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Tommy Tallarico Feb 13, 2019
Was great running into my old friend Don Daglow at the D.I.C.E. conference while wearing my Intellivision REBEL t-shirt from the game Utopia. Don was the original creator, designer, programmer & artist of Utopia. He was happy to see a t-shirt that had a graphic he created almost 40 years ago! :)
Tommy Tallarico Feb 11, 2019
Admit it... I win the coolest cousin award. :) If you're interested in donating to an amazing cause for abused young women... Please check out Janie's Fund and donate! Steven Tyler's Janie's Fund Steven Tyler
Tommy Tallarico Feb 10, 2019
Gonna be a fun night! :)
Tommy Tallarico Feb 08, 2019
Ready to ROCK! Show tonight in Alabama with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. Over 100 musicians on stage with me tonight! Great venue!
Tommy Tallarico Feb 01, 2019
Great pleasure and honor to be interviewed by my old friend Kevin Pereira on his Pointless podcast yesterday. We talk about my childhood, how I got into the video game industry, my career... and of course... Intellivision!! Hoping my story inspires others. (interview starts at around 16 minutes)
Tommy Tallarico Jan 29, 2019
Awesome time yesterday spent with the amazing Sean Astin! What an amazing career and talent! Goonies, Rudy, Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things, Big Bang Theory... he's done it all across 4 decades. We all grew up with him and his characters in each new decade we entered. Have always been a big fan. And what was his favorite video game system growing up? What are the fond gaming memories he has as Intellivision of course!!
Tommy Tallarico Jan 24, 2019
My locker...
Tommy Tallarico Jan 23, 2019
Having a great week of playing baseball with the Yankees and some old friends in Tampa. Wild man Nick Swisher is the best!!
Tommy Tallarico Jan 17, 2019
Check it out!! Released today! It is now available wherever music is heard and sold! Spotify: iTunes: Amazon: CDBaby:
Tommy Tallarico Jan 17, 2019
Most game systems over the past 20 years have only come with 1 controller... the Intellivision Amico will come standard with 2! But it will also be able to have mobile devices link up and be used as a controller as well. It will be a free downloadable app. Perfect for lots of friends & family to casually play certain games together without having to purchase multiple controllers (although we will be making extra physical controllers available as well). Here is a first look at our current prototype "Classic" skin controller running off mobile. The disc even spins when you move it! :)
Tommy Tallarico Jan 02, 2019
Amazing photography by Dima James (
Tommy Tallarico Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas from Intellivision! Here's a rare treat that most folks may not know about... a game called HAPPY HOLIDAY'S was being worked on in 1983 for the original Intellivision system, but was never officially released. It would have included 3 holiday themed games... Santa's Helper, Easter Eggcitement and Trick or Treat. Here is a rare unfinished prototype/demo of the Santa's Helper game (for which I added some new 8-bit music). :) Design/Program: Dale Lynn Graphics: Kai Tran, Lori Sunahara Santa's Helper Find and gather all the toys and gifts. Find the elf for extra points. Get all the gifts and join Santa in his sleigh. Drop gifts down chimneys as they scroll past below the sleigh. Easter Eggcitement Find the Easter eggs hidden in the park. Find the Easter Bunny for extra points. Trick or Treat Go trick-or-treating; get candy from houses where the lights are on. Avoid the witches, ghosts and pumpkins. DEVELOPMENT HISTORY As Intellivision games started growing in size, a technical limitation was hit: the Intellivision memory map only allowed for 16K of cartridge space. Some new games on the drawing boards, especially ECS games, required at least 24K. The Design & Development department worked around the problem by building cartridges using pageable ROM. 4K blocks -- pages -- of data could share the same address space and be selected by the program as needed. While the pageable ROMs were intended to allow larger games, it was apparent that they would be ideal for multi-game "albums." Several old and/or new games could easily be linked together on one cartridge with a menu. To demonstrate this, Dale Lynn of the D & D department came up with the original idea Happy Holidays. The cartridge would contain three original holiday-themed games. Demo screens for the games were designed by Kai Tran and Lori Sunahara, also of D & D, and Dale programmed some simple animation. Dale presented the idea at a meeting of the senior Mattel Electronics executives. The concept of game albums was enthusiastically embraced: everyone started brainstorming ideas for albums of both original and recycled games. (Many albums probably would have hit the market in 1984, but only two -- Go For the Gold and Party Line -- formally made it onto the release schedule.)
Tommy Tallarico Dec 25, 2018
Houdini says "Merry Christmas!" :)
Tommy Tallarico Dec 21, 2018
My music for Advent Rising (2 songs) made it into Hal Leonard's "The Greatest Video Game Music" piano sheet music book! Other games include Final Fantasy, Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts, Civilization IV, Metal Gear Solid and more! Great company! Huge honor!
Tommy Tallarico Dec 20, 2018
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Thank-you for following my adventures! Lots more to come! :)
Tommy Tallarico Dec 19, 2018
Tommy Tallarico
Tommy Tallarico Dec 19, 2018
Happy and proud to announce that my new album... Video Games Live: LEVEL 6 debuted at #5 on the Billboard Charts this week! Mighty fine company with Bocelli & Sarah Brightman (my mom is very proud that I'm with them!!) :) It's my highest debut ever (I've previously debuted at #8 & #10). As of this week, the album is available EVERYWHERE! Here's a link that takes you to all the different places: Please check it out and add it to your playlists. Thanks!
Tommy Tallarico Dec 06, 2018
Anoter great in-depth positive and knowledgeable article about the Intellivision Amico!
Tommy Tallarico Dec 05, 2018
A great honor to be chosen as one of the first speakers for Gamesbeat Summit 2019. I'll be getting grilled and doing a hard-hitting fireside chat with one of the best video game journalists in the industry... Dean Takahashi. :) Also speaking is MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe and Major League Gaming co-founder & Overwatch League designer Mike Sepso. And what a GREAT location in L.A.! Two Bit Circus!
Tommy Tallarico Dec 03, 2018
December 3rd is Intellivision Day! In celebration... here is a pic of one of our Amico prototypes! :) #Intellivisionday
Tommy Tallarico Dec 03, 2018
December 3rd... Happy Intellivision Day! Celebrating the day the Intellivision was first released in 1979. Everyone make sure to try and play some kind of retro game today! (and please LIKE the Intellivision Facebook page). :)
Tommy Tallarico Nov 28, 2018
Fantastic review of my new album! Video Games Live: LEVEL 6. Will be hitting the digital airwaves and stores on Dec. 7th!
Tommy Tallarico Nov 26, 2018
Tommy Tallarico Nov 24, 2018
At quick first glance I thought they were selling tommytallaricos! :)
Tommy Tallarico Nov 21, 2018
Big things coming!! History will be made. Shooting for the stars and climbing the highest mountains. Nothing will stop us. Incredible team. Best of the best!