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V V Brown May 14, 2019
Important Post. PLEASE READ The secret gigs in Paris and London have now been cancelled due to the bankruptcy of PLEDGE Music which we were relying on to pay for all overheads pre gig alongside ticket sales. Its such a shame and a lot of artists feel betrayed by the company. I am so so sorry and feel awful. All tickets will be refunded. It is such sad news. We are working on rescheduling this. Lots of love V V x
V V Brown May 09, 2019
Pledge music is in its early stages of bankruptcy and they have totally screwed over artists who had Pledge pages. 10 million dollars is owed and I think this is one of the biggest scandals! I am one of those artists who have been cheated by their mismanagement of funds. I received a phone call from Texas stating that fans would not be refunded and they should contact there credit card companies. I am so angry and so devastated. I am so so sorry on behalf of our team and our hands are so tied on how to proceed. Not only has this effected fans and myself but also my secret gig. We accounted for a % of our sales to fund our two gigs and as they have stolen our potential money and your money I have to now cancel the gigs!!!!! All ticket sales will be refunded but all pledges are up in the air. I will keep you posted and I’m figuring away to compensate in some way. To all those who bought gig tickets you will be fully refunded. For all pledgers we are truly working on this..... I will reschedule these gigs for another time and a new album is now in motion but for now both Paris and London are cancelled 😞 I am so sorry! New dates coming soon.
V V Brown Mar 20, 2019
American idol 2019. #Alyssaraghu sings shark in the water. This song just keeps giving 10 years on! So grateful for a very interesting silent successful career. I am not in the top 10 ten or splattered all over the daily mail but it’s so reassuring to know that my music has made me a sustainable humble career and I am so grateful. So so so friggin grateful. This encourages me that I must make another record. Never give up on your dreams.#americanidol
V V Brown Feb 13, 2019
In light of the chaos at PLEDGE Music I have decided to suspend my campaign which was revolved around my 10 year anniversary of my first album. Its absolutely atrocious what is happening and many artists are in the dark. I will keep you all posted. I am so sorry for this and to all those that purchased from my page I will work hard to get you answers!
V V Brown Jan 16, 2019
V V Brown Oct 29, 2018
Hey guys. Hope your all well out there. If you feel for it buy tickets to our intimate anniversary gig in London. July 13th 2019. Limited tickets so don't miss out. See you there ! xxx
V V Brown Oct 08, 2018
I have a new exciting music project. The project is called FutureSelf. My first gig is taking place on the 11th October 2018. This incredible live gig is in association with the Longplayer Legacies and is a concert series hosting extraordinary composers each responding to Longplayer over three nights in October 2018. These concerts will be held at the Lighthouse in London’s Trinity Buoy Wharf (from which Jem Finer’s 1000-year long composition plays continuously) for an intimate audience onsite and a livestream audience hosted by Sound and Music. Curated by Longplayer trustee Ella Finer as a Sound and Music Composer-Curator 2018, these concerts are a response to Longplayer’s ethos of caring for the long term alongside her own work as a producer and curator interested in re-mix, cross-temporal splicing and the politics of doing so. The idea for these sessions is to ask how sound legacies are produced and who creates them? Who ensures their "preservation" and how? Who knows where to look for these legacies and who feels entitled to creatively and critically attend to these materials? Tuesday 9th October: Larry Achiampong Wednesday 10th October: Laura Cannell Thursday 11th October: FutureSelf All events will run from 7-9pm at: The Lighthouse Trinity Buoy Wharf 64 Orchard Place London, E14 0YP
V V Brown Sep 17, 2018
What an honour it was to sing at my cousins wedding - Butterflyz by @aliciakeys Do you want me to do a cover & if so what cover would you want me to do?
V V Brown Aug 24, 2018
Its so exciting to see people making PLEDGES. If you don't know then now you know. PLEDGE IS LIVE! This is all leading to the anniversary gig next year. Find out more here!
V V Brown Aug 14, 2018
The theme of my secret gig will be all in aid of gay rights. We will be giving a percentage of the proceeds to the Stonewall charity that supports the LGBTQ community. We believe in equality and change. To find out more about the gig please visit my PLEDGE music page.
V V Brown Aug 13, 2018
My PLEDGE Music page is now live. Take a look at some of the cool stuff we are selling to celebrate the 10 year anniversary gig. Signed Vinyl, T.shirts, Secrets and more. I can't wait to see you all next year at our intimate, one of special "experience" gig. It really is going to be special and I am working hard getting production in place to make this unique and out of this world!
V V Brown Jul 24, 2018
I miss performing live and its been so long. Come and see us live at our anniversary gig. This will be a special unique gig. Its a secret for now but buy a ticket and don't miss out on this incredible unique show to celebrate 10 years since my debut album. Head to to fins out more!
V V Brown Jul 22, 2018
I told you I was releasing another album. Whoever wrote that stupid statement about quitting the music industry is such an idiot! Aka me
V V Brown Jul 19, 2018
Come and see us live. Tickets are here: If you buy a ticket you will add 9 years extra to your life?…
V V Brown Jul 19, 2018
I am gearing up for new content, new V V Brown goodies, a live gig in the diary with ticket sales going well and more more more. I will be launching my PLEDGE Music page soon. For more information please visit
V V Brown Jul 19, 2018
V V Brown's cover photo
V V Brown Jul 19, 2018
V V Brown's cover photo
V V Brown Jul 19, 2018
V V Brown
V V Brown Jul 19, 2018
V V Brown's cover photo
V V Brown Jul 03, 2018
Next year it will be the 10th anniversary of my first album, Travelling like the light, and we are putting on an anniversary gig in Paris and London. It would be so special to share this with you. Tickets here: #sharkinthewater #travelinglikethelight 🌈🌈
V V Brown Jun 08, 2018
Do you remember Travelling like the light, Shark in the water and so many other doo wop indie bops. Well in July of next year it will be 10 years since its release! Come here to see us play it all again. 2019. Anniversary gig. Tickets here:
V V Brown Jun 07, 2018
So I am going to be that annoying person who is going to plug this gig till the cows come home. Why? Because we want it to be rammed and exciting! Our anniversary gig is on sale now! Check out here Plus new music will be available to pre order very soon.
V V Brown Jun 04, 2018
In aid of the 10th Anniversary of Traveling Like the Light we are going to be releasing lots of things throughout the year such as amazing exclusive music in relation, songs you have not heard or may have wanted to hear the full versions, videos, content, art work and goodies leading up to the BIG 10 year anniversary gig. If Traveling Like the Light was one of those albums that sinks in your memory then don't miss out on these collectables. Coming Soon via PLEDGE MUSIC. For now here is a ticket link to both gigs. Paris and London.
V V Brown May 24, 2018
Are you coming to our anniversary gig? We would love to see you x For more information go to
V V Brown May 21, 2018
I am going to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of my debut album Travelling like the light on July 13th and July 14th 2019! I will embark on a live, unique, visual, dance experience showcasing all of my albums ranging from my debut, Traveling like the Light, Samson and Delilah and Glitch. Lets celebrate at a secret location which will be disclosed to ticket holders a few months before the date, somewhere in the amazing city of Paris or London. There will be special guests, DJ's and the debut performance of brand new music! All ticket holders will get receive exclusive content of the new album and more. Its a year away from now which seems a little over the top to be posting so far ahead but its going to be a very unique show like no other so we need the time to get it ready. We also want it to be spectacular and packed so get your tickets now! Lets go wild and make this amazing together. xxxx V V Paris tickets London tickets Watch live wherever you are in the world and buy stream tickets here: