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Twin Forks on Audiotree Live
Twin Forks
Twin Forks Music May 14, 2017
Y'all know about the spot tonight, right?
Twin Forks Music May 13, 2017
Southern California! We're here! Orange County tonight, Hollywood tomorrow and San Diego Sunday. Time to weekend about it.
Twin Forks Music May 09, 2017
California! We're coming for your sun. Thinking we'll stay all week. for dates.
Twin Forks Music May 01, 2017
Another great run of dates in the books. Still so glad to see everybody out after all this time. Now we're home for a few days and we've got the West Coast coming up next week. Can't wait!
Twin Forks Music Apr 30, 2017
Tonight! Chicago! Thalia Hall! With @thesocialanimals! Last night of this leg before we go home for a couple weeks. Let's have a good time together.
Twin Forks Music Apr 28, 2017
A little warm up for our show tonight in Columbus at A&R Music Bar.
Twin Forks Music Apr 27, 2017
Head to and click "free download" to get 9 songs for free from us, Dan Layus, & The Social Animals! We've been having an amazing time out on the Folsom Records Tour, and to say thanks - we've put these songs together as a limited edition vinyl sampler, which will be available soon. We'll keep you posted on when & where you can purchase the vinyl. Thanks for listening!
Twin Forks Music Apr 27, 2017
Pittsburgh! We're coming your way tomorrow. Stage AE is the place. Tickets are available here:
Twin Forks Music Apr 23, 2017
Back at it tonight at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC with Dan Layus and The Social Animals!
Twin Forks Music Apr 21, 2017
And we're off! Here's a little clip from our dressing room warm up last night. Asbury Park was a great way to start things off. We're in Boston tonight with Dan Layus and The Social Animals at the Middle East Downstairs! Can't wait. Get tix and more info at
Twin Forks Music Apr 20, 2017
‪Kicking it off tonight at House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ! Who knows what'll happen... bring your requests! #FolsomTour ‬
Twin Forks Music Mar 31, 2017
West coast tickets on sale now... Check out for dates and tickets!
Twin Forks Music Mar 28, 2017
Headin' west!
Twin Forks Music Mar 22, 2017
Tickets on sale now... Check out for dates and tickets! More dates coming soon...
Twin Forks Music Mar 21, 2017
Its official! The First Annual Folsom Records Tour is born... Come out and join the family! Here is the first leg…
Twin Forks Music Mar 18, 2017
Twin Forks Music Feb 24, 2017
Good song! Good shirt!!
Twin Forks Music Jan 17, 2017
US fans! Get our album for only $6.99 on iTunes as part of the Dine Alone Records Label Sale.
Twin Forks Music Jul 10, 2016
Friends from Melborne Australia shared the lovely words engraved wedding rings with me. 'Can't Be Broken'. Beyond touching to me.
Twin Forks Music May 18, 2016
I am so sad that Guy Clark has passed away, he was one of my musical heroes. Another giant is lost. We covered his song 'The Cape' not long ago. Here is our version.
Twin Forks Music Apr 16, 2016
Our self-titled album will be available on limited edition cassette (/100) as part of Dine Alone Records’ “Record Store Day”. Order yours starting at 11AM EST tomorrow (Saturday April 16th) at
Twin Forks Music Feb 02, 2016
Jon Bunch was more than just a hero to me, he was a good friend. Jon's band Sense Field influenced my music in ways subtle and obvious. DC named the song 'reason to believe' after Jon's first band. We were honored to have Sense Field open for DC on our first headlining tour. Some years later Jon became the third singer of my band Further Seems Forever. I spoke with Jon last week he made me laugh as always. It's with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to my friend. Rest in peace Jon. I love you.
Twin Forks Music Jan 19, 2016
Our song "Cross My Mind" will be on GRANDFATHERED tonight! 8:30PM EST / 7:30PM CST
Twin Forks Music Dec 18, 2015
Chris and Shawn about to watch a Star War. Can't wait!
Twin Forks Music Dec 04, 2015
Our label Dine Alone Records just released a lullaby album that features our track “Back To You”! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to SickKids foundation, so pick up a copy for the little ones on your life now!