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Inspired by True Events
Hiding Place
Unbreakable Smile
Unbreakable Smile (Bonus Track Version)
Tori Kelly Aug 22, 2019
music has helped me in so many ways to process, heal, learn & grow in life... #InspiredByTrueEvents is my grow up album🎬🥀🎞📽
Tori Kelly Aug 21, 2019
sat with @Jon Batiste while at the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert & had the pleasure of singing a few songs with him 💫 check out the full vids on youtube!
Tori Kelly Aug 17, 2019
london was lit
Tori Kelly Aug 16, 2019
#InspiredByTrueEvents has been out for 1 week!!🥀🎞 here’s some bts clips from the album photoshoot📽
Tori Kelly Aug 15, 2019
thank you The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for having me last night!🥀
Tori Kelly Aug 15, 2019
tune in tonight!! The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ♥️
Tori Kelly Aug 13, 2019
throwback to london / mood since the album came out🥰
Tori Kelly Aug 13, 2019
#InspiredByTrueEvents album booklet📽🥀🎬
Tori Kelly Aug 12, 2019
coffee landed on Deezer’s all pop playlist this week ✨ listen here:
Tori Kelly Aug 10, 2019
Tori Kelly Aug 09, 2019
filmed a special little something for 'Inspired by True Events.' now presenting: coffee (live from capitol studios) ☕️🎞
Tori Kelly Aug 09, 2019
#InspiredByTrueEvents is actually here…. this album has been in the making over the last few years & now it’s available for you to listen to. it still blows my mind that a song starts from nothing & then becomes this thing that people can connect to.. & that’s what i hope these songs become. this is by far the most vulnerable i’ve ever been in my music & even though it was a little scary, i know it’s exactly where i needed to be for this chapter of my life. i love you guys! thank you for listening & i hope you enjoy🥀🎬🎞#TK3
Tori Kelly Aug 08, 2019
‪see you tonight📹‬
Tori Kelly Aug 08, 2019
‪got another surprise for you on album release day… ☕️‬
Tori Kelly Aug 07, 2019
tomorrow night…📹🎞🥀📽🎬 #InspiredByTrueEvents
Tori Kelly Aug 06, 2019
📹 shot by: laura kelly birthday boy: noah kelly song i’m singing (& butchering the lyrics) by: Crystal Lewis #InspiredByTrueEvents 💽out on friday!!
Tori Kelly Aug 05, 2019
#InspiredByTrueEvents 1.☕️ 2.📹 3.💐 4.🗣 5.✌🏼 6.📹 7.🧸 8.🥀 9.📹 10.💔 11.🎬 12.💸 13.🙏🏼 14.📹 15.🇯🇲 16.🌅
Tori Kelly Aug 02, 2019
‪my 1st gig in germany!🇩🇪 thank you berlin for showing up to my little last minute pop up show!! ich liebe dich🥰 ‬ ‪ps. 1 WEEK TILL ALBUM DAY‬
Tori Kelly Aug 01, 2019
‪ you can now listen to ‘2 Places’ from the new album 📼♥️ hope you enjoy!! ‬ ‪
Tori Kelly Aug 01, 2019
Tori Kelly Jul 31, 2019
‪just look at the birds, they only know how to fly..... up in the clouds, they never worry like i do ☁️‬
Tori Kelly Jul 31, 2019
‪last night was epic. london, thank you for making the show so special♥️ it was honestly an emotional one for me but in the best way. love you guys so much ‬
Tori Kelly Jul 29, 2019
‪LONDON! see you tomorrow🥰🥰🥰‬
Tori Kelly Jul 28, 2019
‪just a quick pit stop to check off a bucket list item🐭💖!!!!!! ‬
Tori Kelly Jul 26, 2019
2 Places out next friday 🥀#InspiredByTrueEvents