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Tribal Seeds
311 Cruise 311 Cruise 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Tampa, FL, US) Find tickets
Reggae Rise Up Florida Reggae Rise Up Florida 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (St Petersburg, FL, US) Find tickets
Days on the Green Music Festival Days on the Green Music Festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Phoenix, AZ, US) Find tickets
Days on the Green Music Festival Days on the Green Music Festival 2019
Venue: Fear Farm (Phoenix, AZ, US) Find tickets
Grizzly Fest Grizzly Fest 2019
Venue: Woodward Park (Fresno, CA, US) Find tickets
Au Foin De La Rue Au Foin De La Rue 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Saint-Denis-de-Gastines, France) Find tickets
Tribal Seeds Feb 14, 2019
Bringin' the vibes to One Love... leave a 🔥 in the comments if ya feel it!
Tribal Seeds Jan 30, 2019
Honored to be part of the 2019 Summerjam Festival..
Tribal Seeds Jan 29, 2019
FRESNO / CENTRAL CALI: See you at the 2019 Grizzly Fest... Get tickets:
Tribal Seeds Jan 21, 2019
I like to get a peace of mind In my own time So roll one up, light it up Cuz in the meantime The rat race is going strong And the people's minds are too far gone So we don't need to play We don't need to play nah We don't need to play We don't need to play for anyone...
Tribal Seeds Jan 17, 2019
Tribal Seeds
Tribal Seeds Jan 04, 2019
"So long I've been waiting to give this to you And now on I will make sure you know it's true"
Tribal Seeds Jan 02, 2019
Arizona 420 Weekend Tickets:
Tribal Seeds Dec 20, 2018
We are pleased to announce that we'll be joining the 34th Annual Summerjam Festival in Cologne, Germany! See you there.. Tickets:
Tribal Seeds Dec 20, 2018
Babylon you break the very laws that you made To ban out Jah garden is a mistake I mon is the roots and not the branches I see through your lies little son of a ...
Tribal Seeds Dec 19, 2018
Hoodies, Hats & more... PLUS $10 T-Shirt section available at
Tribal Seeds Dec 17, 2018
She was so far from my yard Out in the city Where the sinners they mob To fill up their needs If you open your heart You'll feel more pity If you open a lot They take you for weak
Tribal Seeds Dec 14, 2018
I laid to rest my head These visions I had Dreaming of her, no other Yet still far away I'll reach you one day or another My lover My hearts beating like a drum In a roots rhythm It's so strong, yeah
Tribal Seeds Dec 14, 2018
"The night cometh as sunlight falls down Some dub on the sound Jah people come around"
Tribal Seeds Dec 13, 2018
New Zealand! See you at One Love NZ Festival! Tickets:
Tribal Seeds Dec 12, 2018
"Cunning is the tongue of a false preacher Down pressing the youth for sensimilla Focus them attention on little matter Pressure everything to accept system" - Warning (feat Sonny of POD)
Tribal Seeds Dec 12, 2018
"Spread ya tribal seeds..."
Tribal Seeds Dec 03, 2018
Thank you San Diego! See you next year... . 📷 : Edgar Gaytan
Tribal Seeds Nov 29, 2018
In the early of the morning In the midday sun In the stillness of night When the herb is ripe Smoke, smoke...
Tribal Seeds Nov 26, 2018
New Tribal Seeds Baseball Jersey! Available now at TRIBALSEEDSSTORE.COM . (Model is wearing a men's Small)
Tribal Seeds Nov 16, 2018
Last show of 2018... last call for tickets! San Diego 🔥 Saturday, December 1st at The Observatory North Park with The Expanders & Eli-Mac. . Tickets:
Tribal Seeds Oct 23, 2018
SAN DIEGO! We added a second night at The Observatory North Park on Saturday, December 1st with guests The Expanders & Eli-Mac. Tickets on sale now.. Tickets: RSVP:
Tribal Seeds Oct 13, 2018
MENS custom heavy-gauge Baseball Jersey. Models are wearing a men's SM. Available at: TRIBALSEEDSSTORE.COM
Tribal Seeds Oct 11, 2018
Recap of our recent trip to the beautiful island of Hawaii! Mahalo for the vibes!
Tribal Seeds Sep 26, 2018
Recap of our day at the sold out Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas this past Saturday. Onward to Texas for a week of shows! Tonight we're in Austin... 📽: Joser Cavada
Tribal Seeds Sep 22, 2018
Big up Steel Pulse ✊🏽