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Empires EP
This Is Me
TREi Aug 23, 2019
TREi Aug 21, 2019
TIMARU! Who's coming along this Saturday night? Tag a mate you want to come along, and you'll be into win a double pass to it \m/ .. \m/
TREi Aug 17, 2019
Snow & Bass- Queenstown Shucka State of Mind Lee Mvtthews
TREi Aug 16, 2019
Nelson! It's ON tonight @ Malbas! Let's do it ! 🤘🏻🕺🏻🤘🏻#trei #nzdnb #nelson
TREi Aug 14, 2019
Big Weekend incoming!!! NELSON Friday night at MALBAS, then Saturday night TAKAKA at the legendary ROOTS BAR! See y'all there!
TREi Aug 13, 2019
Sold out in minutes... I happen to have a double pass to Area:51 Auckland. Audiology. Like TREi & tag a mate to be into win. You have 51 hours 🤪
TREi Aug 12, 2019
What vibes from the main stage at #drumandbassnz #drumandbass
TREi Aug 10, 2019
Auckland: that was BONKERS!!! Vibes Galore at NOTW! Onward to the mighty Waikato tonight; let's get frisky Raglan 🖖🏻🤓
TREi Aug 08, 2019
AUCKLAND CITAAAAAY! So stoked to be back in your hood tomorrow night! Always supremely rowdy down at NOTW! Cant wait to throw down with mi amigo Jabz MC ! I have a DOUBLE Pass to giveaway to the gig; just tag a mate you want to bring along and i'll draw the winner at 12pm tomorrow! YEEEEEOOW! \m/ .. \m/
TREi Aug 06, 2019
Ohakune was VIBES on the Saturday night with @doubledropsoundsystem . Auckland and Raglan this weekend are shaping up to be just as rowdy! #trei #nzdnb #jabzmc #drumandbass 💥💥💥
TREi Aug 05, 2019
wonder where i'll be this New Years? ;) All the line ups are looking fire! #drumandbasslover #nzdnb #dancingsecurityguard
TREi Aug 04, 2019
I toooootally get the resistance to TOOL putting album/catalog online available to stream out of sequence completely; but it warms my heart to know that thousands; maybe millions of people around the globe; this weekend; in this moment; are rinsing the fuck out of the masters of the Dynamics universe. I can almost feel the world's collective consciousness rising. #SmotherTheBullshit #ThisIsNecessary #TheWorldNeedsThisNow
TREi Aug 02, 2019
OH YUSSS~! Looking mighty powdery for the weekend mountain-side this weekend; and shaping up to be a rowdy first gig back on home soil tomorrow night at Kings with mi amigo Jabz McLoud! \m/ .. \m/ Le's go!
TREi Jul 29, 2019
Where have you seen me play this year?
TREi Jul 27, 2019
Who wants two free tickets? Tag your mates below. DoubleDrop
TREi Jul 27, 2019
Thank you RAMPAGE can’t wait till the next one!!! Back to New Zealand. What a big 5 weeks in Europe. North Base you dons!
TREi Jul 27, 2019
Last show of the tour and it happens to be at one of the biggest DnB festivals in the world: Rampage Open Air Belgium. Catch me and @northbaseuk smashing out a b2b at 4pm. Been looking forward to this one for so long. Let's send it y'all!! #trei #nzdnb #b2b #rampageopenair2019 #northbase #dnbworldwide
TREi Jul 26, 2019
Final weekend of the European tour and we're going out with a bang!!!! @habitatfestival in Germany tonight, then onto the mighty Rampage Open Air tomorrow! #trei #nzdnb #habitatfestival2019 #drumbule #hamburg #rampageopenair @ Hamburg, Germany
TREi Jul 18, 2019
TREi's cover photo
TREi Jul 16, 2019
Back in NZ mini Trei is rocking the merch.
TREi Jul 10, 2019
Czech Republic; we’re not done just yet 😉 This Friday night i’m in Prague at one of the coolest clubs I’ve been; @crossclubofficial . I’m still buzzing from Beats For Love; so lets raise the roof this weekend 🤘🏻⚡️🤘🏻#trei #nzdnb #crossclub #czechdnb
TREi Jul 08, 2019
found these legends trying to escape the dnb asylum the other night 🤘🏻😂🤳#dnblegends #dnbworldwide
TREi Jul 08, 2019
TREi's cover photo
TREi Jul 07, 2019
#timingiseverything 🤘🏻💥🤘🏻
TREi Jul 07, 2019
Beats For Love!!!! That was truly insane! What a trip! Thanks so much to the whole crew for having me on board; and everyone we caught up with along the way. Highlight of my career right there; y'all were MENTAL 🤘🏻💥⚡️💥🤘🏻#beatsforlove2019 #treimusic #jabzmc #nzdnb #drumandbass #blownaway #treiontour @ Ostrava, Czech Republic