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TRANSVIOLET Aug 22, 2019
not much has changed, still got cheeks for weeks. show me your then and now pics 😂
TRANSVIOLET Aug 15, 2019
if you were born somewhere else, taught that God had a different name, would you believe in that God now? Photo Chris Greenwell
TRANSVIOLET Aug 03, 2019
petition to change the word clitoris to glitteris, who’s in? ✨
TRANSVIOLET Aug 02, 2019
just 4 apes on a speck of dust floating through infinite space... Photo: Chris Greenwell
TRANSVIOLET Jul 31, 2019
i know i’m done with an album when i start itching to tour again.... what cities should we play in?
TRANSVIOLET Jul 31, 2019
i hear a lot of people (*cough* men) freaking out over consent. i *kind of* get it. we were brought up in an era where being aggressive was just “being assertive” or “being confident”, and now it feels like all the rules have changed. i hear that, but this is progress. we are figuring out how to treat each other with more respect. i think the age of The Pick Up Artist is lonnnnnnggg gone. do you really want to trick someone into having sex with you? do you want someone to feel like they were taken advantage of, or even sort of regret an encounter with you? it’s crazy to think that ONLY having sex with people that DEFINITELY want to have sex with you is a controversial topic. the idea of someone i want to have sex with asking me what i want them to do to me is fucking sexy. and, i hate to break it to you, but if the sexual situation with someone is so delicate, that simply asking for consent kills the mood, they don’t really wanna fuck you. thoughts?
TRANSVIOLET Jul 27, 2019
‪thanks for the amazing fan art bryelle!! wish my handwriting was this beautiful!‬
TRANSVIOLET Jul 24, 2019
If we made it a crime to impregnate people who did not want to be pregnant, would that me more absurd, less absurd, or equally absurd to banning abortion? Why? photo by @xgreenwell
TRANSVIOLET Jul 23, 2019
jus smol orange jelly beans photo xgreenwell
TRANSVIOLET Jul 20, 2019
i’m the quiet one, waiting in the dark... photo: skylerbocciolatt
TRANSVIOLET Jul 17, 2019
Man when we’re an old timers rock band we’re going to still have all the looks
TRANSVIOLET Jul 12, 2019
tag a friend whose jokes make you laugh like a fucking lunatic to yourself later...
TRANSVIOLET Jul 10, 2019
so excited for everyone to see this next week 💜💜💜 Great Good Fine Ok dress by House of Cinco
TRANSVIOLET Jul 06, 2019
Who are some AWESOME and EMPOWERING artists you've been listening to lately that we should check out?!?
TRANSVIOLET Jul 05, 2019
They try and use it to control us, but we know happiness can't be bought.
TRANSVIOLET Jul 02, 2019
I can’t believe it’s July and there is still snow in Mammoth!
TRANSVIOLET Jul 01, 2019
How are you feeling today? If you are feeling shitty, go through this quick self care checklist! Love you all!! Take care of yourself like you’d take care of someone you love 💜
TRANSVIOLET Jun 30, 2019
‪this is how a mike pan sleeps‬
TRANSVIOLET Jun 29, 2019
I get it how I live it I live it how I get it Count the mothafuckin' digits I pull up with a lemon🍋🎶 this is what they meant, right? kimono by outrageousmermaid🧜‍♀️
TRANSVIOLET Jun 29, 2019
When I start feeling unhappy or weird about my body or how I look, I think about all the people who profit off my insecurities and it makes me want to rebel against those feelings. It makes me want to be bold and fearless and run around with no make up or bra or fucks. I’ll always want to improve myself, but I am more than enough. Right now. So are you. These messages that have been fed to us over and over again by media, that we are “broken”, “damaged” that we should be ashamed of our bodies, no matter what the shape- then repeated to us by our families and peers so many times that we begin to think they are our true. We begin to think these ideas about ourselves are ours. They aren’t. Be rebellious with your confidence. Be defiantly happy with who you are, because you are so much more than enough. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you some shit. FUCK. ALL. THAT. photo/hair: @jessscissorhands
TRANSVIOLET Jun 28, 2019
‪Sarah approves this drink!‬
TRANSVIOLET Jun 27, 2019
“Are the stories you’re telling aligned with the goals you have?... are you distancing yourself from who you are to be you who think you need to be?” some words of wisdom I heard from Priscilla Renea today 🙌🙌🙌 hands all the way up, I needed to hear that today. What a legend.
TRANSVIOLET Jun 26, 2019
Remember being a kid and thinking “If I lived in Nazi Germany, I would have done something”? well here’s your chance to prove it. It’s fucking disgusting that we are treating HUMAN BEINGS like this, and there is absolutely no excuse. There are toddlers sleeping on concrete floors with no blankets, soap or toothbrushes. They are filthy and tired and probably terrified. They need to be returned to their parents. I don’t care who you voted for, or what choices or politics brought us here, the point is this is where are, and we all need to wake up and draw a very clear line and say “we do not condone this, it’s unacceptable”. Call your representatives. It only takes a few minutes, You can find yours at
TRANSVIOLET Jun 24, 2019
Are you afraid of the dark? 💡
TRANSVIOLET Jun 22, 2019
watch out boys, i’m gonna be the next Tony Hawk 🛹