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DRIFT Episode 2 “ATOM”
Appleshine Continuum
DRIFT Episode 4 “SPACE”
DRIFT Episode 3 "HEART"
DRIFT Episode 1 "DUST"
Beaucoup Fish (Remastered / Super Deluxe)
Beaucoup Fish (Remastered)
Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future
Second Toughest in the Infants (Deluxe) [Remastered]
Second Toughest In the Infants (Remastered)
Second Toughest in the Infants (Super Deluxe) [Remastered]
Dubnobasswithmyheadman (Super Deluxe) [20th Anniversary Remaster]
Dubnobasswithmyheadman (20th Anniversary Remaster)
1992 - 2012
1992 - 2012 Anthology
Oblivion With Bells
Breaking and Entering (Music from the Film)
A Hundred Days Off
Everything, Everything (Live)
Change the Weather
Underneath the Radar

Bird 1
Lollapalooza Berlin Lollapalooza Berlin 2019
Venue: Olympiastadion & Olympiapark Berlin (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Underworld at Lotto Arena (November 22, 2019)
Venue: Lotto Arena (Antwerp, Belgium) Find tickets
Underworld at Ziggo Dome (November 23, 2019)
Venue: Ziggo Dome (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Underworld Aug 22, 2019
There’s a blue sky but a storm’s brewing out at sea. Hear it in the modulating synths, the pictures painting words. Fairytale summer? There could be trouble ahead. Leave the light on.
Underworld Aug 21, 2019
Episode 5, Part 3 is in the box... Keep your eyes on your email tomorrow for the next instalment of DRIFT…
Underworld Aug 17, 2019
Rhythmn Never stops One leg crossed Marking time with internal clock DRIFT Ep.5 Pt.2: Mile Bush Pride. Watch here:
Underworld Aug 16, 2019
Beautiful place beautiful people thank you Pstereo Festival, thank you Trondheim! 🎧 Underworld - #DRIFT Ep. 5 Pt. 2 'Mile Bush Pride (Film Edit)'
Underworld Aug 15, 2019
Look at you Trondheim, don't you look great!
Underworld Aug 15, 2019
Trondheim meditation 6am. New DRIFT, watch it here:
Underworld Aug 13, 2019
Like the first wisps of daylight breaking the horizon, 'Toluca Stars' is vast and wide-open... 🏞 Listen on the ambientballadsandelectronicfolkman playlist now
Underworld Aug 12, 2019
Picking between techno (k)
Underworld Aug 12, 2019
If you like... Eight Ball, Motor Home, Cut Clouds, Low Between Zebras... then Toluca Stars (Film Edit) belongs to you 👇
Underworld Aug 10, 2019
That was fantastic, obrigado NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival! 👋🏼 🎧 Underworld - Soniamode (#DRIFT, Ep. 2, Pt. 5)
Underworld Aug 08, 2019
DRIFT Episode 5 starts... ✨ Some Underworld records sound like they were made for dark, inside spaces. And some… some don’t. Watch the video for ‘Toluca Stars’ here:
Underworld Aug 06, 2019
Off fishing in the house of groove at NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival alongside Ø [Phase], Richie Hawtin, Ben Klock, Chris Liebing, Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, RØDHÅD and many more 👾
Underworld Aug 07, 2019
Late night fishing at NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival
Underworld Aug 05, 2019
Underworld's ongoing experiment continues this week... 52 weeks, 52 releases... DRIFT Episode 5 kicks off on Thursday. Sign up here:
Underworld Aug 01, 2019
Tranquility bass and pure horizontal ambience from a field in Essex in the summer sun. Listen to the 'Chillin At The Shed (Misterons Mix)' here ☀️
Underworld Jul 25, 2019
A pair of stray Essex builders, a disused school building and a celebration of the finest seasonal legume known to man… how does that collectively sound? It sounds like thirty nine minutes of expansive, exploratory, glorious rumble. We should do this more often.
Underworld Jul 25, 2019
Thank you for coming to dance with us Latitude Festival on Saturday night - your energy was huge! Magnificent!… let's do it again…
Underworld Jul 19, 2019
Dancing shoes on ✔️ Ready for Sónar Festival, on stage at 01:00 after Stormzy and DJ Seinfeld, then off to Latitude Festival ✈️
Underworld Jul 19, 2019
bigroombangersandstadiumtechnoman... We're ready for you Sonar Festival. See you down the front at 01:00 🙌
Underworld Jul 19, 2019
Rick walking on the moon at Sónar+D 2019 🌑 Laurie Anderson and new media artist Hsin-Chien Huang
Underworld Jul 19, 2019
It's that time 🕘 Tickets for Underworld live at THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT are on general sale now. Get them here:
Underworld Jul 18, 2019
📡 A transmission from the beating heart of an Underworld show in Atlanta 2008, recorded direct off Rick’s mixer, putting you up on stage between Rick and Karl live at Center Stage Theatre. Three tracks, live jammed and interwoven - Born Slippy (original version, not Nuxx), Pearls Girl (Crazy deconstruction) and Beautiful Burnout. “Hey Atlanta! First time was in ‘86, outside the venue I bought a tie-dye from a DeadHead driving his Beetle across America (was that you?). In the 90’s I walked out on stage and said “It’s great to be back in Chicago” - Damn! - were you there? (Thank you for not kicking me out!). In 2008 we played Center Stage - (somebody said Elton John rehearsed there..?) We had a rubbish soundcheck but a great gig. I talked to a bunch of guys in the afternoon who were engaging, warm and enthusiastic (was that you?) - What do you remember? What’s your story? Atlanta?” (Karl)
Underworld Jul 17, 2019
Underworld will be headlining THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT, Manchester on Thursday December 5th. The event will take place at their newly minted, 10,000 capacity basecamp of the Depot at Mayfield. Sign up here for pre-sale tickets, available tomorrow (Thurs 18 July) at 9am BST:
Underworld Jul 16, 2019
On the road again this week at Sónar Festival and Latitude Festival. Here's our bigroombangersandstadiumtechno playlist on Spotify to warm you up: 🙌
Underworld Jul 15, 2019
'230605' is an eighteen minute, unedited Riverrun-era rehearsal jam from the summer of 2005 for you: We sent this to the mailing list subscribers last week, sign up here to see what we send out this Thursday, and to keep up with DRIFT: