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Trust No One
Trust No One
The Definitive Act
The Ultimate Escape
Tsunami Bomb with Ghost Power!!! and Not All There at Wally's Tavern (February 28, 2019)
Venue: Wally's Tavern (Wenatchee, WA, US) Find tickets
Tsunami Bomb with Raw Dogs, Boxcutter, and POTBELLY at Tony V's Garage (March 1, 2019)
Venue: Tony V's Garage (Everett, WA, US) Find tickets
Tsunami Bomb Feb 23, 2019
Photo by Aretesophist Photography
Tsunami Bomb Feb 22, 2019
Andy Pohl on guitar at @yuccataproom in #Tempe #arizona on 1/25/29! Tickets on sale right now for our shows in Washington next week! Photo: @frankcphotography #tsunamibomb #guitar #guitarist #yuccataproom
Tsunami Bomb Feb 21, 2019
“El Diablo” from The Ultimate Escape LP live from last years The Fest 17 on 10/26/18 filmed by Fish Outta Water Films (follow them to see so many more great videos). The incredible Dory Valentine just shared with us a bunch of clips from our show in Florida! Thank you so much! Only one week until we head to the #northwest! Tickets on sale now! #tsunamibomb #fishouttawaterfilms #thefest
Tsunami Bomb Feb 20, 2019
Dominic and Oobliette cracking each other up looking over the set list before the show at #toxictoasttheatre in #LongBeach on 1/24/19 in this #tsunamibomb #bts moment. Photo by Daniel Dreifuss Photojournalist. It’s interesting looking through the photos Daniel took. Looking through them all really tells a story of this band and the people in it that we haven’t seen before. He’s joining us for the Northwestern dates coming up, and we can’t wait. Hope you all enjoy his photos as much as we do. #behindthescenes #danieldreifuss #photography #tour
Tsunami Bomb Feb 17, 2019
Salinas Animal Services
Tsunami Bomb Feb 16, 2019
The last run of shows was so much fun! We can’t wait to play again! Tickets are on sale for the next round of shows in Washington now! Photo by @frankcphotography
Tsunami Bomb Feb 15, 2019
Have you got your tickets yet? They are going fast! Come hang out with us at the shows!
Tsunami Bomb Feb 14, 2019
“It's really sad how vicious women can be toward one another. Instead of being jealous of each other, we should be inspiring each other to do better, to be better. Through much of my life I have had very few female friends because time and time again I was reminded that I shouldnt let my guard down. It seemed women had the tendency to take any sort of happiness, success, or even the slightest bit of attention as a personal attack on their own ego. I dont know why we do this to each other and why we let people pit us against one another. If you think you're strong now, you're ten times more strong with a badass woman by your side. So, stop being petty bitches and get yourself a Kate Jacobi.” - Oobliette Sparks #tsunamibomb Photo by @stephyzrockr for ZRockR
Tsunami Bomb Feb 13, 2019
Great review and photo gallery of our Las Vegas stop on January 26th at The Bunkhouse by ZRockR! Thank you for coming to the show! Special thanks to Suckerpunch Concerts for bringing us out and War Called Home and Intoxicated Rejects for joining us!
Tsunami Bomb Feb 13, 2019
Dominic and Andy share a mic in Las Vegas at The Bunkhouse on 1/26/19 in this photo from Aaron Mattern for Punks in Vegas! Don’t miss our upcoming Northwest shows 2/28-3/2! Tickets available now! #tsunamibomb #dominicdavi #andypohl #bass #guitar
Tsunami Bomb Feb 12, 2019
Awesome shot of our beast man, Gabe Lindeman destroying the drums once again with his solid beats and pocket grooves in #lasvegas at @bunkhouse_saloon on 1/26/19 thanks to #aaronmattern for @punksinvegas #tsunamibomb #punksinvegas #drummer #drums
Tsunami Bomb Feb 11, 2019
A #bts moment of Gabe and Kate walking back from our AirBnB to Toxic Toast Theatre and checking out a taco truck the night of the Long Beach, CA show. It almost sounds cheesy, but since we don't get to spend a lot of time together because of where we all live and our separate lives, so when we get together as a band its as much about old friends hanging out together again as it is about the shows we are performing. Its so great to see moments like this captured thanks to Daniel Dreifuss Photojournalist! #tsunamibomb #behindthescenes
Tsunami Bomb Feb 11, 2019
Tsunami Bomb performing "El Diablo" off of The Ultimate Escape live at the Yucca Taproom in Tempe, AZ. Thanks to J for filming the clip! So excited for our upcoming Washington shows! Get your tickets now!
Tsunami Bomb Feb 08, 2019
Dominic in the air at Toxic Toast Theatre in Long Beach, CA on 1/25/19! Photo by Erica Vincent Photos
Tsunami Bomb Feb 08, 2019
We were very flattered to be asked to participate in this new compilation! Can't wait to hear all the Brazilian based bands!
Tsunami Bomb Feb 07, 2019
Lullaby For The End Of The World by Tsunami Bomb live at the Yucca Taproom, Tempe, Az on 1/25/19
Tsunami Bomb Feb 07, 2019
Oobliette says this is the only photo of her and our TM Charlie Nothing looking serious, since usually they are just cracking up all the time. This is the truth, but Pinball is serious business. Especially at Electric Bat Arcade next to Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, AZ. Photo: Daniel Dreifuss Photojournalist (PS check out Charlie’s band Steadfast out of Houston, TX. When he’s not helping us he’s killing it with them!)
Tsunami Bomb Feb 06, 2019
We now own screens of some of our designs! Printing up some of our own shirts on our own press for the upcoming Northwest shows! #tsunamibomb #shirts #merch #tour #newstuff
Tsunami Bomb Feb 05, 2019
Kate, Gabe, Oobliette, and Dominic tear it up at @yuccataproom on 1/25/19! #arizona was so amazing! We can’t wait to come back! Next up is the northwest run, dates on sale now at (link in bio) photo: @frankcphotography #tsunamibomb #yuccataproom
Tsunami Bomb Feb 04, 2019
Accurate depiction. Photo by @andy.koehler from @toxictoasttheatre in #longbeach on 1/24/19! #tsunamibomb #oobliettesparks #katejacobi #toxictoastrecords
Tsunami Bomb Feb 04, 2019
Thanks for talking to us What's On Tap? (and thanks for the drinks!)! Incidentally, yes this is where we took our "last supper" photo...
Tsunami Bomb Feb 04, 2019
Can’t wait to play with Raw Dogs, POTBELLY, and Boxcutter PNW at Tony Vs Garage in Everett, WA. on Friday, March 1st! Tickets on sale now! Details: Tsunami Bomb with Raw Dogs, Potbelly and Boxcutter PNW
Tsunami Bomb Feb 03, 2019
@kate3saurus8 hitting those notes at @yuccataproom last weekend! What a great show! Come out to our shows in #washingtonstate @wallys_house_of_booze_ #tonyvsgarage and @jazzbonestacoma Photo by @punkeykid
Tsunami Bomb Feb 02, 2019
From our #lasvegas #show last weekend at the @bunkhouse_saloon So much fun checkout our merch and dates for our upcoming #washingtonstate shows! Photo by @punkeykid
Tsunami Bomb Feb 01, 2019
Northwest run at the end of the month! Come sing with us! All shows on sale now! 2/28 • Wallys Tavern • Wenatchee, WA Tickets: Tsunami Bomb!!! W/ Ghost Power & Not All There live!! at Wally’s 3/1 • Tony V's Garage • Everett, WA Tickets: Tsunami Bomb with Raw Dogs, Potbelly and Boxcutter PNW 3/2 • Jazzbones • Tacoma, WA Tickets: Death By Stereo//Tsunami Bomb//Hilltop Rats//Dreadful Children at Jazzbones