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Gone Astray
Troy Pierce May 30, 2018
Mix + short interview on my techno roots.
Troy Pierce Dec 23, 2017
Our panicked view all the way from Arizona... #believe #spacex
Troy Pierce Nov 30, 2017
Law #1 • Don’t be a prick
Troy Pierce Oct 24, 2017
💦SPLASH DOWN💦 My week long residency @luxsouthari starts tomorrow at sunset so start paddling now! @fouraces12345
Troy Pierce Oct 02, 2017
Monday morning soundtrack...
Troy Pierce Aug 09, 2017
Aaahhh...finally home after a month of awesome shows! Muchos gracias •Bogota•Mar Del Plata•Buenos Aires•Santiago•Lima•Quito•Mexico City•
Troy Pierce Aug 01, 2017
Hotel workspaces pt2. •Quito•
Troy Pierce Jul 30, 2017
Gracias! •LIMA• Last night was awesome!!
Troy Pierce Jul 19, 2017
Hotel workspaces pt1. •BOGOTÁ•
Troy Pierce Jul 14, 2017
Catch me if you can!
Troy Pierce Jun 03, 2017
Back on the roaaaaaad, playing tonight... 2-4 Lovermut
Troy Pierce Apr 20, 2017
Troy Pierce Mar 09, 2017
in case anyone was wondering what i might be listening to on thursday evening at 6:21...
Troy Pierce Mar 07, 2017
Troy Pierce Mar 03, 2017
If you can't make it to Tresor tonight in Berlin... I play around 3:30am and it's hopefully going to be exactly like this! Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) Janina
Troy Pierce Feb 25, 2017
Current mood this morning (and the previous 42 as well).
Troy Pierce Feb 21, 2017
Just uploaded a new mix, recorded a few weeks ago in Buenos Aires at The BOW I can't say thanks enough to everyone for always enthusiastically embracing my (at times) eerie musical exploration. Please enjoy, see you soon. T.
Troy Pierce Feb 05, 2017
Glorious Saturday afternoon sun, Berlin style.
Troy Pierce Feb 05, 2017
I see you Sunday 👀 @camea #bulletproofcoffee
Troy Pierce Jan 15, 2017
Sunday night prep, Buenos Aires.
Troy Pierce Nov 10, 2016
Tomorrow night in S.F. !!!
Troy Pierce Nov 09, 2016
Despite the collapse of western civilization there was still a bountiful harvest at the farmers market 🇺🇸 #mathewkenneyculinary
Troy Pierce Nov 09, 2016
Troy Pierce Nov 03, 2016
Sea ya later Venice, te vejo amanhã São Paulo!
Troy Pierce Oct 13, 2016
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