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Empires EP
This Is Me
Venue: Flugplatz Hungriger Wolf (Itzehoe, Germany) Find tickets
TREi Feb 20, 2019
Dirty ol’ Dunners! Its been a while! Can’t wait to get amongst it with you lot this Friday night; abit of a reunion of sorts 'longside 2 of my favourite dj's ; JMC & Titts McGee; plus a HUGE lineup of local badass’s! 🤘🏻🛋🤘🏻
TREi Feb 14, 2019
Behold the mighty Doof! TREI's going bush this weekend with a whole lot of absolute legends! Who's coming? #poppingmydoofcherry #treimusic #bushdoof #looookowt!
TREi Feb 12, 2019
Wellington - tag two friends & follow TREi to be in to win a double pass!
TREi Feb 07, 2019
just announced:....... 27.07.2019 "RAMPAGE OPEN AIR" - BELGIUM ---- SO.FUCKEN.AMPED!!! ---- 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻 #rampageopenair #ro19 #treimusic #drumandbass
TREi Feb 07, 2019
Auckland town! Catch myself and @jabzmcloud in you at @cassettenine tomorrow night at 'A Night of Drum and Bass'. filling in for @problem_central and we are going IIIIIN! See y’all there 'longside some epic humans in support! Letsdoiiiiit! 🤘🏻😉
TREi Feb 05, 2019
Mi amigos at Empire Audio NZ are about to make someones day with a FREE VIP Ticket to The Prodigy in Auckland tonight (only available to someone who wil actually be in Auckland tonight of course). Head over to the post and get involved; you gotta be innit to winnit.... innit 🤘🤩
TREi Jan 18, 2019
Westcoast bound with this beautiful bastard. Catch us at Brook Murphys in Greymouth; u guys are ALWAYS loose, I expect nothing less tonight :teef: #brosafari #nzdnb #drumandbass
TREi Jan 16, 2019
Ohhhh yes! Can’t wait for this weekend back on the road with @jabzmcloud ; back to the Westcoast Friday night with @empire_audio AAAAAALWAYS a rowdy affair; then onto @summersets_musicfestival with @concorddawnnz as well as some usual suspects just out of Christchurch 🤘🏻💥🤘🏻 #drumandbass #nzdnb #trei #jabz #concorddawn #summersets #musicfestival
TREi Jan 15, 2019
Go check my new mix out I’ve done for Your EDM in my bio. #treimusic #edm #viperrecordings #drumandbass #drumandbassmusic #dnb #youredm
TREi Jan 07, 2019
Tested out a new tune at Rhythm and Vines last week, vibes galore!🤘🏻🚨🤘🏻#nzdnb #drumandbass #vibes #trei #nye
TREi Jan 01, 2019
Bass Camp, Thanks for having Us!
TREi Dec 31, 2018
Fizzing to see you tonight on the Rhythm stage @rhythmandvines 🤘🏽☠️🤘🏽 #drum&bass #r&v
TREi Dec 31, 2018
See you crazy kids tonight at Rhythm and Vines 3am on the Rhythm stage 🤘🏽☠️🤘🏽
TREi Dec 30, 2018
Boooyaka! Pretty pumped to be in such an epic lineup. @rhythmandalps @bassfreaks you're in for it tonight!! 🤘🏻💥🤘🏻.... catch myself and my compadre @jabzmcloud at 4:30am! It's ON!
TREi Dec 29, 2018
Huge night in Auckland last night with @wilkinsonuk , @ad_apt , @dan_aux and the @redrumtouring & @rhythmandvines crew. Thanks to everyone that came out and got rowdy with us, next stop Brisbane with my hard rocking amigos @flowidus at @biscuit_factory XXL tonight! Round 2, letsdoit! 🤘🏼🇦🇺🤘🏼
TREi Dec 27, 2018
Auckland Citaaay! See you rowdy lot on Friday night; shake of the xmas cheer and join myself; @dan_aux ,and of course, @wilkinsonuk ft. @ad_apt at @studiothevenue ; this ones gonna be nutso! 🕺🏻🤘🏼🕺🏻
TREi Dec 26, 2018
Always wanted my name on the side of a race car; bucket list ✔️
TREi Dec 24, 2018
It starts with Ken dolls... Where’s my shot gun. #merrychristmas #drumandbass
TREi Dec 24, 2018
Abit of a whirlwind odyssey coming up after xmas; last stop will be at @basscampfestivalnz in the deep south with mi amigo Jabzy on the 1st Jan. Ready to get 2019 off to a flyer! \m/ . . \m/ let's get wild!! 🤘🏻⚡️🤘🏻
TREi Dec 19, 2018
Done a remix for my bro's Flowidus of the lushness that is 'Horizons' ft @tikitaane Check it out; Summer's ON! 🤘🏻🕶🤘🏻 #drumandbass #flowidus #tikitaane #trei #nzdnb #strayadnb
TREi Dec 15, 2018
Throwback to a couple weeks ago in Vienna with these beautiful bastards and the MAINFRAME RECORDINGS crew! ALWAYS absolutely incredible!!! Biggup Vienna crew, see y'all again sometime in 2019 🤘🏻🇦🇹🤘🏻 DJ Levela ALIBI Zombie Cats @longmanmc DISASZT DaxtaMc Maztek THE PROTOTYPES AKOV
TREi Dec 14, 2018
The incomparable @highrankin has "Fools Rush" as his Shoe Thrower of the week on his 'Coffee and Meme' odyssey. I love this show, u should to 🤘🏻😉🤘🏻#highrankincertified #foolsrush #trei
TREi Dec 14, 2018
Haha struth bro's!! Ekko & Sidetrack
TREi Dec 14, 2018
Big weekend incoming! @rootsbartakaka in Takaka tonight, then onto Nelson to join my compadre @jabzmcloud at @club.paradox , it's gonna be loooose y'all 🤘🏻⚡️🤘🏻
TREi Dec 10, 2018
So peeps, what's your favourite track from the new 'Fools Rush' / 'The Bends' release?