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California Hotel
Volume X (Bonus Track Edition)
Thing (Bonus Track Version)
What Day Is It Tonight? (Trans Am Live 1993-2008)
Sex Change
You Can Always Get What You Want
Red Line
The Surveillance
Surrender to the Night
Trans Am
Trans Am Sep 28, 2017
Enjoy a nice fan-made video of this Sex Change jam. The guy told us: "I found this box of old VHS tapes while I was trespassing in the abandoned Trilurd robot factory last year. I decided to edit together the best parts of the footage into this video for "Obscene Strategies."
Trans Am Sep 24, 2017
The long awaited Roadburn concert - in living stereo! All gaffs intentional.
Trans Am Aug 25, 2017
Trans Am reissues out TODAY!!!! All on coloured vinyl for the first time on Thrill Jockey Records | Poor Nathan doesn't have his yet ☹️ Snag em below ✌️
Trans Am Aug 23, 2017
We made a Spotify playlist of some of our all-time favorites from 'Trans Am', 'Surrender to the Night' and 'Sex Change' ahead of the forthcoming vinyl reissues with Thrill Jockey Records | Dig in below!! ↓
Trans Am Aug 09, 2017
What they said!!!!
Trans Am Jul 22, 2017
More on those Trans Am reissues! this 🎥 by Erik Barnes of 'North East Rising Sun' We met up in a recording school in New Zealand - where Nathan was living at the time. Then we mixed it while out of our heads in San Francisco on a steady diet of burritos and Tecate. So that kind of set the stage for a strong "fucking whatever" ethic ↓🎧
Trans Am Jul 20, 2017
Trans Am - still tanking it after all these years ~ Phil ~ Get them here →
Trans Am Jul 19, 2017
Trans Am
Trans Am Jun 30, 2017
This album was recorded partially in New Zealand at a recording school and at Oneida's studio, The Ocropolis, in Brooklyn, and was mixed in San Francisco. The sessions in NZ were not the normal studio/party time for us because there were strict rules about smoking and drinking as it was in a school. We would make up for the lack of partying in NZ at the subsequent session in Brooklyn. The Ocropolis session yielded my favorite tracks on the album - 'First Words' and 'North East/Rising Sun'. There's a certain sense of release on 'North East/Rising Sun' that I hear every time I listen to that track. It captures a moment. The album really came together during the mixing with the help of our friend and engineer Aaron Prellwitz. We couldn't have done it without him. This might be my favorite Trans Am record, sonically speaking. Get it now! ~ Phil ~
Trans Am Jun 28, 2017
Thrill Jockey Records Reissue No.2 to tell you about - This record was composed when all lived together in Takoma Park, Maryland. It was a concept album which had a tenuous thread of being the soundtrack to a night out on the town - Available on RED 🔴 Vinyl! Get it 👇
Trans Am Jun 27, 2017
SO stoked to tell you we will be reissuing a bunch of our LPs with our friends over at Thrill Jockey Records! Details below on the first one - available now on CLEAR WAX! 👇
Trans Am May 23, 2017
I contributed to the new Man Forever and it is some of John's best work to date, check all the details below - delighted this finally saw the light of day! ~ Phil ~
Trans Am May 05, 2017
We're on another Spotify playlist! 💥
Trans Am Apr 27, 2017
"One of this year's RSD highlight releases." Wow! Thanks Destroy//Exist!
Trans Am Apr 27, 2017
Finally getting a chance to check out my copy of the new Trans Am album 'California Hotel'. I swear the colored vinyl sounds even better than the test pressing! Follow this link to stream the album on Spotify: ...but obviously it sounds better on vinyl;) Get your LP copy while they last. It's a limited pressing.
Trans Am Apr 25, 2017
Thanks Spotify for including the opening track from our new LP 'I Hear Fake Voices' on your New Punk Tracks Playlist ↓
Trans Am Apr 21, 2017
Here is a video from our recent show at the Colchester Arts Centre featuring "Ship Of The Imagination" off of our upcoming LP 'California Hotel'. We'll be playing these songs and more off of California Hotel tomorrow at Roadburn Festival (it's Sebi's birthday!) and at Het Bos in Antwerpen on 4/23. Hope you enjoy. Video credit: Alexander Grant Tennille
Trans Am Apr 20, 2017
We play Magasin 4 tonight in Brussels!!! #FenderBand #JimiHendrix #strattitude #transamtour
Trans Am Apr 18, 2017
We made a Spotify Playlist for Thrill Jockey Records Go check it! Includes CHROME, The Fucking Champs, Egyptian Lover, The Beach Boys and loads more Listen here ↓
Trans Am Apr 17, 2017
Thanks BrooklynVegan! Tonight we're at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, England 🇬🇧
Trans Am Apr 14, 2017
Paris 🇫🇷 We are sincerely sorry to report that due to disruptions to our travel plans, we are unable to perform at Point Éphémère this evening. We hope to reschedule the show, however, it is unlikely to be this year. The rest of the European tour will go ahead as planned though. Best Wishes, ~ Trans Am ~
Trans Am Apr 13, 2017
Europe: We are heading for you | 'California Hotel' is out on Thrill Jockey Records in little over a week 🔥 We play Point Éphémère, Paris tomorrow night! 🇫🇷
Trans Am Apr 10, 2017
Trans Am shares advice on setting up keyboard stands!!!
Trans Am Apr 08, 2017
Thrill Jockey Records
Trans Am Apr 04, 2017
Some radical sounds coming your way from Thrill Jockey, including our new album, California Hotel.