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Apollo II
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I Won't Run
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Stand Up
Every Little Piece (feat. Caitlin Devlin) [Remixes]
Raveline Mix Session By Thomas Schumacher
Pink Boots
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Electric Avenue
Venue: Flugplatz Hungriger Wolf (Itzehoe, Germany) Find tickets
Thomas Schumacher Jun 14, 2019
It's a dream come true to remix this #Techno classic. Buckle up. Beatport, Spotify, Apple music & vinyl 12":
Thomas Schumacher May 22, 2019
It was an outstanding experience to be playing #techno in an abonded industrial complex near Berlin. It felt like being part of a dystopian sci-fi movie. Brace Brace
Thomas Schumacher May 17, 2019
Been testing this bad boy over the last few weeks. Please say 👋 to ANKER ⚓️ #acid #techno #303 #logicprox #technoproducer #madeinberlin #technocommunity
Thomas Schumacher May 10, 2019
Recording a DJ set for @Brace Brace on an icy winters day in a gigantic former industrial complex near Berlin was an exceptional experience. I can’t wait to share the set with you next week. Track ID: Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of House - Thomas Schumacher Remix Electric Ballroom Records OUT JUNE 14th
Thomas Schumacher May 03, 2019
Thanks for 160k plays on @spotify 🙏🏽🖤 @calvinharris #techno
Thomas Schumacher Apr 18, 2019
Lannister? Stark? Bah, The House Is Mine! 😁 Happy final @gameofthrones season #techno #acid #rave #got
Thomas Schumacher Apr 16, 2019
Finally the official video for GOLDEN HOUR is here 😂 Check it here on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Thomas Schumacher Apr 15, 2019
On this day 24yrs ago The Prodigy & Moby played in my hometown of #bremen and Thomas the raver was having it all. I still breathe the original spirit of the early rave days and the energy comes out in my music. Rest in peace Keith. #techno #rave #technohistory
Thomas Schumacher Apr 14, 2019
Mayhem in Cologne @artheaterkoeln Eskalieren für Fortgeschrittene. #techno
Thomas Schumacher Apr 12, 2019
's cover photo
Thomas Schumacher Apr 12, 2019
Happy release day GOLDEN HOUR! It's my first single in 2019. Yesssss! Here's a clip by my dear friend Monika Kruse. Filmed on stage at 25yrs of Time Warp. Thanks Adam Beyer for the support and thanks to YOU for backing me and for dancing at my gigs. Incredible <3 <3 Electric Ballroom Records Beatport Check it here on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Thomas Schumacher Apr 10, 2019
This. 😂
Thomas Schumacher Apr 07, 2019
What a weekend 💥Two fantastic, sold out shows, bass, sweat and smiles. @lautrecanalnancy & @relevancefestival were off the scale, thanks to all of you for dancing with me. #techno #acid #soberrave Track ID: Golden Hour @electricballroomrecords
Thomas Schumacher Apr 05, 2019
Thanks to Adam Beyer for playing my remix for Calvinharris at Resistance Miami. It‘s out now:
Thomas Schumacher Mar 29, 2019
My new single GOLDEN HOUR is out today and I am pumped like Arnold. Let me know how it goes down. Check it here on beatport, spotify, apple music & vinyl 12":
Thomas Schumacher Mar 28, 2019
Let the music do the talking @Electric Ballroom Records #techno #madeinberlin
Thomas Schumacher Mar 24, 2019
This. Playing at @club_69_paisley in Glasgow last night was such a treat. The intimacy and intensity brought me back to my beginnings. No nonsense clubbing. Bass, smiles and sweat. So fucking good. Thanks 🙏🏽 #techno #nightlife #soundsystem #raving #soberraver
Thomas Schumacher Mar 20, 2019
#GLASGOW #TECHNO ***THIS SATURDAY*** @club_69_paisley @taikanoglasgow
Thomas Schumacher Mar 16, 2019
Proper #Rave madness last night 🖤🙏🏽 Thanks to all of you for the incredible experience. ID: Reversal Noir #techno #djlife #soberraving
Thomas Schumacher Mar 10, 2019
Spaceship DJ booth. Picture taken at @downtownfactory by #techno #djlife #rave
Thomas Schumacher Mar 10, 2019
Thanks #dublin @ #toulouse for the wicked times, loved it a lot. I dedicate this weekend to #keithflint of @theprodigyofficial. I hope you find peace now brother 🙏🏽🖤 #rave #techno #djlife #mentalhealthawareness #sobriety
Thomas Schumacher Mar 08, 2019
HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2019. For the first time ever it’s a public holiday in Berlin and hopefully soon everywhere. I want to live in a world with social systems in which females hold the primary power positions in roles of political leadership, moral authority and spiritual integrity. Painting by Stella Schumacher. Love to the women in my life that show me in so many beautiful ways how to become a better person and man. ❤️ Caitlin and Stella ❤️🙏🏽#internationalwomensday
Thomas Schumacher Mar 04, 2019
R.I.P Keith Flint. Fucking legend! 🥺🥺🥺 The Prodigy
Thomas Schumacher Mar 03, 2019
Danke Rostock, was für ein Abriss!!! Track ID: Victor Ruiz - Berlin Beauty Helgas Stadtpalast Any Mello #techno #djlife #rave
Thomas Schumacher Mar 01, 2019
Weeeeeekend! Let‘s RAVE 😋 TBA Club Helgas Stadtpalast #techno #djontour