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Tales of Ancient Prophecies
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Twilight Force Dec 02, 2018
Twilight Force Nov 21, 2018
Lynd fanart phone case by Izabella Szyc
Twilight Force Nov 12, 2018
Twilight Force will be back on stage soon!
Twilight Force Nov 06, 2018
Merely a few weeks ago, the immensely talented man with the golden voice of stars, Kenny Leckremo, released his wondrous solo work 'Spectra'. Please show him your support and magic at Kenny Leckremo's Spectra ✨ . Here he is with his guest performance on our old hymn 'Fall of the Eternal Winter', where the force of his impeccable vocals melts the very glaciers of time! We are honoured to this day by his participation on our very first opus, 'Tales of Ancient Prophecies', and wish him great victories on the battlefield in the future to come! 🛡⚔️🛡 .
Twilight Force Nov 01, 2018 received a few words about our next opus, straight from the Twilight Forge.
Twilight Force Oct 22, 2018
The journey towards our third opus continues with rhythm guitars faster than the speed of might.
Twilight Force Oct 14, 2018
After many days of relentless work and struggles, a monumental chapter in the book of time has been sealed 📜 The breathtaking vocal accomplishments of Alessandro Conti official-page have sent shivers down the spines of even the most steadfast arch-dragons. The sparkling fury of his crystalline voice is the shimmer that will echo into infinity, forever 🔮🌈 Now, the journey continues...
Twilight Force Oct 07, 2018
super sunny day in Sweden! ...So..It’s time to record some new epic stuff!🐉⚔️ #twilightforce #newalbum
Twilight Force Sep 22, 2018
For all ye honoured followers who yearn for news from the Twilight Kingdoms! Let it be known, that our third album and opus is being created as we speak! The furnace in the Twilight Forge has been burning ferociously and bright for a long time now. We have been immensely hard at work, striking iron and perfecting spells to fuse into our third incarnation. The results so far are truly magical, and we stand in awe before the monumental performances of all our brethren. Your patience and bravery is deeply appreciated, and will be truly rewarded. Little more can be revealed at this time, but mark our words, as soon as the prophecies allow, further details shall be unveiled. May the power of the dragon guide you all!
Twilight Force Sep 12, 2018
Batten down the hatches! Charybdis shall rise from the depths of Davy Jones' locker! We are beyond delighted to announce that we will once again set sail upon the misty seas with 70000tons of metal! Bring out the finest oaken caskets of rum and rejoice!
Twilight Force Sep 03, 2018
Behold this sparkling cover of To the stars, gloriously conceived by Fuhito Nakamura / Fairy Of Astral and Daniel Georgiev
Twilight Force Jul 12, 2018
Thank you Knights of Balingen and Bang Your Head Festival for a night of legendary proportions and mirth! It was truly a battle to remember! Sirens shall sing to your glory for ages to come! 🌈⚔🏰⚔🌈
Twilight Force Jun 06, 2018
Silence has been reigning in the camp of Swedish adventure metallers Twilight Force since they conquered European stages once again as support to Dragonforce last autumn. Whilst secretly working on new anthems for their next output, the band has extensively been searching for a new singer and is pleased to finally unveil their new bard today - Alessandro Conti, known from LT's Rhapsody, TRICK OR TREAT and more. "Hear ye! Hear ye! We are overjoyed, elated and proud to finally present to you, our brave and patient Knights, the new singer of TWILIGHT FORCE. Please welcome Alessandro Conti! He has now joined our alliance, and will be a beacon of glory, hope and inspiration to us all. His astounding musicality and delivery of emotional and star-spangled vocals is in our opinion, without a shadow of a doubt, unparallelled within the genre today. And his radiant persona and wonderful character was a perfect match for everyone. We are honoured and delighted to henceforth raise our swords, bows, daggers and staffs by his side in the adventures to come. So now, join us, in a future illuminated by the fire of eternal light! And may the power of the dragon guide you all. /Twilight Force" Stay tuned for more updates from the fabulous musical forge of TWILIGHT FORCE and don't miss them at the following gatherings: 07.06. FIN Hyvinkää - Rockfest 11.07. D Balingen - Bang Your Head!!! Photo Credit: Fotograf Heléne ----- Order »Heroes Of Mighty Magic« now, here: Order the digital version, here: More on »Heroes Of Mighty Magic«: 'Flight of the Sapphire Dragon' OFFICIAL VIDEO: 'Powerwind' OFFICIAL VIDEO: 'Riders Of The Dawn' OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO: 'To The Stars' OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO: 'Battle Of Arcane Might' OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO: --- More info:
Twilight Force Jun 05, 2018
...𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥 They all gazed in both astonishment and relief at the Nomad Leader. The cordial man with whom they so recently had broken bread and shared hearth. ”YOU are the sixth Crystal Bearer?” Aerendir blurted. ”Yes. I have known it in my heart ever since I came into being.” He replied regally. “It has always been my destiny. Yet I never knew how or when it would be sealed. But now, I have awakened. My senses heightened, and my mind elevated.” “But how was all this set into motion?” Lynd inquired. “The Crystal of Kings felt my presence, as did the Oracle.” The old woman nodded confirmingly. “Much to my surprise, she came to visit me on the first night after your arrival in our settlement. She instructed me to prepare. For what, she did not say, but deep down...I knew” he continued. “The prophetic bonds transcends the fabric of magic and time, and as you summoned the Portal and the Crystal, the components required for the consummation of my fate were in place.” he continued. The five adventurers listened with keen ears as history unfolded before them. “The Prophecy required me to abandon the man I was, and undergo this arcane metamorphosis. Permeated with the power of desert spirits and imbued by magic from the hollow tombs of my royal ancestors, I am now complete. I can sense it, like the distant smell of rain in the wind. And the time has come for us to proceed. Together as one. For the eternal glory of the Twilight Kingdoms.” It was done. The search was over, and the five Crystal Bearers had once again become six. So there they stood, in reverence and silence. They turned and faced east, where the first quivering rays of the rising sun tenderly embraced the distant dunes. A brief smirk flowed over Blackwald’s face. Their future was veiled and full of strife. But it was gleaming.
Twilight Force Jun 04, 2018
...𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥 After a short while, something began to happen far away out in the void. They saw what appeared to be a cloud of dust, growing, shifting and drawing nearer with every passing moment. It soon filled the better part of the horizon, and the recently desolate void was now enveloped by a gusting sand storm of which its like they had never before seen. The sound of the storm grew as it approached their position, and it was soon a thunderous roar that blended with the old Crone’s eerie and now otherworldly loud lamentations. The Crystal Bearers felt a growing concern for their safety, and began signalling each other to retreat and find shelter. “No! We must remain steadfast!” De’Azsh bellowed, his eyes suddenly burning with green flames, and his human husk convulsing and glowing with raw uncontrolled magick. Blackwald glanced down at the magic tome at his belt, which had begun to vibrate intensely and glow with octarine light, sending tiny sparks flying in all directions. “This is the prophecy, do not despair!” De’Azsh continued, his inhuman voice now unrecognizable through the arcane distortion ripping and tearing at his daemonically shifting shape. The Twilight Force, now petrified by the pandemonium before their eyes, watched as the storm, now crackling with flashes of lightning, approached with the speed of the wind, and suddenly engulfed them all. In the blink of an eye, they were caught its midst, with its deafening roar and pure magicka unleashed all around them. The crone suddenly stopped chanting, and turned around. “Stand back!” she cried out. The five Crystal Bearers backed away slowly from the raging tempest, with the sand whipping relentlessly at their faces. Then, within the eye of the storm, they could faintly discern something beginning to take shape. It was as if the sand itself congregated, grain by grain, to form some sort of structure. They stood in awe as the storm unwaveringly assembled a massive monument before their very eyes. After a while, the storm and the flux of untamed magicka had abated, and all that remained was a grand and intricate monument. Standing six fathoms tall, and likely just as wide, it consisted of one giant circular shape like that of a grinding stone, covered in runes of unknown origin and meaning. On each side of the circle towered a colossal monolith, likewise covered in arcane writing and cryptic symbols, glowing with a foreboding red light. The old woman, now noticeably exhausted from the exertion, approached the adventurers and began to speak slowly. ”This, Crystal Bearers, is the Mystic Portal.” she said. “Whence it comes or who or what is its originator, is unknown even to me. That knowledge has been lost in the sands of time aeons ago. But, I alone know how to summon it, and I know for what it needs to be used.” the woman continued. “I have awaited your arrival for a very long time, and now the day has come.” The Bearers gazed confusedly upon the Mystic Portal. ”So, what should we do next?” Asked Born carefully. “This alleged “portal” is a mere solid piece of sandstone.” ”Born, you are old and wise, but still impatient.” she said brazenly. “Come, join me in front of the center stone.” They all approached the monument, and gathered according to the crone’s instructions. ”Now, bring forth the crystal.” she said. ”What crystal? How do you kn…” Blackwald stopped himself mid-sentence. He sighed and whispered a short spell to unlock a small rune covered mithril crate, tightly fastened on his belt. It snapped open, and with a careful motion, he presented the Crystal of Kings to the Oracle. Its weak light blue glow illuminated the small group, and they could all sense its dormant powers. The first crystal, the Crystal of Kings, had been unearthed by the Twilight Force right afore that woeful night which now seemed so long ago. Visions and prophecies are hard to decipher and interpret, and with the discovery of the Crystal of Kings, everything changed. The destinies that were first believed to be intertwined were dissolved through great strife, and the memories would haunt the Bearers forever. Tales of what really transpired will be sung by bards for generations, but what was truly imperative, was that the remaining Crystal Bearers had finally gained the prophetical knowledge they required to proceed with their quest to forever seal the fate of the Twilight Kingdoms. ”Now, be silent” Croaked the Oracle. She held aloft the Crystal of Kings, and once again, began to voice an incantation. Still the words were unintelligible to the rest of the group, but this time, her captivating chants were all but terrifying. After only a few short moments, the glow of the Crystal intensified, and something happened to the circular shape in front of them. The massive sandstone seemed to transmute from its solid form into something resembling the calm surface of a glittering lake. Small ripples disrupted its reflective and shining exterior, and they could barely discern pale shapes of unknown faces and creatures appearing and disappearing within its vivid depths. The chanting of the Oracle continued, and as her voice grew stronger, and the fierce glow of the crystal made night into day around them, something seemed to solidify within the pond of magicka. The surface of the stone began to radiate light and emit sparkles of octarine magic, and before their very eyes, a human hand materialised through the Mystic Portal. And before long, the shape of a humanoid had stepped out from the unknown deep. The afterglow from the Portal was still too bright to be able to perceive who or what this mystical entity was, so the Crystal Bearers remained steadfast, peering through the night, prepared for whatever would come. Aerendir slowly moved his hands towards his bow, and Lynd silently drew a long dagger from underneath his cloak. The humanoid then spoke. Its soothing voice was strong and clear, and felt oddly familiar to the five adventurers. “Thank you for summoning me.” it began. “I have finally become what I was always destined to be. I was taken from my dreams, and I traversed time and space in the blink of an eye. My rebirth through arcana bestowed me with the powers I have always awaited, and for the first time in my life, I can clearly see. Everything.” It walked slowly towards them, down the sandstone steps, and stopped briefly with the Oracle. Her trembling hand reached out and granted him the Crystal of Kings. He grasped it firmly in his hands, and through its now pulsating glow, the identity of who had just appeared before them became abundantly clear... 𝘛𝘰 𝘣𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥...
Twilight Force Jun 03, 2018
...𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥 The Nomad commander and leader was a good-natured man, but clearly a just arbiter of great rectitude and authority. His benevolent rule had made his clan a prosperous one, but he was a decisive ruler as well as a formidable warrior. His slender frame was all but intimidating, but was greatly compensated by his penetrating and regal gaze; mysterious, inquisitive and wise. After many nights of joyous celebrations and storytelling, the Twilight Force finally acknowledged the futility of their aim to garner any knowledge from this particular clan. Alas, their search had to go on, so they bid their generous hosts farewell, replenished their supplies, and prepared to be on their way by the break of dawn. But, during their final night in the camp, when the crescent-shaped moon stood at its zenith, Lynd was awakened by a faint whisper outside their guest pavilion. He stealthily made his way to the entrance of the tent and lifted the draperies, only to reveal the dim lit face of an old and gnarled crone. Her leathery face was wrinkled and weather-worn like a dried apple, and her squinting eyes were as white as snow. Glaring up with a toothless grin, she croaked, “My eyes may not perceive you.” She said with a hoarse voice. “But I know why you are here. And I know what you seek. You must come at once”. Lynd abruptly awoke the rest of the Crystal Bearers, and they quickly gathered in the chill of the starlit night outside the pavilion. “Follow me!” she whispered from underneath a ragged cloak. They all stared at each other with bewilderment in their eyes, but felt a peculiar sensation of great trust by the presence of the old stranger. And she was certainly no threat to them; upon which they decided to heed her request. They left the confines of the settlement, and made their way west. Her hunch-backed silhouette moved surprisingly swift across the sand dunes, and the small company of accomplished adventurers struggled to keep up with her pace. Aerendir made an attempt at inquiring where they were heading, but was promptly hushed by the mystical old woman. And so they continued in silence. Huffing their way through the chill of the night. After what felt like an eternity of trudging through deep sand and endless dunes, they finally approached what appeared to be a desolate plain, completely devoid of any hills, ridges or even vegetation. Only barren and never-ending arid emptiness as far as their eyes could see. The old crone made a sudden halt just at the edge of the void, and signalled to the adventurers to stay still and quiet. With a confused look, they all stopped dead in their tracks, facing the void, and waiting. Suddenly the silence hit them. The complete and utter silence. No wind, no chirping of insects, no shifting sand, no nothing. It hit their ears like a warhammer to the head. An instantaneous and ear-shattering silence. The old crone stood stoic and unmoving, staring quietly into the cold dark emptiness with her blank eyes. Then suddenly, she began to murmur. Her voice rolled in like a tide and swallowed the silence bit by bit. Blackwald tried to discern the words, but they were of a tongue thoroughly unfamiliar to his ears, which was something he had hitherto never experienced. It was a guttural language, where words and sounds were intertwined into one, and the melodic nature of the language formed songs never before heard by mortals. Shifting from a soothing humming into horrifying laments, it was most certainly a dark and ancient tongue from the firmaments beyond the first age, where good and evil was still one; and where chaos and serenity battled for equilibrium like neverending oceanic waves. The five adventurers were perplexed by the enchanting voice that gradually filled and echoed through the emptiness, and could do naught but stand back and listen, spellbound by the cacophony of voices. 𝘛𝘰 𝘣𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥...
Twilight Force Jun 02, 2018
...𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥 Hence, they searched through forests and plains, subterranean grottos and along blizzard-ridden mountain ranges. Many were the perils they encountered, yet onwards they marched, ever so resolute. They made halt in every village and every town, where scuttlebutt by the local innkeepers spoke of numerous heroes and blademasters who they would swear were the true saviours and protectors of all things living and dead. Many were those who wished to prove their braveries and skills, and many were those who displayed immense prowess and mastery indeed. But alas, none could withstand the Trial of the One, and none seemed to be that of which the prophecies bespoke. Time passed, and the five Bearers had traversed and searched most known realms of man to no avail, and the hope in their hearts was waning. In a final effort to uncover the identity of the unknown bearer, they agreed to seek out forgotten arcane knowledge and the Wisdom of the Winds. And so they journeyed west, far beyond the quaint villages of Aloria and bustling towns of Thalmara, through the dismal swamps of Ungliath, towards the desolate wastelands of the Kingdom of Vhardas. There, at the westernmost region of the Twilight Kingdoms, beyond the Plains of Haraan, lies an ancient place. Legends and vague clues in the Book of Time has it that it is a mystic portal of eldritch powers, reachable only by those who bore knowledge of its precise location and who could utter the correct incantation. According to rumour, the only remaining and presumably very elderly Oracle to possess this knowledge, kept her abode secret from the world of the living. And the only hope of ever finding her would be through endless roaming and exploration as well as vague reports from the inhabitants of Vhardas. Towns in Vhardas are few and far apart, and the nomadic tribes inhabiting the Plains of Haraan are difficult to find, and often on the move. This made the endeavour a particular strenuous one. To journey aimlessly across wastelands of blistering days, freezing nights and endless dunes takes its toll on any adventurer. After weeks of roaming across desolate plains, with the occasional lone merchant and abandoned outpost being the only signs of human life, the Twilight Force finally came upon their first Nomad settlement. A finespun and weathered coat of arms swayed in the warm breeze as they approached the encampment, whereupon a golden circle, encompassed by golden spires and dragon wings, glittered against a black velvet background. As they entered the Nomad dwelling, they were awestruck by the thronged haven. It was teeming with life, new sights and sounds. And unfamiliar aromas from exotic herbs, spices and delicacies filled the air (something which was of particular interest to Born's refined and insatiable senses). The Nomad clans are a proud, perceptive and ancient people. Brave and resilient, and the most exquisite equestrians ever to mount a steed in the Seven Kingdoms. Saddle-born and proficient with both blade and bow, these peaceful roamers have inhabited the Plains of Haraan since the dawn of ages. Albeit fierce and unprecedented riders in battle, they seldom take to arms, and goes to great lengths to stay far away from the insignificant quarrels of other humans. The Crystal Bearers were greeted with much mirth and hospitality, for even though the Nomads lived their lives in isolation and seclusion, they were a merry people who very much enjoyed the company of strangers and tales from faraway lands (for good measure, De’Azsh was implored by the other Bearers to contain its spectral form, as to not alarm the peaceful yet somewhat superstitious folk of Haraan). The generosity of the Nomads was a welcome respite, and they spent the better part of a fortnight in their midst. During this time, they made many but discreet attempts to gain whatever knowledge they could of the mystic portal and the Oracle. But the conversations were fruitless, and the Nomad clan appeared to know nothing of value in the matter. Every time any of the Bearers casually glanced the topic of anything resembling crystals, prophecies, chosen heroes or mystic portals, they were hastily interrupted by the nomad leader. He swiftly steered the conversation to different things, heartily filled their goblets with more delicious date wine, and prompted the clansmen to sing and dance in the flickering light of the midnight balefires. 𝘛𝘰 𝘣𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥...
Twilight Force Jun 01, 2018
The night was dark, and the flickering silhouettes of five solemn adventurers danced against the gloomy canopy. The wind whispered softly through the linden trees, and calls from creatures of the wilderness caressed the emptiness of the night. They sat in silence, gathered around a small fire, were its fading flames reflected the turmoil in their hearts. The turbulent times they had endured in recent times had scarred their souls, and the prophecies they were destined to fulfil were imperiled. The fate of the Twilight Kingdoms was still in their hands, and despite their most vehement efforts, strongest potions and potent incantations, their companionship had been ruptured by forces stronger than what could have been foreseen. The five remaining Crystal Bearers felt the weight of oceans upon their shoulders, and the path onwards was indeed a somber and uncertain one... Yet, it was still known, according to the Book of Time; that the end of ages was not in any way nigh. Its weathered pages were still filled with dancing words speaking in riddles of things to come, things to discover, prospects of heroic deeds and glimpses of future marvels. This knowledge had befallen the Crystal Bearers long before the calamitous events which had transpired, but only now did they begin to understand the true meaning of the conundrums within the pages. Thus, they strode onwards, into the dark and unknown. With ardent persistence and replenished vigor, they followed their destinies, sworn to never let the Twilight Kingdoms fall to the looming scourge. It was however imperative, to swiftly find and identify the sixth Crystal Bearer, in order to safeguard the Kingdoms and proceed their quest. Without the united power of the six crystals and their bearers, there could never be any hope of bringing everlasting peace and glory to the Seven Kingdoms. 𝘛𝘰 𝘣𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘶𝘦𝘥...
Twilight Force May 30, 2018
***We bring you great tidings!*** The wait has been long, and you have all been patient and brave. And finally, Twilight Force is made whole again. We are beyond exuberant to announce that we have found a new singer! However, the identity of this being shall remain unknown for just a little longer. This person will stand by our side on the battlefield at The Rock Fest in Finland on June 7th. So please, gather round, listen, and the secret shall be revealed, piece by piece...
Twilight Force May 03, 2018
Blackwald paid a visit to Tower Records Tokyo, to prowl for Twilight Force loot. Filled with mirth, he was humbled to find both our creations on display! Arigato!
Twilight Force Apr 16, 2018
Twilight Force returns to Finland after over a year! Wash your capes and polish your swords, The Rock Fest is calling for you! Any familiar faces attending?
Twilight Force Feb 14, 2018
Ain't love the most powerful magic? If life has written any Twilight Force related love stories, be its messenger and share them in the comments. Have a glorious Valentine's Day throughout all realms! TF+KoTM=♥ ;) _______ Lynd at Konzertfabrik Z7 - Pratteln 📷 Ralf Wyssenbach, WRPhotography Concertphotos Full album:
Twilight Force Feb 02, 2018
Lynd photostudy by Madeleine Andersson [Art of Xarcahn] from the photo by Birger Treimer Photographics
Twilight Force Jan 24, 2018
SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! See you in Germany at Bang Your Head Festival festival on the 11th of July!
Twilight Force Jan 04, 2018
Are you one of the fortuitous knights who shall possess a signed copy of the limited edition Tales of Ancient Prophecies splatter vinyl? Instructions for participating in the giveaway of this legendary item will follow soon.