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Empires EP
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Venue: Flugplatz Hungriger Wolf (Itzehoe, Germany) Find tickets
TREi Apr 15, 2019
Good people of Melbournia! I’ll be seeing your badselves this SUNDAY ‘longside @concorddawnnz and some deadset Kiwi legends residing in your fair city. Tickets are flying so get on it asap! 🤘🏻🇳🇿🤘🏻#nzdnb #treimusic #concorddawn
TREi Apr 12, 2019
Fizzing to be playing Snow & Bass 2019 this year. Queenstown goes off at winterfest weekend. #drumandbass #theupbeats #treimusic
TREi Apr 08, 2019
Oldie but a goodie 💥
TREi Apr 03, 2019
Got in the studio with Concord Dawn over the weekend. Looking forward to showing you what’s been brewing.
TREi Mar 28, 2019
Aucklandtown!! I'm back in yr Hood tomorrow night at @weareavclub with @slychaosnz and stellar list of local legends! Shaping up to be a right ol' knees-up so get yr tickets asap 🤘🏻🕺🏻🤘🏻
TREi Mar 27, 2019
Welli Crew! Saturday night was absolutely MENTAL! Rowdiest gig of the year for me so far, and SO good to see everyone out in force! Biggup Breaking Beats NZ for such a sick night!
TREi Mar 23, 2019
Biggup the Breaking Beats crew 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 ..... let's send it tonight Welli!!!
TREi Mar 21, 2019
Holy Mother of Lineups Batman! Rampage Open Air is looking ridonkulous! So stoked to be onboard for the 27/7 'longside @northbaseuk . It's ON @rampagebelgium 🤘🏻💥💥🤘🏻#roa2019 #rampage #belgium #treimusic #summertour #drumandbass #nzdnb
TREi Mar 19, 2019
Oh Me Oh My! I’m absolutely BUZZING to be heading back to Welli this weekend; can’t wait to see you beautiful specimens. Its shaping up to be humungous. My first time back home for a while to and to do it with mi amigo Jabz MC for the first time is gonna be absolutely RAWKUS! Tickets are selling fast peeps so get in there asap! #drumandbass #treimusic #nzdnb #jabzmc #breakingbeatsnz #hometownhoedown 🤘🏻🕺🏻🤘🏻
TREi Mar 11, 2019
TAURANGA - I have a double pass to giveaway for this Saturday night. Tag a mate in the comments (this post) Spread the word, we’re coming in HAWT this weekend!
TREi Mar 10, 2019
Took my kids on a gig roadie the other week! They managed to get noise complaints at the hotel 😜 #parentsoftherave
TREi Mar 04, 2019
's cover photo
TREi Mar 02, 2019
Whanganui! It's ON tonight! Catch me and the Polymerge Productions crew at Frank. Bar + Eatery ! Bring the rowdy 🤘🏻💥🤘🏻 #drumandbass #trei #whanganui #nzdnb
TREi Feb 20, 2019
Dirty ol’ Dunners! Its been a while! Can’t wait to get amongst it with you lot this Friday night; abit of a reunion of sorts 'longside 2 of my favourite dj's ; JMC & Titts McGee; plus a HUGE lineup of local badass’s! 🤘🏻🛋🤘🏻
TREi Feb 14, 2019
Behold the mighty Doof! TREI's going bush this weekend with a whole lot of absolute legends! Who's coming? #poppingmydoofcherry #treimusic #bushdoof #looookowt!
TREi Feb 12, 2019
Wellington - tag two friends & follow TREi to be in to win a double pass!
TREi Feb 07, 2019
just announced:....... 27.07.2019 "RAMPAGE OPEN AIR" - BELGIUM ---- SO.FUCKEN.AMPED!!! ---- 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻 #rampageopenair #ro19 #treimusic #drumandbass
TREi Feb 07, 2019
Auckland town! Catch myself and @jabzmcloud in you at @cassettenine tomorrow night at 'A Night of Drum and Bass'. filling in for @problem_central and we are going IIIIIN! See y’all there 'longside some epic humans in support! Letsdoiiiiit! 🤘🏻😉
TREi Feb 05, 2019
Mi amigos at Empire Audio NZ are about to make someones day with a FREE VIP Ticket to The Prodigy in Auckland tonight (only available to someone who wil actually be in Auckland tonight of course). Head over to the post and get involved; you gotta be innit to winnit.... innit 🤘🤩
TREi Jan 18, 2019
Westcoast bound with this beautiful bastard. Catch us at Brook Murphys in Greymouth; u guys are ALWAYS loose, I expect nothing less tonight :teef: #brosafari #nzdnb #drumandbass
TREi Jan 16, 2019
Ohhhh yes! Can’t wait for this weekend back on the road with @jabzmcloud ; back to the Westcoast Friday night with @empire_audio AAAAAALWAYS a rowdy affair; then onto @summersets_musicfestival with @concorddawnnz as well as some usual suspects just out of Christchurch 🤘🏻💥🤘🏻 #drumandbass #nzdnb #trei #jabz #concorddawn #summersets #musicfestival
TREi Jan 15, 2019
Go check my new mix out I’ve done for Your EDM in my bio. #treimusic #edm #viperrecordings #drumandbass #drumandbassmusic #dnb #youredm
TREi Jan 07, 2019
Tested out a new tune at Rhythm and Vines last week, vibes galore!🤘🏻🚨🤘🏻#nzdnb #drumandbass #vibes #trei #nye
TREi Jan 01, 2019
Bass Camp, Thanks for having Us!
TREi Dec 31, 2018
Fizzing to see you tonight on the Rhythm stage @rhythmandvines 🤘🏽☠️🤘🏽 #drum&bass #r&v