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Crushed Ice
Tool Jun 16, 2019
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Just like mothers, without fathers there wouldn't be any (or as many) TOOL fans. So let's hear some stories about father and sons or daughters or pets experiences involving the band. And they better be true, because I'm going to check.
Tool May 23, 2019
OWN AN ADI GRANOV TOOL PAINTING A Note from the artist, himself: "I have decided to start accepting offers on these two Tool paintings (via DM please, or via [email protected]). Both are original artwork paintings done for the band Tool for their appearances. I'll keep this open for at least a week, and if it doesn't result in sales I will keep them. Unija (hands) painting done for Tool Clinic events. Art is 16.5 x 11 inches on thick watercolour board. Painted in acrylic paint and gloss varnished for protection. Reserve is $6000 USD. Oko painting done for the San Bernardino festival poster and shirts. 20 x 13.3 inches, same materials as above. Reserve is $8000 USD. I am happy to entertain offers on both combined. I also reserve the right to change my mind!"
Tool May 23, 2019
D.C. as the FARMER. JUSTIN as the (front) of the horse and his faithful tech as the horse's... arse.
Tool May 16, 2019
Fiend to support TOOL in Europe! And here they are...HEITHAM al SAYED on vocals and guitars... MICHEL BASSIN on guitar... NICHOLAS ZIRKOVICH on bass... RENAUD LEMAITRE on drums
Tool May 15, 2019
A reminder for those in the L.A area. (or who plan to visit) that DANNY will be performing with BRIAN CHARETTE at the BAKED POTATO jazz club in Studio City on THURSDAY, MAY 23. Doug Webb, David Sampson and Andy Sanesi will also be on hand as the Hammond B-3 gets a good workout. All ages welcome to the 'tator' experience (where you can ask Danny about all kinds of things when he's not drumming). Also worthy of note, Scott Kinsey plays on MONDAY, May 20.
Tool May 14, 2019
"Hi, may I help you?" Just because Tool is at the Sprint Center in K.C. tonight, don't try to sneak in any Gates Original Classic BBQ sauce with hopes of D.C. tossing burnt ends into the crowd instead of beat up drumsticks.
Tool May 12, 2019
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, mothers, especially those who were congratulated upon the delivery of a healthy future Tool enthusiast.
Tool May 11, 2019
Does anyone else see the Cecropia moth on the screen below the lights on the left? From what I understand it shouldn't be there. Unless it was a stowaway in Junior's luggage? Or Breck is messing with us... or it's an artifact from Rynne's iPhone camera? (Update: it seems to vanish and then re-appear and then vanish again in the photo - weird! -perhaps I should check with Rance Q. Spartley?) UPDATE: Never mind about that Cecropia moth that I thought I saw near the lights. Turns out that I was experiencing an ocular migraine (thanks for your help, Rance). Sorry, I didn't mean to alarm anyone. Oh, and don't worry about the iPhone - Rynne's allowed to take photos.
Tool May 11, 2019
D.C. Cake (thanks AJ)
Tool May 10, 2019
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY! Here are a few photos from my collection: A tyke without a tech or gong; about to enjoy one of my baked goods in either the late 80s or early 90s (pre-Tool days); hitting 4 Kings at SouthPoint while visiting Vegas not too long ago... and one taken by Rynne yesterday of the man and his son trying to figure out that complex gadget.
Tool May 09, 2019
Looking for a grimoire? My friends at WEISER ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS have just listed a new catalogue (#220) and the theme is MAGICK. Among the titles featured are some works by ANDREW D. CHUMBLEY, including QUTUB (also called The Point). If interested, hurry, because they usually sell fast.
Tool May 08, 2019
August 30th
Tool May 06, 2019
"ALL SOULS", featuring ERIK TRAMMELL, to support TOOL as they continue the new tour with a show in Birmingham, AL on May 7.
Tool May 03, 2019
“SOURCE OF UNCERTAINTY CONTROLS DATE” Have you read the posts on certain message boards about how Danny's new tee - featuring the legendary Buchla "SOURCE OF UNCERTAINTY" module - is believed to divulge the date of Tool's new record by the positions of various control settings? Well, unless someone's a really lucky guesser, I'd rule that out. The module on the tee is damn cool, though - as the heart of the 200 system, whose analog oracle 'speaks' in three flavors of noise - pink, white and blue... and whose Stored Random Voltages not only create Sample & Hold effects, but with the addition of CHAOS takes you far beyond the more familiar S/H arabesques. Unpredictability at its finest! Oh, yes, I've seen the youtube clip about tees and such. Very clever, although mistimed (in my opinion). Even so, I'm glad that some fans are finding ways to entertain themselves as the anticipation builds.
Tool May 01, 2019
DANNY with "CHARETTE GROUP" at the BAKED POTATO jazz club in Studio City, Ca. on THURSDAY, MAY 23. Besides Brian and Danny, the line up includes DOUG WEBB, DAVID SAMPSON and ANDY SANESI. Lots of drums and lots of Hammond B-3 action at the 'tator.' All ages welcome!
Tool Apr 29, 2019
DANNY's new tee shirt, "TRANSMUTING CHORONZOM 333" now back in stock.
Tool Apr 26, 2019
Tool Apr 23, 2019
TOOL TO HEADLINE AFTERSHOCK FESTIVAL IN OCTOBER The unparalleled sonic and visual experience of TOOL LIVE ON STAGE comes to the 2019 AFTERSHOCK FESTIVAL (OCTOBER 11-12-13) at DISCOVERY PARK in SACRAMENTO, California. TICKETS for sale to the PUBLIC on FRIDAY, APRIL 26 at 12pm PDT (3 pm ET). VIP and General Admission tickets, as well as hotel packages, for Aftershock will be available beginning on Friday, April 26 at 12:00 PM PT. Visit for more details.The current music lineup for Aftershock is as follows (subject to change) Ticket prices for Aftershock will be as follows: 3-Day Weekend General Admission: starting at $269.50 + fees 3-Day VIP: starting at $449.50 + fees Single Day General Admission: starting at $99.50 + fees Single Day VIP: starting at $199.50 + fees A limited number of GA ticket 4-packs will also be available. VIP tickets include VIP entrance lanes into the venue, shaded VIP hang area with seating for dining, VIP-only viewing area of main stage, video screens featuring live feed from main stages, upgraded food and drink selections (for additional purchase), dedicated VIP restrooms, and commemorative Aftershock 2019 laminate.Tickets for Aftershock have sold out for four years straight. Fans are encouraged to buy early to save, and to secure a spot at this year’s event. Aftershock is again offering a Park & Ride shuttle program, as parking at Discovery Park is extremely limited. Each Park & Ride ticket includes parking at Sleep Train Arena and a non-stop shuttle directly to and from the festival site each day. Festivalgoers are encouraged to carpool to Sleep Train Arena and enjoy this convenient way to get to Aftershock. For all pricing and more details, visit Discovery Park is located at 1600 Garden Highway in Sacramento. Festival doors open at 11:00 AM daily. For more information on Aftershock please visit: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Hashtag: #Aftershock
Tool Apr 22, 2019
"THE OTHERING" FIRST EDITION SECOND PRINTING $19.00 Glimpses of the ancient futuristic marvels of humanity’s cultural exemplars (the so-called “fallen angels”) and further revelations of their forbidden knowledge: nightside magical operations involving occult hyperchemistry that facilitates higher realizations. THE OTHERING A NOVEL By BLAIR MacKENZIE BLAKE 2ND Printing of the First Edition limited to only 200 copies of which the first 48 are signed by the author. PRICE: $19.99 Featuring glossy new cover artwork, the 2nd issue of my novel entitled “THE OTHERING” (about 88,000 words) concerns the disturbing effects that glimpses of an artificial (?) parallel world have on one person while growing up in a small Midwestern town whose other residents are unable to perceive even traces of the ‘futuristic’ strangeness that he explores behind the scenery of consensus reality. The PRIVATELY PUBLISHED 2nd PRINTING of the FIRST EDITION once again consists of ONLY 200 PERFECTLY BOUND SOFT COVER COPIES (6 x 9 – 303 pages). THE OTHERING Growing up in Southern Illinois in the 1960s, Addison Albright appears to be a typical mischievous teen – even though the manner in which birds flit from branch to branch in the placid suburb troubles him. Oddities in his childhood memories also cause him to wonder if things are really as they seem in “Little Egypt?” The one person who might know is the town villain, Maxx “Molewhisker” Schaufler – a former undertaker with a hotrod hearse who Addison encounters in a private cemetery with curious grave markers. Not only is the old codger’s appearance unusual, there’s something peculiar about his ramshackle Victorian that Addison soon comes to realize. As a series of perplexing events has him teetering on the brink of insanity, someone else is attracted to Molewhisker’s afflicted mirror: a scholarly biker named Zerrill who claims to be a member of an epigraphic society. After involving himself in the strange relationship between the enigmatic Schaufler and the boy struggling to free himself from his mysterious control, his true agenda is called into question. Exploiting the town folk to achieve his cryptic objective, the narrative darkens when Addsion becomes infatuated with a gorgeous college girl with esoteric interests. As the three match wits while attempting to unravel a local legend that could revise world history, their lives will be forever changed when they discover the shocking truth revealed in the Othering.
Tool Apr 16, 2019
3teeth, who toured with TOOL in 2016, release their new album, Metawar, on July 5. Check out their video for "American Landfill" below, which was directed by visual artist Matthew Charles Santoro (X-Men, The Incredible Hulk)
Tool Apr 16, 2019
TWO NEW TEES AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT DANNY'S WEBSTORE TRANSMUTING CHORONZOM (333) As the seemingly malefic (or mischievous) “Demon of Dispersion” and “Dweller on the Threshold” in Enochian and Thelemic magic, CHORONZOM (333) is considered to be the final obstacle between the aspirant and the enlightenment received upon reaching the supernal triad beyond the lower qabalistic spheres. Therefore, in the occult symbolism depicted, “The Guardian of the Abyss” represents individual self-perfection that is achieved by a physical transmutation (i.e. the perfect digestion of alchemical gold). For those endowed with oxyopia – or as seen with an altered perception, Choronzom hints at an endogenous mystification involving the death-born substance of a buried philosophy. The Triple Fire-Tongue of the mortified circle - or self-devouring serpent (uroborus) - becomes the smokeless flame that feasts or burns away a certain membrane that acts as a protective shell in the human anatomy. In order to be redeemed from baseness, Choronzom must be apprehended and transmuted. “SOURCE OF UNCERTAINTY” To commemorate the release of "REMEMBER THE FUTURE - THE DANNY CAREY SYNTH PROJECT", Danny's new TEE features the legendary Buchla "SOURCE OF UNCERTAINTY" module. Unpredictability at its finest. The SOURCE OF UNCERTAINTY module is said to be the heart of the Buchla 200 system, whose analog oracle 'speaks' in three flavors of noise - pink, white and blue... and whose Stored Random Voltages not only create Sample & Hold effects, but with the addition of CHAOS takes you far beyond the more familiar S/H arabesques.
Tool Apr 14, 2019
DANNY CAREY TRIO AT STUMPFEST 8 There are still some tickets available to see THE DANNY CAREY TRIO perform the music of FRANK ZAPPA at STUMPFEST 8 at Mississippi Studios in PORTLAND OERGON on SATURDAY, APRIL 20. The trio includes JAMIE KIME and PETE GRIFFIN from ZPZ, along with special guests Joel Robinow (From Once & Future Band) on keys and Ben Thomas (from ZPZ) on vocals.
Tool Apr 14, 2019
DANNY SIGNED COPIES STILL AVAILABLE: NEWLY EXPANDED 3RD IMPRESSION OF THE WICKEDEST BOOKS We’ve just received from the specialty printer 200 copies of the expanded 3RD IMPRESSION of “THE WICKEDEST BOOKS IN THE WORLD: CONFESSIONS OF AN ALEISTER CROWLEY BIBLIOPHILE.” The new LIMITED EDITION is a sumptuously produced HARDCOVER that contains an updated author’s preface as well as lots of additional full-color glossy photos (and associated captions and comments) of the Crowley rarities that were added to the private collections of the author (Blair MacKenzie Blake) and Danny Carey since the 1st impression in 2008 and 2nd impression in 2011. THE FIRST 156 COPIES of the 2019 impression come with a decorative card signed by Blair MacKenzie Blake and Danny Carey. WRITTEN by BLAIR MacKENZIE BLAKE FOREWORD by DANNY CAREY PHOTOGRAPHY by DUNCAN BLAKE
Tool Apr 01, 2019
COSM APRIL TOOL'S DAY SALE Lots of great merch at great prices in the COSM TOOL COLLECTION. Featured for APRIL TOOL'S DAY is a 4'X2' NET OF BEING canvas print. Check it out at: