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Net of Indra
Tim Alexander Oct 05, 2017
I'll just leave this here...
Tim Alexander Jun 12, 2014
Tim Alexander has a show on 06/13/2014 at 09:00 PM @ The Triangle Salem in Salem, OR
Tim Alexander Mar 27, 2014
Its been a while now, but the time is come for something new. Heres a little something from the drawing table. See you soon!
Tim Alexander Nov 05, 2013
Unfortunately its that time again, where I get a regular job, save and hope I can find myself back in the music scene full time again soon. Keep an eye out for sporadic bookings, and new music. Also, Ive finished my home studio and am capable of voice recordings,podcasts and solo demos. If you or anyone is interested, I offer exceptional package prices depending on what your wanting to do and will even come to you if necessary. Thanks for all the support throughout the year. I hope to see you all again very soon!
Tim Alexander Oct 29, 2013
I like that you like that I liked your like. Happy Monday!
Tim Alexander Oct 16, 2013
Looking forward to the upcoming First Wednesday Live Music at Torta-Landia. Ill be joined by two very talented ladies. Singer/Pianists Lila Miles and Katie Reynolds. November 6th, 7:00. Se 60th and Foster.
Tim Alexander Oct 11, 2013
Looks like a last minute Friday outing for me. Headed to The Thorne Lounge in Southeast for a solo acoustic gig after I get the night started off right at Freedom Center Free Tap Fridays! Freedom Center at 6, The Thorne Lounge at 9! Come spend a Friday night in the Rose City!
Tim Alexander Oct 05, 2013
A clap is a courtesy, a whoo is a party...
Tim Alexander Sep 24, 2013
Fall has arrived. I do enjoy it so. The foggy mornings are magical on my side of town. Sure inspiration to spend a little time tracking. Hope everyone is enjoying the season!
Tim Alexander Sep 05, 2013
Went with more of a background sound tonight. Very enjoyable, and much more presentable. Looking forward to a few more months at Torta-Landia, now that Ive got a feel for it. Thanks E!
Tim Alexander Aug 18, 2013
A very warm thanks to everyone that's supported my solo project. September brings the end of my first year as a solo musician and all I can say is Thank You! I plan to slow down on gigging a bit and get back into recording in my new home studio I spent the summer building. The gears are turning and its time to start focusing on ideas and new experiences. I plan on doing a season ender in September in Salem before I head back to the drawing board, so stay posted. Thanks again, and Cheers! -T
Tim Alexander Aug 04, 2013
Hello to all my new friends. Feeling antsy this morning, Bend bound Wednesday.
Tim Alexander Aug 02, 2013
Headed to The Fuel Cafe on NE Portland's Alberta Street. Music at 7, No Cover. Hope to see some of my Portland pals along.
Tim Alexander Jul 28, 2013
Getting prepped for a big month. I'll be finishing up another lap around the sun and hitting the road for a string of out of towners. Hope to see some of you along the way!
Tim Alexander Jul 28, 2013
's cover photo
Tim Alexander Jun 24, 2013
August is shaping up to be a pretty busy month for music. Now for some July events...
Tim Alexander Jun 07, 2013
The wheels are turning again, a fire still smolders, yearning to be fed. I only hope they've not forgotten.
Tim Alexander Jun 01, 2013
Time to hit the books. Or bookings that is. Where am I going this year?
Tim Alexander May 05, 2013
On a little mental break for now. Writing and recording, then back to booking. Where would you like to see a show? Let me know so I can bring a show to your town!
Tim Alexander Apr 29, 2013
Gold Beach was stellar! Thanks to all the crew at Mangia Buff! Next stop, Torta-Landia on Wednesday. Stop in for some food, drinks, and a little music.
Tim Alexander Apr 26, 2013
Thinking of my "fifty and up" fan crew. You guys really are awesome! Thanks for stayin up late and making it out time and time again. Always a pleasure enjoying your company!
Tim Alexander Apr 20, 2013
Had a great time in Salem last night with Robert Wynia and The Sound. A real example of what we all work towards. So great seeing so many familiar faces, and meeting all the new ones. If anyone would like a Cd let me know. I would be more than willing to send you some tunes to share. Thanks again. Looking forward to the long trip down to Gold Beach for Friday and Saturday at Mangia Buff.
Tim Alexander Apr 11, 2013
Ill be stopping in at The Local Lounge around 8 this evening for a few sets. Looking forward to playing again!
Tim Alexander Mar 30, 2013
New tunes for this summer. In the works, but heres a little taste.
Tim Alexander Mar 30, 2013
New tunes for this summer. In the works, but heres a little taste.