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Unbreakable Smile
Tori Kelly Apr 23, 2019
performing with my faves Dan + Shay at the Billboard Music Awards!! tune in may 1 on nbc 😍🙊 #BBMAs
Tori Kelly Apr 23, 2019
i’m a mom😍😩
Tori Kelly Apr 19, 2019
*insert donut pun here* 🍩
Tori Kelly Apr 19, 2019
new orleans, thank you for an amazing last show of the #AcousticSessions tour!!!🤩✨ thank you Mateus Asato, you’re really special. & thank you to my crew, i wouldn’t have been able to do this tour without each 1 of you! i’m so thankful y’all!☺️ thank you guys for coming to the shows & listening to all the new music🙈💕 see you soon💫
Tori Kelly Apr 17, 2019
Tori Kelly
Tori Kelly Apr 10, 2019
ST. PETE YALL WERE SO HYPE😍 it was hot & sweaty & i think i have bug bites but it was so worth it💖💖💖💖 ORLANDO see you tonight!!! #AcousticSessions
Tori Kelly Apr 09, 2019
when you’re sad because there’s only 3 shows left but then you think about what’s next 🙃 see you tonight st. pete!! #AcousticSessions
Tori Kelly Apr 08, 2019
“kid i used to know” 📝(written by me, ashley gorley, & mike elizondo) see you tomorrow st. pete💫#AcousticSessions
Tori Kelly Apr 07, 2019
lynchburg, virginia😍💋💖🥰💕🤩♥️ i loved your energy last night!!! thanks singing so loud✨ #AcousticSessions only a few more shows left! st. petersburg, u nexttttt
Tori Kelly Apr 06, 2019
thank you philllyyyyy💕 tonight we’re at liberty university in virginia!! can’t wait🙊 #AcousticSessions
Tori Kelly Apr 05, 2019
our new super mellow preshow warmup. SEE YOU TONIGHT PHILLY!!
Tori Kelly Apr 04, 2019
BROOKLYN YOU WERE SO MAGICAL LAST NIGHT!! (casual photoshoot backstage w/ the lovely & hilarious queen Ashley Graham) ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Tori Kelly Apr 04, 2019
i mean this whole acoustic thing is great but maybe it’s time to switch it up...🕺🏻 choreo by kamari copeland filmed by Ashley Graham
Tori Kelly Apr 03, 2019
last night in boston was a real treat🥰 BROOKLYN COME THRU TONIGHT #AcousticSessions
Tori Kelly Apr 02, 2019
‘sorry would go a long way’ 📝written by me, jimmy napes, & bruno major ♥️ it’s been so incredible playing new songs on this tour! boston, see you tonight☘️
Tori Kelly Apr 01, 2019
i’ve gotten a lot of people asking how i take care of my skin on the road... might be a little unique, but here ya go💁🏼‍♀️
Tori Kelly Apr 01, 2019
toronto, thank you for an amazing night!!🇨🇦🥰 BOSTON YOU’RE NEXT! see you tomorrow👽 can’t believe there’s only 7 more shows left of the #AcousticSessions !! tix @ 4/2 - boston 4/3 - brooklyn 4/5 - philly 4/6 - liberty university, va 4/9 - st. petersburg, fl 4/10 - orlando, fl 4/13 - new orleans
Tori Kelly Mar 31, 2019
*lemme make this rose a prop real quick since it matches my eyeshadow* also shoutout to post show hair frizzz🤘🏽 TORONTO SEE YOU TONIGHT!
Tori Kelly Mar 30, 2019
columbus ohiooooo your energy was insane🤯 TORONTO SEE YALL TOMORROW!!🇨🇦
Tori Kelly Mar 29, 2019
indianapolis, we had soooo much fun with yall😍 COLUMBUS YOU’RE NEXT! SEE YOU TONIGHT!!
Tori Kelly Mar 28, 2019
missin y’all on off days like
Tori Kelly Mar 28, 2019
st. louis, i loooooove u🌹 see you tomorrow indianapolis!!
Tori Kelly Mar 26, 2019
did a lil q&a for some of y’all who were waiting in line for the show🦁 #AcousticSessions SEE YOU TONIGHT ST. LOUIS (ps, i have a lot of fav things & i can never pick just 1 of something.. like ask me what my fav food is & i’ll say a buffet👀 lolol soooo yeah this was hard for me)
Tori Kelly Mar 26, 2019
happy 50th Sesame Street 💛 #thisismystreet
Tori Kelly Mar 25, 2019
kansas city, you were in the zone last night⚡️ excited for st. louis tomorrow!!