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Tim Easton Aug 16, 2019
What’s up Alaska? Okay my beard didn’t grow this much in two weeks but anyway I’d love to see you at Tonglen Lake Lodge near Denali Park entrance on Friday & then in Fairbanks all day Saturday, August 17th at the first ever NORTHBOUND MUSIC FEST w/ bands & poets & those who wish to defend & protect the sacred. Go to @thenortherncenter for tickets & info. #music #alaska #festival #dontspectateparticipate #protecttheearth #protectthesacred #defendthesacred #defendthesacredak
Tim Easton Aug 03, 2019
Fresh off the plane. Photo by Lisa Seifert of Anchorage. Her amazing photos of Stevie Ray Vaughn & Spinal Tap & many more grace the walls of her super cozy Air B&B in ANC. Thanks Lisa, I’m off to @salmonfest to wake up @stevepoltz who is staying my B & B there. #alaska #troubadour
Tim Easton Jul 25, 2019
ALASKA HERE I COME. Looking forward to introducing you to songwriter Amy Blaschke.
Tim Easton Jul 25, 2019
Taken by Peter Berger
Tim Easton Jul 23, 2019
If you have not watched it yet, please check out my portrayal of music business jive turkey Rosco Fowler. Filmed on Music Row & written by Korby Lenker. Thanks for supporting independent artists who follow their own drummers. Click link at top of comments to view.
Tim Easton Jul 22, 2019
ALASKA SUMMER 2019 w/ Amy Blaschke on the Anchorage & Fairbanks shows & more.
Tim Easton Jul 19, 2019
BRAND NEW GUITAR: When I was a teenager hanging out at the Akron Music Center trying to play the Deep River Blues, the salesman told me that if I kept playing like that some day a guitar company would build me my own model. That dream came true today with the Netherlands based @homesteadguitars company who works closely with Indonesian luthiers to build their amazing guitars using Javanese Rosewood, Adirondack AAA, Mahogany, ebony, & abalone. My specific model has my initials in the headstock & a Mother Of Pearl raven on the 12th Fret. Thanks Robin & Albert & everyone at Homestead Guitars for making this dream happen. I’ve never been so happy jet lagged in my life! All that, and the doctor just called from Nashville to say the biopsy was negative. It’s a big day in Holland. #peace #love #guitars #songs #positivity #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Jul 16, 2019
Alaskan Friends: I need to rent a vehicle that seats 4 adults plus driver from August 2nd to August 7th. Minivan, Suburban, Van. Midnight Sun is all booked. I need help & will pay. Thanks. TE
Tim Easton Jul 10, 2019
OK lovely lovers. Here’s 2 more hand printed lyrics for NEXT TO YOU going out in the mail today. ALL @pledgemusic orders should be fulfilled by now. If you have not received your goodies, or if you would like some goodies, please write me pronto at #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Jul 08, 2019
Excited to receive & debut my new HOMESTEAD GUITAR next week in The Netherlands. Built in Indonesia by a Dutch company, I will use this personalized acoustic guitar to play shows through the end of July including PEER BLUES FEST in Belgium. #troubadour #acoustic #folk #music #songwriter #travispicker #flatpicker #holland #belgium #countryblues #americana #thenetherlands
Tim Easton Jun 28, 2019
CRITICAL BITCH # 19 I’ve spent the last week on the road listening to the songs of Nashville based songwriter @amyblaschke Her catalog is expansive, and narrowing it down to one song is quite difficult for me. Most recently, she has been recording with the producer @joshgrange who also plays pedal steel in @sherylcrow ’s band. Her style is not so easily defined. Several records ago, when she was recording in Seattle, there was a distinct Elliott Smith vibe, which is of course very magnetic to all of us songwriters of the lonesome school variety, but today she carves her own path somewhere in the vicinity between indie chanteuse & Modern Folk & Country crooner, with more unpredictable arrangements & production style, a magical & relaxed vibrato, & a penchant for stacked harmonies when you might not expect it. Then there is the new album recorded with Josh that has yet to be released. Then there are the new demos & songs we have been working on together. I have actually never met anybody as prolific as Amy, and I am friends with @leeroystagger , who is also fucking amazing by the way! Amy Blaschke is artistically unpredictable & lovely & incredible & yes I am quite biased (!). I look forward to introducing her to you @comfest365 in Columbus, Ohio tonight where perhaps we may sing a @townesvanzandtofficial song. For now, find her on @spotify & dig the collection. #songwriter @folk_alliance @americanafest @americansongwritermagazine
Tim Easton Jun 26, 2019
Tim Easton Jun 25, 2019
‪Thanks Walter Tunis for this review of my Kentucky performance. My secret is that I am empowered by love, and tasty, locally sourced food. Kentucky rules.
Tim Easton Jun 19, 2019
JUNE TOUR STARTS TODAY in Lexington, KY at The Burl. I have new #vinyl #campfirepropaganda #tour
Tim Easton Jun 17, 2019
Not one lyric of this LP is obscured by echo, reverb, or mumbly singing. Understand me when I sing this message to Planet Earth: “I WANT YOU TO HAVE THE SAME PEACE OF MIND THAT I WISH FOR MYSELF.” Thanks for sharing. Love, TE
Tim Easton Jun 17, 2019
‪Friends American Songwriter Magazine, I thank you kindly for your words about my newest album, EXPOSITION
Tim Easton Jun 14, 2019
Click link in comments for me to sing “I want you to have the same peace of mind that I wish for myself” in Guthrie, Oklahoma at Hoboken Coffee Roasters for The Tiny Town Concert Series. Thanks to The Visual Brain, KOSU & The Spy FM. Thanks for your support & shares. TE, Nashville
Tim Easton Jun 11, 2019
Thanks to all those who ordered hand written lyric sheets for the EXPOSITION Pledge campaign. If you would like your own please write me on the CONTACT page at JUNE TOUR DATES are there too. Hope to see you soon. TE #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Jun 06, 2019
A new album & few shows in June. 6/19/19 Lexington, KY @theburlky 6/20/19 Urbana, IL Rose Bowl 6/21/19 Stoughton, WI Hanold Barn Session 6/22/19 Delano, MN Reider Homestead Concerts 6/23/19 Eau Claire, WI Duyfhuizen House Concert 6/25/19 Lafayette, IN People’s Brewery 6/26/19 Cleveland, OH Otis’s Cruise Inn 6/27/19 Chicago, IL Haymarket Pub 6/28/19 Columbus, OH @comfest365 6/28/19 Columbus, OH Rumba Cafe w/ Megan Palmer & Sam Brown & JP OLSEN. 6/30/19 Columbus, OH @nataliescoalfired #campfirepropaganda #tour #folksinger @folk_alliance #song #songwriter
Tim Easton May 29, 2019
NASHVILLE VINYL RELEASE PARTY for Exposition @radiocafenashville 7pm THURSDAY MAY 30th w/ @indiarameymusic @ryansobb playing too. Thanks @salonthirteen for the photo. All HAND PAINTED Jacket PRE-ORDERS HAVE BEEN MAILED. #vinyl #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton May 27, 2019
Flashback to Staches. See you @comfest365 in one month Columbus. Mr. JP Olsen is visiting for a Friday night set at Rumba with Megan Palmer & Sam Brown(drums) #Ohio #Summertime #Festival
Tim Easton May 20, 2019
Tim Easton May 14, 2019
FREE SONG ALERT: Greetings from an Alabama Highway Hotel, where I am writing about a song I recorded in a Mississippi hotel. Every week for ten weeks I will write a few words about one of the songs from my “Exposition,” album. TRACK 10 from EXPOSITION: “BROKEN BRAIN” This isn’t the first time I recorded this song. I gave it a shot on the Paco & The Melodic Polaroids LP but it didn’t seem to thematically fit that album so I pulled it. Then, when I set out to make Exposition, I recorded it in every location that I used to make the album. I did it once in Okemah, once in Texas, and then a few times in Clarksdale, Mississippi at The Shack-Up Inn. I did it as a country blues, then Delta slide… and still wasn’t quite satisfied. The version in the video (link in comments) is a delta slide version from Bin #5 at the Shack-Up Inn, but the version on the Exposition album link is from a few takes after that when I used an Open C tuning and did some Travis picking. I also had a mic on my foot stomping and then overdubbed some percussive thigh slapping on the instrumental break. “Broken Brain” is a basic country-blues tune that can be played in any style, and so I will break into it at a live show in whatever key or mode I wish. It’s a simple song that remains alive and moving, and I use it to bring some humor to a set. The opening line, which mentions Todd Snider, has been cleared by the man himself. The whole notion of the song came from a conversation that the Memphis songwriter Cory Branan and I had where he told me that he hated when people rhymed the word “brain” in a song. I therefore wrote a tune where it was rhymed in every verse. I used it to close off the album because I wanted something a little lighter hearted to wrap up a more serious folk album. Enjoy, and keep in touch. Tim Easton Extended Stay America, Birmingham, Alabama May 14th, 2019
Tim Easton May 11, 2019
Thanks No Depression Magazine for interviewing me & others about how Pledge Music stole money from us working musicians. Link in comments.
Tim Easton May 08, 2019
Do you want to sign up for 2020's CAMPFIRE PROPAGANDA SONGWRITING WORKSHOP in HOMER, ALASKA for next March? Read the quick summary of how it went in Ketchikan just two months back, and you'll see it takes a simple notion that you want to create something new.