish extreme metal veterans Vader will release the new EP titled, Thy Messenger, on May 31st via Nuclear Blast Records. The effort was recorded over a week-long period in January and February at Hertz Studio in Białystok, Poland under the supervision of the Wiesławski Brothers. The cover art was painted by Wes Benscoter, who previously worked with VADER on the De Profundis LP and has collaborated with such bands as SLAYER, KREATOR and SINISTER. A new full VADER album will be recorded later this year for a tentative autumn release. Pre-order the EP now: Ships Worldwide. Thy Messenger track listing: 01. Grand Deceiver 02. Litany 03. Emptiness 04. Despair 05. Steeler The band comments: "We decided to record the new EP because we knew that the full length new album won’t be released before the end of 2019. The EP includes three new tracks - mostly really vicious and aggressive tracks, even for VADER. 'Emptiness' is more groovy in the main riff but really heavy at the end. All the songs are fast and short, but pretty intense, I guess. We’ve also added a new version of our classic title track from 'Litany' . It is 20 years since we recorded that album at the Red Studio. 'Litany' - as a song - and many more from that album have never been performed live. This album is still one of the fan favorites in the VADER discography and in 2019 we will resurrect this whole record as part of our live shows this autumn. Another bonus is the absolute classic cover of 'Steeler,' which was always one of my all time favorite PRIEST songs."
Vader Mar 18, 2019
We're building already plans for 2020. Like THIS Metal Diver Festivalin Germany in March:
Vader Feb 25, 2019
A few facts and pics from the EP-recording session on Hertz Wieslawski Bros HertzStudioJames StewartMarek "Spider" PająkTomasz Halny HalinaMassive Music (Official site) ..................................................................................... Kilka faktów i zdjęć z sesji nagraniowej EP na
Vader Feb 14, 2019
VADERMANIAX !!! As announced a while ago, we’d like to present you a new VADER release. New EP entitled THY MESSENGER contains four of the five recorded songs, whose titles will be presented soon. The material was made in about a week (January / February) at the Hertz Studio in Białystok under the supervision of the Wiesławski Brothers. Below we present the cover painted by Wes Benscoter - the same Artist who created a beautiful picture for the cover of "De Profundis" or other bands like Slayer, Kreator or Sinister. The material will be available at the turn of spring and summer this year. Exactly at the same time, a full VADER album will be created, the premiere of which is planned for the end of 2019. More details are coming soon on ..................................................................................... VADERMANIAX !!! Zgodnie z zapowiedziami prezentujemy Wam nowe wydawnictwo VADER, jakie poprzedzi w tym roku pełny album zespołu. EP’ka zatytułowana THY MESSENGER zawiera cztery z pięciu nagranych utworów , których tytuły podamy już niebawem. Materiał zrealizowany był w niespełna tydzień w styczniu oraz lutym w Hertz Studio w Białymstoku pod nadzorem Braci Wiesławskich. Prezentujemy poniżej okładkę autorstwa Wes Benscoter - tego samego Artysty, który stworzył piękny obraz na okładkę „De Profundis” , czy też innych zespołów jak Slayer, Kreator , czy Sinister. Materiał będzie dostępny na przełomie wiosny i lata tego roku. Dokładnie w tym samym czasie będzie powstawał pełny album VADER, którego premiera planowana jest pod koniec 2019 roku. Więcej szczegółów już wkrótce na \m/
Vader Jan 30, 2019
Here we've got some very nice pics from the festival in Dippoldiswalde (Break the Silence Fest) taken by Schizophreny Photography. THX \m/
Vader Jan 22, 2019
Pick up 'Tibi Et Igni' in the Nuclear Blast x musicMagpie 2 for £10 sale:
Vader Jan 19, 2019
TODAY evening..... \m/ \m/
Vader Jan 15, 2019
Thank you @mehsuff for helping us start 2019 with a blast! Now we're already in the studio working on something special for you. All will be revealed shortly... Photocredit:@armagedonmf #soldoutshow #vader #stagetostudio #tama #meinl #loscabosdrumsticks #jacksonguitars #ernieballstrings #evh #nologopicks #warwickbass #davidlaboga #ranguitars #musicphotography @ Hertz Studio
Vader Jan 12, 2019
WELCOME to the first VADER show in 2019 \m/ \m/ ... Zurich , Mehsuff Metal Festival . Tonight 21:30 !!!
Vader Dec 28, 2018
For ALL our Fans, Friends or supporting people, VADER wishes MEGA fun in New Year's Eve day and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 \m/ \m/ Wszystkim naszym Fanom, Przyjaciołom czy też ludziom nam sprzyjającym, VADER życzy szampańskiej zabawy Sylwestrowej oraz SZCZĘŚLIWEGO NOWEGO ROKU 2019 \m/ \m/
Vader Dec 19, 2018
VADERMANIAX !!! Year 2018 is almost a history. It was so good and intense for VADER indeed. We played 126 shows in 44 countries on 3 continents in this year. For some of the lands - like Mongolia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, San Salvador, Boliwia or Uruguay - it was our first visit ever! We took part in 8 great tours (organized by Massive Music (Official site), RTN Touring IDL Entertainment Creative Music and more), sharing stage with many great bands like Kreator , Testament, Annihilator , Entombed A.D.. , Marduk Official and many more… Year 2018 was kinda symbolic for VADER too. 35 years of active life in Metal World means something for sure. In these years we released 11 full length albums, few live recordings (also on DVD) and many smaller format Metal works. We focused this time on our classic releases but not just on debut „The Ultimate Incantation” (25th anniversary) or „Black to the Blind” (20th anniversary). Besides we were still promoting songs from VADER last release - „The Empire”. We all were celebrating over 3 decades of real Chaos and Extremity , which was always leading motto for VADER. THANK YOU ALL for another such a GREAT year !!! THANK YOU for support and never ending trust. VADER exists always for You and thanks to You. We can only promise to keep the Fire burning \m/ THANKS for all support from our Family in Nuclear Blast \m/ THANKS for VADER Legions - Since 1983 and ALL Vader related Fan- pages for endless support \m/ Now it’s time for something NEW, right? We plan so much for coming 2019…and 2020. More info soon on …. Stay VADERized \m/ photo by Katarzyna Bujas *** VADERMANIAX !!! Rok 2018 to już prawie historia. Dla VADER był doprawdy bardzo dobry i intensywne. Zagraliśmy 126 koncertów w 44 krajach (na 3 kontynentach). W niektórych krajów - takich jak Mongolia, Kostaryka, Gwatemala, San Salvador, Boliwia czy Urugwaj - była to nasza pierwsza wizyta w ogóle! Wzięliśmy udział w 8 wspaniałych trasach (organizowanych między innymi przez Massive Music (Official site), RTN Touring IDL Entertainment Creative Music), dzieląc scenę z wieloma świetnymi zespołami jak Kreator, Testament, Annihilator, Entombed A.D.., Marduk Official i wieloma innymi ... Rok 2018 był dla VADERa rokiem symbolicznym. 35 lat aktywnego życia w Metalowym Świecie to duża rzecz. W tym czasie wydaliśmy 11 pełnych albumów, kilka wydawnictw „live” (także na DVD) i wiele prac mniejszych formatów. Skupiliśmy się tym razem na naszych klasycznych wydawnictwach, lecz nie tylko i wyłącznie na debiutanckim "The Ultimate Incantation" (25-lecie) lub "Black to the Blind" (20-lecie). Poza tym wciąż promowaliśmy piosenki z ostatniej płyty VADER - "The Empire". Wszyscy świętowaliśmy ponad trzy dekady prawdziwego Chaosu i Ekstremy, która zawsze była dewizą dla VADER. DZIĘKUJEMY za kolejny tak WSPANIAŁY rok !!! DZIĘKUJEMY za wsparcie i nieustające zaufanie. VADER istnieje zawsze dla WAS i dzięki WAM. Możemy tylko obiecać, że ogień w nas nie wygaśnie \m/ DZIĘKUJEMY za ciągłe wsparcie ze strony naszej Rodziny z Nuclear Blast \m/ DZIĘKUJEMY VADER Legions - Since 1983 oraz innym Fan-peage'om Vader za nieustające wsparcie \m/ Jednak już czas na coś NOWEGO, prawda? Planujemy naprawdę wiele na nadchodzące 2019 ... i 2020. Więcej informacji wkrótce na .... Stay VADERized \m/ foto autorstwa Katarzyna Bujas
Vader Dec 06, 2018
Do zobaczenia w lipcu 2019 \m/ \m/ Festiwal Uwolnić Muzykę
Vader Nov 29, 2018
VADERMANIAX!!! Check out James killing it on our recent tour with Marduk! \m/ \m/ (courtesy of Drummers From Hell)
Vader Nov 20, 2018
VADERMANIAX!!! In November 11. (which was 100 years anniversary of Independence Day in Poland BTW) in city of Ludwigsburg in Germany we have played last show on tour named "35 Years of Chaos". That was Hell of the tour indeed! THX so much for the whole lovely crew, Massive Music (Official site) Entombed A.D. MORTUARY Hellavista The Modern Age Slavery The Drowning Resumed and Inferum. That tour was also our last one in 2018. For the past 1,5 year Vader was celebrating 25 years of debut "The Ultimate Incantation" release AND 35 years of the band. Now it's time to focus on the future and new, fresh album. We'll give You bunch of news about the plans for 2019 pretty soon. Check us on All pics by Katarzyna Bujas
Vader Nov 19, 2018
's cover photo
Vader Nov 11, 2018
Sadly we have reached the end of the tour with @entombed.adofficial and the last vader concert of a very busy year! Fortunately we will have more more announcements regarding next year's manoeuvres very soon!!! Thank you to all the crew and the other bands @hellavista666 Inferum @the_modern_age_slavery @mortuary_nancy @drowningwales @resumed_official for an amazing way to finish the year!!! For now we have one last concert tonight in Ludwigsburg! See you in the pit! Photo: @arturtarczewskiphoto #tourlife #vader #deathmetal #theultimateincantation #tama #meinl #loscabosdrumsticks #jacksonguitars #ernieballstrings #evh #nologopicks #warwickbass #davidlaboga #ranguitars #musicphotography @ Rockfabrik
Vader Nov 09, 2018
The tour with @entombed.adofficial is marching through Trier tonight!!! Essen tomorrow!!! Photocredit: @icemotion #tourlife #vader #deathmetal #theultimateincantation #entombedad #lefthandpath #meinl #loscabosdrumsticks #tama #jacksonguitars #ernieballstrings #evh #nologopicks #warwickbass #davidlaboga #ranguitars #musicphotography
Vader Oct 20, 2018
Our tour alongside @entombed.adofficial marches on!!! Bologna tinight!!! Photocredit: @metaldutti89 #vader #deathmetal #theultimateincantation #tama #meinl #loscabosdrumsticks #jacksonguitars #ernieballstrings #evh #nologopicks #warwickbass #davidlaboga #ranguitars #musicphotography #entombedad ・・・ Vader @ Kammgarn, Schaffhausen (18.10.2018) #metal #concert #metalconcert #metalhead #dutti #metaldutti #metalinside #metalinsider #metalinsidech #metalinsiderdutti #metaljournalist #metaljournalism #concertphotography #concertphoto @kammgarn_sh #kammgarn #kammgarnschaffhausen #schaffhausen #switzerland
Vader Oct 18, 2018
Tour with Entombed A.D. and MORTUARY on full throttle now! We just left Czech Republic after two great shows in Uherske Hradiste and Plzen (You can see a couple of pics from Plzen taken by Jakub Asphyx). Now we're heading South... to Switzerland and Italy \m/ ARE YOU READY?
Vader Oct 18, 2018
Day 3: Schaffhausen. All set up and ready to soundcheck! See you tonight.... #vader #entombedad #deathmetal #tourlife #tama #meinl #loscabosdrumsticks #jacksonguitars #ernieballstrings #evh #nologopicks #warwickbass #davidlaboga #ranguitars #lefthandincantation
Vader Oct 07, 2018
VADERMANIAX !!!! Great pleasure to announce our appearance on Lorène Garmonbozia Festival (October 26th) !!! This is XX anniversary of the Festival so we'll make it very special too. CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU ALL IN THE PIT \m/ \m/