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Given by Nature
Origins (2011-2016)
Take A Blow
Cake Shop EP
We Rock David Call's Remix EP
Uppermost Feb 23, 2019
No wisdom without obstacles
Uppermost Feb 22, 2019
New single ft. Jack Lena - out now
Uppermost Feb 21, 2019
Love you Billboard Dance ❤️ New single with Jack Lena out this Friday.
Uppermost Feb 19, 2019
30 years old today, happy for every precious second life offers me 🥳
Uppermost Feb 18, 2019
Neo #night #city #lights
Uppermost Feb 17, 2019
My life’s wish is to see the following generations grow in a world that is a happy, welcoming place. a world with caring human beings always ready to give help, a world where empathy emancipates from suspicion, where love open paths that fear never knew existed.
Uppermost Feb 16, 2019
Last night a perfect melody played in my dream, I woke up completely moved by what i had just heard, I ran to write the notes down in the night. So wonderful, deep and full of truth. Some things it is impossible to explain, that's a key. Art releases us from the urge to explain things, by giving us the power to feel them.
Uppermost Feb 15, 2019
New remix by Digitalism.
Uppermost Feb 14, 2019
Lovely soul #night #lights #city
Uppermost Feb 14, 2019
Soon on Uppwind Records.
Uppermost Feb 13, 2019
Brilliant new remix by Digitalism, out tomorrow. Selected from the label compilation, to be released on Uppwind Records.
Uppermost Feb 12, 2019
When I started making music in 2007, I was frustrated not to find a place to share my passion without being judged, labeled, without having to be part of a closed circle to be approved, without having to compromise my art to be considered as an "artist". More than ten years of consistant hard work, blind enthusiasm, naive optimism, faith in love, thirst for truth, and here I am turning this vision that I always kept in my heart into reality. I am honored and proud to be able to share this new compilation format with you, and I hope that it can bring to you even a little bit of all the positive energy you have given me for all these years.
Uppermost Feb 09, 2019
stay humble and kind. remember that hate, selfishness and arrogance are only the expression of our own insecurities.
Uppermost Feb 08, 2019
New moon #night #city #streetart
Uppermost Feb 06, 2019
days and nights, out on feb 22.
Uppermost Feb 05, 2019
next single: feb 22
Uppermost Feb 04, 2019
Forward #night #lights #city
Uppermost Jan 29, 2019
Uppermost Jan 28, 2019
Le rêve est réalit #night #city #lights
Uppermost Jan 27, 2019
Be wise to your fellow human brothers and sisters. You may not have lived in the same place than them, you may not share their perspectives, but we were all made of the same stardusts. Beyond each of our egos, beyond "me" and "them", we share the same roots. But what if they’re not wise with you in return? What if they disrespect you? What if they use your wisdom as a weakness? It doesn’t matter. Being wise actually creates inner peace in you, self confidence knowing you’re not a separate entity from the whole universe, happiness being able to live in the present moment. Let fear and hate discover the miracles love can create.
Uppermost Jan 18, 2019
New single is out ❤️
Uppermost Jan 15, 2019
Open Hearts • 3 days before release #night #city #streetart
Uppermost Jan 13, 2019
Open Hearts • 5 days before release #night #lights #city
Uppermost Jan 10, 2019
Open Hearts • 8 days before release #night #lights #city
Uppermost Jan 10, 2019
Open Hearts - out on January 18