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Holy Train
Tussilago Jul 12, 2019
Om tre veckor är det dags för festivalen Lidelsen och med den kommer fuldans, nya låtar, svängiga trumruff och säkert nån konstig överraskning. Vi hörs ~ Lidelsen 2019
Tussilago Oct 02, 2017
Tussilago Aug 31, 2017
Looking forward to seeing our friends Dungen play at Trädgården tonight! Ses där!
Tussilago Jul 13, 2017
Dear everyone. And we mean every single one of you. Dear all of you. We hope you'll be happy to listen to some new music by us, now on Spotify and iTunes.
Tussilago Jun 27, 2017
Tussilago Jun 05, 2017
Tomorrow at 13.00 we'll be playing at the fantastic Tillsammans Cup STHLM Come! Enjoy! And support a really good thing!
Tussilago May 01, 2017
A big thank you to the talented students at Beckmans College of Design for creating such beautiful animations for our songs! This video was made by Mikaela Källgren.
Tussilago Apr 28, 2017
A big thank you to the talented students at Beckmans College of Design for creating such beautiful animations for our songs! This video was made by Eric Svenson.
Tussilago Mar 22, 2017
Bang your heels against the ceiling! Go ahead and appreciate this treat by The Sahara All Stars of Jos, blessing us straight from 70's Nigeria!
Tussilago Jan 09, 2017
The ball is rolling as we say in Sweden. You can start looking forward to a new full-length Tussilago album 2017! @Musikguiden i P3
Tussilago Sep 23, 2016
Happy friday everyone! And a happy birthday to our rhythm enchanter, Hovis!
Tussilago Sep 15, 2016
Pretending it's 2013 again and Toro y Moi just dropped this video
Tussilago Sep 03, 2016
From Vinterviken last saturday. Photo by Ken Andersson
Tussilago Aug 20, 2016
Tussilago Jul 31, 2016
One of the better finnish bands we discovered at H2Ö were the Death Hawks. Could make a long list of bands we discovered there but here's a taste!
Tussilago Jul 30, 2016
Happy pride folks!
Tussilago Jul 29, 2016
For all of those goldfaces who missed the show at H2Ö this one's for you!
Tussilago Jul 28, 2016
Here's an extremely short but oh so sweet cover of our song Wondergirl, played by our friend and label mate Xander Duell. If you haven't checked his music out yet, you should! He's amazing.
Tussilago Jul 26, 2016
We played at H2Ö festival this weekend and Samuel did a phone interview with them to talk about the future and playing with Dungen in Finland:
Tussilago Jul 25, 2016
Hey! Don't forget to follow us on instagram:
Tussilago Jul 23, 2016
The post-gig happiness after an amazing gig at H2Ö ! Thank you so much Åbo for one of the best festivals ever organized, and thank you for your support! See you soon again! ❤️
Tussilago Jul 20, 2016
This is a piece of pure unreleased gold.
Tussilago Jul 20, 2016
What better music to listen to on the way to Finland than Finlands own Jaakko Eino Kalevi. Need more tips on modern finnish music please!
Tussilago Jul 19, 2016
We're excited to be doing our first show in Finland at H2Ö festival this weekend!! Looking forward to discovering some new music while we're there. If you have any must-sees at the festival, let us know! Poster by N.ALEG
Tussilago Jul 18, 2016
We've noticed that there's been a lot of new people liking our page recently. That makes us happy!!! Check out our debut album HOLY TRAIN if you haven't already, and hope to see you at a festival or concert in the coming months!