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Kitsuné Musique Mixed by Uppermost (DJ Mix)
Given by Nature
Origins (2011-2016)
Take A Blow
We Rock David Call's Remix EP
Cake Shop EP
Uppermost Aug 19, 2019
Big thanks to the good friends at ENM for supporting 'True' ! ❤️ Stream/DL:
Uppermost Aug 16, 2019
True, 2019 version! 🏔🎶
Uppermost Aug 15, 2019
Yesterday's simple session! 😊
Uppermost Aug 13, 2019
You know that amazing feeling you get when you’re somewhere outside, listening to your favorite tracks on headphones and letting your imagination create a new kind of reality… It’s like the scene from a movie, when the music perfectly fits the atmosphere, and the flow of emotions makes you feel indestructible. I’ve been looking for ways to express the magic of those precious moments for a long time.. so an idea came to my mind few weeks ago. I started a discussion on Instagram with some of you about creating a music video where the listener would be the creator: based on your inspiration and interpretation of one of my tracks, what if you were the ones filming your visual experience? Here we are few weeks later, and the idea is ready to turn into reality! It's your turn now 😊 I will be reviewing the videos and pictures you send me, and the most creative film makers/photographers of you will be part of the music video for one of my upcoming singles. Ready to share your vision? All infos here:
Uppermost Aug 11, 2019
Uppermost Aug 10, 2019
Peaceful eternity in the present moment
Uppermost Aug 10, 2019
Carry the sun in your heart when it's getting dark outside. Good vibes from the one and only Mesita 🎶✨
Uppermost Aug 09, 2019
Proudly wearing my man’s Furrer gift 😄 Check out his excellent music if you have a chance!
Uppermost Aug 08, 2019
This month is gonna be full of music! New Single 'True' on August 16 + New remix for The Midnight on August 23 🥳
Uppermost Aug 07, 2019
So Amazon Music France just added 23rd Street to their "Electro'lala" playlist. Taking a minute off the bike to show some appreciation 🙂
Uppermost Aug 06, 2019
Being true to yourself is always the right thing to do, no matter the context, no matter the obstacles. I know how easy it is to be fooled by the temptation to take shortcuts when your pockets are empty, how heavy the need to gain credibility and acceptance can be when you’re feeling alone. But I believe there is a science in the way these things are made, it is only once you go beyond the surface, once you accept your truth no matter where it will take you, that you start deploying consistant strength and unlimited energy on the way to your goals.
Uppermost Aug 05, 2019
' they call us dreamers but we're the ones who don't sleep. '
Uppermost Aug 05, 2019
Merci Dealer de Musique pour votre précieux soutien ❤️ Stream/DL :
Uppermost Aug 04, 2019
Uppermost Aug 04, 2019
When I pass by a building at night and I see only one apartment’s light on, I like to think it’s the home of an artist 🙂
Uppermost Aug 03, 2019
‪Eating shit while skateboarding has something relieving/terapeutic to it, the wonders of ground level 🙃‬
Uppermost Aug 02, 2019
Love and empathy are an endless source of strength.
Uppermost Aug 01, 2019
Trust the process, let those who need proofs run after results.
Uppermost Jul 31, 2019
I first shared this video back in December 2011, we could say it was an early attempt at making simple sessions. I thought it'd be funny to share it with you all again, so many memories in this little bedroom where everything started, based on dreams and discipline. J'ai publié cette vidéo pour la première fois en décembre 2011, c'était une des premières esquisses de simple session en fait. Je me suis dit que ce serait marrant de revoir ça aujourd'hui, tellement de souvenirs dans cette petite chambre ou tout a commencé sur fond de rêves et d'auto-discipline. HQ:
Uppermost Jul 29, 2019
keep your head up, keep your mind set, keep your heart strong ❤️
Uppermost Jul 26, 2019
Every obstacle is an opportunity
Uppermost Jul 26, 2019
Hyper fier de Medium Douce, un groupe français talentueux que j’ai eu l’opportunité de promouvoir sur mon label récemment. Découvrez leur excellente live session sur Trax Magazine !
Uppermost Jul 25, 2019
Anyone knows a film director looking for an artist to work on the soundtrack ?
Uppermost Jul 25, 2019
"Electronica that has the soul of R’n’B and the consistently rolling rhythm of psychedelia and late night house music that creeps around minimal, 23rd Street is a successive multitude of genres all interfacing together in a swirling helix of deep purples." ❤️ Velvet Independent x Hype Machine
Uppermost Jul 25, 2019
Given by nature