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Twin Peaks Nov 19, 2018
Per popular demand, we have new merch to share with you just in time for the holidays! We have two brand new tee designs that are available for pre-sale from now until December 6th at our store here: “Chicago’s Finest” is a long sleeve designed by UDLI Editions and “Crocodile” is a short sleeve designed by Alex Hupp. Hope ya like 'em as much as we do! — Products shown: Crocodile Tee.
Twin Peaks Nov 17, 2018
The man @ian.laidlaw made a lil' vid of our time down under. He’s great, it was great. Happy Friday you turkey lurkeys.
Twin Peaks Nov 15, 2018
🐨 Australia!! We miss ya, and we’re sad to be gone. BUTTTT we left some merch behind for ya! Grab it while it lasts here:
Twin Peaks Nov 06, 2018
It’s been unreal Australia, we’ve grown together, we’ve risen and fallen together. A million thanks to Skegss and their outrageously talented and welcoming crew. Their love for what they do and the genuine force they bring has given us a bit of perspective as to why we do what we do, it’s for the love of the game. Couldn’t be happier to have gained such a fantastic audience in this great place. Already planning and looking forward to our return to Australia. Going on vacation for a week, some of us to Bali, some of us to Korea. Once again feeling really blessed to be where we are. So much love -TP All photos by @ian.laidlaw
Twin Peaks Nov 06, 2018
Perth (by @ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Nov 05, 2018
Brisbane (by @ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Nov 03, 2018
Brisbane (by @ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 30, 2018
Happy Birthday to the man who holds it all together! We love you, Connor! 📷 - Ian Laidlaw (@ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 28, 2018
Melbourne #5 (by @ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 27, 2018
Melbourne #4 (by @ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 30, 2018
Brisbane (by @ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 23, 2018
🇦🇺 Australia just keeps getting better and better, thanks for the heaps of support! Yewwww!! BRISBANE: we’re playing a headline show in your city TOMORROW NIGHT at The Brightside. Get tix right here while you can: 📷 - @ian.laidlaw
Twin Peaks Oct 23, 2018
Melbourne #2 (by @Ian.Laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 24, 2018
Melbourne #3 (by @Ian.Laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 17, 2018
by Ian Laidlaw (@ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 15, 2018
Sydney Gig 4 by Ian Laidlaw (@ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 15, 2018
It’s so great to be down under, thanks for giving us one of the warmest welcomes we’ve ever received! Sydney was killer and non-stop with Skegss, off to Melbourne next. We’ll be posting tons of photos by our tour manager @ian.laidlaw this month, here are a few.
Twin Peaks Oct 15, 2018
Sydney Gig 4 by Ian Laidlaw (@ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 13, 2018
with Skegss! 📷 by Ian Laidlaw (@ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Oct 13, 2018
Sydney Night 1 by Ian Laidlaw (@ian.laidlaw)
Twin Peaks Sep 24, 2018
🧜🏼‍♂️ 🌊New Jersey: we are touching down this weekend in Asbury Park to play two one of a kind shows. We play Saturday night at Wonder Bar anddd on Sunday at Sea Hear Now. We will summon Poseidon himself to carry the great waves o’er us. Ticket links below. Wonder Bar - Sea Hear Now - 📸 - @_cooperfox
Twin Peaks Sep 20, 2018
🕊CINCINNATI, OHIO 🍂 We are with you TONIGHT at The Woodward Theater. We come bearing good tidings and tales of summer's end. Come receive the Autumn winds with us. Tickets at the door and here: 📸- @_cooperfox
Twin Peaks Sep 17, 2018
Yesterday at Riot Fest was extremely special. It was the first fest that ever invited us to play back in 2013. That was 5 years ago, we were 19 and all we wanted to do was play for people, we didn’t know where it would take us or if anyone would give a shit, we just wanted to play. Yesterday made me realized that even though so much has changed since back then, we’ve retained that in a big way. We just want to play. Thank you sincerely to everyone who has ever come to a show or bought a shirt or given us a place to stay or just had anything real to say to us. Your support has allowed us to play, it’s allowed us to do what we’ve always wanted to do. We could never pay that back, but we will keep at this, and we’ll keep moving forward. Thanks for letting us play. ❤️🌎 📸- @_cooperfox
Twin Peaks Sep 14, 2018
Heyo Australia! We're doing a couple of headline shows while we are in the country touring with Skegss and we couldn't be more excited to be able to throw these gigs into the mix. We'll be playing Melbourne on Wednesday the 17th of October at Northcote Social Club and we'll be playing Brisbane on Thursday the 25th of October at The Brightside. Let's get it, let's go. See you there. October 17th - MELBOURNE: October 25th - BRISBANE:
Twin Peaks Sep 07, 2018
🏡 CHICAGO Riot Fest released the daily schedule and we are playing on Saturday! Single day passes are up for sale for $50 here: