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Given by Nature
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Uppermost Dec 12, 2018
On this cold wednesday afternoon, here's a boost of inspiration and passion for us 🏔❤️ ✨ Full video:
Uppermost Dec 10, 2018
Spotify 2018 numbers: 8M streams, 1M fans, 600k hours, 65 countries. Forget the numbers, I love you all.
Uppermost Dec 09, 2018
Sunday - over the storm
Uppermost Dec 08, 2018
compassion, selfless actions, positive thinking 💪❤️
Uppermost Dec 07, 2018
be you, do you. hype is a marketed illusion
Uppermost Dec 05, 2018
Super excited to finally share this mix ! I'm live in the chatroom until the stream ends, feel free to come in, get comfortable, talk together :)
Uppermost Dec 04, 2018
120min mix out tomorrow
Uppermost Dec 03, 2018
No more domination
Uppermost Dec 02, 2018
Pain, sadness, suffering, loneliness, they are critical emotions making us face the void. They give us the biggest opportunity for being true. We wake up from our expectations, our ego has nothing left to feed its illusions with, and if we’re open hearted enough to sacrifice all that we wanted to own, we begin to exist.
Uppermost Nov 30, 2018
120min mix is ready. See you on Dec 5th 🙂 📷 Obesky-Max Jeudy
Uppermost Nov 29, 2018
If you take advantage of someone’s weakness for your own benefit, life will make you weaker sooner than you think.
Uppermost Nov 27, 2018
No human code
Uppermost Nov 22, 2018
If you feel alone in these days of celebration, know that my heart and soul are there with you, sending warmth and positive energy to make you feel alive 🐿
Uppermost Nov 20, 2018
Warm in the cold #lights #night #city
Uppermost Nov 19, 2018
2 hours live session coming soon! Huge thanks to Titouan and Claire for this wonderful video :) - Le mix de 2 heures arrive bientôt! Un immense merci à Titouan et Claire pour cette vidéo magnifique :)
Uppermost Nov 18, 2018
Kindness and empathy ☀️❤️
Uppermost Nov 16, 2018
I dream of a world where we help and support positive people, where optimism is understood as a revolutionary strength for creation, not as a foolish beginner’s illusion. People who have faith in humanity are not dreamers, they are true to themselves and to the world they're living in. Most of the time, the ones stuck in an illusion are the pessimists, destroying all the potential of people around them, forcing their subjective definition of what reality should be.
Uppermost Nov 15, 2018
Street halo #city #night #lights
Uppermost Nov 15, 2018
So proud and honored for everything about this album. Did you check all tracks? Which one was your fav?
Uppermost Nov 14, 2018
Late night atmosphere #night #lights #city
Uppermost Nov 10, 2018
Beloved people, starting in January 2019 I’ll be releasing a single every 3 weeks. Also been working on a 2 hours mix coming on youtube in the following days. Stay true, stay strong, together with you all.
Uppermost Nov 08, 2018
Fly like a bird
Uppermost Nov 06, 2018
Hidden poetry • #night #city #lights
Uppermost Nov 05, 2018
Uppermost Nov 04, 2018
So many people putting pressure on artists to look less like this, sound more like that. I’ve followed so many of these bad advices through my musical journey, and today I understand why: the problem didn’t come from other people, it was in me: I trusted more the things that were physically impressive and appealing than the message of my heart. I felt more attracted by the way things looked than by who I truly was: I didn’t value the truth that was in me, I trusted the negative messages telling me that this inner-truth was stupid and ugly. Sooner or later we all have to face those lies, but are we ready to love the beautiful and humble humanity living in each of us? Are we ready to sacrifice the illusory power of individuality through appearances and superficiality ?