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Night Drive (Instrumental Edition)
Night Drive
Crossing Souls (Original Soundtrack)
Lovers, Pt. 2
Lovers, Pt. 1
Running in the Dark
Timecop1983 Dec 05, 2018
Extremely excited to share the stage with FM-84 and Ollie Wride in London on February 16th! I might have a special guest too! 🤩 Tickets go on sale tomorrow (dec. 6th) at 9am GMT. They're limited, so be quick!
Timecop1983 Nov 29, 2018
“We had this song in our back pocket for a special moment and were excited to find it a home in this montage!” - Whitney Pilzer, Music Supervisor
Timecop1983 Nov 23, 2018
Black friday sale until Sunday 11/25 on! Get my full discography with a 60% discount!
Timecop1983 Nov 22, 2018
Girl (feat. SEAWAVES) made it into DC's Legends of Tomorrow! Check it out in the latest episode (S4E5).
Timecop1983 Nov 16, 2018
It Was Only a Dream....
Timecop1983 Nov 08, 2018
With the amazing Ollie Wride
Timecop1983 Nov 01, 2018
UPDATE: THEY'RE ALL SOLD OUT! At 00:01am UK time tonight, be ready for Night Drive on vinyl! No pre-orders, worldwide shipping and limited to 400 copies! Get it at
Timecop1983 Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween everyone!
Timecop1983 Oct 30, 2018
This friday... Be ready at 00:01 (UK time)... Limited to 400 copies and exclusively available on TimeSlave Recordings' Bandcamp:
Timecop1983 Oct 21, 2018
This thursday, the first Synthwave event in Eindhoven! More info: Tickets are available at the door for €10, but please be aware the venue has a capacity of 200. Doors open at 8pm, so be early!
Timecop1983 Oct 16, 2018
This short documentary/interview was recorded in Moscow last year during my little tour with the amazing DANGER. Who wants to see me back in Russia in 2019?
Timecop1983 Oct 04, 2018
October 10th, BrooklynSteel: Gilligan Moss, Timecop1983 and The Midnight. Be there!
Timecop1983 Sep 26, 2018
Night Drive, by Timecop1983
Timecop1983 Sep 21, 2018
привет! I created a VK page for my Russian speaking fans:
Timecop1983 Sep 17, 2018
Scallops with Corn, Chorizo and Timecop1983. #greatcombo Thanks for the shoutout Bon Appétit Magazine!
Timecop1983 Sep 17, 2018
I can't believe Come Back has 2,5 million views on NewRetroWave!! #humbled
Timecop1983 Sep 13, 2018
Timecop1983 presents: DDW Synthwave at Dutch Design Week Music Festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands! Tickets: €27 for combi tickets at or €10 at the door.
Timecop1983 Sep 11, 2018
Check out my interview with The Playground.
Timecop1983 Aug 23, 2018
Thanks 3VOOR12/Eindhoven for the great review (in Dutch)!
Timecop1983 Aug 17, 2018
If you are in or near Eindhoven, The Netherlands on October 25th you might want to mark your agenda! Nothing's official yet, but the first Synthwave event of the south might be happening! More info soon.
Timecop1983 Aug 16, 2018
This one i for all you producers out there. I made a patchbank for ML-VST plugins' PG8-x free softsynth. These patches make a very large portion of my latest album Night Drive. Check them out!
Timecop1983 Aug 13, 2018
This is amazing beyond words! Jessie Frye made a acoustic version of our collab Faded Memory. And it's beautiful!! It's so special to see the music i made being transferred to acoustic instruments ans being performed by such amazing artists!
Timecop1983 Aug 10, 2018
Yesss, Night Drive (instrumental edition) is out now!! Available on Bandcamp and all major digital platforms.
Timecop1983 Aug 07, 2018
This friday on Bandcamp and all digital platforms!!
Timecop1983 Aug 05, 2018
Great to have Static (feat. The Midnight) on this list with some great music!