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Two Steps From Hell Dec 10, 2018
NEW MERCH! Check out our brand new Archangel line-up on our official store. Just in time for the Holidays! Order now for delivery before Christmas:
Two Steps From Hell Dec 07, 2018
RELEASE DAY! Today's #TwoStepsFromHellFridays is more epic than usual, for we're celebrating the release of Thomas Bergersen's new single "In Orbit." Check out the track on our official YouTube channel, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Cinda M. Available for purchase/streaming: iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: Amazon:
Two Steps From Hell Nov 30, 2018
#TwoStepsFromHellFridays It’s that time of the week again, and we're here to send you to your weekend with a dose of epic. Here's "A Storm is Brewing" from American Dream, composed by Thomas Bergersen. Available on: iTunes: Amazon: Spotify:
Two Steps From Hell Nov 23, 2018
BLACK FRIDAY SALE! You heard that right - we're offering 20% off EVERYTHING on our Merch store. You can browse all the latest merchandise here:
Two Steps From Hell Nov 16, 2018
#TwoStepsFromHellFridays are now a thing! We'll bring you a new upload every Friday, to make your weekend epic. Enjoy this beautiful and exotic track composed by Thomas Bergersen, from our latest release, Illumina Anthology. Available on: iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Deezer: TIDAL: Spotify:
Two Steps From Hell Nov 09, 2018
ALBUM RELEASE POST. As many fans may have noticed already, Illumina Anthology was recently released across all major digital stores. This 29 track album is full of emotional, dramatic, exotic and ambient themes. We present to you the beautiful, atmospheric "Global Waste", composed by Thomas Bergersen. Buy Illumina Anthology: iTunes: Amazon: Spotify:
Two Steps From Hell Oct 19, 2018
You asked, we delivered! After innumerable requests by fans for new TSFH merch, we are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new Merch store. You can find everything from T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs to even epic cushions. Be sure to check out our Limited Edition Canvas Prints (only 250 of each artwork). So what are you waiting for? Time for some early Christmas shopping!
Two Steps From Hell Oct 13, 2018
RELEASE DAY! Did you imagine getting surprised this weekend with another single from Thomas Bergersen? Check out the track on our official YouTube channel, featuring Sonna's mesmerizing voice. Cover Art by Ryo Ishido. Buy 'Imagine': iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify:
Two Steps From Hell Oct 06, 2018
Check out Felicia's heart-warming blog post regarding Thomas Bergersen's latest single "You Are Light," featuring her voice. You can also find the lyrics below her inspiring words.
Two Steps From Hell Sep 28, 2018
RELEASE DAY! Thomas Bergersen's new single, 'You Are Light,' is now out on all major digital stores. The track features Felicia Farerre's magical vocals. Track can be purchased from the links below: iTunes: Amazon: Spotify: Google Play:
Two Steps From Hell Sep 23, 2018
Having a relaxed weekend? Let's make it magical as well, with Thomas Bergersen's "The Ballroom," from his latest album American Dream.
Two Steps From Hell Aug 30, 2018
Join us on an inspiring journey with the second track from Thomas Bergersen's new release American Dream.
Two Steps From Hell Aug 27, 2018
Thomas Bergersen's American Dream is coming to our official YouTube channel! We've already put out the Continuous Mix, and over the next few weeks, we are going to publish all the individual tracks as well. Here's the first track, "Prologue." Remember to support Thomas by buying the album! iTunes: Amazon: Spotify:
Two Steps From Hell Jul 17, 2018
'American Dream' follows a young boy on his voyage from Europe to America, in search of the American Dream. A symphonic adventure composed and orchestrated by Thomas Bergersen, recorded by the Four For Music Session Orchestra in Bulgaria under the supervision of George Strezov. Coming Soon...
Two Steps From Hell Jul 04, 2018
Today is a very special day. Aside from being Independence Day for all our American fans, it's also the birthday of our very own Thomas Bergersen. Celebrate with us by tuning in to one of his latest tracks "Never Give Up On Your Dreams" from Unleashed!
Two Steps From Hell Jun 28, 2018
You asked, we listened! After a lot of requests for the instrumental version of Dangerous, here it is on our official YouTube channel. Composed by Thomas Bergersen
Two Steps From Hell Jun 18, 2018
This is the original demo version of Dangerous from Vanquish. It features Thomas as the vocalist, before he replaced himself with the amazing Linea Adamson. The lyrics ended up slightly different and some things were added and removed during the recording session with Linea. Can you spot them? Buy Vanquish on iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: CDBaby:
Two Steps From Hell Jun 11, 2018
Check out Thomas Bergersen's 'Dear Mr. Alien' on our official YouTube channel.
Two Steps From Hell May 22, 2018
We just can't get over how amazing our fans are! Photo by Irbis Potomek Międzyczasu.
Two Steps From Hell May 18, 2018
Ready to go on a Freefall this weekend? Join us on an epic journey with the instrumental version, from Power of Darkness Anthology, composed by Thomas Bergersen. Available on: iTunes: Amazon: CDBaby: Google Play: Spotify:
Two Steps From Hell Apr 21, 2018
What an amazing time we had with you in Prague yesterday! Thanks to everyone for coming from all over the world and making the night so memorable. All of you made the concert so incredibly special and it was a great pleasure to meet many of you in person. We really have the BEST fans ever! It is humbling and inspiring at the same time. A very special thanks to Nikola Bojcev, the arranger of the event in Prague. Excited to see you all again next time! 😀 meanwhile we need to finish some more music.. -Thomas
Two Steps From Hell Apr 19, 2018
We have our winners for the giveaway! Here they are: Káťa Jánová Son Doan And two tickets for Sylwia Gałązka and her boyfriend (we hope you have an EPIC first concert together!) Winners are requested to inbox the page with their contact info, so we can email their tickets to them. Congratulations!
Two Steps From Hell Apr 18, 2018
GIVEAWAY! Dear friends and fans who are in Prague (or nearby), are you interested in winning free tickets to the concert on Friday? Now's your chance! To enter the contest, simply tell us why you would like to attend the concert, and how TSFH has impacted your lives. We will pick 4 winners at 12 midnight Central European Time today!
Two Steps From Hell Apr 08, 2018
Who would have thought our album covers would make such great wall decor! Many thanks to our fan, Luke Griffioen, for sharing this with us! :)