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Jubilee Road (Deluxe)
Jubilee Road
Wrong Crowd (East 1st Street Piano Tapes)
Wrong Crowd (Deluxe)
Long Way Down
Tom Odell Jul 09, 2019
See you soon Valley Fest x
Tom Odell Jul 08, 2019
Excited to play Royal Park Netherlands this Sunday. Last tickets here xxx
Tom Odell Jun 21, 2019
LOTS of festivals this summer. ♥️
Tom Odell Jun 19, 2019
playing a special show this Friday in Trier, Germany. some tickets still available here xxx
Tom Odell May 30, 2019
sorry to announce due to unforeseen circumstances Glasgow barrowlands show on 8th June has been cancelled. refunds from point of purchase. xx
Tom Odell May 29, 2019
i am playing the pyramid stage at glastonbury next month xx
Tom Odell May 09, 2019
Son Of An Only Child live on @latelateshow with James Corden xx
Tom Odell Apr 07, 2019
VERY excited about this beginning in North America in a little over a week. Who’s coming? #jubileeroadtour
Tom Odell Apr 05, 2019
if someone had told me when i was eight years old that in twenty years i would get the opportunity to write and record a song for the Moomins, i can imagine it would have felt like having all my birthdays and christmas’s at once. a career peak I can only equate to everest. i was a huge fan. and still am. and i thoroughly enjoyed every second of making this song. hope you like it xxx listen here:
Tom Odell Mar 21, 2019
today marks world poetry day – what a better way to celebrate than paying for your coffee (or tea) with a poem. find your nearest Julius Meinl coffeehouse and get a coffee (or tea) in exchange for your poem - #paywithapoem #poetryforchange
Tom Odell Mar 18, 2019
looking forward to launching something exciting around world poetry day on march 21st with Julius Meinl. stay tuned #poetryforchange
Tom Odell Mar 11, 2019
off on tour around asia today. very excited, never been to seoul or bangkok before. anyone know what kind of adaptor i need?
Tom Odell Mar 07, 2019
ever since I was teenager, I’ve been filling up endless notebooks with words. some of them make it into songs, while some remain a secret between the page and i, but either way it’s a part of my day I really value. with this in mind, im teaming up with Julius Meinl to encourage people to put pen to paper. (plus hopefully they are going to send me some free coffee) #chasingpoems #paywithapoem #poetryforchange
Tom Odell Feb 06, 2019
last night xxx
Tom Odell Feb 05, 2019
It's become something of a tradition, that each night while standing on top of this grand piano, I scream out every last drop of air from my lungs, and each night, a sea of people scream back. It's a surreal moment, i guess a kind of conversation between the audience and I, and it don't matter what language you can or can't speak, it seems to be a moment of genuine understanding. My god, you wouldn't believe how much noise we got pent up in some of us. Anyway, here's a picture of that very moment, a moment I truly treasure, and I hope I get to share with you until I draw my very last breath. roooooaaaarrrrrrr x
Tom Odell Feb 01, 2019
my fellow moomin lovers, ive written and recorded a brand new song for the new tv series Moominvalley. it starts kate winslet, rosamund pike, richard ayoade, among other great actors. and my song is in the first episode due out later this year xxxx
Tom Odell Jan 31, 2019
Tom Odell Jan 31, 2019
the jubilee road tour is coming to Asia this march. xxx
Tom Odell Jan 30, 2019
the band and i had lots of fun making this video for go tell her now. hope it makes you smile. xx
Tom Odell Jan 29, 2019
go tell her now, video coming tomorrow xx
Tom Odell Jan 29, 2019
ce soir, avec singe
Tom Odell Jan 26, 2019
last night in Krakow. see you tonight Warsaw. ❤
Tom Odell Jan 25, 2019
just before i left for the jubilee road tour this year, i went to one of my favourite pianos in london and recorded an acoustic version of go tell her now. hope you love it. xxx
Tom Odell Jan 24, 2019
last night ❤
Tom Odell Jan 22, 2019
VERY excited to be playing in Munich tonight. #jubileeroadtour