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Thursday Aug 15, 2019
It's final call for large, medium and small!!!!! Our Limited Edition St Vitus shirt is almost sold out! There are less than 20 orders left! Remember - once these are gone, they will never be reprinted. TO CELEBRATE WE ARE GOING TO DO A FLASH SALE ON OUR WEB STORE OF 15% OFF EVERYTHING FOR THE NEXT 72 HOURS. We have seen the comments where some people were complaining that these shirts took a minute to arrive, for that we apologize. The reason for this is that typically we monitor stock and when it runs low, we simply reorder a batch to keep inventory levels up. However these shirts were bespoke and made to order aka they were printed in specific sizes as orders came in. This custom printing takes a little longer. We would never intentionally bum people out and we genuinely hope you love the shirts as much as we do and they were worth the wait. We also cannot believe that we sold 666 of them in six weeks. Thank you so much for your support on this one. It is really exciting for us. That being said, winter is coming and fall is around the corner - what items should we put up on the store? Any classic designs you would like to see come back? Any specific lyrics that you would want on a shirt? Should we finally make the dove three piece pin stripe suit you have always pined for? Should we produce a Thursday snowmobile? Is it finally time for our own Artisanal Scandinavian inspired Mid-Century furniture line? Let us know (below) what you would like to see appear on the store - the crazier the better!!!!!
Thursday Jul 17, 2019
On the back of our trip to Europe this fall, we were offered the unbelievable opportunity to play two shows, in a country that we have been dying to get back to since we last played there, 15 years ago: JAPAN. We will be holding two very intimate shows In Tokyo and Osaka!!! Many of you may remember that we have a very special fondness for Japan and the amazing bands that have come from this country. We were honored to release a split LP with Tokyo’s own legends: ENVY. We couldn’t be more excited to come play in their city and their country! We hope to see you there!
Thursday Jul 16, 2019
Thursday Jun 28, 2019
*****UPDATE.... Whoa!!! The demand for the Vitus limited edition shirt literally crashed our site. Don’t worry though, evil has prevailed and we just paid the extra $2 per month for more bandwidth, so they are back up. Don’t delay though - there are only 666 of them being unleashed out into the world and not many are left. If you are in league with the dark arts like we are, then levitate on over to *****ORIGINAL When we played our three St Vitus shows earlier this year we had our friend Mark (who is also our musical and art hero) design a special commemorative tee shirt to mark the occasion. It is with great delight that we are using this shirt to officially launch the first 21st century Thursday merch store. We have shirts, we have coffee mugs, we have hoodies, we have sweat pants, we have pins, we have stickers! No longer will any of you need to go to the dark web to score contraband. ****Note - these Vitus edition shirts are in VERY limited supply and will never be reprinted! Today is pay day, so let's go crazy shoppers!
Thursday Jun 28, 2019
Comrades of Thursday Social Media. Tomorrow we start a new thread.
Thursday Jun 26, 2019
They say that we are never in the Netherlands - they are wrong. See you in November - we cannot wait to play at the Dynamo/Eindhoven Tickets are now officially on sale -
Thursday Jun 26, 2019
London - it's official - we are now on sale. Word on the wire was that the pre-sale sold out. WE CANNOT WAIT!!! See you in December Electric Ballroom Get tickets here:
Thursday Jun 21, 2019
Geoff is currently sitting on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Heathrow to JFK but leaving this time is not sad at all, as the band is heading back in December for two special album shows at Electric Ballroom There is going to be a special pre-sale on Monday morning - and general tickets go on sale Wednesday morning - These shows are going to be amazing and are a dream come true for us to be able to do! It's been nearly 9 years since we last played London, so this is long overdue. We cannot thank you all enough for asking us back. It means the world.
Thursday Jun 21, 2019
Did you guys know that it has been 2,978 days since Thursday last played in The Netherlands. Let's fix that shall we? Tickets go on sale Wednesday!
Thursday Jun 21, 2019
Thursday is going IN-TER-NAT-ION-AL. We have genuinely been floored and absolutely humbled by the consistent requests for us to jump onto a plane and visit friends in far off places! It's time to address the balance of unfinshed business, so we have decided to add three more shows in Eindhoven and London after our BOYSETSFIRE(official)festival appearance in Germany. We won't be able to add any more cities due to time constraints, so these shows will be special beyond belief. It's been way too long. November 29th - Family First Festival - Cologne November 30th - Dynamo Club - Eindhoven December 1st - Electric Ballroom - London (Full Collapse) December 2nd - Electric Ballroom - London (War All The Time) Eindhoven / London go on sale next Wednesday
Thursday Jun 20, 2019
Look Kids. #tomorrow
Thursday May 14, 2019
From the desk of Geoff Rickly. Melbourne, Florida. We are so excited and surprised to be able to announce Family First Festival. After our last show, we began conversations about all the places that we hadn’t been able to play on our reunion. It seemed impossible that we would all be available at the same time to play shows again, especially in any sustained way. But when our old friends in BOYSETSFIRE(official) asked us to play this festival with them, we saw that we had a rare opportunity to accomplish two things at once: visit a country that’s always been kind to Thursday and play, once more, with a band that we’ve admired since before we were a band, a band that took us on one of our first tours ever. After much discussion among ourselves, we decided that there were certain cities around the globe that we had unfinished business in and if we find that, at some point in the future, we’re in a position to play them, then we will. We hope to see you there. ❤️✌🏻
Thursday Mar 16, 2019
Brooklyn - this is the last call! We have been inundated with requests for people asking for an opportunity to attend these St Vitus shows. Turns out people are flying in from Germany / England / Japan - shit, some are even coming from Lancaster, PA. Therefore we are gonna ditch Cousin Larry for a second time in three months and sell our guest list for March 17th only. Please note that we will NOT be releasing any extra tickets for March 18 and 19. A handful for St Paddy’s day will be on sale at this ticket link below. We reiterate that there will be no more Vitus shows added and that no extra tickets for Monday and Tuesday will be made available. This is it!
Thursday Feb 08, 2019
Boston - don't forget that we are doing a very special Beyond The Band Q and A on March 9th. It's gonna be the most exciting dramatic event to hit the city since Ally McBeal left town! Catch the last few tix here:
Thursday Jan 25, 2019
Brooklyn - This is just insanity - we are genuinely blown away by the response to these shows! Thanks for ALWAYS being there for us. We are overwhelmed by how quickly these two shows sold out, so here comes the third and final St Vitus show - no more will be added! General admission only tickets, as well as a specially signed (made out in your name) Collectors Edition of Full Collapse + show ticket package, all go on sale (wait for it...) NOW!
Thursday Jan 24, 2019
Texas! With all the talk of Brooklyn today, we don't want to forget the great state of Texas. We are two for two with sell outs in Austin and San Anotonio and more than ready to keep it up at Trees Dallas on Friday and Saturday night. To say we are excited to be back at one of our favorite venues is an understatement! These shows will be amazing - let's get it done!
Thursday Jan 23, 2019
From the desk of Geoff RIckly - Amarillo, TX Now that our 20th Anniversary has gotten off to such an incredible start, our only regret is that the end of the tour is already in sight. With this in mind we’ve been thinking about our final US show at St. Vitus. So many of our close friends were unable to get tickets, due to the high demand, that we feel it’s only right to add a second show. In an effort to combat ticket scalpers— and the frankly extortionate prices they’re charging— we are breaking up tickets into two groups for this additional show, on March 18th at St Vitus. The first will be a regular general admission ticket at the normal price and the second will come with a Special Collector’s edition of Full Collapse limited to only these two last shows at St. Vitus. Each record will be numbered and signed by all the band members, made out in the ticket holder’s name to stop them from being resold at a profit. We wanted to do something special for this show and finish our anniversary out with a bang. Lots of love, Thursday. Pre-sale is now live at: pw: 20years General tickets go on sale Friday at 10.00am.
Thursday Jan 21, 2019
So excited to announce that our own Tucker Rule will be sitting in on the drums with the amazing 8G Band on Late Night with Seth Meyers Feb 4-7!!!! Cannot wait!! Photo by Carly Hoskins
Thursday Jan 14, 2019
Boston - We love you so much, we have decided to do something that we have never done before! We are going to take you 'Beyond The Band' on March 9th. This intimate sit down event will have us talking about the trails and tribulations of Thursday, how the music industry has changed from when we first started and what it means to be a musician in the 21st century. We will be doing a live Q and A and of course we will also knock out a few tunes!!! Tickets go on sale Fri, 1/18 @ 10am ET
Thursday Jan 12, 2019
Austin City! Paging all passengers wishing to travel on Thursday Air Flight #512 to Austin. For those of you waiting on standby, Thursday Air is delighted to announce that we have upgraded the plane to one with even more space and have just released a bunch more seats for the bigger room at Barracuda Austin Get them whilst you still can and remember Thursday Air will never charge you for checked luggage. We're good like that.
Thursday Jan 09, 2019
San Francisco - We have our bags packed! The Thursday jet is all fueled up and we are coming for you. Thursday on Thursday action starts tomorrow!
Thursday Dec 30, 2018
Brooklyn - you are the loves of our lives! Tonight was amazing!!!!! Tomorrow (Sunday) marks the end of our four night stretch at Music Hall of Williamsburg and to celebrate, the very last of the last tickets will be for sale, online Sunday morning with any remaining - saved for the door. We aren’t perfect but we are trying our best to make sure NO-ONE has to pay inflated prices to come see us play! It means the world to us that you all are still with us twenty years down the line. Show 4 is gonna be one you don’t wanna miss!
Thursday Dec 29, 2018
666 people bought tickets to see us tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg - true story! The Bowery Presents are being so cool and are gonna put up a handful of tickets for sale online tomorrow morning (29th December) for both Saturday and Sunday nights. Any that don’t go will be available on the door! These shows have been beyond special for us and we are working on an hour by hour basis to do what we can collectively and individually to get everyone that wants to see the show into the room!!! Thank you! T
Thursday Dec 19, 2018
Friends, Nearing the end of our 20th Year as a band, Thursday has so much to be thankful for. With the holiday spirit in mind, we have decided to team up with the promoters on our 20th anniversary grand finale tour and do something special to help those less fortunate than ourselves. A very limited number of specially priced 'two night' package tickets for both the Full Collapse and War All the Time shows will be made available between Wednesday, the 19th of December, and Christmas Eve in a select number of cities(except, of course, in the cases where shows are already sold out for one or both nights). In a few cities, the next twenty buyers will get a special goodie bag from us upon entering the venue! All proceeds from these very limited packages will be donated to at the end of the tour. See local listings for details. We will be making donations from the proceeds of the shows that are already sold out as well. The world has been very kind to us over the years. We’re grateful to be able to show a little kindness in return. Thank you for all the support. Bah Humbug - Thursday
Thursday Dec 15, 2018
Last time we played Brooklyn, we not only channeled our inner Rammstein but also had the honor of sharing the stage with our friends PUP Jeff Rosenstock and The Hotelier For our holiday shows this year at Music Hall of Williamsburg we have kept the bar high. Joining us on Nights One and Two will be Weekend and our old pal Vinnie Caruana will be treading the boards on nights Three and Four. Come on down! Single digit tickets left for two of the nights - the other two are beyond sold out. Thank you!!!!!!