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Scattered, Smothered & Covered
Blood Run
Occupational Hazard
Total Destruction
UNSANE Jan 19, 2019
Thanks, Matador!
UNSANE Sep 07, 2018
Brutal Assault Festival 2018. Good times!
UNSANE Aug 09, 2018
The Dark Slide just got a few more copies of Total Destruction in...
UNSANE Jul 29, 2018
We’re in Philadelphia tonight at Kung Fu Necktie with WRONG and Narcos Family Band, doors at 8pm. Last show of our US tour, don’t miss out!
UNSANE Jul 28, 2018
We’re in Chapel Hill Tonight at Local 506 with WRONG and Wailin Storms. Doors at 8pm.
UNSANE Jul 27, 2018
We’re in Atlanta tonight at The EARL with WRONG, Iron Whip and Pretty Please. Doors: 8:30pm.
UNSANE Jul 26, 2018
We’re at Will's Pub in Orlando tonight with WRONG, bloodlet, Church Girls and Call In Dead. Doors at 8:00 pm.
UNSANE Jul 25, 2018
We’re at Gramps in Miami tonight with WRONG, Day x Day, Dominant Force and Prison Warder. Doors at 8pm.
UNSANE Jul 24, 2018
Tomorrow! We’re at Crowbar in Tampa, FL with WRONG, bloodlet, Horsewhip and Yashira.
UNSANE Jul 23, 2018
We’re playing at Santos bar tonight with WRONG and Zig Zags.
UNSANE Jul 20, 2018
We’re at The Lost Well tonight with Weedeater and ZEKE the band. Come get your ears blasted!
UNSANE Jul 10, 2018
Tour posters!
UNSANE Jul 10, 2018
The NYC boat show is leaving from SKYPORT MARINA - 2430 FDR Drive at East 23rd Street. NOT pier 36...
UNSANE Jul 05, 2018
New shirts from the guys at The Dark Slide!
UNSANE Jun 30, 2018
Tour starts soon! Looking forward to playing with Child Bite, Wrong, Weedeater, Zeke and L7!
UNSANE Jun 28, 2018
This is gonna be awesome!!! NYC! Can't wait for our concert cruise on Wednesday, July 11th. The Rocks Off Concert Cruise is a completely unique way to experience live music. Come aboard the Liberty Belle Riverboat for a memorable time on the New York Harbor - watch the band play indoors (rain or shine!) and wander all over the boat's three speaker and bar-filled decks with views of the Statue Of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and the incomparable, NYC Skyline. Tickets & more info:
UNSANE Jun 22, 2018
Głos Kultury
UNSANE Jun 22, 2018
Child Bite
UNSANE Jun 22, 2018
UNSANE May 26, 2018
The first leg of the July tour. Looking forward to playing some more shows with Child Bite!
UNSANE May 09, 2018
Just got our "Total Destruction" vinyl reissues... Thanks, Matador!!
UNSANE May 04, 2018
Looking forward to Houston!
UNSANE May 04, 2018
The July U.S. tour...
UNSANE May 03, 2018