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Heroes of Mighty Magic
Tales of Ancient Prophecies
Master Of Rock Master Of Rock 2019
Venue: Masters Of Rock (Vizovice, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Summer Breeze Open Air Summer Breeze Open Air 2019
Venue: Flugplatz Dinkelsbühl Sinbronn (Dinkelsbuhl, Germany) Find tickets
Twilight Force Apr 24, 2019
Will Joakim Brodén sing on the third album? :D YES/NO Found at
Twilight Force Apr 15, 2019
Rumor has it #winteriscoming ❄ - been there, done that! Take a word of advice from those who have survived The Eternal Winter and believe in the fire in your hearts! Kind apologies for any unintended spoilers, especially flames of mighty dragons lighting up the skies 🔥 Dragons, dragons everywhere... The price of Tales of Ancient Prophecies CD has also melted drastically at Nuclear Blast:
Twilight Force Apr 10, 2019
Meanwhile, in another social universe, more secrets are being revealed ✨
Twilight Force Apr 09, 2019
A quick reminder about Twilight Force summer festivals this year ☀ Who's joining the party? LF any class, any role :) 🎼July 11-14, The Czech Republic, Masters of Rock Twilight Force - Masters of Rock, The Czech Republic 🎼August 14-17, Germany, Summer Breeze Twilight Force - Summer Breeze, Germany 🎼October 14-21, Spain, Full Metal Holiday Twilight Force - Full Metal Holiday, Mallorca, Spain 📷 Zenaefilmz, from 70000tons. Many thanks to everyone who joined Twilight Force on this adventure!
Twilight Force Apr 03, 2019
Meanwhile, in another social universe, sweet voices are singing 🎶 Brothers of metal official | Hanna Turi
Twilight Force Apr 01, 2019
After a busy day in Romania, the photo shoot for the cover of the third album is finally done! 🌟 Hoping you will enjoy this behind-the-scenes photo. 🐉 More information about the album coming soon. Thank you for your neverending support and patience!
Twilight Force Mar 21, 2019
Silence has now reigned for quite some time. It would appear to the onlooker that armistice has overtaken the battlefield, and that the Druids have fallen asleep from their own potions. But we can assure you all, that the furnace in the Twilight Forge is burning with the light of a thousand suns as we speak. As you can see from this picture, the work on the third Twilight Force opus is beginning to take its toll on Lynd and Blackwald 🙈 Currently, Born's weather-worn fingers are aching with blisters from his ferocious and exquisitely thunderous bass playing. But do not despair; for even despite the trials and hardships and our relentless efforts, we are all in good spirit, and for every little step towards the completion of this monumental task, our hearts are re-invigorated with renewed ardour and vitality. We peer into the future with keen and eager eyes. We hope that you all will stand united by our side throughout this exciting journey. May the power of the dragon guide us!
Twilight Force Mar 20, 2019
Parenting done right by Vera Jokić xD
Twilight Force Mar 15, 2019
✨ Lynd fanart by Ina Remembrance, based on the music video to "Flight of the Sapphire Dragon". What other instruments do you think Lynd can play? Watch the video here: Heroes of Mighty Magic available at Nuclear Blast:
Twilight Force Mar 09, 2019
Students of MetalRock Academy - Šola kitare and their full party cover of "Flight of the Sapphire Dragon" 🐉 🌟 Thank you, Knights! Share your favourite Twilight Force covers in the comments so that everyone can enjoy!
Twilight Force Mar 04, 2019
🍂 Aerendir fanart by Kyla Wiebe Kylart
Twilight Force Mar 01, 2019
We are exuberant to proclaim that Twilight Force will do battle on faraway shores, guided by the rays of the Mediterranean sun, at Full Metal Holiday 2019. We hope to fight side by side with you all, swords sharpened and shields raised 🏝⚔🛡🏝
Twilight Force Feb 25, 2019
Legends say each patch on a battle vest armour chest piece bestows you with +1 to personal identity and +1 to finding friends. Here's a hand-painted vest by Izabella Szyc. What now?! Where do you keep your Twilight Force logos and what enchantments do they provide? Pics or it didn't happen!
Twilight Force Feb 16, 2019
✨ Lynd doll by Veronique Feneteau. Energy boost +15. Where would you keep such loot?
Twilight Force Feb 14, 2019
Twilight Force at 70000tons, February 2019 📷 Kyle Finlan Photography for OVERDRIVE Music Magazine More photos from the show:
Twilight Force Feb 06, 2019
🌿 Born fanart by Kyla Wiebe Kylart
Twilight Force Feb 03, 2019
*Blackwald voice* Before the seas regain tranquility, before the present becomes a memory, may the mighty warriors who gathered at 70000tons receive the words of gratitude and appreciation! 📷 Carl Frederick for Metal Storm
Twilight Force Jan 30, 2019
On enchanted wings of steel, our journey towards 70.000 tons of mithril has begun 🏰🗺
Twilight Force Jan 24, 2019
The sails are being trimmed, and the decks are being swabbed. The perilous ocean waves shall soon be upon us.
Twilight Force Jan 03, 2019
Lynd and Aerendir fanart by Nantoka Kantka:
Twilight Force Jan 01, 2019
Twilight Force Dec 31, 2018
Brave Knights! One more year of the Human Era has now passed, and many are the adventures which have crossed our paths during this time. We all hope that the coming year will be filled with glory and decisive victories for you all! We will soon bring you word of great mirth. Please be patient, and may the Power of the Dragon guide you all into new horizons!
Twilight Force Dec 27, 2018
Knights and Apprentices! Maybe tales of this particular quest have already reached your corner of the human realms; but if not, we can merrily proclaim that perilous paths shall lead us to Summer Breeze next year. Look towards the sky during the season of blistering heat and scorching sun. We shall descend upon the battlefield with furious force and sparkling magic. ✨ Together we shall prevail! 🏰⚜⚔
Twilight Force Dec 24, 2018
Mighty christmas and a glorious new year! May the power of the ancient force be with you. May the Bearded Benefactor of Benevolence bestow you with magic items from far and wide, and may soaring dragons adorn your starlit night sky.
Twilight Force Dec 14, 2018