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New Item
Tony Castles Aug 11, 2016
Willie's getting married this weekend Whaaaaat!
Tony Castles Aug 02, 2016
Really happy to be included on this list. Our album is being slept on generally, so our love for those who have bent an ear is unconditional. Thank you.
Tony Castles Jul 28, 2016
Testing testing we're playing at 9:45pm at Niagara TONIGHT, okay?
Tony Castles Jun 20, 2016
We are a band that's been through a lot and we are so thankful for the support we've received on this new effort. If we did an nyc release show would you be there?
Tony Castles Jun 17, 2016
Been getting a bunch of requests for the No Service EP
Tony Castles Jun 17, 2016
Hello WEEKEND take us with you
Tony Castles Jun 16, 2016
"All My Mistakes Are Honest"
Tony Castles Jun 15, 2016
Tony Castles Jun 15, 2016
Tony Castles Jun 14, 2016
Tony Castles's cover photo
Tony Castles Jun 14, 2016
Tony Castles
Tony Castles Jun 14, 2016
The new album New Item is out TODAY on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and all your other favorite places to buy or steal music. Thank you to everyone who made this possible in one way or another: Yale Yng-Wong Christopher Saunders Jake Aron Phil Abbott Ayad Al Adhamy Stephanie Hartka Jake Aron The Seaside Lounge Recording Studio our families and everyone else who contributed to our Kickstarter and showed us love and support through the several year it took to bring these songs to you!
Tony Castles Oct 30, 2015
Tony Castles Oct 15, 2015
Tony Castles Oct 12, 2015
Setting up Elvis Guest House last night. Cosmonaut and Warbly Jets knocked it down. see you next time
Tony Castles Oct 08, 2015
Post by Tony, poster by Cosmonaut Come see us Sunday Elvis Guesthouse Nyc
Tony Castles Oct 06, 2015
Hey! Here's a new song from our record called "Ironed Out" we're also headlining a show on sunday at Elvis Guest House
Tony Castles Sep 20, 2015
Today we played a set for models dressed as hippies somewhere in Jersey.
Tony Castles Sep 18, 2015
We're a lot like your favorite things. Photo by Katie Chow
Tony Castles Sep 10, 2015
We have many new songs, this one is pure. Its part of a #NewItem we'll be presenting to you :
Tony Castles Feb 12, 2015
Video of Glasslands show back in December. Credit to Paul's brother Mark, neither of whom are on FB but thanks anyways #music #gerbil #ruthbaderginsberg
Tony Castles Feb 04, 2015
SUGARCUBE is a BYO-LSD type of place to play
Tony Castles Jan 30, 2015
Reposting this jazz Come out to Sugarcube @ South Street Seaport, it's free! Show starts at 8, we play at 9
Tony Castles Jan 26, 2015
NYC people who make it through #juno come see us for FREE at **new venue** SugarCube//South Street Seaport//this Friday. stay warm TONY