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The Catastrophist (Bonus Track Edition)
Beacons of Ancestorship (Bonus Track Version)
It's All Around You
Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Tortoise Nov 06, 2018
Soma Electronic Music Studios
Tortoise Jun 17, 2018
Soma Electronic Music Studios
Tortoise Jun 12, 2018
Soma Electronic Music Studios 4.0, a/k/a Soma West
Tortoise Jun 09, 2018
Soma Electronic Music Studios
Tortoise Mar 21, 2018
Friends, check this out, Dan Bitney and Selina Trepp are Spectralina.
Tortoise Feb 07, 2018
Soma Electronic Music Studios
Tortoise Oct 10, 2017
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event known as Festival Aurora which was scheduled to take place on October 11th, 2017 at Pepsi Center in Mexico City with the participation of Spiritulized, Thurston Moore Group and Tortoise, is officially cancelled. Refunds for ticket buyers will be available starting October 11, at the point of purchase. Purchases made by credit card will be automatically reimbursed. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for understanding.
Tortoise Oct 01, 2017
Fulton Market St. Fest in Chicago today. Set time 6:45pm. Come say hi!
Tortoise Sep 21, 2017
Thrill Jockey has some lovely new shirts available about crochety old people. Get em whilst the getting is good, at or where ever fine quality goods like they used to make are sold.
Tortoise Sep 15, 2017
Tomorrow night at Zebulon, Los Angeles, Peter Brötzmann, Jeff Parker, John Herndon trio. Doors 8pm. Emmett Kelly of The Cairo Gang and Aaron Olson of LA Takedown will be playing records too!
Tortoise Sep 05, 2017
Looking forward to journeying out to Joshua Tree for a set at Desert Daze next month! See you at the Institute of Mentalphysics!
Tortoise Aug 25, 2017
Day Splits are out for Desert Daze Catch us with Iggy Pop, John Cale and loads more on Saturday, October 14th | Tickets ↓
Tortoise Aug 22, 2017
Competition time! Read below and message our label to win one of our limited edition tote bags 👇
Tortoise Aug 19, 2017
Get this awesome flexidisc from HYDROFOIL featuring Douglas McCombs:
Tortoise Aug 19, 2017
"Every time we step on a stage we are trying to invest ourselves in the performance as much as possible so that we can give the audience a unique experience. We want you to know that we consider it a privilege to play our music for you." - DMC
Tortoise Aug 18, 2017
Happy to announce a unique collaboration between Tortoise and Photographer Andrew Paynter - Tortoise's The Catastrophist Tour Book - shot on black and white film by Andrew Paynter who rode along on Tortoise 2016 American tour. The 6” x 8.5” 80 page perfect bound book comes with a CD of Tortoise’s album 'The Catastrophist' with limited edition artwork exclusive to this book. First edition also includes a bonus download of Live Tracks from the tour. A personal intimate view of Tortoise on tour! Out September 22nd, pre order here:
Tortoise Jul 29, 2017
Tortoise Jul 21, 2017
We are super-excited to be part of the Experimental Sound Studio's annual summer gala tomorrow evening at Constellation Chicago with Helen Gillet, Kim Alpert, TALsounds and many more. Details below ↓ 📸 by Andrew Paynter
Tortoise Jul 18, 2017
~ CHICAGO ~ Saturday ~ Constellation Chicago
Tortoise Jun 30, 2017
Out Four Weeks today on Thrill Jockey Records - The vinyl reissue of Jeff Parker's 'The Relatives' get it now below ↓
Tortoise Jun 29, 2017
California! Delighted to announce we'll be at Desert Daze Festival in October | What you need to know ↓ #DesertDaze2017
Tortoise Jun 13, 2017
Happy Birthday to our great label 🎈 🎁 See if you can spot the Brokeback + Jeff Parker reissues! #ThrillJockey25