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Lyrical Sobriety
Tim McMorris Aug 06, 2019
Sooo I don't often get to see other artists these days, buuuuut just found out that fellow Canadian / singer/songwriter Jill Barber is playing at The Sanctuary - Centre for the Arts and I instantly bought tickets! My wife and I have been fans for a long time and are SUPER excited for this intimate set! If you are in the #Niagara region get tickets now before they are GONEEEEE:
Tim McMorris Aug 05, 2019
Now available on Spotify! Follow me here: . #Spotify!#NowPlaying
Tim McMorris Jul 30, 2019
Tim McMorris's cover photo
Tim McMorris Jul 30, 2019
New music is here!!! "Won't Let Go", now available on Spotify ( & everywere music online is sold! Check out the lyric video to listen now!
Tim McMorris Jul 29, 2019
TOMORROW @ 8am EST! My new single 'Won't Let Go' will be out! Follow me on #spotify to hear it first:
Tim McMorris Jul 20, 2019
JULY 30TH @ 8:00am EST! We have an official Spotify launch date! Here is a sneak peak at the "Won't Let Go" cover art. Make sure you're following me on Spotify so it shows up on your Release Radar!
Tim McMorris Jul 19, 2019
🌞😎 ... if you need some upbeat summer time music!
Tim McMorris Jul 16, 2019
Hey everyone, I'm excited to tell you about some new #music coming out later this month! I know it's been a while so, thanks for being patient with me :) My new single (which features my wife Khaili by the way!) will be out before the month ends. If you don't already, make sure to follow me on #Spotify ( ) so you get notified as soon as it's live! I'll post more info as it gets closer. Thanks so much for the continued support, messages, purchases and streams, love you guys!!!
Tim McMorris Feb 04, 2019
If you missed my last post, all of my production music will now be announced on the King’s Crown Productions page, not this one! So just a reminder to follow that page if you use (or plan to use) my current and future music in any of your own projects!
Tim McMorris Feb 01, 2019
Hey everyone, important announcement, especially for those of you who license my music! I'm switching things up this year and will only be posting about new Production Music on the King’s Crown Productions Facebook page instead of this one. This page will remain dedicated to my 'artist' driven work, music videos etc I plan to largely expand my work for film, television and web in the next few years, and while the King's Crown page is relatively new, you'll definitely want to follow it if you want to keep up to date with licensing news and releases!
Tim McMorris Dec 13, 2018
Tim McMorris Dec 04, 2018
Thanks for the love #Brazil ❤️! Been getting a lot of messages from Brazil and South America lately from fans of "Espelho da vida" which has featured "On Top Of The World" recently: . On Top Of The World is available on Spotify here and everywhere else music is available online :) #music
Tim McMorris Aug 23, 2018
Wonderful wedding short by Twenty Twenty Films featuring my song "Forever In Time" (and congrats to the lovely couple Lauren & Wesley too of course!)
Tim McMorris Aug 20, 2018
If you license music for film, television, online videos and other projects, you will definitely want to take a listen to my brand new production music track: "Explore & Discover"! . Listen on YouTube: Available for license here: . Driven by a lush, dynamic, imaginative soundscape, Explore & Discover takes the listener on an exciting and inspirational adventure and will help to make your next project unforgettable! . Learn more about me at . #productionmusic #stockmusic #musiclicensing #musicbed #film
Tim McMorris Jul 04, 2018
3 songs my friends! I'm sorry it's been delayed for a while, but there WILL be an EP + a couple music videos this year I promise! Here's a little screen shot for now :) #music
Tim McMorris Apr 28, 2018
It’s almost time. I’m excited to share what’s coming very soon. For now though, just a glimpse.
Tim McMorris Apr 19, 2018
Hey friends, just wanted to let you know: A new 3 song EP is coming in May!!!!
Tim McMorris Apr 07, 2018
Did you know, my wife Khaili and I (Overwhelmed girl :) also run a company called Lovebee Products together? I wont turn this page into a Lovebee page, but hey — we make amazing all natural bath, body and skin care products that are basically like my music, but put into bottles. So pretty much pure happiness..., but in bottles, jars and tubs. Nowwww you're gonna check it out aren't you? :)
Tim McMorris Nov 30, 2017
Just a quick update to let you know A Glimmer Of Hope is also on Spotify now as well :)
Tim McMorris Nov 29, 2017
If you're interested in some of my instrumentals / cinematic work, there's an album out today called "A Glimmer Of Hope", which is a short film that I wrote music for last year (and originally debuted as a live action theatre Christmas production). I also produced the other tracks too :) It's on iTunes right now and coming to more stores soon! Check it out!
Tim McMorris Nov 14, 2017 New Production Music: "Upbeat & Exciting Hipster Music"! License here: Ah the hipster – from their avocado toast and specialty coffees to their unique yet refined ever trendy fashion; we can’t seem to get enough of them! Alas, maybe you cannot commit to or command that level of personal coolness, but why should your next project suffer? Fear not: Upbeat & Exciting Hipster Music is here to help you out! The true hipster is just outside of the cultural mainstream on the cutting edge, and similarly this energetic and adventurous track blurs the lines between genres using acoustic instruments and electronic synthesizers to create a fresh and unique song that’s perfect for any project looking to express feelings of fun, freedom, independence, success and adventure in an exhilarating and edgy way. If avocado toast and the effortlessly cool urban bohemian hipster had a sound, I believe it would be something like this :)
Tim McMorris Oct 25, 2017 Great news! "Feeling Good Today" has now been added to Spotify! Sorry it took so long, but now it's there too :) Listen on Spotify here: #music #inspiration #folk #Canada
Tim McMorris Oct 02, 2017
In case you missed it on instagram ( ) baby Eden Bloom McMorris has arrived and is now at home - happy, safe and sound! She was born on September 24th at 4:41am and weighed 7lbs 14oz (stats are for the moms, I know you guys love baby stats haha) Mom is great, I am great, and we have never been happier. Thanks to everyone for the kind words, encouragement, support and prayers for our family; can't really articulate how thankful we truly are! I try to keep FaceBook primarily about music so if you are looking for more Eden, Willow, Khaili and my other adventures instagram is where it'll be :)
Tim McMorris Sep 22, 2017
Tim McMorris
Tim McMorris Sep 18, 2017
Lots of announcements friends, so here's a video to make it a little easier :) Also as promised, here is all the info & links from the video!: Acoustic album coming winter 2017/spring 2018 - stay connected for the latest news at Music Licensing News ----------------------------------------- Some songs (like Overwhelmed, It's A Beautiful Day, Shape The World, Live & Be Free etc.) have been moved from AudioJungle and are now only available for license on ! Awaken The Dawn ----------------------------------------- I'll be playing at Awaken The Dawn in Washington DC with Light City Music at the National Mall! Get much more info here: *Please note, this is not "my" concert, and I won't be playing material from my personal albums (this will surely be an amazing event however, and it would be great to see you there! Definitely check out the Awaken The Dawn website). Light City Music ----------------------------------------- For quite a while I've been playing bass guitar with a group called Light City Music, however we haven't released any material together until now! Our debut album "In Rivers" will be available for pre-order on September 27th. Album release is in October. Here is where you can follow and get more info! Music Used In Video: ----------------------------------------- "Indie Road Trip" - available for license here: "Looking For Adventure" - available for license here: (also available on Spotify)