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The Free Life
Two Hands
Covers EP Vol.1
Turbowolf Apr 04, 2019
Touched by all this love for Two Hands, 4 years old yesterday! You got a favourite track? 🌞✋🤚🦂 @ TWO HANDS
Turbowolf Mar 19, 2019
Fine people of this world. Ever wanted to know what would happen if Chris created a utopia frought with danger? Wonder no more as you can listen to such imaginings by following the links below. Much love to Utopia World Problems and their creators Luke & Max. Give them a follow/subscribe if you can x ! ep.5 of UTOPIA WORLD PROBLEMS out now !! feat. Christopher Georgiadis of the mighty TURBOWOLF ! find it wherever you get your podcasts or use the links below ! (iTunes) (Spotify) (Acast) (Stitcher) (Soundcloud) (‘no app/any device’ web browser player) ... or just search 'UTOPIA WORLD PROBLEMS' on your favourite podcast platform!
Turbowolf Mar 09, 2019
Happy 1st birthday to our latest album, The Free Life, released on this day last year. Anyone still listening to this thing? 🎂🍸🐊🎂
Turbowolf Feb 21, 2019
🤫 📷 @johnnyperilla
Turbowolf Jan 10, 2019
Fanciest photo so far? A fancy shoot in a fancy place with fancy @tomoxleyphoto a little while ago, for our fancy Two Hands record 💎👸💎
Turbowolf Dec 11, 2018
In other shirt news, our very Christmassy new ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Fine’ tee is now available in the merch shop. Doubt we’ll print any more of this guy... so go get em!! Designed by Andy as always - @tape_ears_art Mash the link in our bio or squeeze this into your internet: 🔫🤖🔫
Turbowolf Dec 11, 2018
In other shirt news, our very Christmassy new ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Fine’ tee is now available in the merch shop. Doubt we’ll print any more of this guy... so go get em!! Designed by Andy as always: @tape_ears_art 🔫🤖🔫
Turbowolf Dec 10, 2018
In Budapest wet met a man who had crafted his own turbowolf t shirt ...and it was the best turbowolf t shirt.
Turbowolf Dec 09, 2018
For those compiling their ‘albums of the year’ lists, here’s a reminder that our record The Free Life came out a few months ago and is the best thing you heard all year. It’s also just landed in our online shop on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl with luxurious matt finish paperboard gatefold sleeve. The poshest sleeve materials our label ever used! Hit the link in our bio or visit 🎄
Turbowolf Dec 05, 2018
🕴 📷 @danedenphotouk
Turbowolf Dec 02, 2018
LAST CALL FOR CHEAP STUFF We’re gonna bury our winter sale tomorrow, so this is it. Loads of tees are selling out now so be swift... Link in bio or go to
Turbowolf Dec 01, 2018
🥁@big_baby_blake 💥@zildjiancompany @yamahadrumsofficial @aquariandrumheads 📷@infinitebeatphoto
Turbowolf Nov 30, 2018
Thanks to everyone who’s bought stuff from our winter sale, it’s been flying out. We’re gonna kill the sale on Monday so get in there pronto. Some designs are already all gone. 40% OFF LOADS OF COOL SHIT
Turbowolf Nov 28, 2018
🎸@hailtheandychrist 🎛Laney Amplification
Turbowolf Nov 23, 2018
Yesterday we decided to have a merch sale, blissfully unaware it was Black Friday. Guess you can’t always swim against the tide... So GO BUY CHEAP STUFF!!! Loads of tees that we’ll never print again are super cheap, and we found a few leftovers of sold out designs too. Link in our bio, or go here:
Turbowolf Nov 17, 2018
LAST ONE @roundhouseldn tonight with @killingjokeband Onstage 8:15. Special guest included. Gonna be special. 📷
Turbowolf Nov 16, 2018
Last 2 shows!! Oxford tonight then we finish this 5 week juggernaut in London at @roundhouseldn !! 💥🔥🔥💥🔥🔥💥 📷 @blank_slate_creative
Turbowolf Nov 14, 2018
Norwich tonight! 📷 @danedenphotouk
Turbowolf Nov 13, 2018
Last 4 shows of our epic tour with @killingjokeband Cambridge tonight, then Norwich, Oxford and the finale at London Roundhouse. Like fireworks, but louder & more explosive. And more fire.
Turbowolf Nov 11, 2018
Everything was completely normal last night in Bristol. Southampton tonight x
Turbowolf Nov 10, 2018
BRISTOL TONIGHT!!! Onstage at 8:15pm x 📷 @neilvaryphotography
Turbowolf Nov 09, 2018
Birmingham tonight! Bristol tomorrow!! 📷 @blank_slate_creative
Turbowolf Nov 07, 2018
MANCHESTER TONIGHT!!! 📷 @cedoberlin
Turbowolf Nov 06, 2018
Glasgow tonight!! YOU READY?? Then Manchester, Birmingham, BRISTOL, Southampton, Cambridge, Norwich, Oxford & London. Then that’s it for this year. Be there! 📷 @fotojokko
Turbowolf Nov 04, 2018
Newcastle tonight!! Then Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, BRISTOL, Southampton, Cambridge etc etc... 📷 @danedenphotouk