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Today Is The Day Feb 08, 2019
Today Is The Day Feb 08, 2019
New Today Is The Day Merch In Stock Now!
Today Is The Day Feb 02, 2019
Today Is The Day Jan 27, 2019
Willpower Posters, Sick of It All Skateboard Decks, AMRep, Melvins and noise era collectibles auctions closing later tonight. Check it out!
Today Is The Day Jan 17, 2019
Hey Everybody, I added a few new things to the today is the day online store. Supernova T-Shirts in Blue, new designs by NORMAL ILLustrations (Hungary) and an NWA style crew hat to keep your head warm. Check em’ out at:
Today Is The Day Jan 06, 2019
Today Is The Day Jan 03, 2019
Hi Everybody, Everyone I met throughout the year and all of the bands I was lucky enough to share the stage with, I wanna say thank you. My list of thanks individually is a bit long, hang in there with me. B I G G E S T T H A N K S To all Today Is The Day Fans. Thank you for being a part of this with me. My wife and I thank everyone who has supported the Band through buying Merch at our online store or at the shows. I do the web work and ordering, and Hanna does the shipping. Just the 2 of us working side by side. Supporting our little store makes a big difference and enables me to make TITD go. Thank You and Love to You. I couldn’t have toured or played shows, without my bandmates, DJ and Tom. We wouldn’t have been able to make the tour go without our good friends Jon Morse and Neil Barrett, who sold Merch and Tour Managed for us. You guys are all black belt, true road warriors. Blood, Sweat and thankfully few tears. It was an honor to travel and share the experience in 2018, with ya'll. My Band and Crew gave their all and put their whole heart into it. Amazing memories and good times live on. Touring with Max Cavalera And Nailbomb blew my mind. Family all the way, the Cavalera’s made us feel welcome and cared for, on tour with them. I sang NAILBOMB's "Religious Cancer" a few times with Max and Iggy during the tour. I can't say enough. I would tour to the end of the earth with Max and the guys. I learned a lot and met so many great people every day. My son Hank traveled with me and Today Is The Day To play MDF, St. Vitus w/ Khemmis (Sold Out), and Geno’s in Portland, Maine with Integrity. To say that meant a lot To me would be an understatement. Hank had just turned 17 and he loved getting to be a part of the tour for the 1st time, even if it was just for a few days. Big thanks to Mark Morton and my dudes in Lamb Of God. Mark and Randy came to Bangor to play with Slayer and Invited Hank, Hanna, Willi and Me to the show. Mark and The guys in Lamb of God are great people and they made my teenage sons minds explode with backstage passes for Slayer’s Final Tour and LOG. Being on the side of the stage and watching LOG rip it up was insane. I knew these guys would be one of the biggest bands in metal. I was right. Randy thanked me for my work on their records and friendship with them over the PA to my hometown And friends. It was a great night to say the least. Speaking of Portland, Maine. I wanna thank all of my brothers and sisters that live in Portland and Bangor, Maine. Every show that I’ve played in Bangor or Portland, has been a memorable jam. Truly feels like home. You have a killer scene evolving and growing, Bangor and Portland. Filled with some of the most creative People in the US. Here’s to: Sylvia, Nycterent, Bloodborn, Manic Abraxas, Flooding Panama, Cadaverette, Shabti, Four Feet Out, etc. You guys are killing it! A movie about my life and TITD came out in 2018, called "The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself". Though it was pretty shocking that someone would want to make a movie about me and the band, I was happy to see it released. Anthony tried to more or less show what Today Is The Day stands for and I think he did a fine job. Even though, I am positive he could have gotten a much better looking actor without a face that breaks the camera. Thank you to The End Records/BMG. They have been 100% great to Me and TITD. It’s a pleasure to work with a label that respects it’s artists so much and have been actual fans since the How To Win Friends days. Thank you to my friend, Dan from Continental Touring for all his hard work booking our shows. Dan is a great guy and an integrity driven dude. Big thanks and hugs to Earsplit PR, Dave and Liz. You guys are masters of metal and I couldn't imagine rock without you. I honestly could go on forever. All of the people around you, are part of you, and what you care about. Having great people in your life who care is pure gold. We may not be the richest band in the world, but all of the people involved are invaluable and worth more than money or words. Thank you everyone and I wish you an amazing 2019!!!
Today Is The Day Dec 24, 2018
Merry Christmas Everybody! Wishing you warm and happy holidays.
Today Is The Day Dec 02, 2018
Amphetamine Reptile Records
Today Is The Day Nov 28, 2018
Steve Austin 2018 Chicago, IL Photo by Gabriel Che Shoykhet
Today Is The Day Nov 28, 2018
Steve Austin 2018 Chicago, IL Photo by Gabriel Che Shoykhet
Today Is The Day Nov 28, 2018
DJ Cox 2018 Chicago, IL Photo by Gabriel Che Shoykhet
Today Is The Day Nov 28, 2018
Tom Bennett 2018 Chicago, IL Gabriel Che Shoykhet
Today Is The Day Nov 25, 2018 Holiday Sale Now Through Monday at Midnight. Enter Promo Code: blackestfriday Sick Noise and Heavy Metal Memorabilia
Today Is The Day Nov 25, 2018
Sale ends Monday at Midnight! 15% off Everything! Use Promo Code: blackestfriday
Today Is The Day Nov 23, 2018
Today Is The Day Nov 22, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!
Today Is The Day Nov 14, 2018
We got started listing stuff in Steve's Oddity Shop. More will be added over the next couple weeks. Check it out!
Today Is The Day Nov 03, 2018
's cover photo
Today Is The Day Nov 03, 2018
Today Is The Day Nov 03, 2018
Today Is The Day Oct 28, 2018
's cover photo