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I Was Laid-Back a Sinner of Sorts
Under Black Helmet Jul 15, 2019
A magical moment at Dour Festival. It was incredible to experience this. Love and hugs to all. <3 Closing track: Uncrat - Cyber Soldier.
Under Black Helmet Mar 11, 2019
Pic. by Julija Rūkas
Under Black Helmet Jan 14, 2019
Happy to share a new podcast. Recorded for @clubbasis. You know where to look. 👀 . . . #underblackhelmet #basis #techno #podcast
Under Black Helmet Oct 25, 2018
I'm finally back on Code Is Law with my new Juvenile Moral' EP. Full stream available now on Hate and the 12" record is coming out next week.
Under Black Helmet Oct 11, 2018
First ever collaboration track with the super talented Stefano Moretti. Welcome to the darkness! 🌑
Under Black Helmet Sep 21, 2018
Just open people up so they can be themselves and let themselves be open to somebody else.
Under Black Helmet Jun 05, 2018
My track ‘Choke’ is now out on a new VA compilation on Code Is Law. Available via Bandcamp.
Under Black Helmet May 15, 2018
New podcast for Trax Magazine.
Under Black Helmet May 06, 2018
Was fun remixing this. RAVE! ⚡️
Under Black Helmet Mar 19, 2018
Back to Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) for a b2b closing w/ Mørbeck.
Under Black Helmet Mar 18, 2018
Produced over a year ago, released this week.
Under Black Helmet Feb 18, 2018
Porcoddio that was hot... Grazie mille GENAU!
Under Black Helmet Feb 09, 2018
Tonight in my homeland at Kablys + Club: Tomorrow b2b closing set with Mørbeck at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL):
Under Black Helmet Feb 04, 2018
Sunday morning in a warehouse, sunlight breaking through the windows, 9 AM vibes... Merci Parisan ravers, merci EXIL!
Under Black Helmet Jan 30, 2018
Me: ‘Stefano, can we meet for a quick mastering session?’ Stefano: 'I don’t do quick mastering, I do good mastering.’ And so shit starts to shine! 🌞 Can’t wait to test the new stuff.
Under Black Helmet Jan 29, 2018
An hour of techno
Under Black Helmet Jan 26, 2018
In case you were looking, the digital version of this has been released
Under Black Helmet Jan 22, 2018
Flashback from my closing set at BASIS Track ID: Dast - Invictus [ETB043]
Under Black Helmet Jan 10, 2018
If you’re awake and bored tonight, tune in to Rinse France radio ( at midnight (CET). Me and Kill Ref are gonna be broadcasting some gripping techno stuff. 📡
Under Black Helmet Jan 05, 2018
Exciting times!
Under Black Helmet Jan 01, 2018
This was sick! The moment we struck 2018 ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Under Black Helmet Dec 29, 2017
We start the NYE celebration tonight, with a closing B2B set with Mørbeck at Griessmuehle, Berlin. EVENT: Slave To The Rave | Ansome, Charlton, Mørbeck b2b UBH & more
Under Black Helmet Dec 27, 2017
This is the ‘Kontrolekamer’ room at Kompass, where we’ll be popping open the champagne this NYE. Sharing the stage with Luke Slater, Lucy, Orphx, Yotam Avni and more. My play time starts at midnight, right when we hit 2018! 🎆🎇
Under Black Helmet Dec 21, 2017
Funny how this track, which barely made it on to the EP, became the most popular one of the release. You never know sometimes...
Under Black Helmet Dec 07, 2017
Usually I am thankful for my life every day, but sometimes that gratitude must be expressed. Therefore, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported me throughout the year by listening to my stuff and coming to the shows, to everyone who I had the chance to work with - all the promoters, labels and beyond. You kept me inspired and helped me grow. Also immeasurably huge thanks to my man Mørbeck who has been helping me with all he had in music and life since day one. His effort is the main reason why I was able to step on to the scene, move to Berlin and freely do what I love. Once a stranger now like a brother. No words can express it as it is so valuable to me. So I’ll stop here... Lots of love to everyone and to many more beautiful moments together through music! 🖤 Best, J