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Tommy Tallarico Aug 22, 2019
The Immortal John Hancock has reviewed our Intellivision Amico trailer and LOVED it! So great to be seeing such positive reactions to what we are building. The tide is rising and there's a tidal wave on the way! :)
Tommy Tallarico Aug 21, 2019
So many positive reviews and reaction videos of the new Intellivision Amico trailer! Here's another really nice one from the Crimson 15 podcast.
Tommy Tallarico Aug 20, 2019
In case you missed it yesterday, we released the brand new Intellivision​ Amico trailer highlighting the actual system and 17 exclusive games! You can check it out HERE: Please click the link and hit the LIKE button for me! Some incredible comments and our LIKE to DISLIKE ratio is super high (93%). The response has been overwhelmingly positive from gamers and non-gamers alike. This trailer was more focused towards the gaming crowd as we feel we didn't win them over with our first trailer last year because they want to see gameplay. Understandable... so we delivered. :) Very excited about the hype building and we are still in the very infant stages of marketing and where we're going. People have started making reaction videos to our trailer. Here's one from a well respected retro gamer John Riggs: Rigg'd Games: Rigg'd Games​ who actually had a chance to play the system at E3 this year: More to come!! (Is that Intellivision legend and current VP of Tech Bill Fisher I see in the background with his Blue Sky Rangers t-shirt?)
Tommy Tallarico Aug 19, 2019
Here it is! The brand new Intellivision Amico trailer which shows the Obsidian Black and Metallic Pearl consoles as well as teasing 17 games! Please help us by sharing this video! The world needs to know that Intellivision is back and available on 10.10 2020. Please let us know what you think of the video. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to sharing more details and gameplay footage over the next 14 months.
Tommy Tallarico Aug 16, 2019
3 days away from the worldwide debut of the new Intellivision Amico trailer during gamescom in Germany! Featuring 17 exclusive games and first images of the hardware & controllers. Will be posting the link everywhere! People who are signed up to our mailing list at will be seeing it first before anyone else!
Tommy Tallarico Aug 14, 2019
Looking forward to the conference and meeting talented developers to hopefully sign them them to do Intellivision games for us.
Tommy Tallarico Aug 09, 2019
Here are just a few of the top products our core team at Intellivision have worked on. The legacy and future is in good hands. :)
Tommy Tallarico Aug 08, 2019
Even though we are still 14 months from launch, we are starting to get our family friendly message out to the masses and the proper people. I had a featured quote on the Today Show website (26M+ viewers a month!) talking about Intellivision and parents being able to connect with their kids. The tide is rising! What are your thoughts on this message??
Tommy Tallarico Aug 05, 2019
In exactly 2 weeks from today on Monday, August 19th we'll be releasing our new Intellivision Amico trailer at gamescom in Germany. The biggest video game convention in the world! The trailer will not only be showing the actual hardware/machine, but also short clips from 17 of our exclusive games! Can't wait for everyone to check it out!
Tommy Tallarico Jul 31, 2019
Honored to be a featured speaker in the Center Ballroom at GameDaily Connect at Disneyland this year talking about the importance of bringing people together through video games! GameDaily Connect is a great conference & networking opportunity for developers... especially if you're Indie and have a great team and product. I look forward to speaking with some talented folks there in hopes of signing some games for Intellivision. Six Degrees of Gaming: How Couch Co-op Connects All! Aug 27, 2019 - 10AM, CENTER BALLROOM Industry icon, Tommy Tallarico, is known for groundbreaking ideas in the industry. It started with iconic music in games and continued with his successful Video Games Live shows. Now he's the champion of bringing couch co-op fun back into the living room. Tommy will talk about how the gaming industry has changed, his thoughts for the future and what you can do as a developer to make couch co-op games that are a connector, not a divider, to bring people together and spark a key growth market for our industry.
Tommy Tallarico Jul 30, 2019
HBO... are you serious? From the same network that brings the world Game of Thrones & Real Sex. What a joke. You should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting such trash. Looking forward to the massive backlash you're about to receive from the gaming community. Electro-shock therapy is clearly the answer. Well, at least the industry will know what to do with all those extra VR headsets. Get a clue you morons.
Tommy Tallarico Jul 29, 2019
Thanks to the nationally syndicated Checkpoint XP podcast for interviewing me and covering/attending Video Games Live last week! And thanks for the AMAZING review! Podcast talks about Video Games Live & Intellivision. "Video Games Live was an incredible experience. As someone who has attended a number of orchestrated video game performances, including shows for Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and Halo, I thought I knew what to expect. What followed was two hours of having those expectations shattered. I didn’t think there was any way I’d hear music from Mass Effect and Shadow of the Colossus in the same show. Wrong. I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that I’d get to hear orchestrated Undertale music. Wrong. And I certainly didn’t think I’d get my face melted by a Castlevania medley on electric guitar, and then laugh at the top 10 worst voice acted lines in gaming history. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Video Games Live delivered all of that and more, and is a show I’d recommend to fans of gaming everywhere. Tommy Tallarico has put together a truly amazing performance, one that shows both his passion for video games and the respect he has for the art form. 10/10! Would geek out again. – Joe Sloan
Tommy Tallarico Jul 26, 2019
Damn right it is!!! :) Video Games Live at the Lancaster Festival is about to begin!
Tommy Tallarico Jul 25, 2019
Tonight in Lancaster, OH is our 498th performance of Video Games Live and our FIRST time ever playing in a church! We are part of the big Lancaster Festival. Other acts include the band Kansas!
Tommy Tallarico Jul 23, 2019
Been doing a ton of radio & TV interviews today in Detroit. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra even set up a Pop-Up arcade all day today in the park across the street from the venue!
Tommy Tallarico Jul 23, 2019
Looking forward to my big show tonight with the amazing Detroit Symphony Orchestra at the beautiful Orchestra Hall!
Tommy Tallarico Jul 22, 2019
After my family coming to my Buffalo show on Saturday night, we had the yearly family picnic. Great spending time with my mom, nephew/godson, cousins & in-laws. These folks know a secret about how Intellivision Amico got its name. ;)
Tommy Tallarico Jul 21, 2019
Tommy Tallarico Jul 20, 2019
I'm performing my show in Detroit, MI with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra next week at Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall. Tuesday, July 23rd. Great seats still available HERE:
Tommy Tallarico Jul 19, 2019
YouTuber @Shawn Long (aka RGT85) wearing an Intellivision Amico shirt. This man knows how to dress! :)
Tommy Tallarico Jul 17, 2019
Excited to be performing at the famous Lancaster Festival in Lancaster, OH next week! Also performing... Night Ranger!
Tommy Tallarico Jul 17, 2019
Love this article (best headline ever!) and I feel the same way... which is partly why Amico was created in the first place. And I know a LOT of folks who feel the same. Looking forward to shaking up the industry with Intellivision Amico!
Tommy Tallarico Jul 16, 2019
Looking forward to performing in Buffalo, NY this Saturday with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra at Kleinhans Music Hall! I have lots of family members in the area coming (including my mom and nephew/godson!) so it will be a super special show!!
Tommy Tallarico Jul 12, 2019
Holy Crap! Set the wayback machine 18 years! Just found out I did an interview with Aquaman Jason Momoa long before he was Aquaman! :)
Tommy Tallarico Jul 04, 2019
Happy Birthday America! Houdini is very patriotic today.