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Tim Easton Apr 13, 2019
Join us at Crossroads Fest in Indiana
Tim Easton Apr 12, 2019
I was walking through Juneau when I decided to write a Woody Guthrie style tune about the Pebble Mine-a destructive project that corporations still want to build near Alaska’s Bristol Bay, despite the extremely negative consequences. This mine would undoubtedly destroy rivers that are the spawning home to wild Salmon & in general ruin the precious ecosystem there. My Father & I have fished the rivers that would be damaged. All I’m asking you to do here is share this post and/or write a quick note to Senator Lisa Murkowski -asking her to end the corrupt Environmental Impact Statement process. Thanks for participating. @senlisamurkowski @sendansullivan @repdonyoung @salmonfest @woodyguthriecenter #nopebblemine #savebristolbay #alaska #pebblemine #bristolbay #fishing #salmon #woodyguthrie #environmentalimpactstudy #wildsalmon #song #folksong #vote film by Cloey Walsh made in Talkeetna on 4/11/19
Tim Easton Apr 12, 2019
Friends of Woody Guthrie...I'll be playing a solo acoustic show at the WOODY GUTHRIE CENTER in Tulsa, Oklahoma on MAY 9th.
Tim Easton Apr 03, 2019
Tim Easton Mar 19, 2019
New CD & debut poetry book=$20 This & touring is how I make a living, btw. PayPal to [email protected] limited time til Thursday when I leave on tour for Washington & Alaska. & CAMPFIRE PROPAGANDA MUSIC & BOOKS has one employee & one intern, who is in the 3rd grade. #campfirepropaganda #smallbusiness #songwriter #poet #songs
Tim Easton Mar 15, 2019
This poetry isn’t for the faint of heart. Thanks Jamey Wood/Dawna McLennan for the editing notes. This is the edition that will be going to #Alaska for the premiere readings/tradings at THE WRITERS BLOCK on APRIL 4th or I can send one in the mail to you now. Send me a message at if you want to sort that. #poetry #poem #poems #poet
Tim Easton Mar 04, 2019
ATTENTION ANCHORAGE, VALLEY, GIRDWOOD, HOPE, HOMER... I’m coming your way one month from now in EARLY APRIL & I’m bringing a friend named Ryan Knaack on his first journey to Alaska. Break out yer best Salmon dip. He is a songwriter who also plays drums. He wants to kayak. Thursday April 4th I play THE WRITERS BLOCK & FRIDAY 4/5 then VAGABOND BLUES in Palmer then Saturday in Hope at CREEKBEND and Sunday in Homer At BUNNELL STREET GALLERY early show. Bring a friend. Let’s hang. I have my first book of poems and I will be reading from it at shows.
Tim Easton Feb 26, 2019
Alaska has been good to my soul. That’s why I return year after year. 3/22-23 Roslyn, WA The Brick 3/25-30 Ketchikan, Alaska Campfire Propaganda Songwriting Workshop 3/31 Prince Of Wales, AK Whalefest 4/1 Craig, AK Craig High School 4/3 Juneau, AK Goldtown Theatre 4/4 Anchorage The Writers Block 4/5 Palmer Vagabond Blues 4/6 Hope Creekbend 4/7 Homer. Bunnell Street Gallery 4/8 Girdwood. House Show 4/10 Talkeetna. Fairview Inn 4/12 Fairbanks The Pub at UAF #alaska #timeastontour #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Feb 21, 2019
This album embraces resistance, for that is a path where you can avoid the racket and keep the Spirit Of Creativity alive. There will always be the persistent voices of the critics and those who tell you to turn around, while none will be louder than the one from inside the creator, so we take care to ignore that critic and carry on to make something new. This album belongs to you and I.
Tim Easton Feb 13, 2019
Singing a song in the John & Yoko suite where they recorded “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE” 50 years ago here in Montreal. Thanks Yoko for all the positivity you bring to the world. #peace #bedpeace #johnandyoko #johnlennon #yokoono #campfirepropaganda #givepeaceachance #montreal #timothyleary. Thanks John Lennon too & Epiphone Guitars
Tim Easton Feb 11, 2019
I can't keep track of all the digital orders so I had to put it online! Enjoy a brand new album made in Okemah, San Antonio, & Clarksdale. Written, Produced, Performed, & Recorded by yours truly, with a little help from my daughter on a track or two
Tim Easton Feb 08, 2019
CDs have arrived like it’s 1999, vinyl here for official release in May. This is the first album that features my kid playing a part. So fun. Incredible to record an album and have it ready to distribute so quickly, but doing it any other way seems silly. Digital is here & I stayed up late stuffing envelopes so all supporters will get their copies right as I am landing in Montreal for Folk Alliance. If you want a CD or DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, write me & I will sort you out. Vinyl, shirts, etc come in May. Thanks for supporting independent art & music. There is ONE EMPLOYEE(and one young intern) at Campfire Propaganda Records & Books. I love my job. TE, on the road again.
Tim Easton Feb 06, 2019
One Minute Guitar Lesson is my song BLACK DOG. Drop D baby. I wrote this song in Joshua Tree, California. Enjoy. TE #acousticguitar #guitarlessons #oneminuteguitarlesson
Tim Easton Feb 05, 2019
Attention: Great State Of Ohio aka New Straitsville, Circleville, Defiance, Coshocton, and other towns I sing about. THIS WEEKEND I will be IN STATE right before flying to Montreal for @folk_alliance Let’s talk. #folksinger #songwriter #ohio #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Feb 04, 2019
Scored this analog Chinon CS plus telescope lens (not in pic) plus tripod for $15 at a Florida thrift store. Loaded it w/ some Black & White 400 speed film. Inspired by others, I will now begin the art for a whole new project that has the working title SINGS MY SONGS. What’s great about finishing one project is that it frees your mind up for something new. The paint isn’t even dry on the Folk Freakout that is EXPOSITION, and I’m off to the muses. The universe is is a big juicy oyster waiting to be shucked...unless it shucks you first. When you are not playing, be creating. Sometimes, if you want it to be so, you can be playing & creating at the same time. Go get some. #art #photography #analog #analogphotography #makeartnotwar #folkalliance #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Feb 01, 2019
Live, in the round at The Bluebird. Nashville, TN
Tim Easton Feb 01, 2019
's cover photo
Tim Easton Jan 31, 2019
Oh yeah @folk_alliance let’s do this & have a blast. See you in Montreal TIM EASTON FOLK ALLIANCE 2019 WEDNESDAY 2/13 10:30 PRESS HOUSE #503 12 BLACK OAK ARTISTS #454 1:30 HOUSE OF SONGS # 310 2:30AM MOMENTARY LOVE #424 THURSDAY 2/14 10:30 SHUBB CAPOS Midnight NORDIC #306 1:05 AM MOMENTARY LOVE #424 FRIDAY 2/15 10:30PM Rusty Car Music #428 12:00 AM Momentary Love #424 1:20 ALASKA Rm. 208 2:30AM Tikly #502 SATURDAY 2/16 11:30 Momentary Love #424 2:30. Tickly Room #502 #folkalliance #folkalliance2019 #canada #quebec #folksingers
Tim Easton Jan 29, 2019
Saturday, January 26th, in Adam Carpenter’s kitchen, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the morning after I delivered the digital release of my new album, “EXPOSITION,” and right after reading the article in Billboard that said PLEDGE MUSIC was not able to pay any of its artists the money they were rightfully owed, on the very day they were supposed to pay me. I was a little upset, and I must thank Adam for helping me remain calm. I fully understand that there are people out in this big world with serious, life threatening problems. This hurts because I am a one man operation with no manager or lawyer to speak on my behalf, and I feel like I have been seriously taken advantage of. I do have my supporters though, which is comforting. I raised over 150% of the funds asked for to make this album and now I am going to have to borrow money from my own daughter’s savings account just to pay for the manufacturing of the merchandise, which was technically bought and paid for by my own supporters, who I thank very much for their patience as I work through this problem, which is just a minor bump in the road compared to the problems that thieves and liars run up against in this world. I will deliver what I promised to deliver, and work hard to pay the money back to my daughter’s college fund. The real kicker is that Adam Carpenter, who took this photograph, is one of my Pledgers, and I had just played his parent’s surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary party AND he already knew the new tunes since downloading the album the day before when Pledge asked me to upload the album- fulling knowing they weren’t going to be able to pay me the money that was promised upon delivery of said master recording. It’s somewhat disheartening because Crowdfunding companies like Pledge, who I have used twice before, are perfect for independent artists like myself who don’t want a lot of interference between their art and those that wish to experience it, so when even that corner of the music business rears it’s dishonest head, one wants to just fully retreat. Of course, I can never stop writing songs, but I can only feel it’s a sign that I must regroup my thoughts and go back to the beginning once again. I’ll start by canceling any release dates I had in mind and re-scheduling any release date shows. Thanks for your patience. I’m counting on Pledge to hold true to their promise and deliver the money within 90 days, after which I will retract this entire note and offer my encouragement as they re-build their company and brand, but for now I have to carry on and make a living in order to pay my rent and bills, and it will not be easy. I wish them the same peace of mind that I wish for myself. “Exposition” remains a unique, field recording style album that was made while traveling through Okemah, San Antonio, and Clarksdale. It will always be special to me and I will always own 100% of the rights to it, which is something I can’t say about some of my other records. If you want the digital version check in with me at I will personally email the tracks. There’s a fire under me to make many more albums, and so the work begins again in earnest. #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Jan 24, 2019
24 Hours Left On Digital Delivery. Link in comments. CONCEPTS DISCUSSED IN EXPOSITION: Time, honesty, anger, insanity, pain, empathy, vengeance, greed, peace of mind, LSD, travel, self-reflection, elections, JFK, 9/11, dancing, recording, sex, awakening, sobriety, jail, hunger, heartbreak, solitude vs. loneliness, New Years Day, divorce, children, pointing fingers, love, resolutions, traveling by water, fishing, hitchhiking, redheads, trimming, Tequila, poison, Sisters, darkness, acceptance, resurrection, self-will, powerlessness, voting, apathy, selfishness, gerrymandering, voter obstructionism, crooked politicians, Todd Snider, weed, Jesus. #vinyl #songs #songwriter #songwriters #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Jan 22, 2019
GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATIONS MENTIONED IN LYRICS OF EXPOSITION LP: Cleveland, Ohio Moravia High Desert Low Desert USA (“in my country”) Florida Philadelphia, PA Saint Augustine, FL Alaska Fort St. John, BC Puget Sound Golden Gate Park Indian Springs California Mexico The Border Oaxaca Zipolite Bellingham, WA Kodiak, AK Link in profile. 48 hours left in Pledge Campaign. #vinyl #art #handpaintedalbum #geography #travel #traveler
Tim Easton Jan 20, 2019
Tim Easton
Tim Easton Jan 18, 2019
‪I made a stripped down folk album called EXPOSITION in Okemah, OK, San Antonio, TX, & Clarksdale, MS recording ten songs of redemption & hope. Digital release arrives Jan 25 to those who Pledge before that date. Vinyl later. #CampfirePropaganda thanks all friends & family for their support of independent art. Photo from album artwork by Chris J. Zähller Link in comments.
Tim Easton Jan 15, 2019
BOOKING AGENT WANTED for hard working troubadour from Akron, Ohio. I have certainly had a few different sounds & looks over the years and while my influences have always been rooted in the old American music, I’ve no doubt changed it up throughout my albums & can write songs & tell stories & entertain with the best of my peers & then some. I now own 5 of my masters while @newwestrecords own the rest. I’m walking a different path today. I’ll let my actions & work speak for me. I write every day & I need somebody to help me manage the road. Write me at #campfirepropaganda #TimEastonTour
Tim Easton Jan 10, 2019
Cover for EXPOSITION album was filmed & designed by Oklahoma artist Chris Zähller. 2 weeks left to pre-order from link in comments. Full digital release on Jan. 25