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Harbour Boat Trips, Vol. 2: Copenhagen (DJ Mix)
The Website (feat. Trentemøller, Henrik Stendahl, Kira Li, Marte Schou, Mikael Fleron, Bjørn Vidø, Nis Nørgaard & No-1)
Lost Reworks
Early Worx
Into the Great Wide Yonder (Special Edition)
Lost (Instrumental Version)
Live In Copenhagen (Special Edition)
Late Night Tales: Trentemøller
Into the Great Wide Yonder
Sycamore Feeling
... Even Though You’re With Another Girl
Harbour Boat Trips, Vol. 1: Copenhagen (Mixed By Trentemøller)
Miss You
Live In Concert EP - Roskilde Festival 2007
The Copenhagen Experience #2
Nam Nam EP
The Last Resort
Always Something Better
The Last Resort
Physical Fraction
Beats & Bigband - The Orchestra Meets Live Electronica
Trentemøller Dec 10, 2018
70 years ! Congrats! Today more important than ever ! #standup4humanrights
Trentemøller Dec 09, 2018
All t-shirts , mugs , hoodies, vinyls , including the new HARBOUR BOAT TRIPS 25 % off now !!! Christmas sale for a very limited time now 🤘🏿LINK IN BIO #trentemollermerch
Trentemøller Dec 05, 2018
🖤 Christmas sale! 🎅🏻 Get a 25% discount on all items in my shop: t-shirts, sweatshirts, vinyl, CD, mugs and more Enter code when checking out: trente25
Trentemøller Dec 02, 2018
What's your favorite song on the HARBOR BOAT TRIPS VOL. 2 ? #harbourboattrips #hfn #trentemoller @hfn_music
Trentemøller Nov 28, 2018
Julefrokost med drengene . Mja tak 🤘🏿🖤
Trentemøller Nov 27, 2018
Thanks to all of you for taking part in this little contest !! Totally random I’ve picked out 5 winners and they are .... tadaaaaa: - Monika Malbašić - Roman Frolove - Daniel Roth - Julie Jones - Norbert Pintér You will soon receive a signed HARBOUR BOAT TRIPS VOL. 02 vinyl and Trentemøller t-shirt 🖤 Enjoy ! And for anyone interested in the new mix-album you can buy it here:
Trentemøller Nov 26, 2018
The funny update with Santa earlier today is doing 85% better than other posts about my music.
Trentemøller Nov 26, 2018
THE CONTEST ENDS LATER TODAY ! WINNERS ANNOUNCED TOMORROW! Go to @hfn_music 's website to take part: 🖤#hfn #hfnmusic @hfn_music #harbourboattrips #trentemoller #ihateloungemusic
Trentemøller Nov 26, 2018
Too many " juleøl" for Santa 🎅🏻
Trentemøller Nov 23, 2018
My Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 2 is out today!!!! 🖤🖤🖤 On VINYL , CD and as DOWNLOAD!!! The mix itself ( the whole idea behind Harbour Boat Trips is that it's a mix 😉) will NOT be out on any streaming services as they don't allow full mixes. So go get this mix-album in the format you prefer right now : 🖤 hfn music #harbourboattrips #trentemoller #transformerman #trentemollervinyl #outtoday
Trentemøller Nov 22, 2018
Its out NOW!!! Please notice that if you want to listen to my MIX ( that's the whole idea behind Harbour Boat Trips 😉 ) and not just each separate track : buy the vinyl at your local vinylpusher or in the LINK IN BIO where you also can download it ! The mix itself will NOT be out on any streaming services 🤘🏿🖤 ( Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 2 is actually also out on semi-old school CD 💿 ) #vinylforever #harbourboattrips #hfn @hfn_music #trentemoller
Trentemøller Nov 21, 2018
Win a signed vinyl copy of my upcoming 'Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 - Copenhagen' and a t-shirt of your choice from my merch, simply follow the hfn music link below!
Trentemøller Nov 20, 2018
My old remix . Thanks for posting @toydrum 🖤#trentemollerremix
Trentemøller Nov 15, 2018
Look what the postman just brought ... and it's not even Christmas yet 🎅🏾! pre-order here : #habourboattrips #trentemollerhabourboattrips #trentemollervinyl #doublevinyl
Trentemøller Nov 09, 2018
Can’t wait for my new HBT to be released! It’s 9 years since the first volume came out, this second volume is out the 23rd of November. Pre-order it here:
Trentemøller Nov 08, 2018
Trentemøller Nov 07, 2018
Thanks for the support @p6beat !! 2 tracks on rotation 😜#transformermantrentemoller #2ndblood @trentemoeller @mariefiskermusic @2nd_blood
Trentemøller Nov 06, 2018
#vote #votetoday
Trentemøller Nov 04, 2018
KCRW's KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic digs my new Transformer Man cover from the forthcoming Habor Boat Trips vol. 2 ! Thanks ! 🖤 #4 on their top ten tunes of the week 😜Marie Fisker Neil Young#morningbecomeseclectic #trentemoller #transformerman #kcrw #trentemoeller #trentemøller #haborboattrips #hfn #mariefisker #neilyoung hfn music
Trentemøller Nov 02, 2018
Happy birthday dear @tombertie 🤘🏿🖤
Trentemøller Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween everyone 🎃🖤
Trentemøller Oct 31, 2018
Autumn 🍂 vibe outside and inside my studio #trentemollerinthestudio
Trentemøller Oct 26, 2018
I'm very thrilled, in one month, to release the second volume of My Copenhagen Habour Boat Trip mix !! I have curated a lot of new, old and super inspiring tracks for this second run and I really can't wait 'till it's out! As part of this mix I did a cover of a quite unknown Neil Young track together with Marie Fisker, it's a song called "Transformer Man " and you can check it out here :
Trentemøller Oct 25, 2018
The nice folks from Nothing But Hope And Passion premiered me and Marie Fiskers cover of Neil Young's 'Transformer Man'! Check it out below.
Trentemøller Oct 11, 2018
2ND BLOOD had an amazing release show yesterday at Loppen in Copenhagen, what a party!!! Here’s Type 9000 from yesterday recorded with a mic in the room 🙂 Enjoy!!