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Thinking of You EP
Faze #64: Tiefschwarz
Faze #64: Tiefschwarz
Onaip (feat. Julien Quentin)
Faze #64: Tiefschwarz
Left (Bonus Track Version)
Mixmag Germany - Episode 009: Tiefschwarz
Fire It Out (feat. Ruede Hagelstein)
Faze #07: Tiefschwarz
Corporate Butcher (feat. Mama) EP
Corporate Butcher (Remixes) [feat. Mama] EP
Dominate My Sensations (feat. MaMa)
Watergate 09
Melted Chocolate 3
Melted Chocolate
Melted Chocolate 2
Raveline (Mix Session by Tiefschwarz)
Trust Remixes (feat. Seth Troxler)
10 Years of Tiefschwarz Blackmusik Remixed, Pt. 1
Tiefschwarz (Official) Jun 17, 2019
Last night at @birgitundbier was bunkers! 🥇thank you so so much for the great support! Brothers love, always together, always in time since 30 years! 🖤 #tiefschwarz_official #birgitundbier #rave #party #techno #berlin #brothers
Tiefschwarz (Official) Jun 10, 2019
Throwback to our live performance feat. Khan Of Finland at Melt Festival in 2015, part of our "Left" Tour of the self-titled album on Watergate Records! You can listen to the full album here: 😎
Tiefschwarz (Official) Jun 05, 2019
Our Spotify #tiefschwarzradio playlist is now updated! Let us know if it’s fun! With much 🖤 Basti+Ali 🖤
Tiefschwarz (Official) Jun 04, 2019
We are super excited for our upcoming "Hybrid Sounds" release with the very talented Yotam Avni. The release will be out July the 5th on Souvenir Music !!! Check out all 6 tracks on Soundcloud and leave a comment 🧨💥
Tiefschwarz (Official) Jun 02, 2019
Surf and Turf 🍺🌸 schönes Wochenende for everybody 💥 #tiefschwarz_official #berlin #family #watergateberlin
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 30, 2019
Music for your entertainment!
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 27, 2019
Viena here we come! On the decks with our beloved Timo Maas Official Page and Claudio Ricci for Stripped Down Records label showcase at PRATERSAUNA!
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 25, 2019
Tonight we split our forces, but only for a bit... Ali in Madrid at Studio 76 and Basti in Marburg at Kulturzentrum KFZ Marburg. See you on the dance floors! 🙌🏽😎🖤
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 25, 2019
Oh yes - Great Night as always at watergate 🥇ramba zamba 💥 #tiefschwarz_official #watergateberlin #techno
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 24, 2019
See u all watergate tonight 🥂 Bingo Bongo 💥 #tiefschwarz_official #watergateberlin #techno #electronicmusic #nifghlifeberlin
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 23, 2019
This Saturday, and after Rauschen at Watergate Club, we head west for Tiefstrom | KFZ Marburg! What a fun weekend ahead! 🙌🔝👏
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 20, 2019
Happy Monday dears! Spotify playlist update is a weekly ritual! Follow link and enjoy! 🎶
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 18, 2019
Relaxing time at the tiefschwarz garden - weekend off 🌳🍺🌸🏝 happy weekend #tiefschwarz_official #berlin #notechno
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 17, 2019
friends will be friends 🌻 @studio_tobias_rehberger #staatstheaterstuttgart #hometown #friendsforever
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 15, 2019
We are extremely honoured to be part of the opening of the “Probegrube” exhibition by our dearest friend Tobias Rehberger and in collaboration with the Staatstheater Stuttgart tomorrow in our hometown. 🙂 “We hope that his installation will be eye opening for modern and thoughtful architecture and ideas at the Rosensteinquartier.“ Ali+Basti 🖤 RSVP here:
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 14, 2019
Check out our latest entries on our just updated #TiefschwarzRadio Spotify playlist! :) 🖤 #spotify #spotifyplaylist
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 07, 2019
Here is the latest podcast by Metaboman who has recently released his "Einseins" EP with a remix by Robag Wruhme on our Souvenir Music! Have a read and enjoy the ride! :) Get the release here:
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 05, 2019
Happy weekend! And don’t forget to follow our @spotify #tiefschwarzradio playlist! 😎 it’s lots of fun🙌🏽 link in bio! #tiefschwarz_official #spotifyplaylist #spotify #weekend #berlin
Tiefschwarz (Official) May 04, 2019
Happy to be guests of “ Magdalena presents’ SHADOWS Ibiza series parties! More details to follow up soon! 💄😎🖤 ・・・
Tiefschwarz (Official) Apr 29, 2019
„back in the days in our beloved ON-U club..“ 1992 ! find ali + basti 🤡#tiefschwarz_official #brothers #techno #friendsforever #berlin
Tiefschwarz (Official) Apr 27, 2019
❌Bad news: Werk Rave event has been canceled 🙃 GOOD NEWS: Our #Tiefschwarzradio playlist on Spotify is updated and smoking hot❗️🔥🔥🔥 Happy weekend: 🖤 #tiefschwarz_official #spotify #spotifyplaylist #berlin
Tiefschwarz (Official) Apr 24, 2019
Don´t forget to tune in to our biweekly Radio show on Ibiza Global Radio !! Every 2nd Wednesday night 01-02am. Tonight with Drivetrain from Detroit (Soiree RecordsInternational) 💣
Tiefschwarz (Official) Apr 23, 2019
Music is the key! 🖤 "Thinking Of You" is taken from the self-titled release on Suara and available now on our YouTube channel. 🙌 Download: Stream:
Tiefschwarz (Official) Apr 21, 2019
happy easter everybody 🤡 🖤 #tiefschwarz_official
Tiefschwarz (Official) Apr 19, 2019
🌸 tonight at Watergate Club- see u all there 🐝