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Splendour in the Grass Festival Splendour in the Grass Festival 2019
Venue: North Byron Parklands (Byron Bay, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
Tycho at Forum Melbourne (July 23, 2019)
Venue: Forum Melbourne (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Tycho Brahe Apr 04, 2019
It's 10 years since we opened for The Human League here in Australia! Here's an audience video from the Melbourne gig :-) You can read the "behind the scenes" story here...
Tycho Brahe Mar 16, 2019
It's Saturday, it's raining outside, and ED209 is keeping watch during work on a remix for our favourite Australian electronic band... :-)
Tycho Brahe Feb 26, 2019
Be sure to visit occasionally to check out release info, photos, old tour reports with painfully explicit detail, and of course important news updates...(such as the one just posted)...!
Tycho Brahe Jan 20, 2019
Around a decade ago the album "Take Cover" was released by US act Brand New Day, the title track featuring guest vocals and lyrics by Ken Evans of Tycho Brahe. It was an honour to be invited to be part of that project, and a number of remixes of that song were made...the remix by Swedish act Daybehavior in particular is a standout... :-)
Tycho Brahe Jan 17, 2019
Very happy to have been able to help out Boxcar, one of our favourite Aussie electronic bands, with some bass synth reconstruction. Peter Hook & The Light, Machinations, and now Boxcar - so cool to have worked with all these amazing musicians!
Tycho Brahe Dec 31, 2018
New Year's Eve studio noodling...Happy New Year from Tycho Central everybody! :-)
Tycho Brahe Dec 29, 2018
The response to our Christmas video and song this year was amazing - over 1500 views the first day it was posted! We now have tentative plans to do a Christmas EP next year :-)
Tycho Brahe Dec 25, 2018
Very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! By 'popular' demand, here is a brand new Tycho Brahe Christmas song! We were a little bit lazy and borrowed from our 2013 'smash hit' single "Super Hot Robot" but we're allowed to do that :-) Enjoy!!!
Tycho Brahe Nov 27, 2018
I can see a very rare Tycho Brahe "Absolution" cassette here from 1996...also a House Guests album featuring a remix with some Tycho guitar on it, and a Sphere release with synth/sequencing/pre-production courtesy of yours truly... Check out @trans_com’s Tweet:
Tycho Brahe Nov 25, 2018
I've created a spaghetti western/ Ennio Morricone-ish section for the remix I'm working on... I didn't see that coming but the song seemed to want it... and what the song wants, the song gets!
Tycho Brahe Nov 18, 2018
This is a fun remix I'm working on for a US based client, under my Tycho Sound Design identity - which is the business set up initially to handle backing track work for clients such as Peter Hook & The Light, Machinations, and others. I can also supply other services such as remixes, vintage synth and drum machine tracking etc... there's more info at if anyone is interested in having me do some work for them. With the Technique and Republic backing track work completed I currently have the time to take on some new jobs :-)
Tycho Brahe Nov 17, 2018
Always an interesting listen on Outrageous - including Tycho Brahe of course!
Tycho Brahe Nov 12, 2018
A year ago our album "Triplex [complete]" was getting some great reviews :-)
Tycho Brahe Oct 17, 2018
Tycho Brahe t-shirt sighting in the photo for this article on Smashing Pumpkins, Peter Hook, and Jack Bates... :-)
Tycho Brahe Oct 09, 2018
It's been a year since this happened! :-)
Tycho Brahe Sep 23, 2018
New addition to Tycho Central :-)
Tycho Brahe Aug 23, 2018
Tycho Brahe has never performed live outside of Australia... if you'd like to see us play in the UK, you could always make a comment here...
Tycho Brahe Aug 20, 2018
The work at Tycho Central for Peter Hook & The Light's upcoming Technique & Republic tour is nearing completion! This project started slowly in June 2017 amongst other work, but has ramped up since then, becoming extremely full-on for most of this year. Ultimately, around 1000 hours of work at Tycho Central will have gone into this tour!!! All of the files have now been delivered for both albums, with some minor work still to finish up for the associated singles and b-sides over the next couple of weeks... a total of 19 classic New Order songs have had their sequenced synth and drum parts reconstructed from the ground up, making for some of the most technically challenging work ever attempted at Tycho Central, and feedback from the band in rehearsals has been overwhelmingly positive. It's gonna be one amazing tour, so don't miss it!!! After a much needed sanity break away from the studio in a few weeks, attention will return to working on some Tycho Brahe recordings :-)
Tycho Brahe Jul 24, 2018
How much do we love the fact that Hooky is wearing a Tycho Brahe t-shirt in this photo...?!!
Tycho Brahe Jun 23, 2018
Today will see the completion of number 15 of 20 backing tracks required for the next Peter Hook & The Light tour, commencing in September. It's going to be an amazing tour! Meanwhile in Bristol UK, Peter Hook & The Light have just played a gig with Echo and The Bunnymen, and The Jesus and Mary Chain!
Tycho Brahe Jun 14, 2018
Here's a very nice review of our most recent album Triplex [complete] on Side-Line Music really don't get much better than this :-) "I can only, but thank ScentAir Records to have released this opus, which I consider as a ‘major’ contemporary release in electro-pop music... This album is a real must have!"
Tycho Brahe May 26, 2018
Tycho Brahe is very proud to announce that our song “Metropolis”, from the “Triplex [complete]” album, has been included on the new Ninthwave Records “Electricity 4” compilation, which brings together 21 of the best acts in modern electropop and synthpop :-) Previous volumes featured well known acts like Freezepop, NASA, Heaven 17, White Town, Blow Up & Deborah Harry, and Soviet; Tycho Brahe was previously included on volume 3 of the series way back in 2007! This new volume features great acts such as ScentAir Records label-mates SPREADING POINT and Empire State Human, as well as other established acts in the genre like WAVE IN HEAD - Music, Color Theory and ATTRITION. "Electricity 4" was released May 22 2018 on all major digital platforms!
Tycho Brahe May 14, 2018
A big shoutout and "thanks!" to Mel at CMI Music & Audio and the folks at KORG Japan for sorting out a licensing issue with the awesome software version of the Korg M1 synth/workstation. This will hugely assist with the programming work for Peter Hook & The Light's upcoming tour of New Order's Technique and (particularly) Republic in September :-)
Tycho Brahe May 12, 2018
It's late on a Saturday night and I'm settling in for yet a couple more hours' work at Tycho Central programming for Peter Hook & The Light's Technique/Republic tour, which is scheduled to kick off in September. It is very heady, very exciting stuff for somebody who has been so inspired and influenced by this music. This project has resulted in something of a hiatus for Tycho Brahe, however I could not be more proud than to be associated with this amazing, hard working band who is currently selling out venue after venue on their current North American 'Substance' tour...I look at setlists like this from the current tour, and remember the hours and hours of punishingly exacting work that went into some of it, and see the wonderful comments from fans on social media, and I have to say - it is a pretty amazing feeling! Rest assured though - Tycho Brahe *will* return when this work is done :-)