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Ah, The World! Oh, The World!
Did I Sleep and Miss the Border
Just Like Blood
Tom McRae
From the Lowlands
The Alphabet of Hurricanes
All Maps Welcome
Tom McRae Jun 11, 2019
This my life now. Daily Robin bulletin: Today we’re working on flying. #robins #rspb #gardenbirds #springwatch2019
Tom McRae Jun 11, 2019
So basically what started as an experiment into avoiding the news and seeking calm through feeding birds, has turned into a full time job. I am now main provider for 3 baby robins. It’s exhausting. 💕🦅 #birds #birdwatching #robins #rspb #springwatch2019 #mealworms #gardens
Tom McRae Jun 09, 2019
Happiness is small goals. I wanted to get a baby robin to feed from my hand this spring. His heart was beating so fast. Mine stopped. #robins #rspb #springwatch2019 #gardenbirds #songbirds #mendyourheart #ahtheworldohtheworld
Tom McRae Jun 05, 2019
In this metaphor, the robin is mainstream recognition, the worms are my songs, and my hand is me. Any day now. 😂 #robin #worms #songs #metaphors
Tom McRae Jun 04, 2019
This book makes you feel as if you really know the Robin. As I was telling my friend over breakfast. #robin #rspb #birdwatching #breakfast #books
Tom McRae May 30, 2019
Finding a treasure trove of memories in some buried boxes. Photographs that exist on actual paper! reviews printed in ACTUAL magazines. #archaeology #goneawayworld #letters #faded photographs
Tom McRae May 29, 2019
OMFG. I found the very first demos. #a&bsong
Tom McRae May 23, 2019
Today at the @ivorsacademy awards. Fortunate to be nominated for best joke about an Orang-utan told in Leeds in 2010. Came second. Still fun to attend. Here pictures with Marie Novak. Queen and Empress of music publishing in France. @bmgfrance
Tom McRae May 23, 2019
As I go to vote - thought I’d spread some cheer with this - #tbt to that time I played for Man Utd briefly. Pictured here with my old pals Keano and Nevill-o in Brazil in 2000. Happy times. My hair was the result of my agent’s desire to up my value. My smile is pure FANBOY. Had to quit football for the vast riches of sad slow minor chord ballads. #football #mufc #brazil #rio #stupidhair #stupidgrin
Tom McRae May 20, 2019
In honour of @rhs_chelseaflowershow this is my artisan garden!! with my shed/studio nestled at the back. Swipe to the other pics to see what plants can do in only a year!’ #chelseaflowershow2019 #gardening #studio #recording #greenretreats #gardenoffice
Tom McRae May 18, 2019
This gig is listed as me. But it’s a DJ I think. Anyway. Not me. I’m contacting him to suggest politely he consider a name change. Don’t blame him if he’s not heard of me. But a google search might have tipped him off. Plus I’m AMAZED they spelt it right. He’s getting in a whole world of hurt. If I could change my name I would. Love Tim.
Tom McRae May 17, 2019
Happy Independence Day Norway 🇳🇴. Here’s looking at you. Well, here’s Oli K looking at you. A couple of years ago. #norwegianindependenceday #norway
Tom McRae May 05, 2019
I hate cows. I was knocked out by one when I was 7. I bear grudges. They kill more people a year than sharks. I am being VERY brave here. #cows #evil #phobia. #grudges
Tom McRae Apr 25, 2019
Never go sea fishing on a boat in hot sun before a festival performance. This was from a few years ago in Norway. Thanks to @markdyde for pic. #tbt #norway #sunburn #festival #beer
Tom McRae Apr 22, 2019
I tie flies like I write songs, with no real clue what I’m doing. And it’s always messy. Bank holiday - a few amateur efforts in case there’s an evening rise. #flytying #troutflies
Tom McRae Apr 15, 2019
At Real World studios today. Amazing studio complex. And, of course, spiritual home to Peter Gabriel and his Fairlight. Which I touched. #realworldstudios #petergabriel #fairlight #recording
Tom McRae Mar 23, 2019
I think Kafka and I share the same sense of lighthearted humour. #prague #50thBirthdayPartTwo
Tom McRae Mar 20, 2019
What a thing to receive! This little red book is chock full of memories and messages (and constantly amazing hair styles - mine). Thank you all so much for the time and trouble you’ve gone to. And all that money for Shelter. It means a lot. Thank you. (And the 🥃!)❤️#birthday #littleredbook #letmegrowoldwithyou
Tom McRae Mar 19, 2019
🎶“If you only had one choice, my dear, would you fly or would you sing?” 🎶 hummingbird in Oli’s garden in LA. #hummingbird
Tom McRae Mar 17, 2019
The reason I came to Belize was to fish for bonefish on the salt flats. It’s an angler’s bucket list trip a very kind friend treated me to. I am incredibly grateful. Also sunburnt. Fishing’s not very rock and roll. But then neither am I. 😂Seems turning 50 isn’t so bad. Given the alternatives. #AhTheWorld #belize #bonefishing #flyfishing #saltwaterflyfishing
Tom McRae Mar 16, 2019
"Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same color as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated." Well usually they’re bloodshot. Anyway. New Tindr profile sorted. #barracuda #fishing #belize #luckyOldmanAndTheSea
Tom McRae Mar 15, 2019
We’re gonna need a bigger boat. Although it’s a lot like the music business. #nope
Tom McRae Mar 13, 2019
No words. ❤️
Tom McRae Mar 12, 2019
Seeing my LA sisters and brothers makes me happy - especially this Brothers. #carybrothers #hotelcafe @carybrothers
Tom McRae Mar 12, 2019
So it’s just possible that we had a little play - for old time’s sake. My brothers. Olli and Oli. #family