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Minute Bodies: The Intimate World of F. Percy Smith
The Waiting Room
Philharmonie de Paris (Live)
Across Six Leap Years
Les salauds (Bande originale du film)
The Something Rain
San Sebastian 2012
Falling Down a Mountain
Falling Down a Mountain
The Hungry Saw
The Hungry Saw
Waiting for the Moon
Can Our Love...
Nénette et Boni (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Tindersticks 2
Tindersticks at Salle Pleyel (January 31, 2020)
Venue: Salle Pleyel (Paris, France) Find tickets
Tindersticks at Brighton Dome (February 2, 2020)
Venue: Brighton Dome (Brighton, UK) Find tickets
Tindersticks at Philharmonie Berlin (February 4, 2020)
Venue: Philharmonie Berlin (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Tindersticks at Casa Da Música - Sala Suggia (February 22, 2020)
Venue: Casa Da Música - Sala Suggia (Porto, Portugal) Find tickets
Tindersticks at Théâtre d'Hérouville (March 4, 2020)
Venue: Théâtre d'Hérouville (Hérouville Saint-Clair, France) Find tickets
Tindersticks at Le Kubb / Le Tangram - Evreux (March 5, 2020)
Venue: Le Kubb / Le Tangram - Evreux (Évreux, France) Find tickets
tindersticks (official) Jul 20, 2019
2nd show announced for NTGent in Belgium - 29 January 2020
tindersticks (official) Jul 13, 2019
A great night at the Herodion. Thanks to everyone who came along.
tindersticks (official) Jul 11, 2019
Belgian shows, Gent, Brussels & Genk, announced today for January & April 2020.
tindersticks (official) Jun 22, 2019
Tickets are now available for the Faro, Lisbon, Leiria and Porto shows... Visit our new 'Concerts' page for details:
tindersticks (official) Jun 07, 2019
First dates for 2020 announced today!
tindersticks (official) May 17, 2019
Stuart's original soundtrack "Music for Claire Denis' High Life" is out now on all formats and beautiful vinyl copies via Milan Records and City Slang.
tindersticks (official) Apr 23, 2019
Tickets are now on sale for the Athens show... Odeon of Herodes Atticus Athens, Greece 13 July 2019
tindersticks (official) Apr 06, 2019
stuart A. staples Music for Claire Denis’ High life Released digitally today Within Europe listen to the soundtrack and pre-order the physical edition here: and for the U.S. / Asia here
tindersticks (official) Mar 05, 2019
TINDERSTICKS "Live At Acropolis", Saturday July 13th 2019, Odeon of Herodes Atticus More details here: And here:
tindersticks (official) Feb 28, 2019
stuart A. staples Music for Claire Denis’ High life Soundtrack to be released April (Digital + CD) and May (Vinyl) ‘Willow’ - performed by tindersticks and featuring Robert Pattinson is released today Claire Denis’ highly anticipated 'High life' will be released in the Spring of 2019. The soundtrack to the film was created by Stuart and is set for digital & CD release in April and on limited vinyl later in May. Taken from the soundtrack, the song 'Willow', performed by tindersticks and featuring guest vocals from lead actor Robert Pattison, is released today. ‘Willow’ was written for the final scene of the film and the accompanying video to the song includes footage from the movie. There will also be a limited edition 7 inch released as part of Record store day on April 13th. The soundtrack will be released through Milan records in the US and Asia and our usual partner City Slang in the rest of the world. Pre order the City Slang release here:
tindersticks (official) Oct 29, 2018
With thanks to everyone at La Chapelle de la Trinité in Lyon for a wonderful concert on Saturday night
tindersticks (official) Oct 23, 2018
Stuarts score for High life wins Georges Delerue best music prize at Gent Film Festival. Neil was on hand to collect the prize and drink the champagne...
tindersticks (official) Oct 03, 2018
Rain dog productions
tindersticks (official) Sep 02, 2018
stuart A. staples solo concert at ‘Chapelle de la Trinité', Lyon. October 27th 2018 Stuart will be joined on stage by Dan McKinna and Thomas Belhom for the only concert of 2018. Fiona Brown with (our) Neil Fraser will be opening - 8 p.m. sharp! Information and tickets:
tindersticks (official) Sep 02, 2018
Claire Denis’ 'High Life' to premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. 9th September. It’s been a long time coming - Stuart began work in 2014 - but finally 'High life' is ready to meet the world. Starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche, and set on a prison ship travelling through space, the film has an extensive original score written by Stuart, and includes a new tindersticks song, ‘Willow’, which is beautifully sung by Robert himself. More details soon.
tindersticks (official) Jun 15, 2018
'Arrhythmia', the new album from stuart A. Staples is OUT NOW - Available on Vinyl / CD / Download / Stream 'One of the few songwriters of his generation bold enough to take the time he needs to tell his stories' - Loud & Quiet
tindersticks (official) Jun 06, 2018
stuart A. staples – A new real Taken from the album ‘Arrhythmia' ‘I made the first part of this film on the way to City airport, London on 13th November 2015. We were on our way to Skibbereen in County Cork to celebrate my 50th birthday with friends. Later that night would be the Paris attacks and the madness of tracking down loved ones. But for this moment, a glass roofed taxi in the rain on my way to a place and people I love was a special moment. The song arrived on Christmas day 2016, but I felt the connection straight away.’ Stuart also announces a solo concert at ‘Chapelle de la Trinité, Lyon. October 27th 2018 Tickets available here:
tindersticks (official) Apr 26, 2018
Work has begun on the next tindersticks album...
tindersticks (official) Apr 10, 2018
stuart A. staples - ‘Arrhythmia’ Stuart will release his first solo album in 12 years on June 10th. There is a very special 300 Limited edition of the vinyl as well as standard vinyl and CD. You can preorder here You can also listen to the first track to be made available ‘Memories of love’ and see the film Stuart has made for it. Today also sees the opening of the new tindersticks website and shop and the start of general tindersticks activity
tindersticks (official) Mar 26, 2018
David recently had 'My Sister' and 'Chocolate' translated for a Basque online book website. He also did an online interview which explains his inspiration for the stories...
tindersticks (official) Oct 25, 2017
Stuart at The Viennale. On my way to Vienna. Somehow found myself with 3 films to represent at this years Viennale. Happy that 'Minute bodies' has 2 screenings, but also Claire Denis' latest 'Un beau soleil interieur', with the great Juliette Binoche, and our late friend Christophe Agou's beautiful posthumous documentary 'Sans Adieu' will both receive their Austrian premieres there also. I will making Q & A sessions after some screenings and will be 'in conversation' on Sunday evening about my approach to music and film. All times and venues are here
tindersticks (official) Oct 16, 2017
Displaced. A documentary film by Volkan Uce. Music by David Boulter. The title of this film is taken from Charles Bukowski’s eponymous poem. One of its lines is: “I am not like other people. Other people are like other people.” The young people in Volkan Üce’s “Displaced” know the experience of being different and without a home Bukowski talks about. Sinan, Şule, Orhan and Bahar spent their childhood and youth in Belgium and the Netherlands before they moved (back) to Istanbul, their grandparents’ home country. But even in the city they love so much they are strangers at first. Over a period of four years – from 2011 to 2015 – Üce follows the Belgian-Turkish or Dutch-Turkish migrants on their quest for identity, jobs and personal happiness. In the face of the political upheavals in Turkey, their European socialisation takes on a different significance. While Orhan sides with Erdoğan, taking part in the Gezi protests becomes a meaningful experience and a way to find his place in society for Sinan: “Gezi is ours. Istanbul is ours. The lightbulb has bursted”, the writing on the wall reads. More info, trailer & screenings here:
tindersticks (official) Jun 09, 2017
Great competition courtesy of BFI / Barbican / City Slang...Good luck! Album out today!!
tindersticks (official) Jun 09, 2017
Minute Bodies - The intimate World Of F. Percy Smith is out today on CD/DVD and digitally — order your copy here: Please note: Due to production issues we experience a delay with the vinyl version. We hope to have the LP/DVD version available as soon as possible. Expect to see them in stores by the end of next week.