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Truncate Dec 10, 2018
I honestly am surprised I have this many streams this year although I’m sure this is crumbs compared to others.... either way I’m truly grateful for all you out there all over the world for supporting my music! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
Truncate Dec 10, 2018
Happy to have contributed to Ben Sims 'Tribology' compilation which is out now digitally and will come soon on vinyl samplers! Contains 51 amazing tracks by great artists! Hope you enjoy it!
Truncate Dec 06, 2018
Next Thursday Ben Sims and I will do our ‘Assailants’ b2b session at Treehouse Miami! It’s been several years since I’ve been to Miami looking forward to this!
Truncate Dec 05, 2018
Check out this little mini mega-mix of classic tracks I made for Studio Brussel! 19 tracks in 20 minutes! Hope you enjoy!
Truncate Dec 03, 2018
Truncate Dec 01, 2018
If anyone accidentally took home my jacket last night at Ampere in Antwerp will you be so kind to return it to the club. Thank you 😊
Truncate Nov 30, 2018
Tonight on Studio Brussel I made a special mini mega mix of classics which will air around 11:30pm (Brussels time) hope you enjoy it!! You can tune in online here enjoy! 🙏🏻
Truncate Nov 28, 2018
The Observe warehouse... photo by Dean Paul De Leon
Truncate Nov 27, 2018
Antwerp & Lisbon this weekend!! MINISTERIUM CLUB Ampere
Truncate Nov 26, 2018
LA we love you!! ❤️ Thank you so much for making our first Observe party a great success! Vibes were on point, visuals were amazing and music was great all night long! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks to all who came out and big up to all our staff and crew! 🙏🏻
Truncate Nov 24, 2018
Tonight’s the night!! Join us on our new venture... Remember this is a very limited capacity, intimate event. Please make sure you RSVP! TRUNCATE // DRUMCELL // HYPERACTIVE b2b all night // visuals by OKTAFORM // Tickets & RSVP // See you on the dance floor!
Truncate Nov 23, 2018
‪Happy Black Friday! I went ahead and put a 60% discount on the full Truncate discography! Limited time only of course! Happy shopping!
Truncate Nov 21, 2018
New Beatport chart up in anticipation of Observe 01 this weekend...
Truncate Nov 19, 2018
Truncate Nov 19, 2018
Its that time of year... stay tuned as I'm gonna give a phat discount on my full discography on Bandcamp again! #blackfriday
Truncate Nov 16, 2018
New remix alert! Check my latest remix for Insolate just released on Coincidence Records! Hope you enjoy it!
Truncate Nov 14, 2018
For the last 15 years, we have been at forefront of the techno scene in Los Angeles pushing a sound that was once widely rejected in our hometown. Our entire team has poured every ounce of blood and sweat against all obstacles and resistance in order to build a foundation that the techno scene in LA stands on today. We are part of a handful of teams that have contributed to LA´s history and have always been proud of how every promoter, crew and record label worked together for a common goal. Now Los Angeles stands as one of the stronger techno scenes in the U.S and we feel privileged to belong to it, and more importantly, grateful to have contributed to it. Change is inevitable and now more then ever it is time we accept. While Droid currently remains dormant for an unforeseeable future, a portion of our crew has decided its time we move forward with a new vision. There is nothing more humbling than once being at the top and moving back to starting all over from scratch. This is a challenge we are embracing and are inspired by. We have no intentions of trying to entice people with huge lineups, relying on the social media popularity of an artist in order to sell tickets, or buying into the false images people project in order to display ego fueled elitism. We intend to curate an evening of immersive experiences where one can display the many diverse faces of techno in a new fresh way that we feel LA has not explored. We hope we have earned the trust of our hometown, and with that trust, we want to set a new standard that makes us remember why we loved this music in the first place. From those who brought you INTERFACE, we take our first steps forward into a new beginning // OBSERVE // PRE SALE TICKETS:
Truncate Nov 12, 2018
Observe // LA // 11.24.18 // Truncate / Drumcell / Hyperactive b2b all night open to close // Visuals by Oktaform | buy early bird discount tickets here
Truncate Nov 11, 2018
11.24.18 // Los Angeles // Observe More info soon...
Truncate Nov 09, 2018
Heiko Laux's remix of 'Dial' is up to #2 at Beatports top 100 'leftfield house & techno' !! Can we reach #1?? Thank you all for the support!! 😁
Truncate Nov 08, 2018
November 24th, 2018 // Los Angeles // Mark your calendars and save the date as we take our first steps into a new beginning. MORE INFO TBA.
Truncate Nov 07, 2018
Truncate Nov 06, 2018
Death Techno premiers my new track 'Sparse' which was released on Sleaze Records 10 year anniversary compilation!
Truncate Nov 05, 2018
Ok another question... Would it matter to you if I didn't release every Truncate EP on vinyl?? (Just trying to get to know my fans better!) 😁 ❤️
Truncate Nov 05, 2018
Heiko Laux's remix of 'Dial' is up to #4 of Beatports top 100 "Leftfield House & Techno" charts! Thank you all for the support! If you haven't picked up the tracks yet take advantage of Beatports current discount!