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Tommy Tallarico Jun 24, 2019
Another fantastic and positive article from one of the most respected and top journalists in the video game industry (Dean Takahashi) who saw and played the Intellivision Amico at E3. I can't wait to unleash this on the world! We are working on a new trailer coming in July that will talk about our mission as well as showing the machine and gameplay. Looking forward to sharing it with everyone.
Tommy Tallarico Jun 22, 2019
Tommy Tallarico Jun 21, 2019
Here's another video showing the metadata on the most famous Roblox sound: Literally hundreds of millions of views of this sound on YouTube. Millions of meme's. A sound I created, Joey edited and I own and was never asked to license or credited for. I guess I'll need to reach out to the Roblox folks to ask them "what's up?". I guess this also means I can now add Roblox to my list of credits. :D
Tommy Tallarico Jun 21, 2019
This is interesting information for me to hear considering my company (Tommy Tallarico Studios, Inc.) created and owns all the sounds for the game Messiah. As seen in other recent YouTube videos the sound effect used in Roblox was created by my lead sound designer Joey Kuras back in the late 90's. Having never played Roblox, can someone confirm that this is a sound effect that comes with the download of the game? Surprised to see literally tens of millions of views on YouTube of just this sound we created (and I myself recorded). Can people tell me more about this sound? We were never hired to create sounds for the Roblox game and the sound was never licensed so I'm wondering how it was pulled from our Messiah game and used in Roblox?
Tommy Tallarico Jun 20, 2019
Happy and proud to announce that 35+ year industry veteran and longtime CEO of Computec Media (one of the biggest video game media and magazine publishers in Germany) Hans Ippisch is now the president of Intellivision in Europe as we announce the opening of our European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany! Germany is typically the #3 or #4 country for video game sales in the world and is a very important territory for us (which is why we got the best!). Hans worked for Computec Media for almost 30 years and shows the commitment and excitement of people who know our full plan and how much they believe in the vision (the public only knows HALF of what we're doing so far!). So many more surprises to come! We already have over 20 developers working on games right now (with 30 more to sign up by the fall) and thanks to the Bavarian government, 5 of our current developers (working on 10 games) are some of the most talented studios in Germany (with more on the way). Here is a quote from the Bavarian Minister from our official press release... “The games family in Bavaria is continuously growing. With Intellivision Entertainment Europe GmbH, we are welcoming another key industry player in Nuremberg. The decision for the Intellivision European headquarters to be in Bavaria shows how strong the Bavarian Free State is for games development,” said Judith Gerlach, Bavaria´s Digital Minister. “Looking back at 10 years of successful games funding in Bavaria, I am pleased that the Confederation of Germany has shown that it sees the value of games in society with the start of a funding program as well. The federal funding will also improve the industry in Bavaria.” I met Hans back in the early 90's when he interviewed me as a journalist writing for Sega magazine. Such a great honor to have such a talented and important person working for us... and also... a GREAT friend for many many years! Welcome to the Intellivision family Hans!
Tommy Tallarico Jun 19, 2019
Wedbush Securities video game analyst Michael Pachter was impressed by what he saw at Intellivision last week! "I think folks will be surprised at how well Intellivision does. It's a great value, slick interface, and the CEO is a mensch."
Tommy Tallarico Jun 19, 2019
One of big press/media folks we let see and play the Intellivision Amico was my great friend Victor Lucas (of course!). Vic has always been sincere with his commentating. Check out what he had to say!!
Tommy Tallarico Jun 18, 2019
When people ask me to think about going up to a TEEN rating for games on Amico I believe it's because they may not understand the difference between E10+ and Teen. Typically over the years, over 80% of ALL video games are rated E or E10+. The definition of Teen includes "minimal blood" and "strong language". Not something we're really interested in promoting on our system. So people shouldn't think that E or E10+ is going to constitute just "kiddy" pre-school games. E & E10+ isn't as bad as people think. Even the original Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 games were rated E for Everyone: Every legitimate home console game that we played growing up in the 70's & early 80's would be considered E or E10+. And they were just fine. :)
Tommy Tallarico Jun 17, 2019
The big E3 Expo concluded last week and Intellivision had an absolutely incredible showing with so many positives from big box and online retailers around the world, press/media, licensors, industry analysts, etc.! Now that we have hardware & software to show off, we look forward to presenting our next trailer coming within the next month or so. I want to bring something up. A recent industry article pointed out that 83% of the video games shown at E3 were "violent" in some way. This has not been the norm over the past 2 decades, but something that was definitely predominant this year. I'm not here to "scold" the game industry... but I would like to point out that while the majority of game developers, publishers and hardware manufacturers seem to be focusing on adult content for the living room this year and next... WE ARE NOT! Also, family friendly and non-violent games doesn't mean they are just for little kids and can only be presented in an eye-rolling pre-school fashion. Most of our games on the Intellivision Amico are presented for everyone even though NONE of our games are Mature (M) rated or even Teen (T) rated! We are building a system that parents across the world can TRUST 100% of the time. Similar to the game content my generation were playing growing up in the 70's & early 80's. Imagine that. What a concept. :) Even the great Nintendo didn't stack up this year (from the article): "Only 7% of Nintendo's E3 Direct titles were non-violent, and only one of those was first-party: Animal Crossing New Horizons." My goal is to legitimately change the world in regards to family & friends of all skill levels getting together once again to play video games. Something we haven't really seen since the Nintendo Wii over 13 years ago. I hope you will support me in this cause.
Tommy Tallarico Jun 16, 2019
Weekend job...
Tommy Tallarico Jun 12, 2019
Introducing the new Amico logo & font! Let me know your thoughts. So many nice subtlties that represent the console and what we're doing. A smile in the "A", a heart in the "m" a curve of the planet in the "i", a fun off center circle in the "o". Amico is the Italian word for "friend" or "buddy". :)
Tommy Tallarico Jun 10, 2019
Here they are! The first 5 colors and the updated look of the Intellivision Amico! Introducing Metallic Pearl, Obsidian Black, GTO Red, Galaxy Purple and of course... the Special Limited Edition... Vintage Woodgrain! Which one is your favorite? We're currently setting up at the E3 Expo to demo the machines with 22 playable games!! We have physical units of the black & white ones at E3. Thank-you to the hundreds of super talented people who have been working around the clock for months to make this all happen. Looking forward to sharing more information in the coming days and months. The tide is rising and there is a tidal wave on its way! The underdogs are starting to make noise. Our goal to bring gaming back to its SIMPLE roots where family & friends can play together (no matter what skill level) has taken flight. Lots of work and challenges ahead... just the way we like it. Stay tuned! Please make sure to sign up to our mailing list at to get the latest info. ONWARDS!!!!!!
Tommy Tallarico Jun 09, 2019
Less than 24 hours away from the Intellivision Amico reveal at E3 Expo! Wait til everyone sees our first 5 color combination images being released tomorrow! And look forward to showing off our 22 playable games (appointment only). Going to be an amazing week! Let the rise of the underdogs begin!
Tommy Tallarico Jun 03, 2019
Intellivision will be at the big E3 Expo video game convention in Los Angeles next week showing off Amico for the first time with 22 playable games!!! This is monumental! No one was expecting this from us. :) We'll also be showing off 5 different color combinations of the console. Spread the word! More info coming later today via our mailing list so please make sure to sign up at: if you haven't already.
Tommy Tallarico May 28, 2019
A chat with former co-host Victor Lucas from yesterday talking about the appeal of the Intellivision Amico to families, friends, non-gamers and what to expect next!
Tommy Tallarico May 21, 2019
R.I.P. Ferrari champion Niki Lauda. :( If you're looking for an amazing movie to watch... check out RUSH this week. Directed by Ron Howard. The incredible true story of Niki Lauda & James Hunt. Don't need to be into racing to enjoy it. They'll be racing together again tonight.
Tommy Tallarico May 20, 2019
We received numbers back on our Earthworm Jim press release announcing the return of the original team and creating the game EXCLUSIVELY for the Intellivision Amico. OVER 526+ MILLION IMPRESSIONS across the world! So great to see the enthusiasm still in full swing 25 years later!! Here's a group shot of the team from our get together and although I'm not a big fan of most graffiti, it's hard to argue with this particular artists' tastes! :D
Tommy Tallarico May 19, 2019
Have some TALLARICO! It goes with everything!! :D (p.s. I don't own this... I only found it on the internet).
Tommy Tallarico May 19, 2019
This tear jerking quote (for me) is from an article in the Regina Leader-Post newspaper in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada... "Growing up in a home where she was only allowed to watch TV for one hour on the weekends, Kramer-Rodger didn’t discover her love for video games until she attended a Video Games Live concert in Regina six years ago. It not only inspired her to get into video games, but to start composing music for them." When I started the show 17 years ago I never imagined it would inspire so many different people around the world. A true honor to be mentioned like this. Long live VIDEO GAMES LIVE!!! :)
Tommy Tallarico May 16, 2019
As The Big Bang Theory comes to a close tonight :( I am reminded of my FAVORITE Sheldon Cooper moments over the years. Anyone else seeing a connection? :D
Tommy Tallarico May 15, 2019
Proud to announce that yesterday during the annual OCTANe Technology Information Forum in front of hundreds of bankers & investors I earned the People's Choice Award for the best presentation for Intellivision! Hundreds of people apply to be one of the 8 people on stage and then those 8 people present to a room of amazing high tech, business & money folks. A great honor to be chosen by the audience especially among the other 7 super talented folks who were on stage presenting as well. Thanks to Intellivision COO/CFO Nick Richards and the OCTANe team for the amazing guidance and helping to structure the presentation. Huge honor!!
Tommy Tallarico May 14, 2019
The Earthworm Jim comic book/graphic novel campaign is here! Doug TenNapel is lighting up IndieGoGo! Over $105,000 in less than a day! I love that people are still super interested in Earthworm Jim over 25 years later. I can't WAIT to see what Doug comes up with! I'll be featured in the "Making of" book. Love the video he put together for the project. Looks so cool.
Tommy Tallarico May 13, 2019
GOING VIRAL!!! AMAZING NEWS TO ANNOUNCE TODAY!! I teamed up with huge YouTube music star TheFatRat (over 3.6 million subscribers) and the incredible original Pokemon TV show theme song singer Jason Paige to create a brand new REMIX of the Pokemon Theme song just in time for the new Pokemon movie! :) The song is absolutely BLOWING UP on the internet today! Available for purchase on Amazon, Spotify, CDBaby, iTunes and more! (links in the video) Here's the Press Release: VIDEO GAMES LIVE® AND YOUTUBE SUPERSTAR “TheFatRat” TEAM UP WITH ORIGINAL POKÉMON™ TV SHOW THEME SONG SINGER JASON PAIGE “GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!” POKÉMON THEME REMIX COMBINES ORCHESTRA, EDM AND ROCK GENRES OF MUSIC FOR AN UNIMAGINABLE AWE-INSPIRING REMAKE LOS ANGELES, CA, May 13, 2019 – The 17 year Guinness World Record holding symphonic touring sensation Video Games Live has teamed up with YouTube superstar “TheFatRat” and original Pokémon TV show theme song singer Jason Paige to deliver a stunning orchestral, rock and EDM remix of one of the most beloved songs of a generation. The “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” Pokémon theme song topped the charts over 20 years ago and is sure to do so again with the release of the Pokémon Theme (TheFatRat remix) single. Along with TheFatRat, the new song was produced by Video Games Live creator and 30 year game industry composer and legend Tommy Tallarico. TheFatRat has over 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube and is currently the biggest YouTube musician in his home country of Germany. TheFatRat currently has over 720 million video views on his YouTube channel and his unrestricted copyrighted music is featured in over 3 million YouTube videos with over 3 billion unique views. TheFatRat also has over 400,000 subscribers on Spotify and has had multiple singles in the iTunes Top 50 for over 3 years straight. His incredibly melodic themes have been featured in hit games such as DOTA 2™ and Rocket League™ as well as worldwide advertisements for industry giants like Coca-Cola®. “The Pokémon Theme song was an anthem for an entire generation of people,” stated Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico who is currently heading up the release of a brand new video game console for 2020. Tallarico went on to say, “I’ve been friends with Jason and TheFatRat for years and we’ve always talked about doing something together and we’re so excited to finally bring our worlds together in such a unique and fun way.” The new remix follows on the heels of the new orchestral recording of the song featured on the Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 album which debuted at #5 on the Billboard charts in December and features over 200 orchestral and choral musicians as well as Jason Paige on vocals. Although known in the video game world, Jason has had a hugely successful career recording, performing and touring with such artists as Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, KISS, Billy Joel, Roger Daltrey, Enrique Iglesias, Smokey Robinson, Foreigner, Meatloaf, The Scorpions, Liza Minelli, Ashanti, Ray Charles, Luther Vandross, Mark Anthony, Ricky Martin, Usher, Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle as well as taking the lead singer roll on tour with Blood, Sweat & Tears. He has also been the singing voice behind national television commercials for LEGO, Coke, Taco Bell, Subway, Mountain Dew, Pepto Bizmol and Bounty. Jason added, “I’ve been touring and having a blast on the Video Games Live tour for over a year now, so it only made sense to rerecord the song with our own spin over 20 years later. I feel so fortunate to have played such an important role in the Pokémon franchise. For me to now have the opportunity to bring this to an even wider audience on the worldwide stage and to meet the fans and to hear their stories about what the song has meant to them has been an absolute dream come true for me.” The “Pokémon Theme (TheFatRat remix)” can be seen and heard on TheFatRat YouTube channel: and will be available for purchase upon all digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
Tommy Tallarico May 11, 2019
Saturday morning fun!