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Untraveled Roads (Live)
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Thousand Foot Krutch
The Ultimate Collection
Oxygen: Inhale
Made In Canada: The 1998-2010 Collection
Welcome to the Masquerade (Fan Edition)
Live At the Masquerade
Live At the Masquerade
Welcome to the Masquerade
Deja Vu: The Thousand Foot Krutch Anthology
The Flame In All of Us
The Art of Breaking
Set It Off

The End Is Where We Begin
Thousand Foot Krutch Dec 07, 2018
#TBT. 2006 in Europe. This crowd was dynamite!
Thousand Foot Krutch Nov 21, 2018
We march with feet on solid ground.
Thousand Foot Krutch Nov 03, 2018
You couldn't stop me if you could...
Thousand Foot Krutch Oct 29, 2018
Huge congrats to our pals John Cooper & Seth Morrison on the release of their new project's EP!!! Go check ‘em out at Fight the Fury and CRANK DAT🔥🤘🏼🔥#fightthefury
Thousand Foot Krutch Oct 24, 2018
We're stormin' enemy lines leaving no one behind.
Thousand Foot Krutch Oct 20, 2018
And You created in me somethin' I would have never seen.
Thousand Foot Krutch Oct 16, 2018
Let's get this thing shakin' like a disco ball.
Thousand Foot Krutch Oct 04, 2018
Let the growing take over... #GO
Thousand Foot Krutch Sep 29, 2018
When you want to hang on to the weekend for dear life! 😂
Thousand Foot Krutch Sep 25, 2018
Have you checked out our Spotify playlist? Listen Here: Have you check out our Spotify playlist?
Thousand Foot Krutch Sep 21, 2018
#FBF - Winter Jam 2016! 👊
Thousand Foot Krutch Sep 18, 2018
Thousand Foot Krutch Sep 13, 2018
First step to being in a rock band. Buy all black clothing. 😂 #TBT
Thousand Foot Krutch Sep 09, 2018
🎛️ turn it up to 11!
Thousand Foot Krutch Sep 06, 2018
You're a broken wing, not a broken thing, you can heal in time, if you try, it'll be okay... #BrokenWing
Thousand Foot Krutch Aug 27, 2018
Sometimes we create a world in our mind with thoughts. Instead of believing the positive things and truth we believe lies. Shake it off. Wake up from your false reality. You were made with a purpose. You aren't a mistake. You bring life into this world that no one else can bring. Your life is worth living. Choose to Live!
Thousand Foot Krutch Aug 23, 2018
Caption This.... #TBT
Thousand Foot Krutch Aug 20, 2018
Looking for a new Spotify playlist? We've got you covered. Check out our Thousand Foot Krutch's Top Hits playlist. Listen Now:
Thousand Foot Krutch Aug 17, 2018
Everyone make sure to go check out Trevor McNevan's new side project called I AM THE STORM! He launched the first single today! EP coming soon!
Thousand Foot Krutch Aug 13, 2018
What choice are you going to make?
Thousand Foot Krutch Aug 10, 2018
#FBF Rockin' the Greensboro, NC arena. Photo by @annettehollowayphotos
Thousand Foot Krutch Aug 07, 2018
We just need a taste of who we are...
Thousand Foot Krutch Aug 04, 2018
But I know now I can be free from the pain that's inside of me. You took my place gave me air to breathe, opened the cage, and you set me free. #GiveUpTheGhost #TFKArmy
Thousand Foot Krutch Aug 02, 2018
Excuse me while I...
Thousand Foot Krutch Jul 29, 2018
We each have a stage. We each have people looking up to us. What are you saying from your stage? What example are you showing those who consider you the rockstar in their life?