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Truncate Aug 21, 2019
Hey everyone! Eats Everything invited me to do a guest mix for his Edible Beats radio show on BBC... and its now up on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for listening!
Truncate Aug 20, 2019
This weekend... Faust & GLOBAL ARK !
Truncate Aug 20, 2019
Picked out some 'Essential' tracks for Mute/Control (in Spanish)!
Truncate Aug 19, 2019
Wow LA thank you so much for getting down at Grand Park yesterday!! That was a super fun session! Big thanks to 6AM for putting this together and having me! ❤️
Truncate Aug 18, 2019
Today in LA! Come out and dance in the park with us it’s free! I’ll be closing out the evening from 6-8pm! 6AM Grand Park
Truncate Aug 17, 2019
Going on this weekend! Tonight I’m headed to St. Petersburg for MORPH club by t3chn0 faction then I return to LA on Sunday for Grand Park Sunday Sessions hosted by 6AM it’s free and open to all! Come and dance in the park with us gonna be fun!
Truncate Aug 16, 2019
Wow my track 'Our Bodies' on EI8HT has snuck its way into #8 on the Beatport top 100 techno chart! Thank you all so much for the support! So happy to hear so many DJs playing this record! ❤️
Truncate Aug 15, 2019
Quick little jam for my Beatport ‘artist of the week’ feature... and a little peak into my studio 😉
Truncate Aug 14, 2019
New remix coming your way! Now available for pre-order at Beatport check my remix for Spencer Parker's killer track "You're Under My Control Now" coming out this month on Rekids (Official). This one is will fire up the dance floors!
Truncate Aug 14, 2019
Hey everyone, check out my latest interview for Alataj (in Portuguese) !
Truncate Aug 12, 2019
Thank you Bears in Space!! Last night was a sweatbox and a lot of fun! Was fun to pull out this old bad boy! ❤️
Truncate Aug 12, 2019
Big up to Beatport for the ‘Artist of the week’ feature!
Truncate Aug 09, 2019
Now available, just in time for the weekend! Check my new EP on EI8HT ! Out today! Thank you all for the support! ❤️
Truncate Aug 06, 2019
If you could remix a track of mine (from my label) which would you want to remix?
Truncate Aug 06, 2019
Resident Advisor premiers my upcoming track 'Utility 3' on EI8HT coming out this Friday!
Truncate Aug 05, 2019
Hey everyone, happy Monday! Here's a quick little interview I did for The Random Rave Project! Enjoy!
Truncate Aug 02, 2019
Thanks to Mixmag for premiering one of my tracks upcoming on EI8HT coming out on August 8th... you can listen to it below thru Soundcloud!
Truncate Aug 01, 2019
Would it bother you if I didn’t put every Truncate release on vinyl? 🤔
Truncate Jul 29, 2019
Dear friends, for a few weeks now I’ve been dealing with a broken ankle which unfortunately forced me to cancel shows in Chicago, London, Munich, Barcelona, Lima, São Paulo, Asuncion, and Montevideo. It really hurts me that I had to cancel as I’ve been looking forward to those shows for months but I decided to put my safety first and focus on my recovery. I’m working on rescheduling these cities! I’m very sorry if you were looking forward to these parties but I will be back and I will make it up to you! Thank you all for the support! ❤️
Truncate Jul 24, 2019
New EP coming... you can hear and pre-order on Beatport now! Went a bit more tribal on this EP, hope you enjoy it and play it loud! 💓
Truncate Jul 19, 2019
Truncate Jul 16, 2019
Huge thanks to everyone who came out to our Observe party in Chicago! Although sadly I wasn’t able to be there you were still in great hands and I heard many good things! Big thanks to Format Recordings & Obscure for making this happen! Also big ups to Silent Servant (Official) for filling in for me. Stay tuned for our next Observe party in LA this November! ❤️🙏🏻
Truncate Jul 15, 2019
Truncate Jul 10, 2019
Chicago friends it is with deep sadness that I will not be able to make the Observe party this weekend. An unforeseen emergency has forced me to cancel 😔 We’ve been looking forward to bringing Observe to Chicago for so long now it really hurts me that I will not be there to witness what Format Recordings & Obscure have put together and to party with old friends as well as see new faces on the dance floor. Nevertheless you will be in good hands as our good friend from LA, Silent Servant (Official) who I’m sure you all may know very well, will be my replacement. I hope you all have a blast and I know this party will be amazing! I will be back in Chicago at some point I’m sure. Thank you all! ❤️🙏🏻
Truncate Jul 04, 2019
Got my energy for my all night set tonight at The Council ! 💪🏻