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Throwing Snow Mar 22, 2019
Check out my remix of Morcheeba Band's 'Blaze Away'
Throwing Snow Mar 08, 2019
Immensely proud to announce the new Snow Ghosts album with this single, 'Rip'. Listen here: Out May 3rd on Houndstooth
Throwing Snow Mar 01, 2019
Hyped to be playing Roskilde Festival this year!
Throwing Snow Feb 08, 2019
'Rheged', which features on the new ' Bonobo presents' mix for fabriclondon, is now available to stream
Throwing Snow Dec 05, 2018
Slightly overwhelmed by the feedback on Loma so far. Thanks to The Line Of Best Fit for the review! 👍 Octo Octa and Houndstooth
Throwing Snow Nov 30, 2018
LOMA is out today! Can’t believe how strong the support has been already so thank you. 2xLP/CD/DIGI inc a stellar Octo Octa remix of Simmer
Throwing Snow Nov 19, 2018
I've done an interview and mix for DJ Mag ahead of my 'Loma' album release.
Throwing Snow Nov 14, 2018
Happy to announce my album Loma will be released on the 30th November It’s a collection of this year's EPs on vinyl with an extra special 11 min remix of 'Simmer' by the always wonderful Octo Octa. ‘Loma’ is named as such because it meant a utensil, tool, or machine of any kind up until 1404 when it came to mean a machine to enable weaving thread into cloth (a loom). As it’s coming out on Houndstooth (Fabric’s label) and was built using the same musical machines, it seemed quite apt.
Throwing Snow Nov 14, 2018
's cover photo
Throwing Snow Oct 19, 2018
After the disappointment of missing my show with Rival Consoles, it was nice to wake up to a Music Week award this morning ❄️👻
Throwing Snow Oct 18, 2018
With a large dose of regret, I am unable to perform at Funkhaus in support of Rival Consoles this evening. I have always wanted to play at Funkhaus Berlin as it's so iconic, and had even prepared 30mins of new material for the show. I have never cancelled a gig but due to sudden and unforeseen events I now cannot perform. I will be replaced by the amazing Ryan Davis. Apologies to anyone looking forward to my set, hopefully I will be back in Berlin soon.
Throwing Snow Oct 02, 2018
I gave Hyponik a little tour of my studio
Throwing Snow Sep 17, 2018
I've done a Needle Exchange mix for self-titled, featuring some of my favourite music based around a 'long and challenging' theme. Article: Words: I’ve been wanting to include some of these tracks in a mix for quite sometime. It’s a collection of music that really moves me. Long music means that themes and ideas have time to morph and evolve, or change very little, which gives your mind time to impose its own patterns. I could have included so many pieces in this mix, but decided to base it around the works of Giacinto Scelsi and James Tenney…. Chewy Benson – The Existential C-Hip S-Hop This was released on my label A Future Without. Chewy’s spoken word about a mundane but profound event is a fitting opening to an hour of weird soundscapes. Everything Falls Apart – SOMN#6 This is an improvised piece by Otto Lindholm and myself. It’s an experiment in how double bass and FX can create a conversation between two musicians. Giacinto Scelsi – Anâgâmin (For 11 Strings) Scelsi is my favourite composer. I’m not an overtly emotional person, but this track actually makes me well up nearly every time I hear it. It’s beauty comes from the moments of pure light surrounded by darkness. James Tenney – Glissade for Viola, Cello and Tape Delay System Challenging, yes, but this piece never gets boring. It’s an experiment in Shepard Tones. Will Plowman – Mulavegur (Extract) Will is an amazing composer and musician that deserves more recognition (but I am biased, as I run a record label with him). This is an extract from a piece he wrote while on a creative residency in Ólafsfjörður, Iceland. In the winter the sun never rises above the surrounding hills; this piece captures the feeling perfectly. Giacinto Scelsi – Pranam 1 This was my gateway into Scelsi. It’s so haunting and visceral. James Tenney – Beast A study on how one note can be complex and interesting. I found this composition by researching the topic of microtonal one-note music, an obsession Tenney shared with Scelsi. Emptyset – Skin 1 Emptyset’s work really intrigues me. The track comes from the processing a rhythmic bass pattern, and it’s heavy as hell. Mai Mai Mai – Nel Sud A2 I met Toni when we shared a stage at Kode_1 in Italy. Forty-five minutes of noise felt like 5; I just closed my eyes and lost myself. His music is undoubtedly terrifying, but also has a harsh beauty. P.S. Congratulations if you survived that!
Throwing Snow Sep 11, 2018
❄Vulpine and V are out on Friday❄️ I also play live at Berghain / Panorama Bar on Friday 🤘 Big thanks to Resident Advisor and Trax Magazine for the premiers and the radio plays by B.Traits, George FitzGerald and Tom Ravenscroft on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6 Music
Throwing Snow Sep 03, 2018
❄Berghain 14.09.18❄️
Throwing Snow Aug 29, 2018
Got two upcoming gigs with Mr Rival Consoles. One in London that has only 15 tickets left One at Funkhaus Berlin 👾❄️
Throwing Snow Aug 29, 2018
Moon Boots - The Life Aquatic (Throwing Snow Remix) Taken from his new remix album which is out now
Throwing Snow Aug 24, 2018
11yrs ago I started A Future Without with Will Plowman. We’ve been lucky to work with artists across many genres such as memotone, Kahn, Vessel, Lost Twin, 52 Commercial Rd, toyface, With Joyful Lips, The Lasting Days to name just a tiny handful. To celebrate this we’ve created a tape compilation packaged in a unique way (using photographs and a hand stamped wooden spine). There are 26 tracks covering our discography and some brand new tracks. I’m extremely proud of this and there are very few copies in existence, so if want one, now is the time to grab one. It’s taken a lot of planning and putting together but I really feel they are special objects. The label was started to release music we loved and give as much money directly back to the artist as we possibly could. PS the 11 is a reference to Spinal Tap for all that missed it ;)
Throwing Snow Aug 10, 2018
A Future Without (a label I run with Will Plowman) is celebrating 11 years with a rather special compilation! We've spent a lot of effort putting it all together and I think the tapes look beautiful. There are only 36 of each tape available so if you want one hit the preorder now. Features some really amazing artists who a lot of you will be familiar with.
Throwing Snow Jul 11, 2018
Can't wait to play for Kaskada Festival on Saturday, looks like a stunning location!
Throwing Snow Jul 04, 2018
Looking forward to playing Kaskada Festival in Poland on the 14th!
Throwing Snow Jun 12, 2018
My guest mix for Tom Ravenscroft on BBC Radio 6 Music is now up on Soundcloud ❄️ Tracklist 01. Everything falls apart - SOMN#1 02. Caterina Barbieri - Scratches on the Readable Surface 03. Skee Mask - Shred 08 04. Throwing Snow - Minotaurs 05. Throwing Snow - Myriad 06. E.M.M.A. - Magna Kanye 07. Patrik Fitzgerald - Gifts and Telegrams
Throwing Snow Jun 06, 2018
Did a mix for TSUGI full of new tracks I've been feeling at the moment. There are little bits of summer and winter in there and it links in with my appearance at FESTIVAL ASTROPOLIS Hope you enjoy ❄️Tracklist❄️ Prayer — “Kind” (Black Acre) Desroi — “Birth” (Avian) Ray Kandinski — “Haus AM Pazifik” (Lost Palms) Kaffe Crème — “Johnny Hartman” (VERTV) Kevin Murning — “Mode’s Arp” (Quit Safari) O$VMV$M — “Never Had” (Idle Hands) Cassius Select — “They Shook” (Hypercolour Records) Social State — “Spitting Blood” (Ordinary Love) Spatial — “Calima” (Infrasonics) XGLARE — “Fossa” feat ARIADNE (Blueberry Records) Lmajor LMajor — “Raving Cru” (WNCL Recordings) Will Plowman — “Adalgata” [extract start] 2 Bad Mice — “Gone Too Soon” [Sully Remix] (Sneaker Social Club) Will Plowman — “Adalgata” [extract end]
Throwing Snow Jun 05, 2018
The remix I did for Neil Cowley is out now, alongside amazing versions by Christian Löffler, Rival Consoles and Vessels. Cop them here: