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TRANSVIOLET Apr 22, 2019
Wrote an article for For the Record on how to take hold of your vulnerabilities and turn them into art. Check it out 💜
TRANSVIOLET Apr 22, 2019
At their core almost every holiday is about coming together and spending time with your family and loved ones. So whether you’re celebrating Easter, or Passover, or another Sunday we hope you have an amazing time with family and friends!!
TRANSVIOLET Apr 20, 2019
Smoking trees all day... Happy 4/20 🥦🔥🥦
TRANSVIOLET Apr 20, 2019
Judah and Jon deep in the Los Angeles jungles... 🌿🐍🍃
TRANSVIOLET Apr 19, 2019
new friendz 👫 Great Good Fine Ok
TRANSVIOLET Apr 18, 2019
‪Wasn’t everyone pissed at the catholic church for molesting kids like 5 min ago? Much better ways to donate money. People are starving. Kids are dying of cancer. Women are sold as slaves/denied education worldwide. Rebuilding a pretty building is a strange thing to prioritize. ‬
TRANSVIOLET Apr 17, 2019
‪Staying busy 🎙 ‬ ‪PC: elli lauren‬
TRANSVIOLET Apr 15, 2019
v classy 🙃 📷: matt conrado
TRANSVIOLET Apr 13, 2019
They say you can speak your dreams into existence. So here goes nothing... 💫 ✨we will play Coachella ✨💫
TRANSVIOLET Apr 13, 2019
TRANSVIOLET Apr 11, 2019
Throwback to our country club days; leisurely lounging around playing croquet and bocce ball.
TRANSVIOLET Apr 10, 2019
Today we celebrate the birth of a legend, Jon Garcia. The master of rhythm, high priest of kick drum EQ, emperor of weird sound design, strange food combination king, prince of no shoe drumming, stomach sleeping shaman, Jon is the best person to get lost in an airport underground with, will always make sure the music is at the most appropriate level, and is never afraid to tell the most embarrassing story about himself to make his friends laugh. Happy birthday Jon, we love you!
TRANSVIOLET Apr 09, 2019
awww judah 💜
TRANSVIOLET Apr 08, 2019
TRANSVIOLET Apr 07, 2019
TRANSVIOLET Apr 06, 2019
Skip to 48:37 in Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina It's our favorite part. You'll thank us later. 💜 #PrettyHead
TRANSVIOLET Apr 05, 2019
Sarah's playing in a charity poker tournament next weekend 4/13 in Los Angeles to benefit Autism Speaks! If you're in the area and want to come, you can grab tickets at Red Carpet Arrival: 6pm Cards In the Air: 7pm #LightItUpBlue
TRANSVIOLET Apr 03, 2019
GO VOTE for Small Victory on The World Famous KROQ #LocalsOnly with KatCorbett 💜💜💜 Comment with a screenshot of your submitted vote for a heart from us
TRANSVIOLET Apr 03, 2019
BRB moving to the mountains.
TRANSVIOLET Apr 01, 2019
No April Fools here, just grinding away in the studio.
TRANSVIOLET Mar 28, 2019
Someone teach us 🕺🏼: pole_paul_mwi 🎵: The Hamptons
TRANSVIOLET Mar 28, 2019
TRANSVIOLET Mar 26, 2019
Don’t blink 👁
TRANSVIOLET Mar 25, 2019
Celebrating 500K views on our Pretty Head video. This video had a microscopic budget, but so much passion behind it. Still one of my favorites I’ve directed to this day.
TRANSVIOLET Mar 24, 2019
Today is the birthday of our rock, our core, our lighting guy, and the dude who drives the most on tour, yet rarely lets me feed him from behind... Joe Pan ladies and gentlemen. Happy birthday bud. Sorry this is the best photo I have of you. I drew arrows so that everyone can see you.