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Into the Enchanted Chamber
Timeless Miracle Jun 28, 2018
Hi guys! If any of you have searched for a very purple TM logo patch, look no further! The shop seems legit but don't take our word for it :)
Timeless Miracle May 27, 2018
Timeless Miracle Oct 31, 2017
Happy Halloween! Also want to let you guys know that all principal recordings are done. Still missing a few guitar leads and some vocal retakes but that should not take too long :)
Timeless Miracle Oct 27, 2017
New song from Terra Atlantica. Had the honor of doing guest vocals on this track. Check it out! Their album is out on the 17th of November.
Timeless Miracle Sep 11, 2017
Finally! Terra Atlantica will be releasing their debut album on the 17th of November :)
Timeless Miracle Sep 02, 2017
Back in the studio again after the summer holiday. Most of the writing is finished and only the recording of some vocals and guitars remain. What's left to do then is the mixing and finding a label to release it ;)
Timeless Miracle Aug 28, 2017
Our friends in Terra Atlantica has unleashed the first official video from their upcoming album!
Timeless Miracle Jun 22, 2017
Still writing music for 'The Illusionist' and there's always room for some "lounge" piano :)
Timeless Miracle May 24, 2017
Ok, long time overdue 1,5 min of 'Voices from the Past' 😀
Timeless Miracle Apr 08, 2017
Mixing session with Pontus Lindmark from South Sound Studio. He sure knows his shit! A great time as always!
Timeless Miracle Feb 07, 2017
Yeah, we are setting up and syncing our Reverbnation account.
Timeless Miracle Feb 07, 2017
Added a new video: "Timeless Miracle - Heaven in Hell (Demo) 2006"
Timeless Miracle Feb 07, 2017
Added a new video: "Timeless Miracle - Queen of Egypt [Sample 2015 Version]"
Timeless Miracle Feb 07, 2017
Timeless Miracle Feb 07, 2017
Posted a new song: "The Gates Of Hell"
Timeless Miracle Jan 27, 2017
'STUDIO UPDATE' Most of the material we recorded back in 2007 has been lost in various disk failures. This has not been a big deal since we wanted to re-record everything anyways. However, during the pre-production of 'VOICES FROM THE PAST', we found the original recorded tracks from back then. The good news is that we can actually use most of the original keyboard tracks and speed up the process considerably :) Now, chances are that the tracks for yet another song 'THE BLACK FOREST', also are intact. If so, this would cut the production time of the song in half :)
Timeless Miracle Jan 18, 2017
Would like to thank Marius Danielsen and Darkest Sins for the mentioning in Sweden Rock Magazine :)
Timeless Miracle Jan 03, 2017
320 kbps mp3 version
Timeless Miracle Jan 01, 2017
Happy New Year!!!! Sorry, no new or unheard song this time.
Timeless Miracle Dec 24, 2016
Merry Christmas everyone!
Timeless Miracle Dec 20, 2016
Just received some awesome vocal tracks from Marius Danielsen of Darkest Sins and Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom. Marius agreed to lend his voice to the pirate-themed '1732: Treason & Treachery' on the new album. Thanks man!
Timeless Miracle Dec 08, 2016
'WINTER IS COMING' As the heat-pump died, we recorded guitars for 'Shadow of the Werewolf' with the aid of beanies, scarfs, a portable-radiator and a kerosene-lamp :)
Timeless Miracle Oct 06, 2016
Our Norwegian friend Marius Danielsen is bringing last years epic story of "Valley doom" into the comic book realm. For more information and concept art, check out his Kickstarter project.
Timeless Miracle Aug 31, 2016
Hi guys! We are back in the studio now to resume recordings. Have a few loose ends to tie up before start working on the next song. Maybe we'll do 'Voices from the Past' or 'Shadow of the Werewolf' ;)
Timeless Miracle Jul 27, 2016
Looks like the 2nd MMA Reviewer's Challenge was for 'Into the Enchanted Chamber'. We especially liked the review by DippoMagoo ;)