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Paco & the Melodic Polaroids
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Before the Revolution - The Best Of (1998 - 2011)
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Special 20
The Truth About Us
Tim Easton Dec 07, 2018
God this is fun. Thanks all for participating. It’s sweet to be yer own boss. This album is between me & you. Exposing all sides. I’m not in the Music Business, I’m in the troubadour business. Not one nickel of Pre-order money will go to a publicist, radio campaign, manager, lawyer, agent, etc...this album is for me & my Dad & all you who take the time to listen. He told me to be my own boss. There were some bumpy roads along the way, but today is in harmony, with a little mandolin. CLICK LINK IN COMMENTS. It’s a whopping ten bucks to get the digital version when it is finished. #independentartist #recording #oklahoma #vinyl #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Dec 03, 2018
EXPOSITION COFFEE STATION: My first investment for this project, from the heavy influence of @wetprince & @j_drapes_ is the tool box with full coffee shop inside. Water boiler, French press, coffee, sugar, tea, dice for games of chance, metal filter for single pours, [email protected] cup. I’ll be opening the TRAPS FOR TROUBADOURS pop-up Coffee Shop TONIGHT at the Okemah Historical Society in Okemah, Oklahoma, Birthplace Of Woody Guthrie. Stop by for a fresh pour. #expositionLP #fieldrecording #vinyl #songs #campfirepropaganda #woodyguthrie #oklahoma @woodyguthriecenter @woodyfest
Tim Easton Dec 02, 2018
CAMPFIRE PROPAGANDA SONGWRITING WORKSHOP is March 26-29 in Ketchikan, Alaska. Write me at contact page for details.
Tim Easton Nov 30, 2018
Paco’s HOLIDAY SALE. FREE SHIPPING. PAYPAL to [email protected] That’s me, el Presidente de Campfire Propaganda Records & Books. Thanks for supporting independent art & music. TE
Tim Easton Nov 26, 2018
A drawing by the consummate Cayetana Alvarez Alvarez Of Madrid. This Spanish tour has been highly inspirational & soul & stomach feeding with easy gigs & sweet, creative people. Thanks so much everyone who participated & I look forward to seeing you on the Spanish Food & Songs Tour Of 2019 with Joe Ciriello. Stay tuned. It will be tasty.
Tim Easton Nov 18, 2018
Spain. Let’s hang. Paco wants to say hello again. We’ve come a long way since that time I slept in the park in Barcelona. I’ve read all of Bolaño’s books now. Let’s discuss. #spain #España. . . . . . #timeaston #timeastontour #travel #traveler #traveller #travelling #travelingmusician #songwriter #song #songs #travelinglife #writer #pacotheguitar #guitar #acousticguitar #gibsonj45 #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Nov 15, 2018
's cover photo
Tim Easton Nov 14, 2018
Join me on a FIELD RECORDING ADVENTURE on the hallowed grounds of American music history. A dream come true thanks to you
Tim Easton Nov 13, 2018
My daughter helped me make this ONE MINUTE FILM. Join me on a field recording adventure called EXPOSITION as I record on the hallowed grounds of American Music history, stripping away all the filters between me and you, the listener. Check out the goodies at
Tim Easton Nov 13, 2018
My daughter & I made this 1 MINUTE FILM. Join me on a field recording adventure called “EXPOSITION” as I record on the hallowed grounds of American Music history, stripping away all the filters between me and you, the listener. Pre-Order at
Tim Easton Nov 12, 2018
Oh yeah. ALASKA SPRING 2019 is already in the works. Coming back to Juneau for the first time in many moons. Ticket info coming soon.
Tim Easton Nov 11, 2018
Tim Easton
Tim Easton Nov 08, 2018
Denmark, that was amazing. Austria, let’s do this. Italy, you on deck. Spain, we have to talk. . . . . . #timeaston #timeastontour #travel #traveler #traveller #travelling #travelingmusician #songwriter #song #songs #travelinglife #writer #pacotheguitar #guitar #acousticguitar #gibsonj45 #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Nov 05, 2018
TOUR AUSTRIA #campfirepropaganda . . . . #timeaston #timeastontour #travel #traveler #traveller #travelling #travelingmusician #songwriter #song #songs #travelinglife #writer #pacotheguitar #guitar #acousticguitar #gibsonj45
Tim Easton Nov 04, 2018
Photo by Peter Berger
Tim Easton Nov 04, 2018
Tim Easton
Tim Easton Nov 03, 2018
Tim Easton
Tim Easton Nov 03, 2018
Waking up in beautiful Denmark, out in the country. Sun is shining, dogs are barking. I am again so happy to see all the participation in civic matters back home. I can see that when rational minded, highly influential people like Taylor Swift or Jason Isbell or Carl Reiner speak their minds about how they feel, they, in turn, inspire others to participate and do the same. It most definitely works the other way too, although it is harder to come to terms with it. We have always had a division in our country, we have always had racist, fearful citizens. Sadly, they too get empowered when people who mirror their thoughts are at the forefront. Love, compassion, and determination will conquer fear and hatred every time, we just have to step it up a little bit, and encourage others to do the same. #education #participate #vote
Tim Easton Nov 03, 2018
Tim Easton
Tim Easton Oct 28, 2018
First Danish Tour begins pronto. for details.
Tim Easton Oct 23, 2018
PACO & THE MELODIC POLAROIDS has been out for 6 months now, with two more PRINT ARTICLES coming out about it this Autumn in FRETBOARD JOURNAL & NO DEPRESSION. Nobody made an LP quite like it this year and what is nice for me is that, for the first time since my debut album Special 20, I own 100% of the master, so this whole experience has been very rewarding. When you buy it through mail order or download it, you are directly supporting my career as an independent artist, and I thank you, and I thank my Brothers for teaching me about Doc Watson & John Prine, who in turn inspired my guitar playing & songwriting. I thank all my teachers, past and present, for a lifetime of lessons. Stream or buy it in PROFILE LINK . . . . . #timeaston #timeastontour #travel #traveler #traveller #travelling #travelingmusician #songwriter #song #songs #travelinglife #writer #pacotheguitar #guitar #acousticguitar #gibsonj45 #CampfirePropaganda #independent #art #independentartist @fretboardjournal @nodepression #directtolacquer #recording
Tim Easton Oct 15, 2018
THANKS BEAUTIFUL OREGON & PORTLAND for the fine weekend & thanks Julie & Chico @salonthirteen for the packed show plus shelter & those fresh garden ‘maters. 🍅 I’m flying back to Nashville now & then across the pond to Europe for shows in Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Italy, & Spain. If you would like to be a host for the FIFTY STATE HOUSE CONCERT TOUR in 2019, please reach out on the contact page of Email me [email protected] Thanks, and may you all have a great week. from TE, on the road.
Tim Easton Oct 14, 2018
Portland #nofilter I took a walk from @salonthirteen down to @powellsbooks & back. Didn’t buy any books but wrote some lines in the coffee shop while enjoying some spectacular people watching. It’s a different city then when I first passed through 20 years ago. Cool to see @heypetekrebs is still playing & that @laurelthirstpub has been purchased by musicians. I found an amazing guitar store/ venue called @strumpdx and now play my songs for the good people of this amazing city. #portland #songs #timeastontour #campfirepropaganda
Tim Easton Oct 08, 2018
Hello Portland, Oregon. I’ll be playing a set @salonthirteen on Saturday, October 13th. #timeastontour
Tim Easton Oct 03, 2018
FRIENDS.Here's my new album on Spotify. It is SOLO ACOUSTIC, recorded DIRECT TO LACQUER, and owned 100% by me. Listen and share, if you want to own it let me know, I am the President of the record company now, and that company is called CAMPFIRE PROPAGANDA. I