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Tommy Tallarico Dec 06, 2018
Anoter great in-depth positive and knowledgeable article about the Intellivision Amico!
Tommy Tallarico Dec 05, 2018
A great honor to be chosen as one of the first speakers for Gamesbeat Summit 2019. I'll be getting grilled and doing a hard-hitting fireside chat with one of the best video game journalists in the industry... Dean Takahashi. :) Also speaking is MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe and Major League Gaming co-founder & Overwatch League designer Mike Sepso. And what a GREAT location in L.A.! Two Bit Circus!
Tommy Tallarico Dec 03, 2018
December 3rd is Intellivision Day! In celebration... here is a pic of one of our Amico prototypes! :) #Intellivisionday
Tommy Tallarico Dec 03, 2018
December 3rd... Happy Intellivision Day! Celebrating the day the Intellivision was first released in 1979. Everyone make sure to try and play some kind of retro game today! (and please LIKE the Intellivision Facebook page). :)
Tommy Tallarico Nov 28, 2018
Fantastic review of my new album! Video Games Live: LEVEL 6. Will be hitting the digital airwaves and stores on Dec. 7th!
Tommy Tallarico Nov 26, 2018
Tommy Tallarico Nov 24, 2018
At quick first glance I thought they were selling tommytallaricos! :)
Tommy Tallarico Nov 21, 2018
Big things coming!! History will be made. Shooting for the stars and climbing the highest mountains. Nothing will stop us. Incredible team. Best of the best!
Tommy Tallarico Nov 17, 2018
Rocked Ithica, NY last night and just about to step on stage in Binghamton, NY with the Binghamton Philharmonic. Over 100 people on stage performing tonight! Playing 2 shows in Long Island, NY tomorrow & Sunday. What a life!!!
Tommy Tallarico Nov 16, 2018
A fantastic in-depth interview answering all the tough questions! Also revealing the 3D print-outs of the controller and how they will play! (maybe not the way everyone is thinking!). :) Thanks to Dreamcastguy for the interview.
Tommy Tallarico Nov 16, 2018
This is a must watch as to why original Pokemon TV show singer Jason Paige is so AMAZING and such a great part of our team! Starting at around 8 mins., Jason (in tears) explains the gratitude he has for everything and all the fans! So fortunate to have him on our team!
Tommy Tallarico Nov 16, 2018
Sony just announced that for the first time in 24 years they will be skipping the big E3 video game convention in L.A. for 2019. I guess that means more room for us at Intellivision!!! :D
Tommy Tallarico Nov 12, 2018
Aside from being a creative genius, Stan Lee was an incredible, kind and caring person. I spent time with him in many different capacities over the past 20 years. From the first time I met him on the Spider-Man game for the PS1 (1998) to interviewing him on The Electric Playground TV show, to having him show up at my very first Video Games Live show at the Hollywood Bowl! I even have a crazy story about hanging out with him backstage with Steven Tyler & Joe Perry at an Aerosmith concert at the Hollywood Bowl (complete with pics & video)! We would frequently write e-mails back and forth throughout the years (we both still had our AOL e-mail addresses!)... my favorite was when I would send him pictures of my Spider-Man room in my house and he would respond back... "Kid... you got a problem!" Hahaha! Always quick with a joke or a smile. He was willing to give him time to anyone who asked. 95 is a long life. I hope we all get there and approach life like he did. A true inspiration who will be sadly missed. :(
Tommy Tallarico Nov 12, 2018
Sony just patented a color touchscreen for the PlayStation 5 controller (allegedly). Coincidence? Not according to my "sources". :) Good to know that the big 3 are "watching" us. I guess this means we must be doing something right!! :D
Tommy Tallarico Nov 12, 2018
Friends in NY! Just a final reminder that we'll be performing 4 shows this week in NY! New setlist for 2018! And FEATURING Original Pokemon TV show singer Jason Paige!! Ithaca, NY Ithaca State Theatre November 15, 2018 @ 7:30PM w/the Binghamton Philharmonic GET TICKETS HERE: Binghamton, NY Broom County Forum November 16, 2018 @ 7:30PM w/the Binghamton Philharmonic GET TICKETS HERE: Long Island, NY Madison Theatre at Malloy College November 17, 2018 @ 8PM w/the South Shore Symphony Orchestra GET TICKETS HERE: Long Island, NY Madison Theatre at Malloy College November 18, 2018 @ 3PM w/the South Shore Symphony Orchestra GET TICKETS HERE:
Tommy Tallarico Nov 10, 2018
Huge rehearsal happening now for our big show tonight in Midland, TX!
Tommy Tallarico Nov 10, 2018
Jason Paige on Tour with Video Games Live in Europe! Episode 4! Don't miss it!
Tommy Tallarico Nov 02, 2018
To all the haters... thanks for the laughs. :)
Tommy Tallarico Oct 31, 2018
Not bad for a 50 year old! :) Taken at our Paris show by Nicolas Gavet.
Tommy Tallarico Oct 31, 2018
Follow original Pokemon TV show singer Jason Paige as he tours around Europe & NY with Video Games Live! Here is Part 1 of his Vlog... Day One - Paris, France! Jason Paige Show
Tommy Tallarico Oct 28, 2018
Epic pic from the end of the show last night! Next stop... London! Photo by: #nicolas_gavet
Tommy Tallarico Oct 28, 2018
Lots of fun & adventures on our day off in Paris today! Jason Paige Show educated me on Lime & Bird today! Electric scooters you can rent all over cities around the world! I had no idea this existed. So much fun and a great way to see the sights!
Tommy Tallarico Oct 27, 2018
What I do on my days off now. :) Big show TONIGHT in Paris!
Tommy Tallarico Oct 25, 2018
Here is a 90 minute in depth interview with the guys over at Rerez. This week they had put out a few videos about the Intellivision Amico and had some questions and concerns... so I reached out to help set the record straight and answer their questions. Lots of exclusive info! Great interview and great guys!
Tommy Tallarico Oct 24, 2018
Ladies & Gentleman! Boys & Girls! I give you the amazingly talented original Pokemon TV show singer Jason Paige! Touring with us around the world over the next month! This is hilarious!