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Trust No One
Trust No One
The Definitive Act
The Ultimate Escape
25th Anniversary • Vans Warped Tour presented by Journeys 25th Anniversary • Vans Warped Tour presented by Journeys 2019
Venue: Shoreline Amphitheatre (Mountain View, CA, US) Find tickets
Punk The Burbs Fest 3 Punk The Burbs Fest 3 2019
Venue: Basecamp Pub (Lisle, IL, US) Find tickets
Tsunami Bomb Jun 12, 2019
IT'S A FESTIVAL YEAR! Tsunami Bomb will be appearing on three festivals this year to help promote our upcoming new album on Alternative Tentacles Records! FOREVER WARPED: we hope you will join us one-last time to celebrate 25 years of the Vans Warped Tour! We are playing on the last day of Warped on Sunday July 21st! This will be a big one and we are playing with some of the very bands we first played the Vans Warped Tour with back in 2000! We are also working on a big surprise for everyone there, so get your tickets now! Single day tickets are now available! ☀ Mountain View, CA • Shoreline Amp 🎟 PUNK THE BURBS FEST 3: Bringing you two days of the best Punk/Ska/Pop Punk bands from all around the country to right outside Chicago, IL. We are headlining Day One of the festival on Friday, September 20th with an incredible line up! Our first show in Illinois in a decade and we can't wait! ☀ Lisle, IL • Baseline Pub & Eatery 🎟 THE FEST 18: One of punk rock's most notorious festivals returns for this 18th year! Last year was our Fest debut, and we're back for more! An incredible line up, that has lead to all the 3 day passes to sell out!!! You can still get tickets to our club show at The Wooly on Saturday, November 2nd, but don't wait! There are less then 40 tickets available! ☀ Gainesville, FL • The Wooly 🎟
Tsunami Bomb Jun 11, 2019
Just a reminder: We love you all. We see you all. We appreciate you. You are always welcome. Thank you for believing in us, we will always believe in you. Happy Pride Month everyone.
Tsunami Bomb Jun 09, 2019
Our friend Daniel Dreifuss Photojournalist, catches a candid moment as Andy and Kate set up before our last Arizona show as the audience gathers. #tsunamibomb #bts #behindthescenes #wellnotsobehind #morelikeinfullviewofthescene
Tsunami Bomb Jun 07, 2019
Set List View in Long Beach, earlier this year. See #tsunamibomb this year at #warpedtour on the west coast, at #punktheburbsfest in the midwest, and at #FEST18 on the east coast! Tickets on sale for all three now! New album #TheSpineThatBinds coming soon on #alternativetentaclesrecords! Photo by Daniel Dreifuss Photojournalist
Tsunami Bomb Jun 06, 2019
Attention Mid-West Bombers! Tickets are now on sale for Punk The Burbs Fest 3! See us just outside of Chicago on September 20th! Our first show there in YEARS!!! WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!
Tsunami Bomb Jun 04, 2019
Oobliette sings at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA last year. See #tsunamibomb this year at #warpedtour on the west coast, at #punktheburbsfest in the midwest, and at #FEST18 on the east coast! New album #TheSpineThatBinds this summer on #alternativetentaclesrecords! • 📸 photo by Jen Louie for @thebadcopy • @alternativetentacles @vanswarpedtour @punktheburbs @thefestfl #oobliettesparks #concertphotography #photography #photooftheday
Tsunami Bomb Jun 02, 2019
Dominic surveys the battlefield. See #tsunamibomb this year at #warpedtour on the west coast, at #punktheburbsfest in the midwest, and at #FEST18 on the east coast! New album #TheSpineThatBinds this summer on Alternative Tentacles Records! • 📸 photo by Daniel Dreifuss Photojournalist
Tsunami Bomb Jun 01, 2019
A very Happy Birthday to Katie Perry, our booking agent at Crawlspace Booking! You are an amazing person, a great friend, and a fantastic agent. Thank you for all you do for us. We know we are annoying.
Tsunami Bomb May 31, 2019
We love this so much. Thank you for covering our song! You did a great job! Oobliette had this to say: "This is the highest honor for me. That fact that these kids picked a song I wrote. The only Tsunami Bomb song that I wrote the guitar part for and had the bass part conceptualized. It's crazy that this song, this small song, in the scheme of music was the one they chose to learn and play. Plus, they killed it! I remember sitting at my mom's piano with my shitty guitar (which I sucked at playing) in my lap and writing this."
Tsunami Bomb May 31, 2019
Miss out on 3 day passes? Well there are club show tickets being sold and supposedly there are 40 tickets left for this fun little club show right here! Come singalong with us and a bunch of our favorites! WE PROMISE WE WILL PLAY LEMONADE THIS TIME! Tickets at THE FEST website! #FEST18 #thewooly #tsunamibomb
Tsunami Bomb May 30, 2019
Kate hitting a high notes. Being all awesome and stuff. Photo by Daniel Dreifuss Photojournalist #bts #behindthescenes #tsunamibomb
Tsunami Bomb May 30, 2019
We miss you, Chris.
Tsunami Bomb May 29, 2019
#tsunamibomb (sans Kate) are either scoping out the venue and the surrounding street or planning a heist with game faces on. Either way... something wicked this way comes. ••• Photo by Daniel Dreifuss Photojournalist #bts #behindthescenes
Tsunami Bomb May 26, 2019
Happy Birthday to our amazing guitarist ANDY POHL! We love you Andy! He's currently hanging out with his fiancee April, at Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival 2019 in Las Vegas, NV and we hope you're having a great time Andy! If you see him, wish him Happy Birthday and buy him a drink! I mean it's PRB so you know he's barely drinking at all.
Tsunami Bomb May 24, 2019
Well, it happened! 3 day passes sold out. This is going to be a crazy weekend... ••• Repost from @thefestfl - Here we are, #FEST18 3-day passes have officially sold out!! I’d say I can’t believe it, but look at the line-up, who didn’t see this coming? Thank you so much to everyone who’s coming and helped make this happen, we can’t wait to party with you all!! 10am EST tomorrow we will be putting the individual show tickets up for Bo Diddley Plaza and 8 Seconds (our two largest venues). As we lock in more of the schedule over the next month or so we will be able to put them up for the rest of the shows that will have individual tickets available.
Tsunami Bomb May 20, 2019
um.... whoa.
Tsunami Bomb May 17, 2019
A bit of exciting news from Kung Fu Records/Cleopatra Records way... our early years collection "TRUST NO ONE" has a been repressed with a limited run of 500 on BLUE VINYL! If you've been holding back picking up a copy of this LP, this is a great time to grab one. Featuring songs from "B-Movie Queens", "Mayhem On The High Seas", "The Invasion From Within", and more... this is a must have LP and it looks stunning in blue! These tend to sell fast once people catch wind of them so don't wait too long! Find it at Cleopatra Records online store, and at Kung Fu Records bandcamp store: or here:
Tsunami Bomb May 17, 2019
#katejacobi on the mic at @districtrecording #tsunamibomb #sanjose #recordingstudio #newmusic #districtrecording #newsongs #covers #classics
Tsunami Bomb May 16, 2019
Back in the studio today! Kate gets ready to lay some tracks at @districtrecording in #sanjose #tsunamibomb #recordingstudio #recording #covers #newmusic
Tsunami Bomb May 15, 2019
A band is more than what you see on stage, and today is the birthday of a beloved member of our crew, our confidant, drinking buddy, 6th member, favorite Texas ambassador to the world, and an incredible drummer of his own band, Steadfast: Charlie Price. Without Charlie, we are not sure we could have pulled any of this off. He's made our lives better just by constantly being in it, and we have a hard time imagining any trip without him. He's saved our ass so many times we don't know how to thank him, so we'll just get him really drunk the next time we see him. We recommend you all do the same... trust us... he deserves it. We love you Charlie. Happy Birthday!
Tsunami Bomb May 13, 2019
Good morning! Ok... back to embarrassing our mothers. Here is a clip of our classic "Breakaway" (from "Mayhem On The High Seas" 7" but you can find it on the "Trust No One" collection) being performed live at the Yucca Tap Room in Arizona. Now it's a short song, but you get a lot in here. There is crowd singalongs, heartbreaking lyrics about choices, hell... there is even a piano lesson in this clip! What more could you ask for out of a minute + song? Thanks for the clip J!
Tsunami Bomb May 13, 2019
Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms. Here is a picture of us looking nice. See? No screaming, no jumping up and down, not doing anything embarrassing that any of your friends or family will ask you about later! Just your kid with their friends, in the snow, for some reason. Looking nice. For once. For you mom(s). For you. #tsunamibomb #mothersday photo by @punkeykid
Tsunami Bomb May 11, 2019
I'm so stupid excited. This is an insane festival line up. It's going to sell out.
Tsunami Bomb May 11, 2019
How do you make an incredible show even better? Well, this is one way right here! More bands added to #thefest 18 and we are so excited! Get your tickets SOON. This show was already selling faster then usual. There is only around 800 tickets left! Don’t wait!! #FEST18 #tsunamibomb #Florida #gainesville #music #musicfestival #concert
Tsunami Bomb May 10, 2019
Dominic laying down #bass tracks at @differentfur in #SanFrancisco yesterday. Laid down a few fun covers for some upcoming #compilations. Can you guess what song this is yet? (Spoiler: you’ll never guess it even though we promise you know it) #tsunamibomb #dominicdavi #differentfurstudios #recording #music