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Transviolet with Sleeping Lion and The Bad Dreamers at The Echo (January 27, 2019)
Venue: The Echo (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
TRANSVIOLET Dec 16, 2018
There was no way we were skipping this ad on YouTube 😉💜💜
TRANSVIOLET Dec 15, 2018
Wrapped up like a present under your tree 🎁🎄
TRANSVIOLET Dec 13, 2018
Name something you've done that you want to UNDO.
TRANSVIOLET Dec 11, 2018
Did you know, if you text 741741 when you're feeling down, a crisis worker will text you back & continue to text with you til you're ok? Many people don't like talking on the phone & feel more comfortable texting. Share this post & join us in raising awareness for mental illness 💜💜
TRANSVIOLET Dec 08, 2018
Our backup mannequin Ashley fell on hard times after we shot the video for Undo. 1 share or comment can help.
TRANSVIOLET Dec 06, 2018
2,261,549. That's how many fans we have on Spotify! And trust us when we say: we LOVE all 2.26 million of you 💜💜💜
TRANSVIOLET Dec 05, 2018
We just added Sleeping Lion to our Los Angeles show on January 27th at Echo Echopark. It's going to be so much fun!! 💜💜💜 Tickets are available now:
TRANSVIOLET Dec 05, 2018
A thousand shards of light ready to attack.
TRANSVIOLET Dec 04, 2018
I’ve had men talk over me. I’ve sat patiently while they explained things I understood better than they did. I’ve been told how to dress, or do my hair, as if it was somehow paramount to my success as an artist and songwriter. I’ve been 14, trying to safely reject a grown man with his hands down my pants who didn’t see me as a human being. Still, I understand that I am incredibly lucky. Because I was born here, in America, and my voice is heard. We have come so far in the fight for equality, and I’m so grateful for the women who have come before me and made it possible for me to choose my own path. There are still woman around the world who are fighting for their rights- to an education, to reproductive autonomy, to be with the person they love. I don’t think it’s a radical idea- that one day women everywhere will have a voice, and that our communities will support us in becoming the people we were meant to be.
TRANSVIOLET Dec 01, 2018
Sweater weather is cool but so is the sun.
TRANSVIOLET Dec 01, 2018
Should we make a holiday card?!
TRANSVIOLET Nov 29, 2018
Los Angeles are you ready cause we're bringing everything we've got to The Echo on January 27th. Tickets are available NOW:
TRANSVIOLET Nov 27, 2018
Just tossed some new songs into our playlist on Spotify! Check it out
TRANSVIOLET Nov 26, 2018
‪We're playing KAABOO Cayman on Friday, February 15th! Day passes are available at See you in paradise! ‬
TRANSVIOLET Nov 26, 2018
‪We're playing KAABOO Cayman on Friday, February 15th! Day passes are available at See you in paradise! ‬
TRANSVIOLET Nov 23, 2018
‪We’re adding a little VIOLET to your Black Friday 💜💜💜 ‬ ‪25% off on all merch this weekend! ‬ ‪Use code: VioletFriday ‬ ‪‬
TRANSVIOLET Nov 22, 2018
In case you didn't already know, we're thankful for YOU. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
TRANSVIOLET Nov 22, 2018
It’s true, practice makes perfect. #SmallVictory
TRANSVIOLET Nov 19, 2018
to kick off #thanksgivingweek we wanna know, where are you from?
TRANSVIOLET Nov 17, 2018
LONG LIVE MEME KING Ron 📸 @xgreenwell
TRANSVIOLET Nov 15, 2018
SMILES au naturale
TRANSVIOLET Nov 15, 2018
What songs should we add to our roadtrip playlist on Spotify?!
TRANSVIOLET Nov 13, 2018
i want you alone, i want you alone
TRANSVIOLET Nov 10, 2018
Everyone knows the best part of the roadtrip is the playlist! Listen along with us 😝
TRANSVIOLET Nov 08, 2018
The mass shooting in Thousand Oaks is really close to home for us, this is our community. Our heart goes out to the families. We need to come together and figure out how to stop this from happening over and over again. #GunControlNow #BorderLineShooting