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Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness, Pt. 1 & 2
A Lesson in Crime 10th Anniversary Edition
A Lesson In Crime
Elephant Shell
A Lesson In Crime & Smith
Tokyo Police Club at The Sinclair (March 8, 2019)
Venue: The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club at The Ballroom at the Outer Space (March 9, 2019)
Venue: The Ballroom at the Outer Space (Hamden, CT, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club at Warsaw (March 12, 2019)
Venue: Warsaw (Brooklyn, NY, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club at DC9 Nightclub (March 15, 2019)
Venue: DC9 Nightclub (Washington, DC, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club at DC9 Nightclub (March 16, 2019)
Venue: DC9 Nightclub (Washington, DC, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club at The Earl (March 18, 2019)
Venue: The Earl (East Atlanta, GA, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club at Saturn (March 19, 2019)
Venue: Saturn (Birmingham, AL, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club with Das Body at High Watt (March 20, 2019)
Venue: High Watt (Nashville, TN, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club at Grog Shop (March 22, 2019)
Venue: Grog Shop (Cleveland Heights, OH, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club at Town Ballroom (March 23, 2019)
Venue: Town Ballroom (Buffalo, NY, US) Find tickets
Tokyo Police Club Dec 05, 2018
MORE TOUR DATES -> TICKETS ON SALE NOW!! find em at: we're FINALLY coming back to eastern canada! also, other places! tickets on sale FRIDAY! 10/4/19 - Tide and Boar Ballroom - Moncton, NB 11/4/19 - Fredericton Boyce Farmers' Market - Fredericton, NB 12/4/19 - PEI Brewing Company - Charlottetown, PEI 13/4/19 - The Marquee Ballroom - Halifax, NS 15/4/19 - L'Anti Bar & Spectacles - Quebec City, QC 17/4/19 - Petit Campus - Montreal, QC 18/4/19 - Bronson Centre - Ottawa, ON 19/4/19 - Historic Red Dog Tavern - Peterborough, ON 20/4/19 - Club Richelieu Welland - Welland, ON 23/4/19 - The Music Hall Concert Theatre - Oshawa, ON 24/4/19 - Maxwell's Concerts & Events - Windsor, ON 25/4/19 - Polish Club Windsor - Waterloo, ON 26/4/19 - The Empty Bottle - Chicago, ON 27/4/19 - The Loving Touch - Ferndale, MI
Tokyo Police Club Nov 09, 2018
hey, TPC just entered the Top 20 on the NACC College Radio chart! college radio is such a damn force for good and i'm always so so thrilled to be a little part of that. if you have a college radio station, tell them thank you from us and also to spin our songs constantly and never stop
Tokyo Police Club Oct 30, 2018
so thrilled to introduce the newest member of TPC, @isaac.veeneman!! isaac volunteered to play drums on Not My Girl and we took him up on it. it’s still mind blowing to think that somebody would put time into mastering one of our little tunes, but Isaac knocked it out of the damn park. it was an honour to perform with him! but be warned: next time we need a spare drummer, you’re ON THE LIST 👀 @ Fox Cabaret
Tokyo Police Club Oct 26, 2018
musicians mantra
Tokyo Police Club Oct 24, 2018
we had the nicest day in Red Deer, a beautiful town we always love to visit! get a load of Dave playing galaga with our pal Rick over at X100.7 - Red Deer's Alternative!!
Tokyo Police Club Oct 23, 2018
Tokyo Police Club Oct 20, 2018
we went and sweated our asses off in the Indie88Toronto Hidden Studio. very fun very warm very good times!
Tokyo Police Club Oct 20, 2018
EDIT right after i posted this i got an email that THREE MORE shows sold out, so you really don't want to wait on the ones that are left!! we kicked off the TPC tour in Winnipeg last night and it was, as the kids say, extremely good. the new songs are loud and awesome. the old songs are just the right amount of lived in. and at a certain point we just started letting the audience pick the songs. we're definitely the best we've ever been lately (i don't care that this is bragging leave me alone) and theres still tickets left to A FEW of the shows and even those are going fast, so i really recommend you jump on 'em while you still can!! find all the ticket links at:
Tokyo Police Club Oct 16, 2018
is it just me or is TPC a pretty perfect autumn record
Tokyo Police Club Oct 11, 2018
's cover photo
Tokyo Police Club Oct 09, 2018
playing TPC all the way through at a cool as hell FREE SHOW tonight at the Baby G in Toronto! get your butt over here!
Tokyo Police Club Oct 05, 2018
hey toronto - we're having a little party with Triples to celebrate TPC (the album). v small v limited v free - first come first serve
Tokyo Police Club Oct 05, 2018
the tpc information firehose gushes unabated! tickets for our march 2019 tour are ON SALE NOW so go get em before they're gone ->
Tokyo Police Club Oct 05, 2018
TPC is out. 2 years ago it wasn't even clear if we were going to make another record. now we're more excited and proud than maybe ever before. there's always a lot of brouhaha around "release day" (you should see my inbox) but one of my favourite things about albums is how they live with you and become part of your life. these songs are eager to meet you and we all can't wait to see how we all grow together over time. thanks for listening. we couldn't do it without you. love graham josh greg and dave
Tokyo Police Club Oct 03, 2018
's cover photo
Tokyo Police Club Oct 03, 2018
listen to TPC now! this is NOT A DRILL! i have so many thoughts and feelings about this album and its release which i will no doubt subject you to soon. but for now: here is the new record, for the first time anywhere.
Tokyo Police Club Oct 02, 2018
more gigs next year! gigs 4 lyfe! on sale friday (i think)!
Tokyo Police Club Sep 18, 2018
tokyo police club! playing new songs! next to a lake! at dusk! for free!
Tokyo Police Club Sep 14, 2018
UPDATE all spots are filled! attendees will be contacted soon! woo! toronto! here's a very special one - come see us play all/most of TPC (the album) at the CBC on Wednesday September 19th! it's a small tiny and v exclusive show where you'll get to hear a bunch of brand new tunes before anyone else. it's also FREE but you have to RSVP before tickets are gone so GO GO GO ->
Tokyo Police Club Sep 10, 2018
it's time! pre order TPC now in a variety of exciting formats, including a nifty bundle full of awesome exclusives! get it: this is the most we've ever dug into all the design elements for an album, and most of this stuff came directly from our brains and through Josh's photoshop wizardry, so we couldn't be more pleased to finally start sharing it with everybody.
Tokyo Police Club Sep 07, 2018
Simple Dude, our most recent jam, is streaming everywhere now!! put it on a playlist or a mix CD or a mix tape for somebody you like or love, including yourself!
Tokyo Police Club Sep 05, 2018
MORE! NEW! MUSIC! check out Simple Dude and its accompanying video (put together by the great Anne Douris, AKA Bossie) at this very link!!!
Tokyo Police Club Sep 04, 2018
i don't know how many of y'all are still going to school, but if you are: have the best year of your life!!! dave, josh, and i first met on our first day of class TWENTY ONE YEARS AGO today and it has truly been a love affair for the ages (it got sweeter when we added greg, natch). ALSO i'm curious: when i was in high school, i made my crush mix CDs. what do people do now? playlists?
Tokyo Police Club Aug 28, 2018
vancouver! both shows are now officially sold out, but we dug up a few last tickets. get 'em now or regret it forever!! oct 29:…/8331025 oct 30:…/8381585 (photo by Raelena Kniff)
Tokyo Police Club Aug 27, 2018
t shirts!!! we're trying to figure out what designs to print up for the tour in october and we want your help! would you wear on of these? which one? sound off!