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TREi Dec 15, 2018
Throwback to a couple weeks ago in Vienna with these beautiful bastards and the MAINFRAME RECORDINGS crew! ALWAYS absolutely incredible!!! Biggup Vienna crew, see y'all again sometime in 2019 🤘🏻🇦🇹🤘🏻 DJ Levela ALIBI Zombie Cats @longmanmc DISASZT DaxtaMc Maztek THE PROTOTYPES AKOV
TREi Dec 14, 2018
The incomparable @highrankin has "Fools Rush" as his Shoe Thrower of the week on his 'Coffee and Meme' odyssey. I love this show, u should to 🤘🏻😉🤘🏻#highrankincertified #foolsrush #trei
TREi Dec 14, 2018
Haha struth bro's!! Ekko & Sidetrack
TREi Dec 14, 2018
Big weekend incoming! @rootsbartakaka in Takaka tonight, then onto Nelson to join my compadre @jabzmcloud at @club.paradox , it's gonna be loooose y'all 🤘🏻⚡️🤘🏻
TREi Dec 10, 2018
So peeps, what's your favourite track from the new 'Fools Rush' / 'The Bends' release?
TREi Dec 08, 2018
Auckland bound tonight for a sold out gig 'longside my homie @mrrolex101 with the @coastal_promotions47 crew! A M P E D!!! 🤘🏻💥🤘🏻
TREi Dec 06, 2018
Out today people; check them out here: 🤘🏻🦑🤘🏻 #thebends #foolsrush #trei #viperrecordings
TREi Dec 05, 2018
I've been asked about this one for ages! "The Bends" out tomorrow y'all! 🤘🏻🦑🤘🏻 #thebends #viper #drumandbass
TREi Dec 05, 2018
TREi Dec 04, 2018
Out this Friday folks 🤘🏻🐍🤘🏻#foolsrush #viper #treimusic #drumandbass
TREi Dec 04, 2018
Ruckus in Vienna! Mainframe was out the fucken gate🤘🏽👾🤘🏽@mainframerecordings @djdisaszt #drumandbass #mainframerecordings
TREi Dec 01, 2018
Righto! Rounding out the tour tonight in Vienna with an epic b2b session with the birthday boys Disaszt & Daxta! This ones gonna be one for the ages! 🤘🏻📜🤘🏻
TREi Nov 28, 2018
Holy epic lineup batman!! Final gig in Europe for 2018 coming up; Vienna check out this humungous lineup!!! Plus it's our bro's @disasztmf & @daxta4real 's birthdays so you KNOW it's gonna get extra rowdy! 🤘🏻🎂🤘🏻See y'all Saturday #drumandbass #mainframe #trei #bustoutthebirthdaystrudel
TREi Nov 23, 2018
07 . 12 . 2018
TREi Nov 19, 2018
Had the most epic bro time at @drumbule in Hamburg with these beautiful bastards; the "BaySketeers". Jammed for the first time on this side of the planet with my bro @thomas_oliver_music #hamburg #drumandbass #nzdnb #treisketeers #brotime
TREi Nov 16, 2018
Hamburg!! I'm SO amped to finally be back and ready for a massive night tomorrow night with my homies @drumbule to celebrate their 15th Birthday! The vibe is always incredible at @hafenklanghamburg so make sure u get down there early....... there might be a surprise or 2 in store for u to ;) #drumandbass #trei #hamburg #nzdnb
TREi Nov 15, 2018
Who's keen to see me in US / Canada next year?
TREi Nov 13, 2018
Big run of gigs coming up, kicking it off tonight in Prague at @crossclubofficial then on to the always epic @drumbule in Hamburg at @hafenklanghamburg this weekend! It's ON! 🤘🏻🕴🤘🏻
TREi Nov 13, 2018
TREi Nov 12, 2018
Boom! See you Tuesday night Prague! I'll be playing at the legendary @crossclubofficial with @djvolumeplus & @houbass_dnb . Amped to be back! #weeknightrinseout #treiontour #drumandbass 🤘🏻🇨🇿🤘🏻
TREi Nov 08, 2018
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TREi Nov 06, 2018
Absolute VIBES at @studiothevenue on Saturday night with mi hombré @jabzmcloud #treimusic #jabzmc #anightofdrumandbass #everybodybouncing
TREi Nov 05, 2018
HOLY HEKE AUCKLAND! That was MENTAL on Saturday night! Thanks all y'all for getting down with myself and Jabz MC, also biggups to @audiology_touring for having me on board such a ridonkulous night! Still buzzing 🤘🏻⚡️🤘🏻 #treimusic #jabzmc #nzdnb #drumandbass
TREi Nov 03, 2018
@hawkes_bass_ What a night last night! Thanks all y'all for coming out and getting down with myself and @tikitaane Next stop; Auckland tonight with Jabz, @dimension and @cultureshock ; SOLD OUT show at @studiothevenue , let's do it!!! 🤘🏻⚡️🤘🏻
TREi Oct 31, 2018
Hawkes Bass maaaasssive! I have 2 x tickets to giveaway for tomorrow nights' "Day of the Dead" gig with TIKI TAANE, @chiccoreli @mcjdubs and the Hawkes Bass crew. Tag a mate that u want to come along and I'll put their name in the draw. Winner announced 9pm TONIGHT so get in there asapizzle!