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Duetti 'cco meli
Umberto Marzotto Apr 22, 2019
Daniele capo valle e le papere , nella foto anche Elisa . Peace out .
Umberto Marzotto Apr 21, 2019
Happy Easter from Ita my son Pietro and me .
Umberto Marzotto Apr 20, 2019
Ecco .
Umberto Marzotto Apr 20, 2019
To keep me train and my lungs well I bike around the valle which is stunning . Have an happy Easter my friends and peace out .
Umberto Marzotto Apr 18, 2019
After 7 days to recover from a tumour extracted from my right lung , a nice lunch at Peck with my super clever brother Leone and sweet Ann .
Umberto Marzotto Apr 17, 2019
Ho cancellato il post su radio radicale da questa fanzines leggerà perché ho capito subito che su fb le discussioni diventano presto insulti . Preferisco darvi belle immagini e posti da sognare , viaggi lontani e buona musica . A tutti buona giornata .
Umberto Marzotto Apr 11, 2019
The beautiful Elpis in Los Roches three years ago .
Umberto Marzotto Apr 08, 2019
Nella Milano da bere .
Umberto Marzotto Apr 01, 2019
Going to Milan by train .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 31, 2019
Ecco !
Umberto Marzotto Mar 26, 2019
Ortigia bellissima
Umberto Marzotto Mar 25, 2019
Piervittorio Trebucchi a grande richiesta dei nostri funs . Ecco .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 25, 2019
In Siracusa for one day to check a plant for recycling with Ann and my friend Piervittorio Trebucchi .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 23, 2019
Primavera in valle .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 17, 2019
Again on a plane!
Umberto Marzotto Mar 16, 2019
Ecco .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 15, 2019
Giving the good Italian food not compatible with the USA custom to my friend Cristiano who have kept Elpis in this month I’ve been in Italy taken care with my sister and brother of our father legacy .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 14, 2019
I wonder when will be back to French Polynesia .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 14, 2019
First ray of sun shine of the staying in Tahiti . Elpis it’s ready to be shipped . Ann and I are feeling sad .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 12, 2019
This morning from one other hotel as Elpis is getting packed for the ship that will take here back to Genova as my new life after my dad departed is incompatible with sailing round the world as a gipsy .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 12, 2019
Raining season !
Umberto Marzotto Mar 10, 2019
Papeete six in the morning after a good sleep ready to transfer us to the lovely Elpis .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 09, 2019
Flying to Tahiti Papeete back to Elpis from Parigi .
Umberto Marzotto Mar 03, 2019
In Valle !